By Susie Jones, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — More than 20 Dakota Indians netted for fish out of season in Cedar Lake in Minneapolis to assert what they say are rights guaranteed by an 1805 treaty.

The protest came one day ahead of the state’s walleye season opener. One organizer who’s a retired professor from Southwest State University says they want to be charged so they can take the case to court.

“Honor those treaties because it is the supreme law of the land and by honoring the treaties you are honoring your own U.S. Constitution,” Chris Mato Nunpa said.

Tribal members put nets in the water at about 8 a.m. and pulled them out about a half hour later.

DNR conservation officers confiscated the fish and took information from those who’d caught them, but didn’t issue citations.

Barry Frantum wants his 4-year-old daughter to understand and value the tribe’s history and traditions.

“It’s good to support her relatives, and understand what it is to be a Dakota Indian,” he said.

After the protest, they shared a meal on the shores of Cedar Lake.

WCCO’s Susie Jones Interviews Barry Frantum

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  1. Sara in Outstate MN says:

    In 1805 very few people lived in Minnesota/Dakota territory, it was basically Fort Snelling. Now, MN has over 5 million residents. However, I am sure the treaty will still stand.

    However, if no arrests or citations have been issued based on a treaty in 1805, then the State of Minnesota considers this a non-issue. Why is this a story?

    Oh….they want attention.

    1. stubby says:

      Hit the Indians where it hurt…start building state-run casinos.

    2. An "Indian" teacher says:

      The indigenous people (otherwise known as First Nation, Aborigine, Inuit, etc.) here were organized and had their own government and entered into a covenant with the United States FEDERAL government long before MN was organized as MN. There is no expiration date.

    3. Alison says:

      If no citations were issued based on the long ago signed treaty, when then were their fish confiscated? And of course they want the attention- if you believe in something, don’t you want support from others? Are we criticizing them for their beliefs or just because they are “indians”? Make up your minds, folks.

    4. Welch says:

      I think that the DNR should leave the Dakota alone. They are not hurting anything. They are beautiful people and we all could learn a lot from them..I am happy for everything that they have, and sad for what they lost long ago..God Bless..Love one another.

  2. eye roll says:

    A publicity stunt! How shocking!

  3. Judy says:

    Very simple!! If your a sports man or not, stop going to the casinos.
    they say are americans? why can’t they follow our laws. the
    red lake indians cleaned out the lake and had to shut down fishing.
    that should have taught them something about netting!!

    1. cook says:

      it wasn’t only the red lake indians that cleaned them out it was the greedy white men too do your research

      1. Patricia Winterfeldt says:

        they also turned that lake around with 10yrs…do you see that happening in the rest of Minnesota. UMMMM no they to stupid to close the lakes and let it come back…Why cant you follow our laws of the land they were in place FIRST and they work. Red Lake is a prime example. The white people are the ones destroying this earth not a few Native people netting some fish. Get a grip and get some facts straight. I know the facts i see it everyday… for 1 native netting there is 50 white people on these lakes taking fish… Red Lake allowed commercial fishing for income for their people. The rest of us do it to feed our families. get your head outta your arse and do some research before you attack people you know nothing about.

        1. TJ says:

          10 years huh??? LOL Only 10 years?? Wow, that not very long. Commercial fishing destroyed the lake..period. Nets catch 100’s of fish, anglers can keep how many??? And must only kepp fish in a certain slot……. and nets are not selective to size. Lets ruin a resource over greed…. NOT

  4. legs says:

    I agree….forget about the Indians having exclusive rights to Casinos…there is our tax deficit!!! Plus do they support the ones who don’t live on the reservatgion??? NO!!!

    They should not be allowed to have netting rights!!! We are allowing a 200 plus year ols treaty govern this state????

    1. Mike says:

      Hello? They were kicking your great grandparents nads, hence they gave up and signed a treaty. Like it or not, the treaty stands. As for netting on Cedar, they did the right thing and left it alone

    2. Mitch Walking elk says:

      You’re also allowing a three hundred and five year year old constitution govern you. Honor the treaties you made for once and then you won’t be having to deal with the “Indian problem.” Unfortunately, we will probably always have to deal with living in an “Occupied” land “our land” by immigrants and the descendants thereof. It’s no wonder the whole damn world hates America with your George Bush mentality, American arrogance and ignorance. The good thing about these kinds of issues is they along with everything else they do, they serve to expose the racist mentality that is disguised by labeling them politics, that still exists in this country. We know that your business is “taking, stealing, robbing’ and justifying it with “your” illegal laws. You and those of your mind set will have to deal with the consequences of that. So prepare for it.

      1. TJ says:

        This isnt about racism, this is about equal rights. Always have to flop the race card…..

      2. Patricia Winterfeldt says:

        Mitch Walking Elk…we can attempt to fix ignorance but there is no way to fix stupid. Some people just can’t be taught..they hate what they dont know and jump on media train and that is it. we know who is destroying the land and its not our people.

      3. BArry says:

        Well Said Mitch!!!! HOKA!!!

      4. Joe says:

        Native Americans should learn something about public relations.Do you expect white people to patronize casinos when you hate us so much.I personally would like the state to stay out of the casino business and let the NA’s have control of it

  5. Eric says:

    Was Minn even in the view of America at the time of Lewis and Clark? Oh BTW Fort Snelling wasnt started for at least 20 years AFTER this allegged treaty. Maybe the tribes should build the new Vikings stadium and make some real cash there instead of giving it all to their members. It could be a great investment in our state.

