By John Lauritsen, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The clock is ticking for a new Vikings stadium to get the green light at the capital.

Gov. Mark Dayton and lawmakers are meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to talk about the proposed site in Arden Hills.

They’re expected to ask Goodell what the NFL will do to get a new stadium built.

Ramsey County, however, still needs to bring a bill to the capital.

So if the deal doesn’t get done on time, could the Vikings really leave?

Mark Rosen and Sen. Julie Rosen aren’t related, but both have opinions on what will happen if the Vikings agreement with Ramsey County doesn’t make it through the capital.

Julie Rosen (R, Fairmont), is the chief author of the stadium bill. Mark Rosen has been covering the Vikings for nearly 40 years.

“No one knows. No one knows what the Wilf’s will do,” Julie Rosen said. “I can’t tell you they aren’t going to sign another lease.”

Mark Rosen (Rosey) sees other cities, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Detroit, get their stadium issues worked out even with their own budget issues. He’s hoping the Vikings don’t get fumbled away.

“The Vikings are the crown jewel of the sports franchises here in Minnesota. And if they were to leave, if that possibility existed, good luck getting another one back,” Rosey said.

Julie Rosen calls the Vikings a cornerstone of the state. She says the budget comes first, but thinks the stadium issue will be resolved in this session or a special session.

“I believe we can get all this done, the budget, the Vikings, before the session is over,” she said.

She wants to make it clear that if this goes through it will be a multi-purpose stadium, home to much more than just the Vikings.

Those against the stadium point out that there are plenty of hurdles to overcome, with just a week to go in the session. To list three: How will the road situation get worked out in Ramsey County? Who will operate the stadium? And how much would taxpayers have to pay?

The Rosen’s do agree on one thing: There is a lot to work out and not a lot of time to do it.

Comments (31)
  1. Ali says:

    Get rid of Public Government Unions and all Public employee Union pensions. We would have so much money we could build new schools and a Vikings stadium and still have money to spend on other stuff. No one wants to admit how much these life time public union pensions (inflation proof) cost us. It is so much much more than anyone will admit it is breaking this state and many other states.

    1. bob says:

      you have got to be joking,get rid of unions will pay for a stadium??????????????
      How does this even make sense,you watch too much fox news

    2. Dalton says:

      Grow up…you’ve been brainwashed by FOX

    3. crazy says:

      wow! that’s just crzy! that’s one of the most idiotic statements i’ve heard.

  2. If they leave let them go says:

    If they leave they leave. If they cannot understand that we are in a tough economic state of affairs and cannot let it ride another year, let them go. I thought there was a law somewhere that we keep the name Twins and Vikings…

  3. Sean says:

    How dare the legislature even discuss getting rid of Minnesotacare and funding a Vikings stadium at the same time? This is truly disgusting.

    1. Robert Radke says:

      WElfare for the rich and poor farms for the poor!!

  4. Bust the NFL Player's Union says:

    What a void this would leave in Minnestota……we wouldn’t have anyone to complain about for the two weeks between the Twins last game and the Wild’s first!! Maybe during this down time Ali could entertain us with more of the worldly wisdom as posted above. Did you know that the big, bad football players are unionized too? But nooooo, that’s different!

  5. Kris says:

    Why are they wasting time talking about this? They are a loosing team and deserve nothing.

  6. Big Baby says:

    Let them leave! They have noting left for them… This team will never win a title as long as i live…. Please don’t waste any tax dollars for them! I would rather help the poor and homeless people.

    1. Trev says:

      How about viewing it as allowing the taxpayer to keep their money instead? No need to justify it with helping the poor people. I mean, all that is great but those of us who have worked for our money are the best judges on how to spend it…

  7. Mary Bowlin says:

    Why not use the concession stand profits to pay for the Stadium? Don’t let a Company from another state have all the profits like all the other sport facilities in our city do. Why am I the only one that has mentioned this? Why do we give all the profits to companies in other states when all the employees responsible for the work and profits are from Minnesota? Keep the money here and pay for the Stadium with it. The profits from consessions are unbelievable. I used to be a beer vendor during the Vikings games and seen the amount of money made and go out the door to a company called Volume Services in North Carolina. All the companies running our stadiums with our people are from other states. The new stadium needs to be ran by Ramsey County and not by out of towners.

