ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Mexican man who claims he was the victim of racial and national discrimination at a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant in Eden Prairie is suing the company.

Laurencio Valadez is seeking damages for mental anguish and suffering. In July 2009, Valadez tried to buy a beer at the restaurant. The 39-year-old Valadez was asked for an ID. He presented his Mexican passport but was told it was unacceptable, although Minnesota law says foreign passports are sufficient proof of age.

Valadez’s attorney, Bruce Nestor, says his client would like a commitment from Denver-based Chipotle to change its policies.

Minnesota Public Radio reports the lawsuit, filed in Hennepin County, doesn’t specify the financial damages Valadez wants. But it seeks a maximum of $25,000 in punitive damages.

Chipotle says it does not comment on pending litigation but plans a vigorous defense.

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Comments (22)
  1. Jack says:

    Mental anguish and suffering? Seriously? If that’s the case, then Laurencio has serious problems with alcohol. Fine, Chipotle should have accepted his ID. Slap them with a fine. But, this is just another frivolous lawsuit.

    1. Will Sawyer says:

      Perhaps you should look at the impact of a $10.00 an hour family man losing his job due to a company breaking the law. I guess when a person’s skin color is different from your own it does not matter of he gets evicted, especially if he is Mexican. Are you sure this is frivolous? I am not.

      1. Confused says:

        I’m confused, where in the story does it say anyone lost their job??

        So the guy that was trying to buy a beer and was denied lost his job??

        $25,000 for not getting a beer, and you don’t consider that just a little out of line?

        1. M B says:

          This has nothing to do with a working man losing his job. If his job was to buy a beer,at Chipotle, then I want to know who’s hiring and if I can get in on that.

          Any other Job loss is unrelated to this story and only comes off as a chip-on-a-shoulder gripe against some unnamed company who fired someone he knows.

          Not only completely vacuous, but irrelevant to this story.

          1. Still confused says:

            @M B, let me know if you hear anything back on that, I would be willing to buy a beer there for $5 an hour…

      2. Jack says:

        @Will Sawyer – Do try to be relevant to the conversation. There wasn’t a single fact in anything you said. Or anything you said that I said. In fact, nothing you even said was in the article at all. Hmmm… maybe I can sue YOU for mental anguish… After all, a Chinese woman in Romania might have lost her job and you obviously hate Chinese women. (See how ridiculous you sounded?)

      3. huh!? says:

        seriously??? LOL

      4. huh!? says:

        your joking right??

      5. Mark from says:

        @Dilly Sawyer
        Really? You think we are buying what you are selling? The 60’s called they want you back.

  2. Victim Du Jour says:

    Let’s chase even more companies out of Minnesota with Corny made for TV lawsuits.

  3. tom says:

    i would like to know why a passport was shown and not a green card along with a drivers license?? If in this country a state ID is required if you do not have the proper identification. If your a mexican without proper papers a lawsuit should not stand in court. Also can i sue all the illegal mexicans taking jobs from americans because is causes me anguish and suffering being an unemployed american because the mexicans get all the jobs in my area??? Hmmm sounds like a lawsuit to me.

    1. Whitney Hazelmyer says:

      lol, passports suffice as legal ID because what if tourists want to buy beer? You don’t have to be a citizen of this country in order to buy something.

      ps- This is a stupid lawsuit regardless, Im just refuting your comments. Plus, all the caucasians that replaced the mexicans at chipotle have absolutely no work ethic and are terrible burrito makers.

    2. Dave says:

      Tom, have you been to a Chipotle lately? I saw bring back the mexican workers. They are some of the hardest and fastest workers around. Ever since the Chipotles got rid of the mexicans, the service sucks and it takes forever to get your damn food. Quite honestly, the restaurants should be embarassed with the service and the lazy workers they have working for them now.

  4. Illegals Suck says:

    Now that they got rid of all the illegals working there, I guess he can’t get his free beer anymore … oh well.

    If he’s here on a passport, how will he be here long enough to sue them? Wonder if the ink was even dry on it.

  5. Artist36 says:

    Get a life!!!!!! Obviously just another case of gold digging. If this guy really is that mentally unstable, maybe we should send HIM mack to mexico!

  6. run the hood says:

    jorge is gonna COME UP then we deal dope to anyone and everyone hahaha

  7. Michele says:

    Jack, a good, common sense argument. Thank you.

  8. Boot Them To The Boarder says:

    I just love me some good Mexicans……anyone know of any????? What a freakin moron! I hope he is deported ASAP along with all the other iillegall wrkers that were released by Chipolte! You know….the non American illegals that are sueing Chipolte for releasing them for being illegals……..give me a break…..or arm me…..

  9. olaf says:

    Two years later and he wants to sue over a beer? What a waste of court time and taxpayer money

  10. Valerie says:

    If this guy is NOT a legal we sure don’t need him as one here. Another person trying to sue to get rich quickly. Sure sue RICH AMERICA or the companies in America – a country you figure has so much excess money for losers – we won’t miss the $25,000 right- is that what you figure Valadez? Crawl back to wherever you came from.

  11. Dave says:

    Chipotle says it does not comment on pending litigation but plans a vigorous defense.

    LOL at vigorous defense, as if one is needed! “We’ll settle out of court for a burrito that 1 beer you wanted, but you have to fly up here and get it.”

    The 2 best parts are that its 2 years ago, and that he was 39 and got carded.

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