ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Senate has passed new restrictions on abortion in the state, but not with enough votes to override likely vetoes by abortion rights supporter Gov. Mark Dayton.

One bill passed Monday would prohibit abortions starting at 20 weeks after conception unless it would save the woman’s life or prevent lasting physical impairment. That passed by a vote of 42-24. A separate bill to ban public funding of abortions passed 40-26.

Both bills passed with support from Republicans and a handful of Democrats. Abortion opponents say the post-20 week ban protects the vulnerable, but critics say it would let the government interfere with personal decisions between women, their families and doctors.

Sponsors say their bills are nearly identical with versions the House passed earlier this month, but small differences have to be ironed out before the bills are sent to Dayton.

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Comments (59)
  1. FreddieBaby says:

    More social legislation from the Republican party. Aren’t they the party that always complains about government interference in our private affairs? At least it is good to know that Governor Dayton will be able to veto this Neolithic piece of legislation.

    1. GEE says:

      I would think stopping the murder of babies is worthy cause.

      1. Amanda says:

        are they your babies?

    2. Jim says:

      You think I’d at least have the right to shoot the people that break into my house while I am preforming abortions!

    3. eastside_evil says:

      Pete, don’t try to interject your hatred for gays into a debate that is not likely to have it in there.

      Sorry, that won’t fly.

  2. jeff says:

    back to wire hangers it is!!!!!!!! thanks again for government getting just a little bigger………..ohhhhh wait a sec……now that doesn’t make any sense! what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. complain about liberals making government intrusive decisions but ignore it or call it something else when the pubes do it!

    1. Art Posengeis says:

      Jeffrey, maybe you should spend a week at Planned “Parenthood” alongside Dr. Mengele assisting in partial birth abortions and then get back to us.

    2. eastside_evil says:

      Wire hangers? Did you read the article? This does virtually nothing. Who is having 20+ week elective abortions anyway?

  3. wondering says:

    “but critics say it would let the government interfere with personal decisions between women, their families and doctors.” I love the fact that everyone has a voice but the baby…and I though Democrats were for Human Rights…I guess that has to fall into a catagory who they consider “human.”

    1. Lee says:

      But if it were an animal they killed, they would call it animal cruelty. I think they have things a little upside down. If you want control over your body, don’t get pregnant in the first place. Don’t make the baby pay for your mistake.

  4. Carl says:

    The GOP want government shrunk small enough to fit into a woman’s uterus. So much for privacy.

    1. Zeke199 says:

      Hey Carl – It’s not the uterus that’s the problem – it’s the brain!!!

      The uterus does what it’s supposed to, nurture a developing fetus. The brain is supposed to determine whether or not & when the uterus is to perform that function.

      If the brain is working properly, it would realize two main things:
      1. There is a right time, environment, situation to make a baby.
      2. Once baby is in the oven it’s not to be taken out until ready for delivery.

      Your quip about GOP & govt in the uterus is amazing. They want to both stop the plague & bane of abortions in society & reduce the public funding stream for those who still choose to be foolish. Too many people get abortions today because they know they can if they “get into trouble”. Prevent trouble from happening in the first place & you successfully meet both objectives!

      That is, unless the brain isn’t working properly…..Think about it!

  5. Nikole says:

    WHY WHY WHY do people insist on trying to tell me what I can and can’t do with my body????????????????? I don’t understand how ‘Pro Life’ people really care what I do with myself????? I don’t see them sending me child support checks every month for the child I know I could never support!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does it bother you so bad?????????? I don’t tell you what to do with yourself…so why do you insist on forcing your beliefs on me????????????? You can make the choice not to have an abortion for yourself, but how can you make that choice for me???????