  8. Mark from says:

    Let them leave

  9. Mark from says:

    our government does not listen anymore

  10. USS Atlantis says:

    If the billionaire Wilf’s can’t pay for their own playground, let them go someplace else

    I’m already paying too much taxes for these bloody places – I don’t do any shopping in Hennepin county anymore because of the Twins nest – if they make a statewide tax to pay for the Vi-queens playpen – I may have to do my shopping in Wisconsin

  11. WEBO says:

    Good bye Vikings! We won’t miss you! I believe the state of Minnesota did just fine without the North Stars and could do just fine without the MN Wild. And I”m certain the Timberwolves wouldn’t be missed. With the weather the way it’s been – unpredictable – the Twins and their fans are having a blast aren’t they? Communities don’t bring in that much $$ when games are played at least enough to offset the cost of building a stadium. (Do you really think the Wolves bring in enough to offset them being here when their crowds are what, 5,000 people at most – they can’t GIVE tickets away – ha! ) GET PROFESSIONAL SPORTS OFF THE BACKS OF TAXPAYERS!

    1. Dalton says:

      Some of us enjoy the Vike’s rightea…we don’t spend our lives being brainwashed by Fox Spews….

  12. Hejlena says:

    This $#it is getting old

  13. DUH. QUIT WASTING $ says:

    what is more important? a new stadium or repairing our failing infrastructure ( sewer water and gas lines, and roads ) the government spends far less then they admit to do this and now we have potholes, gas explosions , and water main breaks…hmmm its a real nobrainer as to the right decision . i would feel better about my taxs if they were spent properly and not wasted on stuff thats not affordable or needed.

  14. Carl says:

    I say let them go, if it was the greenbay packers then it would be fighting over.

  15. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    This is from the Government and it contains science-based facts, Republicans might want to skip over this, it does contain some big words.

  16. eguth says:

    Why all the ignorant crying against a new vikings stadium? The Wilf’s are putting up the most money and the state wants to control the “people’s” stadium and the twin cities will benefit the most from the economic impact. The Vikings economic impact to the economy of the entire region is too valuable to lose. You people who are crying now will be the same one’s crying when the economy turns downward should the team leave. Don’t be fools, you have to invest now, and the time is right, to prosper for many years to come.

  17. Mike Hunt says:

    The problem is, we don’t even have a team we can put in a new stadium.

  18. Dave L says:

    Cleveland wouldn’t play ball with Art Modell and ended up paying hundreds of millions more for a new franchise. Same thing happened in Baltimore withthe Irsay family. Do I like this blackmail by billionaire owners? NO – but I and my entire family are big Vikings and NFL fans and think we just need to hold our noses and get the best deal we can to keep this team, The last thing I want to do is spend my Sunday afternoons being brainwashed by Fox News like some of the people writing comments here seem to do.

    1. No Spam says:

      Hey Dave, why should I pay for your Sunday afternoon entertainment. Did Baltimore or Cleveland really need a pro football team? Come on let’s get real, we have a gov printing money making the dollar worthless and having PC more important than competency and you think a pro football team is so important. Where are your priorities? oh that ‘s right paying to see spoiled overpaid athletes play a game… …

  19. are you people insane says:

    let the vikings and their fans pay for it then.. i would rather go on welfare and pay no taxes then have my tax $ go to the vikings

  20. Sue says:

    Will they leave? I sure hope so, good riddance.

  21. I'll help them pack says:

    Will they leave? Let’s hope so.

    If we were talking the Packers, there would be no talking needed. They would pay their own way and staying right here, not begging for charity from the taxpayers.

    So the Wilfs are putting up the most money, huh? When I went to school 33% of the whole was not the largest piece of the pie. And save your keystrokes – that other 67% does come from the taxpayers, one way or the other.

    Let Ziggy buy his own toys with his own money, not ours.

  22. Trev says:

    Let them go to Cali where they have bundles of extra money to pay for a subsidized stadium. Oh, wait…

  23. No spam says:

    If the vikes want to leave, let them leave. I will help them pack up the trucks just so my taxes aren’t raised and we take care of other priorities.

  24. No Spam says:

    Corner stone of Minnesota, who are they kidding?

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