    1. Carl Pollad says:

      Everyone knows that building a stadium is a losing venture that’s why every owner basically tries to get the state to foot a portion if not all of the bill when it happens.

  6. gtV says:

    Why? Why is this treaty rights[?] issue rearing its ugly Hydra-like political head again? What cogent ecological, political, sovereign[?], spiritual, and resourceful gains or benefits do the Native American tribes gain by fishing out of season and inciting discriminatory hatred &/or rhetoric?

    Isn’t about time the “all” Native Americans individuals and tribes consider themselves “Americans” like the rest of us? We all are one ‘united’ people under one Constitution and laws as such. Our Constitution guarantees equality and justice for all. Yes, the system maybe a bit stressed at times but it works.

    Where in the Constitution and US Statutes does it say that any ethnic group has the right to countermand the laws of the land? In this instance, the individual state’s regulatory powers and/or regulations regarding natural resources or fishing rights? If we, Americans all, are considered citizens with rights guaranteed by the Constitution then why are treaty covenants which were applicable at that time of enactment now still enforced today? What cogent and realistic purposes are these law-breaking acts serving for the good of society?

    Isn’t time for all concerned to learn from the injustices of past history and progress toward the future in harmony? Idealistic, maybe, but we are all Americans and be respectful of each other as such.

    1. M B says:

      I agree.

      It’s not about having their rights guaranteed in treaties, it’s about finding their ways to make the white man pay. I worked with a guy that had a cabin near Red Lake up north. There are parts he was not supposed to fish in, but could travel through, under treaty of course. On the shores he found big fish, netted and stacked like cord-wood, just rotting. All harvested under their “Treaty Rights”.

      If they claim to be environmental stewards, why would they endanger their own future harvests, except if they are trying to punish the white men?

      Granted, this is a different tribe than that of Dakota, but it still shows a disregard for the land they supposedly protect, while trying to prove a point to the white men by essentially saying, “we don’t have to obey your laws, can do this while you can’t and we’re going to make sure you know it.”

      The out of season netting is unnecessary to their survival and all this does is breeds resentment and lowers fish stock, because the reason there’s a fishing opener at all is to allow the fish to spawn first. If you harvest fish early, that’s one more possible female that didn’t spawn.

      The need to be a different society in this day and age seems so archaic. Instead of trying to become part of US society, some try to isolate themselves and live under the persecution complex. It’s a complicated thing, but with all the problems they are facing by trying to remain separate, it doesn’t make sense.

        1. Jamie says:

          You say why don’t they become part of our society in this day and age. Well let me give you some examples of why they do not trust us and have issues with “conforming to our way of life.” THey shouldn’t have to. They are considered their own Nation. What part of that do you not understand?

          Their kids were taken away at around 6-7 years old and did not return from the boarding schools until they were 18 or so. This was to get the savage out of them. THis happned well into the 1990’s and even have two schools open today. Also in the late 70’s to 80’s early 90’s the government doctors would steralize 30- 55% of the native women without their consent or knowledge. There are way to many stories to mention on here, but I am sure if you go on line you will find a few of them.

          Read your history. THere are over 5oo nations of Indians in the USA. Each is seperate, and have signed different treaties with the US government. And Mystic Lake band does support and donate alot of money to the local towns, organizations and local economy’s. Even though back before the casino local police, fire, and EMS would not even go out there because of the poverty.

          A treaty is a treay. It’s like saying Spain signed a treaty ever 100 years ago giving us FL, PR, the Phillipines and a few other spots and no coming back and wanting them back. Why? Well because the treaty was signed so many years ago.

          People learn your history before making such ignorant, uneducated responses. You look like a fool.

          Oh and I am a sportmans, grew up in MN, served in our military, OH and white.

          1. for real says:


            Wake up the police, fire, and ems didn’t go out onto the reservations, because they couldn’t. It is a nation within a nation. Therefore they were responsible for their own police, fire, ems etc.

        2. gtV says:

          I agree also. Beyond all the racist ignorance, rhetoric, political correctness, and past historical misalignment’s it’s time to be a united people as the American society we strive to be. This last paragraph [from M.B.] mirrors what many of us feel. It’s not about forgetting one’s cultural heritage or culture but living as the American society we are meant to be. “E Pluribus Unum” says it all!!!

          …”The need to be a different society in this day and age seems so archaic. Instead of trying to become part of US society, some try to isolate themselves and live under the persecution complex. It’s a complicated thing, but with all the problems they are facing by trying to remain separate, it doesn’t make sense.”…M.B.

    2. Mr. Mustache says:

      Lick me you tree hugger.

  7. Whitey McCracker says:

    Yeah thats right hit the indians where it hurts.. steal all their land give them no rights sign treaties that will never be upheld, continue their genocide, starve out what little land they have and eventually “our little problem” will go away. only then will lakes in minnesota be free of the indian infestation……

    1. jfkldsaa says:

      you are disgusting you white supremicist. Ihope you get whats coming to you soon for all your hate!

  8. gman says:

    If outsiders came here tomorrow and took our land & culture and killed us if we fought back, I sure freaking hope my great grandchildren would be protesting in any way possible 150 years from now. This is a great country but it was also the product of genocide, forced removal and slavery. The shadows of that reality are still with us.

    1. Cyndi says:

      It was a war…they lost. End of story.

      1. dave rowe says:

        Lost , but not whiped out completely, thus…treaties were signed!

  9. Carps says:

    After all we’ve done for the Native Americans, this is how they treat us! Sure we signed a legal contract with them in 1805, but that was so long ago. That is even older than the treaty we signed with Mexico about that Texas, New Mexico, and California thing. We need to stand up and defend our precious Cedar Lake carp from these .. …. oh never mind.

