GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton caught and released a northern pike at his first Governor’s Fishing Opener, shortly after a send-off ceremony at Lake Pokegama near Grand Rapids on Saturday.

Dayton got started fishing just after midnight and was joined by Grand Rapids fisherman Scott Glorvigen and Army National Guard Spc. Dennis Coan, who served in Afghanistan with the 114th Transportation Co.

He spent about two hours fishing overnight, but Dayton’s catch came about 9 a.m. Saturday.

The Governor’s Fishing Opener started in 1948 and traditionally serves as a kickoff celebration to the summer tourism season.

Many of festivities are based at Ruttger’s Sugar Lake Lodge. Most of the fishing will be on Pokegama and other area lakes.

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Comments (19)
  1. Now if only he could sell it for $5billion a pound says:

    I know I’m ebullient.

    Did he put the worm on the hook all by himself?

  2. A. Lindner says:

    Did Jesse?

    Did Timmy?

    1. Mr. Mustach says:

      Jessie eats worms Jack!!!!

  3. Mr. Mustach says:

    Daytons liberals censors are at it again with posts on this article.

  4. A Voter says:

    Liberals don’t live in sod houses because they want to, they live in sod houses because they can’t afford anything better on the wages that conservatives pay them.

    1. Mr. Mustach says:

      You must be one of those county or state workers that thinks you should get raises each year and not have to pay anything for medical or maybe your one of those welfare liberturds..

    2. pss says:

      and the rebublicans are pefect I suppose and if you really beleive that I have a nice piece of land I will sell you !…………………………………………………your fricken morans and zombies lead by your greed!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dan-0 says:

    That Pike is almost big enough to be Muskie bait!!
    Let’s just have some fun fishing, maybe?

  6. pss says:

    why don’t you go back into your rebublican closet and stay there mr or is it mrs mushstash

    1. Mr. Mustach says:

      Truth hurts ha liberturd. Why don’t you and Al Gore go dance around a tree, oh thats rights he can’t he is as big as a tree.

      1. pss says:

        mr musmouth I’m hardly a tree hugger or a bunny hugger If your up to the challange maybe we set you out in the middle of the Superior National Forest and see if you can find your way out I’ll bet we would have to go and get your whinny ass out after an hour or two !! rebublican whinny ass beotch

  7. Murph says:

    With Pawlenty you just had to worry if he would catch your grandparents trying to get their doctor ordered food aid! Tim couldn’t catch a cold in Minnesota in winter! Likely because he was in a plane headed south to his GOP’er buddies playground! He sure wasn’t keeping track of the budget! The DNR tied a deer to a tree for him and he wounded the deer finally. Only trouble is that one of those 64 shots had hit the rope by then and it got away! Or was it 64 plane rides.Oh well we know he was busy at something.Dreaming up another fee I suppose Those plane rides are so boring. Just like Pawlenty!

  8. Mr. Gov't says:

    While your on the subject what was the name of the other king idiot elected governor from the Iron Range. Ya old Rudy. If the fee applies to you, pay it, quit your whining everyone knows your a little girl, liberturd.

  9. Someone who was there says:

    I was a volunteer in Grand Rapids. Everyone that came through were very nice. Gov. Dayton talked to everyone and took time to talk with the kids. We all waited to hear of him catching his fish. It was not staged. And it was a great weekend and our community enjoyed it.

  10. Marv says:

    Instead of fishing they should have spent time looking for GW’s weapons of mass destruction. Good thing we have a foriegn born black socialist muslim president. He got the job done when the bumbling patriot cowboy from Texas could not. You right wing cattle are fussing over a fishing opener but have no problem being lied to by the previous administration. Fools

  11. Bubba says:

    @ those who complain of censors. Civility goes a long way.

  12. Donna Oraskovich says:

    What a shame that we can not just let our govenor (no matter who the govenor is) just promote the fishing opener in Minnesota without political pashing.

  13. Fishing youtube says:

    Whenever visiting Pensacola, california you might like to do some fishing. Continue reading for a lot of helpful suggestions to set fish on your range.Fishing Master

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