MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Dalai Lama paid tribute to his mother on Mother’s Day as he spoke at the University of Minnesota, crediting her kindness for giving him a sense of security.

Speaking to a crowd of around 8,000, the Tibetan Buddhist said all people have the potential for happiness because they all come from mothers. He recalled how he would ride on his mother’s shoulders when he was a young boy and pull on her hair to try to direct her, not always successfully.

“If mother not follow me, then I cry,” he said to much laughter from the Sunday afternoon audience, his second of the day at the nearly sold-out Mariucci Arena.

The theme of his visit to the university was “One Heart, One Mind, One Universe.” Tsewang Ngodup, president of the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota, told the crowd it was “good karma and an auspicious sign” that the Dalai Lama’s visit came 10 years to the day after he last spoke on campus.

The topic of his afternoon talk was billed as “Peace Through Inner Peace,” and he stressed the themes of kindness, compassion, nonviolence and respect for people of all beliefs.

As part of his appearance, university President Robert Bruininks and Board of Regents Chairman Clyde Allen presented the Dalai Lama with an honorary doctorate of humane letters degree, the university’s highest honor. Allen said the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner’s life had shown that “even the path of a simple Buddhist monk can lead to a path of global understanding and deep purpose.”

They also presented him with a maroon sun visor emblazoned with a gold “M” for Minnesota, which he accepted with a hearty laugh. It went well with his traditional maroon and gold robe, which coincidentally are the university’s official school colors.

The Dalai Lama’s visit was sponsored by the university’s Center for Spirituality and Healing and the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota, and healing was the theme of his first event Sunday, dubbed “Medicine Buddha Empowerment.” He sat cross-legged on a large throne as he spoke for more than two hours on the tenets of Buddhism, as about two dozen monks sat on oriental rugs nearby on the elaborately decorated stage, wearing traditional maroon and gold robes like his.

He told the morning crowd of around 6,000 people that much human suffering arises from self-centeredness. But he said one can overcome suffering and achieve happiness by cultivating wisdom and altruism.

The monks accompanied the Dalai Lama in several chants as he rang a bell. He also led the mostly American crowd in chanting “Mantra of the Medicine Buddha” in Tibetan. The mantra was written out phonetically on cards distributed to the audience, which explained: “Recitation of the mantra is said to bring release from suffering and protection from untimely death. Free from all suffering and sickness, our physical body stays healthy and our mind is peaceful so that we can attain the great enlightenment and until then, also serve all sentient beings.”

The Dalai Lama urged his audience to recite it daily as much as possible, especially if they’re suffering from illness or undergoing medical treatment.

His tour started last week with appearances at colleges in the Los Angeles area. From Minnesota he was due to travel to Southern Methodist University in Dallas and then to the University of Arkansas.

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Comments (25)
  1. Rachel says:

    Oh, Paula. You could learn so much from this holiness. He is by no means rich and will not accept payment for his lectures. We are blessed to be on his schedule at all. Sending love and healing thoughts your way! Peace!

    1. rachel rachel rachel says:

      There is only one door to enter into eternal life. One Creator, one way to Peace.
      Look at the misery in places like India where Hinduism has sway.
      Starvation, slavery, misery, abuse………..starving babies sitting on a pile of garbage on one corner and a block away sacks of grain for cattle to eat.
      Better to learn some facts before going off the cliff into the ocean after the sheep lead astray by the DL.
      http://www.bereancall.org for books/DVDS about yoga etc.
      Ron Carlson/Ed Decker have excellent material (try wwwsaintsalive.com )
      Caryl Matrisciana.com —-Out of India: a true story from someone who grew up around that kind of stuff. Eyes wide open Rachel. Peace out.

      1. smb says:

        I was at this speech today and you could have learned a lot from it. But I doubt you would have listened or understood.

      2. Jo says:

        Yeah, right. Way to have a closed mind -only one way to heaven your way. Blah Blah Blah

        1. Mind open to facts says:

          Bauer, Math of Christ–get the book–
          a trillion to one odds that Christ is God.
          Buy lottery tickets with lousy odds?
          I’m buying the Christ ticket–it is a sure winner.
          Read the book first. Do your own googles.
          Time and money where the heart is

        2. Sage says:

          There are innumerable ways to heaven or hell, for every choice there is a consequence. Big or small they may be, they exist nonetheless.

      3. Andrew (no need to hide my real name, cowards) says:

        Look at the misery in places like AMERICA where CHRISTANITY has sway.
        Starvation, slavery, misery, abuse………..starving babies sitting on a pile of garbage on one corner and a block away sacks of grain for cattle to eat.
        Better to learn some facts before going off the cliff into the ocean after the sheep lead astray by THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.

        Funny, how His Holiness’ message was about EXACTLY the close-minded exclusionary religiosos like yourself.

        1. Sort it out process of elimination says:

          Christianity is a broad term abused by mostly imposters.
          Put your time and money where the answers are. Disprove
          Biblical Christianity first. If you can. Then know the truth.

