ST. CLOUD, Minn. (WCCO) — Three men were arrested Monday after police say they beat another man because he was gay.

The St. Cloud Police say Matthew Warren Thomas, 24, of Rogers; Chad Vincent Hands, 21, of Elk River and Ryan Andrew Frane, 23, of St. Cloud were arrested and transported to the Stearns County Jail. They are being held on possible charges of fourth-degree assault.

Police say the three men assaulted a 22-year-old man from St. Louis Park around 2:24 a.m. in the alley near 18 Fifth Ave. S. The victim told police the men were saying “inappropriate” things, which escalated into a fight.

The victim suffered cuts and bruises to his face and hands, according to police.

The three men are expected to be charged on Wednesday.

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  1. Sam I am says:

    Wow what a bunch of tough guys. Three on one.

    1. Ruth says:

      I hope they do enough to land themselves in hard, long term prison some day and they end up in a cell with someone who sees them as their Beyotch

      1. markH says:

        No offense Steph, but you can’t even write a coherent paragraph and you wish us to believe your account? I can’t even decide what you’re trying to say here. Peace.

      2. Aaron Firkus says:

        So three guys attacking one is the way one guy defends himself?! I really don’t believe the victim started it. They were throwing insults and slurs at the man, he didn’t start it. Are you Chad’s girlfriend? Sounds like it.

      3. Daniela Bonilla says:

        First off, im so drowsy, so i accidentally hit report. i really really do apologize. feel free to copy and save this message if need be. two, i really hope your right. Gay bashing is a really scary horrible thing to do. Also a very horrible thing to be accused of.

    2. Mel. says:

      It’d be good if the state of MN would lock up these guys for several years, just for this, to prove that you cannot keep doing these things to ‘alternative type’ people Everbody has the right to live and be who they are! And our vote to ban gay marriage? Who are these republican jokesters? Who voted them in? Back to the good ole DFL ASAP!

      1. bryce says:

        So, since you are “alternative” or live an alternative lifestyle you get more protection than me? these guys are idiots for assaulting another human being, gay or straight. you get special protection? Put everyone in jail for assaults, gay or straight victims!

        1. Josh says:

          If I had to guess, I’d say you are white, straight, and christian -not very likely to be a victim of a hate crime, not very likely to understand the deep psychological alienation that results. Correct me if I’m wrong, Bryce.

          1. bryce says:

            only gay guys feel scared after getting beat up outside a bar? only gay people are victims of assault? I’m atheist, gay, and latino. racist!

            1. Josh says:

              Well, first of all, I didn’t say that ONLY those people feel scared, but when you add in the psychological trauma of it being because of something you have no control over….then it’s far more intense of a crime.

              Second of all, if you’re going to lie to me about being gay, latino, and atheist (to show that I’m somehow racist), look at what you’ve already written first. You’d have been more convincing if you hadn’t already written “So, since you are “alternative” or live an alternative lifestyle you get more protection than me?”

              1. bryce says:

                @Josh: please, for the rest of us Minnesotans: please list “intensity” of crimes in order starting with simple assault. You get more protection from the law cause your gay? I am an atheist, latino, and not only gay but transgender you idiot! all gay people think alike? all gay people agree with you? who gets more protection? gay guys or blacks? bi-racial or transgender? we are ALL the same under the law!!!!! justice is supposed to be blind. these idiots should get a long time in prison and they should get the same long time in prison if they beat up a straight guy. you are special and everyone needs to treat josh special. he is more important.

                1. Josh says:

                  You’re not gay, and neither am I. I’m sorry that you have such a simple view of the world around you -fortunately, the law doesn’t. The law takes both motive and victim into consideration when sentencing criminals. That’s why there is a difference between 1st and 3rd degree murder…or sexual assault and sexual assault of a minor. Most atheists I know are better critical thinkers than you.

                2. bryce says:

                  @josh: what if I rob or burglarize a gay person? increased penalty for “hate robbery”? does hate crime only include race and sexuality?, will other hatreds be governed by the law? whats wrong with just increasing assault penalities for all? these guys are idiots for hurting another human being: gay or straight. You have a monopoly on atheist thought? critical thinking? all gays think the same and all atheists think the same according to this fascist! 🙂

                3. Josh says:

                  I don’t claim to have a monopoly on anything -I just know you’re not gay because of what you wrote in an earlier post. I don’t have a monopoly on critical thinking either: I just know a bad critical thinker when I see one (someone who deals only in absolutes. Also, someone who uses the term “facist” as a non-sequitur rather than in any particular context).

              2. bryce says:

                Everyone please line-uo and submit a writing samply for JOSH: he will tell you if your gay or not by what you write. He knows all and can label 100% correctly according to his preconceived notions and stereotypes. He also uses philosophy 101 to argue. non-sequiter:) here is some logic: victims are victims. Josh deserves (straight) the same protection from the law as I do (non-straight).

                1. Josh says:

                  That would be LOGIC 101, which is all it takes to argue with Bryce and win. Especially when he writes that he isn’t gay FIRST, and then -when it is convenient- changes his sexual identity and expects everyone to believe him.