  10. super d says:

    The Indians should be thankful for what they have, it could have been worse. I have a solution. Agreements made in the 1800’s are clearly outdated, including our constitution, which gets updated all the time. All the native americans should give up quest to remain a sovieregn nation, become us citizens, pay taxes, stop recieving special assistance, they can hang on to their heritage and religeon just the same as everyone else does in america.

    In return: we will give them the exclusive rights for all gaming in the state of mn. If they refuse, build all the non-native casinos we want, where we want, and see what they have left after that!

    1. mike says:

      SOunds mysteriously like democracy.

  11. kevin says:

    just remember the democrats were the ones to give the native americans the exclusive casino rights.

    1. Cyndi says:

      Actually no…it was the legislature and last time I looked that had some republicans and even some independents in it. But isn’t it fun to play the blame game? You must have learned that from Faux News.

    2. blah blah blah says:

      so hate democrats too right because they gave it to ‘them’ and we dont like ‘them’?

  12. sw says:

    What I don’t understand is why do they net 1 day before the fishing opener? It is almost like they want the confrontation and publicity. Why can’t they do it a week before or a week after? Why cause unnecessary problems when they could be avoided alltogether?

  13. Kent says:

    It is in the treaty..They have the right.
    Kind of bad timing however, with all the gambling issues coming up.

    1. holes says:

      Who signed the treaty and did they have the authority to do so since Minnesota wasn’t even a state then? Why should it be recognized by the State of MN when it didn’t exist then?

      Can the Native Americans produce a copy of this treaty to prove this or is there even a treaty?

  14. Lance & Cindy says:

    This is why 72% of Minnesota wants to stop the monopoly of Indian casinos. Thanks to these 20 fools more people will want to take it away from them. We were opposed to state casinos but after this we will be working to promote them. Have the fish, we are going to get your cash!!!

    1. bob says:

      YOu are soo full of it. You were oppsed from the beginning Lance and Cindy. They are their own nation so deal with it.

      1. TJ says:

        If they are their own nation why are they using US Federal tax dollars to pay for all their court cases?

  15. voicefreason says:

    Come on! They are conservationists! They did a responsible job up on Red Lake! Oh wait…. Maybe not. But heck, how many miles of hill nets can they fit on this little lake?

  16. Paul says:

    Time for the racino. Indians think because there relatives a hundred years ago pitched there tepee under an oak tree by the river the tree is sacred place. My relatives bought Nantuckett Island from the Indians years ago. But that doesn’t give me claim to his home now,

  17. Kevin says:

    Our anscestors basically stole these folks anscestors land by forcing them off of it, by forcing them to make choices they didn’t want to make, by conquest.

    I wonder how many people would like it if someone came to their home tommorow and told them they had to get out, and oh yes, in exchange we’ll let you catch a few fish, shoot a deer or two, and you can set a few traps.

    Let these people have their treaty rights, and don’t be so fast to accuse them of stealing from us because it was us who originally stole it from them in the first place!

    1. Is Kevin feeling guilty? says:

      My ancestors didn’t steal anything. My ancestors came here in the 1910’s well after someone else stole it from them.

      And *you* didn’t steal it either. Stop referring to “us” and “we” when no one posting here was even alive then.

    2. Mike says:

      And….. conquest is called that for a reason…

    3. Whatever says:

      My ancestors were still back in Denmark and Norway so stop telling everyone it was our ancestors that stole from them. It may have been yours, but it wasn’t mine. Mine came over in the 1880’s.

    4. Chris says:

      Remember that the natives were not here forever like they want us to believe…

      The immigrated to North America a couple centuries earlier = recent history.

      They came here looking for better hunting grounds, instead of Mongolia…

      Why don’t they go back and protest in Asia and see what kind of reception they get!

      The world is a fluid place with ever-changing societies and always will be…

      What do you expect the world to look like in another 200 years?

      The natives should be weighing their options more carefully…

      They won’t admit it, but their lives are better than they were 100 or 150 years ago…

      They hide the tragic side of their earlier existance, as it was not glorious!

      It was a hard struggle for survival and they should be teaching their kids that.

    5. Cyndi says:

      And again I say…it was a war and they lost. Do any other nations give privileges to a group of people because they defeated them in a war? Why? We won the war and yes it was a conquest. Why do we have to apologize for that? I don’t understand it. Maybe we should give Britain something for beating them in the War of Independence….or maybe the north should give the south rights of some kind. What’s the deal?

    6. TJ says:

      Stole it or won it through fighting wars for it?? Back then people fought for land, indians drove indians off their lands fighting with each other. Maybe the Dakotas should sue the Chippewas for land that was taken from them as well???

  18. Lee North says:

    Could the next step be hunting deer year around in the metro parks ?

  19. Fatty McCraken says:

    It’s fine, give into their treaty rights but I remember hearing somewhere that at the time these treaties were signed we, the inturders of their great lands, had a law on the books that said something to the effect of “A gathering of three or more indians could be considered a war party and be fired on”. Hows that sound for upholding the old way of doing things?? Also, I’m all for it if they decide to do things the way their ancestors did. Birch bark canoes, hand made nets and spears with teki style torches for lighting. Not $40 thousand dollar bass boats, halogen spot lights and gill nets.

    1. Cowboy says:

      well said !!!