    1. WHY WHY WHY says:

      “I don’t see them sending me child support checks every month for the child I know I could never support!!!!!!!!!!!! ” If you know you couldn’t support the child why did you get nocked up? If you can’t support the child you could always go full term and opt for addoption? correct? Why is it you feel you should recieve child support when “you made the choice” to sleep with whom ever it was that got you prego? Why do you feel they should have to help you pay for your child? Don’t they have a right to do as they please with the money they earn? I realize it is still a choice and i’m not really for or against abortion, but there are other options out there. Actions lead to results.. If you don’t want unwanted results think about your actions before they happen

    2. James says:

      It’s called Nanny Government. They nanny and you obey or be criminal. Simple.

    3. Sue says:

      Very well said Nikole! Right on!

    4. eastside_evil says:

      Nikole, I’m not arguing for or against abortion here, but what makes you think you should have sex if you can’t pay for the resulting baby?

      Top 2 reasons given for having an abortion: She doesn’t think she can afford it . She doesn’t want a baby right now.

    5. Nikole says:

      No one has yet answered my question as to why you are forcing your beliefs on me????? Why do you insist on making a decision that does not affect you in any way, for me?

      1. captainobvious says:

        Why is it so hard to not get pregnant, It takes 2 of the most worthless people in the world, if you’re not trying to conceive. Fuerthermore 5 months isn’t enough time to decide if you can keep the baby, your kind of people Nikole make me ashamed to be a human being.

        1. captainobvious says:

          Seriously what on the 8th month you’d like to be able to still have an abortion? Maybe after the child is born you could just give it lethal injection if its not convenient for you. % months is way more time than 1 needs..

      2. deal-w-it says:

        Just remember this when you dispose of that inconvenience to you, you are also getting rid of future grandchildren of yours, altho if they were to think like you you’re probably doing them a favor.

      3. @NikHOLE says:

        Also if you get pregnant then decide to keep it, then it does effect me, I will pay for it for years through social programs. There’s no way your kind of person works and is successful, im neither pro choice or pro life, but geez i certainly walk this earth as a human being, not a snake.

      4. disgusted says:

        Just because you believe in abortion doesn’t make it right. If a parent believes it’s okay to chain his child to a bed and deprive him of food, that isn’t right either. You’re very hypocritical. Unless you think child abuse is okay?

        1. @disgusted says:

          Who are you talking to, and what is hypocritical

      5. Zeke199 says:

        Because you Nikole are forcing your beliefs on all of us if you think we should tolerate your indiscretions. If you choose to be promiscuous or flirt with disaster, do it in a manner which won’t involve destruction of human life or anyone else’s money or property.

        Compare what you said vs. other similar situations in life. If someone believes they should paint your windows green & brown because that looks better to them, should they have right to do it? If someone decides to bash your car because they want to, should they have that right? If not, why not? Because it’s your stuff? Well, what about the baby’s life – isn’t that theirs also? Also, isn’t that life & death rather than mere stuff that could be replaced?

        Think long & hard about the replies to your posts. Get some good/practical counseling to help sort out your thoughts & feelings, so you can make the most of life, not be a victim!

    6. Lee says:

      If you can’t support a child you shouldn’t conceive one. You have a choice to use birth control or not. A child in the womb has no choices in his outcome.

      Most sane people would agree aborting a child at 9 months of pregnacy is murder. Many people think abortion very early in pregnacy is acceptable. This is a reasonable compromised cutoff between abortion and murder. You still have the right to legal abortion. Why is the 20 week cutoff so unacceptable to you?

      1. Lee says:

        You see it as “forcing beliefs on you” while others see it as preserving life and human decency. Its not about “you” its about the child that cannot speak on his own behalf.

        Similarly, a slave owner accusing abolitionists of “forcing their beliefs” on him is a pretty weak argument.

    7. stillobvious says:

      They’re giving you 5 months , Whether your pro choice or pro life, You have 2 be a disgusting human being to think abortions are no big deal, and you can just have as many as you want whenever, the only abortion that should have been allowed after 5 months was your abortion Nikole

    8. Jerijo says:

      Grow up Nikole. No one is trying to pass their beliefs on you. If you are going to have sex, you may get pregnant. If you are going to take that risk, accept the responsibilty.

