ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton says he expects budget talks with top Republican lawmakers to pick up in the coming days.

The Democratic governor said Tuesday that his breakfast meeting with GOP legislative leaders was “constructive.”

Dayton says he is considering their suggestions and plans to get back to House Speaker Kurt Zellers and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (kohk) Wednesday.

Zellers says lawmakers want to move budget bills forward but don’t want to send them to Dayton while they’re still negotiating.

Talks have been on hold for weeks. Less than two weeks remain before the Legislature’s mandatory May 23 adjournment deadline.

Dayton has pushed for higher top-tier income taxes, while Republicans want to erase a $5 billion deficit through spending cuts.

Dayton said Tuesday that he will consider any “legitimate, honest, legal” source of revenue.

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Comments (24)
  1. Sick of sick of says:

    His comments must mean Mark is ready to accept the GOP’s constant demand for no new taxes.

    Good for you Governor!

    1. sick of people who cannot read says:

      Or it could mean that the GOP has finally gotten some form of an idea on a budget so they can at least have a constructive conversation. As yet there has been no budget package passed by the GOP.
      Dayton said Tuesday that he will consider any “legitimate, honest, legal” source of revenue. From that comment in the article I fail to see how you came up with yours.

      1. Sick of sick of says:

        Dear sick of people who cannot read-

        I was fishing for a liberal and it appears you bit!

        I must have been reading differently than you have for the last 3 months. Have the GOP legislators ever even hinted they were going to compromise on their pledge to not raise taxes? This position was after all part of what got got them control of both MN houses in for the first time in 30 years.

        Our Governor seems to think something positive is going to happen, but write back and gloat if the 5 billion deficit is reduced by raising taxes!

        1. sick of people who cannot read says:

          Dear sick of sick of
          your ability to make assumptions and read are amazing. I was only referring to what the article said. While you may comment away all you want to bait a liberal, your comment came across as you were to stupid to have read the piece. Your second comment further shows you to be ignorant. I never mentioned that the GOP would waver. I only mentioned that maybe the GOP has their budget to the point they can talk about things. It still could include no tax increases with different things being cut. Please learn to process a little better.

          1. Sick of sick of says:

            Dear Sick of people who cannot read-

            When you have to resort to calling someone stupid and ignorant it is obvious I have succeeded in pushing their buttons! Please try and learn from this. Liberals are very fond of thinking they are intellectually superior and know what is best for everyone else.

            Show me your credentials and I will show you mine-

            1. sick of you sick of says:

              Masters degree. You pushed no buttons except in your mind. That is the sad part about your comments. is that I said what you came across as. You have yet to prove me wrong as you continue to call me a liberal which I am not.. Again you generalize to what you don’t know about ( is that better than calling you ignorant?)

              1. sick of you sick of says:

                To prove my point on Governor Dayton being able to talk about issues consider Dayton compromised on the alternative teacher proposal. Dayton has at least shown the ability to see both sides of an issue and come up with a direction rather than sticking to mantras and dogma.

                1. Sick of sick of says:

                  Dear sick of you sick of OR sick of people who cannot read-

                  Masters Degree. I was in the field of education for nearly 40 years. I have since started my own small business. I will always work, because that is the way I was raised. In my long career in education, and now in my own small business, I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty- Government is not the answer to our problems, it is the cause of many of our problems.

                  As a teacher I could never, ever call someone sick, ignorant or stupid. You have had to notice that I have not called you or our governor any names. I think It is obvious however that both of you are in denial about what is going on in politics at both the national and state level. Compromise, when a system is so obviously broken, is not something this new breed of GOP legislator is going to do much of.

                  I have every confidence that Minnesota and this country are headed back in the direction of less government. The people spoke clearly in November and if you are not a liberal as you claim, you might just find this as exciting a time as I do! Many of us who are older have been waiting for these changes for a very long time.

  2. worryfree says:

    I am surprised the Republicans have ANY time for the budget. They are busy saving my wife and I from hordes of Gays.

    1. gay =mental illness says:

      The gays are everywhere we do need to get rid of them, Lets ship them to Iran!

  3. Amanda says:

    it’s not election time, the GOP doesn’t have time for the people of MN, just to get ri of the GAYS

    1. George says:

      Thats a good start but you fail to acknowledge that the GOP has already delivered a balanced budget to Dayton. He refuses to sign as it doesnt spend enough of our money on social programs

  4. dan says:

    Keep on taxing and dont worry about spending. We lose a little bit on every program but make it up in volume. We’ll be fine

  5. Reasonable says:

    I’m looking forward to golfing with my temporarily laid off govt employee friends (you know, the ones that make sure your powerlines work, that you get drinking water in your house, that mow the parks, etc…) come July 1st for the govt shutdown. We’ll do this in the afternoon during the workweek while everyone else is cheering that the govt does have to pay for these people’s jobs. Well, at least not at the time since they all get retroactive pay for DOING NOTHING during the shutdown.
    But hey, when you can confuse the average Jason Lewis fan that every penny of income tax goes to pay for single black mothers to get welfare, it’s pretty easy to frame the argument that taxes aren’t necessary. God forbid we have money invested in things like police to keep those black fathers away from your property in the suburbs and fire stations nice and close to your house in case you forget to unplug the clothes iron… Those stations don’t pay for themselves you see. They need to be heated and cooled just like your house.