    2. Artist36 says:

      Well said Fatty! One only needs to drive past the re3servation in Prior Lake to see the million dollar mansions and billion dollar casino to understand these redskins were left very well off!!! I grew up in Shakopee and went to school with many from this reservation. Every one of them was a spoiled rotten troublemaker. And I don’t believe a one of them made it past the ninth grade before dropping out or landing a lengthy jail sentence. Its in their blood- thinking they are above any laws, Yet they use our roads every day and probably our postal system as well.

      1. see a hater point 'em out! says:

        haters. thats one word for you all…

    3. bob says:

      Fatty McCraken,

      That law was put in place after the Dakota War of 1862, not 1805.

    4. BPPD says:

      So what are you gonna do ? Go shoot a group of Native Americans now? Is that a threat?

  20. EDO says:

    Should of played cowboys and indians just a little longer…

  21. Mike says:

    More difficult than that, as the tribe knows as well.

  22. L says:

    i am tired of this netting isnt fishing what happened in 1805 wasnt my time and i shouldnt be paying the price for whatever happened stop deleting our lakes

    1. Tim says:

      I didn’t know they are deletiong lakes???? Now that is another issue all together

  23. Boozhoo niijii says:

    Typical…take what you can’t have(casinos) and take back what you once promised(treaties). When will people have enough respect for themselves and their fellow brothers and sisters to stop the greed, hate, and pettiness that damns us all.

    1. tj says:

      Why cant we have casinos???

      Wouldnt wanting exclusive casino rights be concidered greed?

      And contracts are renegotiated every day and these treaties are way out dated and need to be brought up tp current environmental and equality standards.

  24. Laurie says:

    The DNR did their job? All this to prove a point. I hope they released the fish back into the lake. To take them as evidence is disgraceful. As an animal lover, I protest!

    1. Yeap says:

      The fish were probably dead by then though.

  25. Big Deal says:

    Fishing is not a means like it used to be for survival for food. Give me a break, the only reason they like doing it is to get attention.

    1. Laura says:

      Well I sure hope they don’t plan on eating them – if they’re pulled out of Cedar they’re chock-full o’ mercury & other contamination anyway. You want THAT for dinner? I’d rather net a bison….

      1. Kim says:

        They don’t usually eat them anyways, they sell them!

  26. Kevin says:

    Using this logic that people today shouldn’t have to be responsible for what people did before us – in that case I guess I shouldn’t then have to obey the Consitution, or laws made before my birth, etc. I mean, what the hell, why should I have to live my life based on what some fruitcakes thought was right some 230 years ago. Hell, if I want your place and I can get the drop on you and kill you before you kill me I get your house, and your relatives can catch a few fish even though it isn’t fishing season.

  27. Murph says:

    Oh come on,if you have ever fished Cedar Lake you would know the taking of even thousands of those tiny stunted fish would HELP make it better! Not worse in any way! It was about publicity not food!

  28. Todd says:

    i say if they want to “follow thier ancestor’s” then they should be using stone tipped spears, in a birch bark canoe with torches. They use all the modern day tools, i.e. 500 candlelight power torches, razor tip spears, speedboats, modern nylon nets, etc. If they really want to do it to show the history do it like they did back then.

    1. Laura says:

      I agree! Just like your “right to bear arms” should confine you to the muzzle loaders of yesteryear, and not the semi-automatics of today!

      1. Use a darn fishing pole!!!!! says:

        We already do use black powder just like they used to, it wouldn’t make a difference to me if that is all we had to use as long as I can still shoot a deer each year for food. I would trade that if the Indians would stop wasting all this fish. Plus us hunters and fisherman aren’t going out and killing at will, we take was we can eat and head home and fry it up.

    2. king fisher says:

      Have you witnessed the process of gill netting and spearing? Where does it say in the treaties what method needs to be used? The treay guaranteed the right to hunt and fish off-reservation. Do non native hunters use only flint muzzleloaders? A treaty is a signed compact between two parties, much like a law the governor signs. Well, technology has changed over the years and the non native uses different technology than say 60 years ago. Why is it ok for this to occur but you argue that the native has to use primitive equipment?

      1. bearmax says:

        if they are a nation with in a nation lets make it for they need a passport to come to our nation and us to go to there casinos !! and they can pay to be on our roads to i would be happy to go to a white mans casino

        1. embbyyoung says:

          That’s what I say, bearmax! Toll booths at every road in and out of the reservations and in and out of every casino! wouldn’t that make them cry!

          and let’s all please start boycotting the indian casinos. could you imagine if no one would go to any for 1 month? oh, poor things. NOT

  29. mad dog says:

    and make sure she understands the attempted genocide of the native american. Oh yeah, the non native doesn’t ever get drunk or stupid. Make sure she understands that too. C’mon man

  30. Use a Fishing Pole like the Rest of Us says:

    Kevin, the government can come into our home and take it, it’s called eminent domain. So just like those poor little Indians it can happen to any of us so why should they be any different. I am sorry but allowing them to net as many fish as they want is wrong. Who the he** eats that much fish anyway? You know how much of that goes to waste?
    As for those of you that call us “greedy white folks”, we are not telling them they can’t fish what we all want is them to have to do it just like any other human has to, use a damn fishing pole, catch their limit and go home and eat. They can’t use the phrase “it’s our lively hood” because they all get assistance and food stamps. If they don’t make any changes to this treaty then I say make them have to do it just like their “ancestors” did. Make it so they are not allowed to use any modern equipment they can only use what was used 200 years ago. I bet they all don’t widdle their nets by hand they use modern equipment.

