ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed Republican-drafted maps for new Minnesota congressional and legislative districts, making it likely the state’s once-a-decade redistricting process will end up in the courts.

Dayton vetoed both bills Thursday. He wrote in veto letters to Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers that he believes both fans unfairly target Democratic incumbents while protecting Republican-held seats.

Dayton also notes that he had made clear he would only sign redistricting bills that passed with bipartisan support, which was not the case with either GOP map.

If Dayton and lawmakers fail to agree on new maps, a court will ultimately step in and take over the process. This week, Minnesota Democrats asked a federal court to move ahead with a lawsuit over redistricting. Typically, the state courts get involved.

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Comments (17)
  1. gtV says:

    The GOP strikes again! They can’t balance the state budget but they can pass redistricting legislation that would guarantee their jobs for at least ten years. Just another stalling tactic. The Governor was well within his rights to veto this one sided bill. The state courts will probably do a better Constitutional job at this MN redistricting. Now where is the balanced budget???

    1. DFL was one sided 10 years ago says:

      And the DFL was “One Sided” 10 years before that which was why the GOP took them to court as well. Doesn’t matter which party is in control the other will always complain of unfair district lines.

      1. gtV says:

        Let the redistricting go to the courts is the best way to do redistricting [aka; gerrymandering]!!! Ever since redistricting or “gerrymandering” became very politically rabid in the late 19th Century in New York state it has always been a contentious undertaking.

        In most court cases, the majority political party usually has the upper hand in the process. The courts, however, in most cases try to keep the redistricting as politically equitable as prudence dictates. No matter what the outcomes it’s always a political ‘hot-potato’ for the succeeding political decade.

        In MN, stay tuned; as the courts mead-out judicial sense to MN’s contentious political scenery for the next ten years. This is going to be fun to watch!

  2. jimmy says:

    The Redistricting bill just like the budget bills are just a wish list from the REpublicans. When are t5hese guys going to do their work.

  3. Jim says:

    Republicans pushing for progress, Dayton and them Dems stalling. I seem this happening a lot more in the next few weeks. All of Dayton’s vetoes guarantee him being a one term governor.

    1. James says:

      This redistricting plan is what Republicans call “progress?” LOL. It’s 100% politics and 0% progress.

  4. REcallagins says:

    REcallagin those republicans. They cant get a thing done.

    1. DFL do any better? says:

      And did the DFL do any better when they were in control of both houses the last 20 plus years?

      1. GOPSUX says:

        Yep, a HELL of a lot better.

  5. shirley says:

    Why are there redistricing maps, and why the hell do we keep moving them? Is that how the republican’s get them selves elected? I’m thinking thats how john kline & bachman got elected, so of course they want to keep those redistricting maps movin. Just play it straight with us out here aey?

    1. DFL did the last redistrict lines says:

      The same thing happend when the Dems were in control to “get reelected” FYI the Dems were in control when the distric lines were in place before Kline or bachman were elected. And the GOP took them to court just like the DFL is doing now. Same song and dance different party leading the dance.

    2. gtV says:


      The reason for redistricting[aka; gerrymandering] is because the US Constitution and Federal Election Statutes require such. This is also because the US Census every ten years reports the population’s increases or decreases in each state, county, municipality etcetera. As a state’s population shifts so too the political make-up of the electorate changes. That’s why redistricting is so important every ten years.

      In over 80% of the states, this political gerrymandering process winds up in the courts. Minnesota is no different than the majority of states. As to why the GOP is the majority MN political party at present that’s because political attitudes shifted and so did the make-up of the electorate. Politics shift also with population shifts. That’s why more Republicans are getting elected in MN.

  6. Cache says:

    The CRAZY Governor strikes again…get this guy a strait jacket…what a clown!

    1. Betty says:

      I think you are offensive

  7. No Tea says:

    Here is where thr GOP is wrong. They claim they were doing what they were elected to do, however they refuse to acknowledge that the Governor is also doing what he was elected to do. He ran on a platform of raising taxes on the slackers, and was elected. Deal with it, slackers.

  8. yep says:

    Should be left to the courts anyway.

  9. Victim Du Jour says:

    Judges rank pretty low on the democracy scale, most have been appointed by people in smokey backrooms. And they don’t reflect the “Will of the People” like the entire Minnesota State Legislative Branch.

    More election fraud by our court system that’s all.