    If you’re an adult, just pay your taxes. It’s kind of in our social contract and really is in the best interests of all involved. If you want to cry about Governor Dayton’s desire to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000, just realize that it won’t affect you at all. In fact, it may help your kid learn more in school than you obviously did.

    1. EVIL - GOP says:

      Social Contract? Best interest of all involved? Wow, you obviously don’t participate very much in society or based on your post you work for the government. If it’s a social contract why don’t we have a flat tax rate for all income levels instead of soaking those who produce and reward those who don’t and use a vast majority of the resources.

      And PLEASE explain to me how taxes are in the best interest of all involved, when the services that you mentioned only use a fraction of the overall budget and a vast majority is going to HSS and Education.

      Now I have much less issue with state taxation because if the lefty’s go crazy, like Wellstone crazy I can just pack up and move, at the federal level is where we have real issues.

      If the DFL has certain programs they want to protect, so be it, but take the same tax revenue that we collected over the last biennium and base the budget at that level rather than CONSTANTLY increasing the size, scope, and PRICE of useless government programs.

      1. old nurse says:

        flat tax is not good for tax attorneys. GOP will never go for it as there are to many attorneys in government to look out for their peer group. Programs exist for a reason. I am more than interested to hear what your plan and idea on what to do foe emergent medical care fore those who have no money and the long term care for those that spent their money. I won’t hold my breath for an answer as I know you do not have one.

        Please, useless government programs. Which ones. Be brave ans say.

        1. dan says:

          Old Nurse,

          Is there anyone that walks into an emergency room that is refused care based on income, insurance or residency status?

      2. Reasonable says:

        More than happy to!
        Here’s the problem with a flat tax, and you’ll love this, the welathy would pay more of the % of tax then they already do. Your buddy Jason Lewis loves to point out that the top 5% pay something like 40% of all taxes. Under a flat tax it’d be closer to 80%, that’s how much income disparity there is in this country.

        Taxes are in the best interest of everybody because they provide the funds to keep our communities functional. Again, not all government employees are evil. To the contrary, most of them perform essential jobs that can’t be left to private industry. Do you want to drive on a section of 494 that’s “owned” by GE? See how many potholes you get before they finally realize that it is cost productive to fill them to prevent a lawsuit! That’ll be fun! You decry HSS spending, I suppose you’d rather we look like a 3rd world nation with the unmotivated poor laying in the streets with bloated bellies awaiting their 83 cents per day from the Christian Child Fund? That’s certainly an America in which I would enjopy living. And of course the easy target of education, that’s always a good one. Let’s keep everybody stupid. A populace of stupid Americans is absolutely sure to keep us #1 in the world! Well, maybe #1 in depending upon other nations to supply us with immigrant workers to perform any Reseatrch and Development type jobs as we sit and watch Jersy Shore.

        Seriously man. Grow Up. Or just go ahead and be surrounded by sick people wearing velcro shoes while you keep that extra five cents on the dollar that you didn’t pay in taxes. It certainly seems worth it to you!

        1. dan says:

          There is a huge amount of money wasted in the public school system. I think we can both agree to that. There is absolutly no correlation between the amount of money spent and the end result of a students education. You only need to look at the money we pour into underachieving schools to see the results.

          1. Reasonable says:

            Of course there is waste, any large organization will have waste. Though I challenge you on the lack of a correlation between money spent and quality of education. Why is it that the inner city with lower property taxes and therefore less money spent locally tend to do poorly compared to suburban ring schools which have higher property taxes? If that isn’t correlation I don’t know what is. Same can be said for rural areas.

            Call me a filthy socialst if you must, since it seems to fit your ideology, but one needn’t look any further than Europe to find the ideal model for public education. Is there waste? Yes. Is there a large amount of success? Most definitely. Though I suppose one must break a few eggs to make an omelette.

  6. UseYourBrain says:

    Top 5% of tax payers pay 43% of all income tax. Top 10% pay 78% of all income tax. Bottom 42% pay zero income tax. Why should more come from the top…in all fairness, it should come from the bottom!

  7. Yelper says:

    The country has gone downhill after Reagan and Bush’s tax cuts… The rich pay hardly any tax compared to what they used to and what the rest of the world pay. Trickle down economics, or supply side economic theory has been proven false, just another republican pipe dream.

    Tax the He’ll out of the rich and we’ll see economic prosperity again! Don’t worry trailer park republicans as this won’t effect you…

    Obama 2012! We got Osama let’s now clinche the economy and prosperity!

    1. TF says:

      Buddy, it’s those like you who likly live off the governemnet and don’t pay a dime in taxes that shouldn’t be voting for the next president.

    2. George says:


      Simply compare the newest state ratings for attracting new business to each of the 50 states. Wisconsin just jump a record 17 slots after introducing “Open for Business” since the Nov election.
      Illinios who thought taxing the rich and small business dropped 40 slots.
      Who do you think brings economic prosperity? The local company hiring 50 new employees this year or the govt worker collecting every penny he can while counting down the days until retirement?