    1. musky hunter says:

      So if eminent domain occured where you live, how would you feel about that? Would you feel cheated or wronged? i think you would be dishonest if you didn’t have those thoughts. Well, think about how the native american thought when they were being pushed around. That is why these treaties were signed: to gaurantee the right to hunt, gather and fish off the reservation. This was done in exchange for giving up their land. Just like the government paying you for your property through eminent domain. They all get assistance and food stamps? Really? hmmmm….I don’t. I lived on the reservation for 25 years and never received them. My dad, a native american, spent 23 years in the military and retired with a pension. Don’t lump everybody together. It makes you sound very ignorant and racist.

      1. Kim says:

        Yo uare one of the few! I know alot of NA Indians and they have a definate sense of intitlement – you know what I maen. I also know alot who think they are no diffrent than anyone else and they fish with a pole and keep normal limits. They also eat the fish instead of selling them. Who did they sell them to back then?? Oh yeah, they ate them – I think we can all agree this has gotten out of hand on all sides. They did have the right back when the treaty was drawn up to stake land like everyone else did, but they thougght they owned the whole world. If they could have shared their space with the settlers peacefully, maybe nobody would have ever OWNED any land!!

      2. Buy a darn fishing pole says:

        Musky hunter,
        I do apologize if I offended you by say “all” that was wrong not all do, but most do. At least the ones that I grew up around or are still around do. You are right I would be upset if they took my house but as you know we have no say, they will still take my house no matter what I say or do. As far as the payment goes yes they do pay you but only so much, you don’t think that there has been enough payment to the indians in the last 200 years? I think it has been paid back 100 fold.

    2. so what says:

      i dont think assistance an food stamps has anything to do with it. So what if they do?

  31. t says:

    I agree with Kevin. The Constitution was written before MN was even a state. Also, my relatives were not in this country when it was drafted therefore I am pretty sure I can declare it moot.

  32. Embarassed That I Live with People Like You says:

    Why do white people always think they’re so entitled? Listen to the comments on here, some of you sound so arrogant. Also, who the hell actually fishes Cedar Lake??? When was the last time you saw tons of people out there fishing? And how many people actually eat the fish they catch in city lakes? Isn’t that a bit of a health risk?

  33. mommacita says:

    I cannot believe what a bunch of racist, uneducated, idiots live in Minnesota.

    1. Here is 20 bucks go buy a Fishing Pole says:

      Most of the ones that are making even close to a good argument are probably 10x more educated than you are. It has nothing to do with racism it has to do with the fact that they are taking more than they can eat, or sell for that matter. There is no way in hell that they eat hundreds of thousands of pounds of fish a year, no way. All I know is things need to change and be updated, we are not living in the 1800’s anymore people so wake up. The liberals want to update the second amendment by taking our guns away so why not take this away from the Indians.

      1. Jamie says:

        Holy Cow HUNDRED of THOUSANDS pound of fish? Well everyone don’t goto Cedar Lake. Guess they are all out of fish on that lake.

  34. Cowboy says:

    we white people shouldn’t use atvs, vehicles, modern guns, motor boats, modern day devices for hunting and fishing.

  35. Cyndi says:

    Either they are a sovereign nation or not. If you want to be on your own then don’t accept money from the state of MN and don’t expect us to pay for your schools etc. If you want to be a part of MN then live just like the rest of us and obey the laws. It is the Natives who are seperating themselves out to be treated differently. Be a part of MN or not but don’t take without following the rules the rest of us from MN have to follow.

    1. Jamie says:


      WOW you are really uneducated about history here in MN and the USA. We froced them to stay on their land and if you think their schools, medical care, ect are better than what we get, you should go try it. Between the late 70’s into the 90’s they sterolized up to 55% of Native Women without their consent. WOW that happen just a few years ago, not back in the 1800’s. Many more stories are available to of why they stay on their land. Look it up.

      1. Dave says:

        I wanted to ask Dr. Pinkerman how she arrived at her conclusions, but she didn’t return repeated calls. As far as I can determine, her numbers were grossly inaccurate. A 1979 letter from the director of the IHS to a member of Congress indicates that from 1973 through 1977 the IHS performed 8,021 sterilizations on women ages 15 to 44. This includes operations for problems unrelated to birth control, e.g., hysterectomies due to cancer.

        Accounts in the medical journals suggest that surgical sterilization rates for Native Americans rose during this period but were lower than for the general population. (IHS data for 1975 indicates that the tubal ligation rate was about the same as for the non-Native American population, while the hysterectomy rate was much lower.) Pinkerman thought the Native American population was declining during the 1970s; in fact, it was rising rapidly. She is variously quoted as believing there were then only 45,000 or 100,000 Native American women of childbearing age; 200,000 is more like it.

        1. Jamie says:

          Dave have to say great job for looking this up.

          A young American Indian woman entered Dr. Connie Pinkerton-Uri’s Los Angeles office on a November day in 1972. The twenty-six-year-old woman asked Dr. Pinkerton-Uri for a “womb transplant” because she and her husband wished to start a family. An Indian Health Service (IHS) physician had given the woman a complete hysterectomy when she was having problems with alcoholism six years earlier. That was in Los Angeles.

          BUT Dr Pinkerman was only one eyewitness: this one is from Montana
          Two young women entered an IHS hospital in Montana to undergo appendectomies and received tubal ligations, a form of sterilization, as an added benefit. Bertha Medicine Bull, a member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe, related how the “two girls had been sterilized at age fifteen before they had any children. Both were having appendectomies when the doctors sterilized them without their knowledge or consent.” Their parents were not informed either.
          The Supreme Court, and lesser courts, set legal precedents regarding informed consent, family planning, and sterilization between 1914 and 1973. Schloendorff v. Society of New York Hospital inJustice Benjamin Cardoza spoke for the court when he stated that “every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body; and a surgeon who performs an operation without his patient’s consent commits an assault .

