ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A 33-year-old Roseville man has been charged after leading police on a high-speed chase and causing a crash that injured another motorist.

Rayvell Deprie Carter is charged with fleeing police in a motor vehicle and selling cocaine to an undercover officer. He turned himself in to St. Paul police officers at 10:45 a.m. last Thursday.

According to the criminal complaint, Carter was involved in an undercover drug buy outside a business at Maryland and Rice in St. Paul.

Police arrested two people right away but two others, including Carter, took off in a car. Both 34-year-old Amon Manning and 25-year-old Timothy Smith were taken in on drug-related offenses, but have not been formally charged.

The men who fled in the car headed south on Rice Street at high speeds and crashed into a van.

That van was pushed across a lane of traffic, over a sidewalk, and through a fence.

According to police, the pursuing squads lost sight of Carter’s car several blocks after the pursuit began and did not witness the crash.

The driver of the van, Thomas Richard Blanck, 65, of Prescott, Wis. was treated at Regions Hospital for a head wound and was later released.

Comments (11)
  1. eastside_evil says:

    Rayvell Deprie? Amon?

    Hmmm, should we place bets?

    1. markH says:

      Yep, another Canadian out causing trouble.

      1. eastside_evil says:

        Those darn Canadians, eh?

        Probably FRENCH-Canadian even!!

    2. james says:

      ROFL hmm, I wouldn’t bet against you lol.

  2. R Labine says:

    Any charges against the drug cops for needless pursuit resulting in unjury? Unbelievable.

    1. GH says:

      You sound like a drug user. How dare you blame the police for the acts of these idiots!! I hope you never need the police and if you do I hope they don’t come to your aid.

  3. R Labine says:

    This from a story on ST today
    “A woman who lost her leg after she was struck and pinned between two cars by an alleged drug dealer fleeing St. Paul police may not sue the department for negligence because it is protected under official immunity, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ordered.”

    1. st paul says:

      So what. Wanna make an omlet, you gotta break a couple eggs.

      Besides, it’s not the cops fault for chasing some stupid thug down the road…
      The criminal should be at fault for failing to stop!

      R Labine – you are an idiot, and should proudly live amongst the trash.

    2. Mario superstar says:

      I guess they should have let him go free then? They have to chaise them!

  4. againstPIG says:

    man i could tell u all the hot spot where these pig(cops) are at, i got a legit police scanner and radio. phunk the police, phunk them all.

  5. rufus mcdude says:

    you mn nxxxxx lovers imported ’em. cram it you pukes.

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