MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Spring is in swing and people are starting to think about spending time outside in their yard and getting their garden going.

Jamie Durie, host of the HGTV show ‘The Outdoor Room’ gave WCCO viewers tips all week on making the most out of your yard.

One of the first tips he said was to convert your front yard to your back yard. He suggests getting the most value out of your land by creating a place to have a little privacy. Putting in a fence (full or partial) and planting trees and shrub borders will help you enjoy your front yard space, too.

Durie also suggested think about separating your pavers and planting in between them. Putting moss and other greenery lets water seep in between them — which is good. More sealed surfaces creates more water runoff.

On day two, he gave tips for getting our gardens looking fantastic.

He recommends doing a function analysis, which is basically asking yourself and your family what they want out of a back yard.

Do you want to play, entertain, grow food or relax? Durie said people use outdoor space more when it relates to your house — special spaces for special tasks.

What should you be planting in your home garden to make your outdoor area more pleasant? On Wednesday, Durie suggested just taking a look around you. Ask yourself ‘What’s growing well on your street and what is growing well in your area?’

Check out soil levels and do a pH test to make sure soil is ready. This will help you grow the best plants and save you money.

During the hot summer days, Durie said you want to protect your venerable plants by keeping your gardens beds covered with a blanket of mulch. He said about 4-5 inches throughout the area will do the trick and then topping it off again every 3-4 months.

When designing the look of the garden, think about the shape of plants first. Many times people get bogged down with the type plant, but you want to think about the overall look. Go to your local nursery for help with finding plants with different heights and shapes.

On the last day of ‘Bringing Back The Backyard,’ Durie reminds us that you don’t have to buy expensive products to get your garden blooming — try organic fertilizers. He said they are natural, inexpensive and better for the environment. Things like a worm farm helps compost and kids love being a part of it.

Durie’s final advice on how to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood is to light it properly. Landscape lighting can help you enjoy your garden and yard after dark. Why spend all that money on something you can’t see once the sun goes down?

For more of Durie’s tips, click here to see his show’s website.


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