          In 1942 the Supreme Court heard the case of Skinner v. Oklahoma. Jack Skinner was incarcerated in an Oklahoma prison following his third offense of armed robbery. Oklahoma had passed legislation that allowed habitual criminals to be sterilized. During this time period many states believed that sterilization laws were valid because the eugenics movement advocated sterilization for those deemed “unfit.” The Court recognized “the right to have offspring as a fundamental right but did not declare compulsory sterilization laws totally invalid.” Justice William Douglas wrote the majority ruling stating that Skinner’s crime did not merit sterilization, declared that the Oklahoma sterilization law was unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment, and expressed concern over the possibility of sterilization abuse arising from such legislation. He stated that “the power to sterilize, if exercised, may have far-reaching and devastating effects . . . [and in] evil hands it can cause races or types which are inimical to the dominant group to wither and disappear

          Thanks Dave

          1. Dave says:


            Your way off point here. The issue is treaty rights, not spouting fabricated claims of mass sterilizations. You would be better off sputtering on about blankets infected with small pox.

            I for one would like to see the treaty followed by the Indians hunting and fishing as they have formerly done. Bow’s and arrows, spears, and hand woven nets. That challenge would create real sportsmen and a sport.

          2. TJ says:

            Wow whats that like 6 people? And none of these are from MN so whats that gotta do with anything?

            1. Jamie says:

              OH TJ it did happen in MN I was just giving examples, unless you wanted to read for hours you dumba@@

              1. TJ says:

                Whatever CEPE PTE

  36. Dave says:

    Treaty states – quote – “The United States promise on their part to permit the Sioux to pass, repass, hunt or make other uses of the said districts, as they have formerly done, without any other exception, but those specified in article first.”

    “AS THEY FORMERLY HAVE DONE”, stop the use of anything made after 1805 without exception.

    1. Duh says:

      As they have formerly done does not limit the tribe to the equipment used at that time, or the treaty would include language saying as they have formerly done with only weapons used as of today. Nice try though, but the language means the tribe can hunt fish and gather on the ceded territory as they have always done in the past and during the seasons they normally did it.

      1. TJ says:

        But it doent say it doesnt mean that. Maybe this needs to be looked at in the courts and defined properly…I bet if we get the correct judge……

  37. Jamie says:


    How would you like social services to come take you kid for being nothing by ignorant?

  38. Racinos rock says:

    Racino ! These Indians are getting out of hand , why do we tolerate this? They need to follow the laws of minnesota. I say get the 2 racinos up and running and drain them. They are all so crooked! They pay of politicians through donations. Wake up tax payers they are laughing at us. For all you liberals save it. We need this racino to end this blatent disgust. They do not like white people period. Watch the video , they are savage animals! Racino baby!

    1. Bob says:

      Racinos rock

      You are funny. You think they are the only ones paying politicians? I am a member of the NRA and I can tell you right up front we pay politicians each and every year. And not just on a state level, but national one as well.

      Where you do you live in a shoe box?

      1. embbyyoung says:

        if you can brag about that, supply the names of the politicians who you are paying off? Bet you don’t have the guts to do that.

        This would make a wonderful story – don’t ya’ think?

  39. Bobabouy says:

    Why are the sportsmans of the state not protesting the red bones?

  40. embbyyoung says:

    If you (the Indians) want to be a sovereign nation, then be one. Live in your own territory and DON’T come on to our land. Don’t use our roads. Stop your damn complaining about what your drunken relatives did hundreds of years ago. We are sick and tired of your complaining. C’MON MN! LET’S GET SOME STATE RUN CASINOS!

    Let’s all boycot the indian casinos – and then watch them cry! Somebody please start a campaign and let’s boycott the casinos! Wouldn’t that be fun!

  41. embbyyoung says:

    Added note – why doesn’t the state of MN put up toll booths at every road going in and out of the Indian reserviations! Make them pay to use our roads.

    Wouldn’t that be hilarious!

    Bunch of big cry babies.

    And we ALL know that our politicians ARE getting paid off by the Indians. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out exactly how much? We need Brian Ross of ABC to do an undercover story on this – like the one he recently did in AL (or AR).

    Our politicians are all liars & thieves.

    1. Randy says:

      Funny, but I believe the mystic lake casino paid for their own roads to be paved.

  42. Chuck says:

    I guess we should change the pledge of alliegance from “one nation under god” “one nation and a whole bunch of independant nations” When will we become one nation? Not as long as this stuff goes on!!!

  43. factdealer says:

    Comedy, This is done for publicity is all, they want an expensive court battle because they have money to burn. In todays paper some disgusting old chief said he believes minneapolis and St. Paul have not been properly payed for and they expect land reperations. Star Tribune article, I think this is the perfect case to always finish what you started, my ancestors should have wiped this mix breed out when they had the chance, now with casinos they got money they will only be a nuisance to human beings.

  44. Stewart says:

    You are on the money Chuck! This is reverse racism…

    1. Bill says:


      How is this reverse racism? Please explain.

  45. sw says:

    I can see some comments but to me this is all a waste of time. Is the problem going to be solved from your arguments?

  46. Stewart says:

    Bill , they are native americans , they can net fish , they can start casinos , they can harvest wild rice! Can I ?Can I Bill ? I am not sure why this needed explaining . Because I am white I cant do those things , that racist!

