By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV 

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — North Minneapolis was a community in crisis after Sunday’s tornado.

Many residents had no food, no lights and no water. Twenty four hours later, the community has a different feeling. Despite the loss of material things, the sense of community is stronger than ever.

“We’ve been standing up here with a sign asking for help and people have been helping us since 6:25 this morning,” said tornado survivor Anita Kimball.

Lowry andLogan Avenues on the north side were among the areas hit hardest by Sunday’s tornado. The destruction that brought this community to its knees has also sparked a sense of unity and a spirit of cooperation.

“Many of the students of color at theUniversityofMinnesotaare fromNorth Minneapolis,” said Sam Ndely, volunteer and member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Although he grew up in Brooklyn Park, Ndely helped organize his fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma and sister organization, Zeta Phi Beta to do what they could to help.

Although the work was hard, they said it’s rewarding to see people come together.

“People are giving us water people are opening their homes and you could see that love and community that exist,” said Ma-Eyongerie Frambo, volunteer and member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Five Points Plaza became the drop off point for supplies on Monday.

“We’re fighting the barricades and we’re doing everything we can to get people to get information to people,” said Big Sy, KMOJ morning DJ.

The building was also used as a place for community to gather and get what they need to get by.

“This is really reassuring to see people from within the community and outside this community coming together to do whatever is necessary to help people in need,” said Stu Ackerberg.

But it was in the parking lot of the Cub Foods where the community proved in a time of crisis there is no better resource than the people you call neighbor.

People can help families affected by the tornadoes by making a $10 donation over your phone.

Text “blessing” to 85944 to send money to the Salvation Army, or text “Redcross” to 90999 for the American Red Cross.

Reg Chapman

Comments (19)
  1. Heart Broken says:

    What happened on Sunday was terriable. My mom and me wen’t over to North Mpls and I was very choked up about what happened. South Mpls was hit 2 years ago on Portland Ave and I spent 6 hours to help a stranger in need!!! It made me feel so good to give back to people!!!

    If you are reading this please help someone who needs it.
    You will feel good and you may need the help some day in your life and someone will be there to help you.

    God Bless The People Of North Minneapolis

  2. Ben Dover says:

    “North Minneapolis Comes Together In Time Of Crisis” They must have came together after they looted all they could from the homes and shop owners in the area. What a joke!! I’m sorry for the loss of life but the other events after the storm show their ture color!

    1. Joe says:

      Talk about showing “ture color.” I hope you get everything you deserve.

      1. They did loot says:

        Joe, Ben has a good point even though he had a typo. People took advantage of the tornado and looted. It does show them in a bad light. Are you so politically correct that you cannot tolerate *any* criticism of people in that neighborhood?

      2. Exactly says:

        Ben is right… long until we hear of another shooting death in that area?? This “sense of community” is a joke for that area…..if you think otherwise….take a nice late night stroll through North Mpls….see how that “sense of community” is working out!!!

        1. Ven says:

          Lucifer called – he wants his horns back. Keeping you and your ‘soul’ in prayer

      3. security0207 says:

        I Agree that sounded very Racist

      4. Security says:


        I Agree that sounded very Racist

      5. Ven says:

        We can only pryer for someone like you

  3. Mz Bunz says:

    Not everyone over north looted there are good people there that do need help …so instead of always trying to find the bad in everthing that goes on over north…like my mother said if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all…

    1. Oh Ok says:

      Is your mother the one who came up with the “Mz Bunz” moniker? Nice…..

      1. Mz Bunz says:

        No I came up with that name ….but im a north Minneapolis resident….I work and pay taxes and own my home… I would not touch anything that does not belong to me and my mother also taught me that,…but i would hope that in a time of need that people would get out and help me cause i would do the same for them….

        1. Oh Ok says:

          Congrats…you have morals. Do you want a prize or somethign for doing the right thing?

          1. Mz Bunz says:

            No I dont want a cookie I’m already blessed ….but there are other people over North with morals….every one that lives over north is not a bad person and everyone who lives in the surburbs are not all good…

    2. Security0207 says:

      And Mz Bunz your mom was Right.. But Some peopls just dont know..Their more worried about putting Color and the N side with Crime than anything else

  4. security0207 says:

    This just makes me sad. all you hear is Racist Comments !! Why does everything have to be about COLOR when it comes to N mpls?? I’m white and live in the suburbs but i work in N mpls and have for several yrs. and i know for a fact that their are so many hard working loving people that live and work here every day.. just like you or me !! So for you folks that think CRIME is only N mpls and no body works over here. your badly mistaken. you better wake up and smell the Coffee SHAME

    1. Mz Bunz says:

      I agree that are hard working people with (morals) that need some love and prayers now…and thats all it should be about right now…

  5. security says:

    AND for all of you that think crime and looters are only N side maybe you should check out some other police Departments like New Brighton, fridley, bloomingtom Coon Rapids anoka Ect ” and see what their Crime Rate is.. Bet its not perfect !!!!!!

    1. mpls says:

      Actually I grew up in Fridley. Never had a problem…

      My family moved from North to avoid the problem.

      And where in any of the comments does it mention anything to do with RACE.
      I love how people flip the race card when there wasn’t a mention of the color of peoples skin.

      And in response to the “how long until we hear of another shooting death in that area??”

      There was one already yesterday.

      In a time of crisis, as a home-owner, yes it is hard, but that is what home-owners insurance is for. Cleanup is inevitable – and people can help all day with that. But I would be instantly on the phone with my insurance company.

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