    9. Citizen says:

      @Nikole. The conservatives care about what you do with your body because you are a woman and meant to be controlled and are inferior to a male (that is the conservative viewpoint even though they would say otherwise). They can’t do anything about the budget and jobs so they focus on social engineering. They have the moral high ground. LOL (See the news about Governor Schwarzenegger fathering a “love child” with staff.) Of course, it excuses his adultery because the child was born (only to live with this stigma the rest of its life). The conservatives are all about judging others and forcing their beliefs on others–but they only give lip service to morals. They are disgusting bigots and hypocrites.

      1. Zeke199 says:

        Well Citizen, I pity your dour outlook on life & men. You must be single, and likely to remain that way given your post.

        Seriously, what you wrote about conservatives was nearly verbatim what someone wrote about liberals on a different blog.

        When we all grow-up to a place where we don’t name call or label or prejudge people because they believe differently than we do, THEN we might act like ADULTS & solve these problems. Until then, inane & ignorant comments like yours do NOTHING productive for anyone, even yourself. Think about it……

    10. eastside_evil says:

      How many 20+ week abortions do you plan to have, that this is inconveniencing you so much anyway?

    11. Zeke199 says:

      Because Nikole, in the world of adults, we take responsibility for our actions and for how they affect others. Once you’re capable of making a baby, you must acknowledge that world. If you don’t want to acknowledge it, then stay out of it where you won’t harm anyone (especially one as defenseless as an unborn baby).

      It is the height of arrogance & ignorance to say abortion is “between a woman & her doctor”!!! The most important person in the equation is the baby, who seemingly has no rights when the pregnant woman doesn’t “want” the baby. Then, when a pregnant woman wants her baby & the baby is injured or killed, it has rights to be enforced?!? So, it’s all simply about whether a woman WANTS a baby or not???

      This is situational ethics at its deadliest, ugliest, & most dreadful for the individual & society at-large.

      As for sending people money for delivering children they can’t provide for, the answer is simple & vital – find a way to provide. There is assistance for people who genuinely need it, but for those who think society owes them something, think again. That has been tried for the past 60 years & look what’s happened. We’re broke from Federal to State to Local governments.

      Responsible adults who are capable to work & provide for themselves & their families must do so. If one is incapacitated, there is PLENTY of assistance for them. Man-up, woman-up, but don’t think anyone owes you anything just because they have more money than you!

  6. Empty Pockets says:

    Aside from the argument of who is for/against abortion……… I would consider an abortion a private medical expense. Shouldn’t the cost of it be paid by the mother/father? Why should the tax payer have to pay for their mistake? I broke my arm a few months ago and didn’t see anyone offering to pay for my medical bills. Some will say…….oh there is no other way for the poor to pay for it…….well then they shouldn’t be having unprotected sex.

    1. Mark says:

      It is a lot cheaper to pay for the abortion than to pay for the child birth.

    2. eastside_evil says:

      “Shouldn’t the cost of it be paid by the mother/father? Why should the tax payer have to pay for their mistake?”

      After reading and rereading the article, I did not see any part of it stating someone else other than the person having the abortion would be tasked with paying for it. Can you please direct me to that part of the article? Thanks.

    3. Zeke199 says:

      Fair point, Empty Pockets. Why should anyone pay anyone else’s medical bills unless someone is incapacitated & thus unable to pay his own???

      You MUST UNDERSTAND the KEY ISSUE here –
      Sex is the biggest RELIGION among Liberals, the orgasm being their most sacred rite.
      If anything is proposed which might limit LICENSE (as opposed to true LIBERTY) of their practices, Liberals come against it with full fury as if nothing could be more important. It’s the one issue which can unite their entire movement, more than civil rights, education, spending, or anything else!