    1. JesseV says:

      @Stewart…poor, poor me, I’m a white male. It’s always they, they, they, putting me down. Johhny has a popsicle and I want one. Grow a pair and realize what racism is.

    2. Bill says:


      This was given to them by the United States Government, so that is their right. And it’s law. Has nothing to due with race, skin color, or religion.

      Now if these treaties were not in place then, YES it would be reverse discrimination and MN was allowing American Indians to do this and not us, you are correct. But as far as I can tell you are wrong

      You make it a racism issue.

  47. reality check says:

    Omg! Thats the crew you people send to represent you, makes rednecks look quite superior. They also said they plan to hunt fort snelling, Why don’t you stick to buying your corvettes and laying around on the couch, us working human beings will deal with the real world. R.I.P. Tonto

    1. Bill says:

      Hey reality check,

      I am white and no one sent me on here to respond to anything. I just hope no one from other areas of the United States come on here and looks at how superior you rednecks are.

      Oh and I hunt, fish, and clean up our rivers and streams from rednecks that cannot pick up their garbage when they are out in our great state.

      1. Don says:

        Reality Check,

        So now rednecks are the only ones that can say anything on here. Question for you; Did you serve in our mIlitary at all? IF so, you should re-read the oath you took when joining; if not thank you for watching me on TV while I was out preserving you right o bich

        1. Semper Fi says:

          Whats the millitary have to do with this. Were you in the ‘Nam, or one of Bush’s made for tv pop-gun wars?

          1. DOn says:

            Semper FI,

            Nope I was in WWII so none of that pot smoken tributes need. But thanks for you service.

            1. Semper Fi says:

              Thankyou also.

  48. Tea Smokin Beer Drinkin says:

    The article quotes: “Barry Frantum wants his 4-year-old daughter to understand and value the tribe’s history and traditions.”

    I’m SURE that includes driving your SUV paid for by casinos to a lake where you net fish……I wonder if they live in a tee-pee!!! And did they MAKE the net? Or buy it from Gander Mtn? I wonder if her parents made her put her iPod away for the day?

    NOT to mention..if you see the video isn’t he SMOKING? I’m SURE the butts go RIGHT in the lake!!!! And how much BEER were they drinking……Yup….there is herritage for you!

  49. johnson says:

    What a waste of time,let them be free,cut them lose,no more state aid,federal money,let them pay taxes (if any on them work) and be done with it.

    What would happen if the white folks take up arms and uphold the 1837 treaty signed,more than 3 indians together are considered a war party,then what?

  50. JT says:

    The Indian community clearly has the right to net these fish. What I don’t understand is why the fish were confiscated if the DNR wasn’t going to issue citations? Where did the fish go? Did the fish at least make it to a local soup kitchen or shelter?
    If the American Indian community wishes to remain separate from the state so be it. They should be able to expect that treaties will be upheld and they should be treated with respect. However, when the Indian community doesn’t take care of its people and they come looking for help from the state assistance programs, why are they using my tax dollars to pay for them?
    They need to decide just how “sovereign” they are willing to be.

    1. Tea Rez says:

      Yup…let them net ALL of the fish so the tax payers who actuall SPEND money to keep the economy going in those smaller areas quit fishing up there and then the Indians can have ALL of the ghost towns to themselves!

      The bottom line is I think they SHOULD be given their own “sovereign” land and we will see how long that lasts! In 5 years it will be fished out..with their old SUV’s sunk to the bottom of the lake with ice house scattered all over….

      Have you ever driven through “sovereign” land on the rez? A DUMP!

  51. krstina says:

    i just wanna know why is there al this damn hate against indians anyway? all anyone knows is stereo types to put a label on all. it is what it is so just leave it be!

    1. Jamie says:

      Well said Krstina! It has been embedded in our society since some to MN.

    2. Sons of Norway says:

      HATE? Because we are tired of paying our share of taxes, while they take billions of dollars in and don’t pay a cent in taxes………

  52. BArry says:

    Im Tired of the BS also!!! Read THE Constitution!!! TREATIES ARE THE SUPREME LAW OF HTE LAND! Love it or LEave it!!! Im Sure Germany or Poland or France would let you go back to WHERE U COME FROM!!! LMAO!!!!

    Your queen Sara Palin Nets fish!!! and she Is a millionaire!!! This is Inherent Rights my friend….. Stick to Fox news fits u better!!!

    1. TJ says:

      Fact of the matter is that natives also immegrated here….

  53. Sons of Norway says:

    I say give them the right to net fish, but it is time they pay the taxes on gambling or let’s get into the gambling business. Clyde has always been a fool, and I think more people lose respect for Indians when they see that a** clown. Not a good time guys to exercise your rights. If I spoke of WHITE rights I would be a racist. what about AMERICAN rights, black, white, red, yellow. You guys all have Escalades at 16 years old and not enough brains to work at a gas station. The money is ruining your culture……. Can’t have it both ways guys?

  54. krstina says:

    well its all jealousy to me. get over it an live ur own damn lives instead of worrying about theirs. whats it to you anyway?????????? if it were white people then nobody would have anything at all to say about anything. of course the ones with the most opinions are haters. Brush them Haters OFF!

    1. TJ says:

      It effects our lives as Minnesotans numbskull.