          Start by disproving the Bible

        2. Sage says:

          God is both the pain and the good, it is indifferentiable in the end. Both has its place, both are motivations to do good, bad, and everything in between. And you are hiding your name too, there are millions of Andrews around the World. You cannot call another a coward without hypocrisy, it seems.

    2. Sage says:

      I respect the Dalai Lama as a spiritual leader, but he cannot be taken completely seriously. His comments on peace and unconditional love is naive. There are people who will kill with no regrets, such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda. There is love and there is hate. There is peace and there is war. There is a beginning to all of these things and an end. It is up to each of us how we meet the end of all of these things. In each end there is a beginning.

      1. sage says:

        are naive, a grammar correction.

  2. LR says:

    God doesn’t love a Christian more than a jew, hindu, buddhist or anyone else. Every religion thinks they are “the one” and use their scriptures as evidence of it. I find it really interesting how people listen to these messengers of God….and forget the message behind them. There is one God and there is many messengers. Perhaps we need to focus on what we have in common instead of fighting about what we don’t. There is something to be learned from many teachers…that doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to them all. The DL is a great man with much wisdom. God doesn’t hate and if you are Christian a true Christian…then you should understand what that means.

    1. liars or not says:

      diligent investigation will show that the major religions
      are totally hostile to one another. Impossible to agree
      on hardly anything. Look at the Evidence Demands a Verdict
      by Josh McDowell. He was an atheist who scoffed at Jesus.
      He set out to disprove Jesus and the Bible.

      1. Sage says:

        Ha ha ha, look at that example, then look at the billions in history who are not hostile to one another. It is the people, not the religion, that makes them hostile to each other, and friendly to one another. I feel no hate to anyone due to their religion, but due to how they wield their faith in their actions, Osama Bin Laden is evil not because he is Muslim, but because he attempted to use his faith as a weapon against others. Have you even heard of what was found when the dogs were sent in with cameras into the wreckage of the world trade center, the spinal cords of the victims were every where. Undoubtedly the world is better off without such a man, but there are more out there. It is up to each and every person to make their decisions, or to choose others to make theirs. We hold our soul in the balance between good and evil, we are the bearers of our own souls. It does not suffice to say that your religion justifies the killing of innocents, or killing anyone at all. But we do have the right to stop those who are too corrupted to be swayed. This is the truth, religion should not be used as a thin veil to justify murder, because it cannot make the choice.

  3. Julie - Tashi Dalek, Dalai Lama says:

    Peace and Love have many faces, Many names.
    No ONE way is the ONLY way to the Creator.
    One thing that is certian is that this live is not permenant
    It is also not something that is My Way or the High Way kind of thing.

    Don’t insult His Holiness.
    I would follow the Dalai Lama first before I follow the puppet… erm Pope.
    This man oozes love and is not afraid to be around real people.
    The puppet… erm Pope can’t trust people enough.
    Dalai Lama is REAL.
    he respects other people’s religions and doesn’t try to cram his beliefs down your throat. Unlike one other religion recently in the news for unsavory things.

    1. Sage says:

      He is honest about his beliefs, but I warn you and all who wish to follow others, think. The pope is no puppet and neither is the Dalai Lama, you insult the Dalai Lama by saying so, you are not following what he preaches our believes, therefore you are lying to your self and him. It is disrespectful, he teaches unconditional love and you dare to say you believe in him when it is clearly laid out that you do not. I ask you to see your hypocrisy before your life is consumed by it, I cannot and shall not make the decision for you, because it is up to you, whether you believe me or not.

      1. Trevor Swistchew says:

        Wise Sage you say truth for folk to see
        walk in love harm no one go your way in happiness.

  4. Sage says:

    …or believes; correcting my misspelling.

  5. MilitaryMomMLC says:

    Many US military soliders have died to protect the safety of those to visit our country. The Dali L. doesn’t seem grateful for that at all. He speaks of non-violence, but readily accepts violence to defend his right in this country to spread his message and sell books!

    1. smb says:

      You should listen to him before you assume whether or not he is grateful.

      Yes he speaks of peace but he never once said anything negative about the US military or our rights to defend ourselves.

  6. MilitaryMomMLC says:

    I agree with what Obama said today, “anyone who thinks killing Osama Bin Laden was wrong, needs to have their head examined.” Perfect. All you Dali L. followers need to remember how you came to have the right to speak your mind in this great USA – it wasn’t because of the Dali L – it was because of the USA Military!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Trevor Swistchew says:

    The Dalai Lama is not opposed to other religions in the world not Christians or Muslims or any other faith.He is a Buddhist monk who is awake to what creates suffering.
    You do not have to follow him or anyone else you only require to hear with an open heart to learn.
    Walk in love harm no one.
    Humanity is one family only ignorant thought is what creates the difference in the worlds folk.

  8. Trevor Swistchew says:

    Happy is he who knows the way of love