      Bankrupt Federal, State, & Local governments – ahhh, no problem! Being told to use a condom or heaven forbid, practice abstinence, and you sir have suggested they commit the unpardonable sin!! No restraint can ever be suggested or enforced, or you’ll bear their full brunt of attack!!

      Liberals see people as slightly enlightened animals and thus slaves of their bodily functions, laws of the universe, and in desperate need of THEIR guidance & control. They call it “freedom” when actually it is tyranny & control which flow from license (see the difference in these definitions). This is why there’s furor anytime a Libertarian or Conservative suggests or demands restraint be practiced in ANYTHING they espouse (spending, sex, laws, rules, etc.).

      The only way to resolve the abortion issue is via common sense & genuine morality. When these become negotiable, variable, political footballs, or ignored, we get trapped in senseless debates & the problems only get worse.

  7. Pavel says:

    Freddie Baby – You hit it on the head! Same old bunch that wants to eliminate government, but control everyone and what they do with their own bodies. Next thing condoms will be outlawed again as they were years ago.

  8. pat says:

    The baby is a person as well as the mother. People are in line to adopt new babies. There is no reason to kill your own child.
    Also this bill allows you to kill the child up to the fifth month. If you haven’t decided to kill the child by then, well what were you waiting for, their little feet to be sticking out first?

    1. Just Wondering says:

      How many babies have you adopted Pat?

      1. Citizen says:

        Pat has adopted zero. The conservatives really only care about a fetus and tissue. Once the child is born, it’s on its own. Just look at the conservative posts about cutting the budget. First, to go: services to families, the elderly, the disabled. They were all children once, too. But they grew up and aren’t cute and cuddly any more….

        1. Citizen=Joke says:

          If you read Pat said you have til the 5th month, if you don’t know by then, seriously your a waste of life. Who mulls a baby for 7-8 months.

          1. Citizen says:

            @Citizen=Joke. 5 months–still a fetus and tissue. Can live outside the womb only with VERY EXPENSIVE life support. You are yet another argument for retroactive abortion.

            1. Citizen=accident says:

              So you’d like more than 5months to decide? 8.5months enough?

  9. TG says:

    A solution? (This argument pertains to both MEN AND WOMEN) So people by now should know that having sex can, and some times will, lead to getting prego? RIGHT??? So. Abortions should be illegal unless there are verifiable health concerns to the mother, or in the case of a rape vicitm. If you don’t want a baby, don’t have sex PERIOD. If you can’t fight the urge to get laid, be aware that the decision you are making can have significant results!!. If you don’t want the child and have gotten prego then put the child up for adoption. The option for abortion is on the table for significant cases and the option of not having a child in the end is on the table via adoption. I’m not all about Govt controlling what I do with my body, but I NEED to be smart enough to know that the decisions that I make can and do have real results which can affect not only my life but the life of others as well. If people would make smart decisions this whole issue would be much much smaller. (Alass we will always have stupid people or those who think that they are entitled to make dumb choices and don’t need to be responsible for those choices)

  10. Mary says:

    The party of “government is bad”, now wants government to decide on the whats and whens of my womb. On top of that, Republicans want to cut welfare to poor, single mothers and their babies. – the ones least able to afford birth control, an abortion or post-natal care.

    Fortunately, were I to become pregnant I could afford it.

    Either way Republicans – keep your hands off of my uterus and your nose out of my business.

    1. Nikole says:

      Perfectly said Mary.

      1. Flower child says:

        @Mary & Nikole. Notice that most of the people who want to control a woman’s uterus and fetal tissue are men. If men got pregnant, I would be willing to bet that abortion would be a sacrament of the church!

        1. @Flowerbirthdef. says:

          How can any person think 5months is not an adequate period to decide? perhaps you’d like to have the child, see if you love it, then if you don’t just take it to the vet and have it put down. How can any person male or female think they need over 5 months to decide. You people complain of government interfering, its because some of you people hardly fit into the human race.