  55. Scotswomen says:

    I continued to be stunned by the level of hate towards the Native Americans. Most of the comment posted reeked of hatred and racism rather than any sensible argument in oppose=ition of Treaty Rights. Those arguments made were mostly based on lack of knowledge about Treaties, the various Nations, Indian Gaming and the Individual and Different Contracts made with each Tribal Nation and those Corporations that helped start the Casinos, along with the misinformation about Native American and taxes, the great economic contributions many tribes, including the Dakota, and their help to the USA communities, land rights, and on and on. I have a strong sense most of these people given true facts would remain hateful. I have often wondered why the Native Tribal Nations did not spend more time educating the white neighbors but maybe they don’t think it would change anything??? They have lived with this hatered for centuries now, with much damage to themselves each time they opened themselves to trus or to stand for their rightst. native Americans did not have a legal right to practice their religion until 1978…1978. I’m not sure when they could bare arms.That too may have only been recent Our USA Constitution and Freedoms were not for them. Our laws were mostly damaging to them.

    The tragic thing for those Tribal Communities, that needed a source of income to survive in this changing world, was that the trade-off was so serious and toxic. Those tribes that have the best gaming contracts also live with the greatest risks thru Nuclear facilities, Coal mining ect. John McCain is called the Father of Indian Gaming and he helped get it started, got the best contracts for the tribes whose land they could exploit and poison by giving them 1/3 the gaming profits. The Navajo’s have had a terrible time as Peabody has destroyed their water and air and not lived up to many of the fanicail agreements.

    It’s interesting these (from the sound of their comments) right wingers completely distrust and want US Government out of their lives except when it comes to the rights and treaties of the Native Americans. Then the roads and school they don’t want funded by their taxes must be closed to Native Americans. Yikes! Of course MN. could create toll roads and sell them like Illinios, Indiana, and Ohio, to foreign Countries like Austrilia and England. LOL! I don’t think we need State Government owned casinos or opening them to Private Industry. They have the lotteries which access a greater population draw and I wonder where that goes???

    The Native Americans, at least for a few tribes near large populations and energy plants, have finally been able to provide comfortably for their people and give them access to good health care. The tribes with poor contracts or living in less populated areas to support a casino are still experiencing water poisoning due to Uranium Mining ect. and still struggle with severe poverty. I can now see where it would be extremely diffucult for any First Nation people to want to deal directly on issues given the level of nastiness that exsist with some in my race and the total lack of respect they show towards our First Nation people. As I read those comments, I thought thats exactly how their ancestors must of justified their use of genocide, theft, disception towards the native American. if you hate them then it’s ok to take everything and trample on their rights.

    As an assimulated American, I can return to the Mother Country of my ancestors anytime and relearn the many aspects of the culture my people of Norway and Scotland came from. If the native American Culture is lost, it’s completely lost and each tribe also has somewhat different cultural practices. I admire the Native Americans and their desire to retain there culture for the next generations. It would be a National Tragedy if it were lost. Very few of my race get even a glimse into the real life annd culture of the Native Americans because of the Rampant exploitation and theft that has and continues to mark my race. What I found with the Native Americans was an exceptional ability to walk in two ways of life. They know they need to be a part of the modern world but also retain their culture for their children. There has been no more difficult time to do that but I am impressed they continue to provide that learning for their children. BRAVO! Keep it up. The Native Americans and their Culture ARE our National Treasure. I say that not as a reason to exploit or profit from you and your culture but with the upmost respect and honor. I found their was no more alcohoil addiction than in my culture and it hit the level of proverty the hardest, just as it doesn in mine. If my relatives had no part in the genocide and I don’t want blame then it would only make sense I would not want to start any destructive hateful policies, with the Native Americans, but support their Treaties Rights, goals to retain & teach their culture for their children, economic goals and protect their land & sacred sites!!!!

    I am deeply saddened to call some of these hateful, jealous, shameful, and very ignorant white commenters, my fellow Americans. I will try to let that go and pray for them!

  56. gbone says:

    The Indians need to stop teaching their children to hate.That’s what they do in the mid east.Sit around and talk politics and religion and not have all the wonderful distractions that capitalism offers.Sovereignty must suck

  57. gbone says:

    Indians are this country’s home grown terrorists.

  58. gbone says:

    Contact your legislators and the dnr to bring a lawsuit on the tribes.They are taking stocked fish that you and I pay for.The indians are hoping to bankrupt the federal government by litigating everything.Let’s give them some of their own medicine!

  59. Beth says:

    To those who abide by ignorance and the racism it breeds. A father wants to teach his children in a traditional way and,to see the big picture. Why are you so threatened? Our ancestors walked into their home, this land, and attempted to steal AND destroy everything. Why is it so important to continue this behavior? It is time to put down those heavy bags of hate and anger, and learn that respect is in order here. Hold out your hand and show some humanity. .

    1. TJ says:

      The traditional way is not to go out in high powered boats and net for fish. The traditional way would have been with a hand made canoe and a spear or hand made net. Not todays high quality gill nets

  60. Macretsam says:

    I have no problem with it as long as they fund the DNR fisheries program at the same time. Thats how those fish got there.

  61. MRB says:

    Where’s Custer when you reall y need him!????

  62. Lorkenangar says:

    Ja, sennilega svo pad er

  63. Joe says:

    Native Americans should learn something about public relations.Do you expect white people to patronize casinos when you hate us so much.I personally would like the state to stay out of the casino business and let the NA’s have control of it

  64. Joe says:

    Remember my NA brothers and sisters.You are not a victim!

  65. Homepage says:

    I was suggested this blog by way of my cousin. Im no longer certain whether or not this put up is written by him as nobody else realize such detailed about my trouble. Youre fantastic! Thanks! 595609

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