MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — About 150 people have arrived at a Minneapolis shelter after a deadly tornado ripped through the city’s north side.

Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon visited the shelter Sunday and said the tornado couldn’t have hit a worse neighborhood. She says it’s a distressed neighborhood in the first place, and the families are “suffering a tremendous loss.”

Mayor R.T. Rybak says many people are concerned about getting to work in the morning. The damage has also forced five Minneapolis schools to be closed Monday, including Lucy Craft Laney, Cityview, Nellie Stone Johnson, Hmong International Academy and the Plymouth Youth Center.

The city will distribute food in at least three locations Monday. Cub Foods will host a dinner for people in the neighborhood.

A joint city-county team will be at the shelter Monday to assess emergency housing needs.

The tornado killed at least one person and damaged at least 100 homes in a residential portion of Minneapolis Sunday.

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Comments (7)
  1. John 2 says:

    Beem through it in St Peter. The “RED CROSS” comes through and REALLY helps. PLEASE support the “Red Cross”. Thank you.

  2. Good reporting is good says:

    The storm damaged a heck of a lot more than 100 homes. Probably a lot more than 1,000 homes. There are 25 or so homes on a single block.

    1. Tony N. says:

      You would think The Associated Press would at least get that right.

  3. Ericka McDonald and Aretha McDonald says:

    thank you for your comments and for your concerns and blessing and may god continue to over see us and bless us and protect us all from harm and danger and make peace be with us

    Sincerly a concern cititzen of north minneapolis

  4. Ron Quigley says:

    I drove through North Minneapolis while on my way to work and the raft of destruction to homes and neighborhoods was more than I thought possible to experience in one area. The effect of the storm in North Minneapolis is a major event with regards to property damage. The people of North Minneapolis need all the assistance support and help that the city, county and state can give in order for recovery.

  5. maria schuyler says:

    After todays devistating tornadoes and damage left behind, I want to help however possible…. I cant offer any monetary assistance but i can offer clean up help, serving or cooking food. assisting w folks in the shelter? whatever needs, I am willing to try and fill some…. contact me thru my email in how I can help!! i am available from about 10am til around 1230 or possibly 1 on mon, wed,thurs. and on fri I will have my 8yr old daughter w who can help some too and we can stay later on fri as well.

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