          1. Flower child says:

            @flowerbirthdef. Retroactive abortion would probably be applicable for most of the posters like you on this page…..

            1. flowerisapuke says:

              So then you’d like 8.5 months or 9months 2 decide?

        2. Zeke199 says:

          Dealing in cynical speculation neither proves your point nor makes your point appear intelligent.

          It is true that BOTH women & men must man-up & woman-up to acknowledge their responsibilites in baby making & maintenance. Birth control often fails, so do people’s promises. That means prevention is vital, and strong family & community reinforcement of morals.

          The attitude of “it’s my body & I’ll decide how I want to” is both ignorant & arrogant. You & everyone is part of a larger society, whether or not you belong to a family. What you do individually matters to everyone else, especially if I have to pay $1 for anything you do. If you don’t want to pay for me & what I want, then take responsibility for YOUR OWN ACTIONS & don’t involve me!

    2. Amanda says:

      and how exactly is this creating JOBS… that is what they campaign was all about… JOBS and CUT THE EXPENDING…. Cut it from the poor and give it to the wealthy

    3. sad but true says:

      Mary would it be such a inconvenience for single mothers to stop having babies? I know its a lot to ask, in order to get pregnant it takes 2 people being amazingly irresponsible

    4. Lee says:

      This bill has nothing to do with your womb. It has to do with the helpless human being inside your womb. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want with your uterus so long as it’s not kill an entirely seperate person over the age of 20 weeks in it.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Lee. That “entire separate person” at 20 weeks is still fetus and tissue and needs life support if it is born early–EXPENSIVE life support that the GOP doesn’t want to fund. So, this 20-week-old fetus, born early to a young, single mother who is “doing the right thing” (your definition), is going to be adopted by a conservative. Are they going to pay that bill? Doubtful. You conservatives are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Give it up! Look at your hero, Governor Schwarzenegger. At least the adulterous Democrats weren’t legislating morality at the time they were committing adultery. Or in the case of the Grand Old Pedophiles, molesting Senate pages a few years ago.

  11. jeff says:

    if the prolifers had their way it would be a crime to abort a freakin’ zygote! you are all morons. again, it is none of your business what anyone does with their body. i have seen abortions. it was one of the disgusting videos i have ever seen in my entire life. if i was a woman i don’t know if i could go through with it. but maybe if my dad raped me, or if there were severe complications i could. there are a million things that come up in a womens life that can stear her towards an abortion. but whatever that is it is none of your business, nor is it mine. it is her choice and if you believe in god then you believe that she will be dealt with. you are not gods tool to punish.

  12. Zeke199 says:

    Good – maybe now it’s back to where it should be – people/taxpayers not being FORCED to pay for abortions when it’s against their conscience to do so. There are PLENTY of ways to PREVENT abortions, and plenty of ways to deal with “unwanted” pregnancies rather than abortion.

    It’s also back to teens, parents, and adults becoming responsible like they once were, to PREVENT pregnancies that people don’t “want”. Whether YOU want to acknowledge it, abstinence works great for those who wish to follow it. Not everyone does, so there’s a wide selection of other PREVENTION methods as well. Why? So we don’t have an endless line of women & girls lined up for butchers masquerading as doctors to “fix their problem”.

    Abortion is MURDER – no two ways about it! This debate is not about a negotiation between political parties about how much money to spend – it is about life & death.

    The decision between the woman & her doctor leaves out the most important people in the situation – the baby/fetus and God. Even if you’re an atheist, the baby has rights when it’s “wanted” so that means a baby has rights PERIOD. If a pregnant woman believes her rights trump a defenseless fetus’ rights just because that woman doesn’t want the baby, the best case scenario is to deliver & give it up for adoption.

    Many women initially want an abortion but after delivery realize how tragic it would have been.

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