                2. bryce says:

                  A con artist may defraud widows out of their life savings in
                  order to lead a life of luxury. An ideologue may assassinate a
                  political leader in order to dramatize his cause or to coerce
                  decision makers into changing national policy. Are these
                  criminals less morally reprehensible than a gay basher or a
                  black rioter who beats an Asian store owner? Of course not.

                  “[plerhaps all assaults, whether racial or not, involve motives
                  of humiliation and are thus evil to the same degree.'”

                  the class is called philosophy of logic 101 idiot. your outing me as straight (whatever) is called a “red herring” cause it has nothing to do with the argument and misleads the audience. you should work at the state fair and instead of guessing people weights you could tell them if they are straight or not. you know better than me. only wackos like you believe hegemonic thought in the gay/minority communities.

                3. bryce says:

                  JOSH: never once brought your sexuality into this discussion. YOu are committing a hate crime against me by voiding my argument based on your guesstimation of my sexualty. bigot!

                4. Josh says:

                  Here’s where you brought up my sexuality: “You get more protection from the law cause your gay?”

                  Seeing as how I have already won this argument, there is nothing further you can do but troll. You are a simple person, Bryce. You are concerned that I don’t believe in differences in opinion, but won’t let me have my own. I’m leaving this discussion, along with your insecure need to incite anger behind the enonymity of the internet. I’m glad you took Philosophy of Logic. Baybe next semester you’ll take just LOGIC. You know, the class grown-ups take.

                  Keep on trolling, maybe you’ll win someday. If not, you can just call them an idiot or a bigot. Doesn’t work as well as posing a valid point of view, but hey…

        2. Tim Rollins says:

          No one even mentioned “special protection.” And I agree that everyone should be put in jail for any assault. I think that you believe I, as a gay male, somehow receive more protection than you, correct? How do you figure? Please explain. There’s also the reason someone gets specifically picked on is “perceived” gayness, which I think happens with effeminate males. We’re not all stereotypically gay, guy.

    3. Dale Gribble says:

      We hold these truths to be self evident…

    4. Will Sawyer says:

      Please, educate your sons, if a gay kid hits on him at a college bar, it is OK to say, “Dude, Flattered, I’m straight, can’t wait to tell the guys. I always told them I was the cute one”. Teach them to laugh it off, teach them to be cool with who they are. Three men in St. Cloud, MN are walking to jail because their parents did not protect them.

    5. Robert says:

      Who’s DUMB? Unbelievable response from an obvious underachiever in the things that really matter like things we all should have learned in kindergarten. I think it’s very funny how you think you know a thing or two about politics. How is it that everyone should not be treated equal? And what exactly were you referring to in your last sentence? And frankly, even if I wasn’t a Democrat, I certainly wouldn’t align myself with the modern day Republican. Wow, I think I just came up with a new oxymoron using “modern day” and “Republican” in tandem.

    6. Will Sawyer says:

      I think that is what we are talking about. Thank you for making our point. Not everyone is created equal and sometimes the strong need to be reined in a bit, for thier own good. Since neither you nor I are personally know to each other, one might say neither of us is in a position judge whether the other is an under achiever. I have never understood where the venom in arguments like your comes from. Perhaps you could share.

    7. Mars Vandenbosch says:

      Must have been quite a powerful gay guy! LOL

  2. Tony says:

    Are you kidding me? Please don’t try and tie this to politics, it makes you look foolish.

    1. Jim says:

      One party openly favors discriminating against a minority group, that minority group then suffers an increase in violence against them, and Republicans can’t figure out why. Why am I not surprised?

      1. Mike says:

        I guess if Republicans are anti – gay.. lets through Dems as “Baby Killers”

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          This is not an abortion story. Try to stay on topic.

        2. Jim says:

          Mike, I guess you’re not paying attention. Republicans are, in fact, anti-gay. It’s a major part of the party’s platform. It’s not a stereotype, they’re trying to change the state Constitution right now, for crying out loud!

        3. What a Dope says:

          Gays born that way, Mike born dumb

    2. Brian says:

      Tony, history has shown us that when a minority community is openly discriminated against by community leaders, such discrimination becomes a launch board for further and more severe discrimination by wider society.

      Hate is hate and it must be stopped.

    3. markH says:

      Tony- In case you don’t watch or read anything news-related, let me enlighten you; Minnesota is trying to change the state Constitution to not recognize gay marriage as legal and on the national level our childish and hateful legislators are trying to keep gay people from telling anyone who they are. These are the non issues that our elected officials choose to spend their time (and our tax money) working on. If you meant to say that it has no place in politics you would be correct, but to say it isn’t a political issue is absurd. Peace.

  3. JamieinMN says:

    “trying to keep marriage safe for straight folks”??!?! How exactly is MY MARRIAGE, YOUR marriage, your mother’s marriage, etc. in jeopardy???

    1. sure thing says:

      Jamie, dear, I think that’s exactly Dale’s point. Take a deep breath, and re-read his comment as if Jon Stewart were delivering it.

      1. Jim says:

        Dale, sarcasm doesn’t come across very well on message boards, I’m afraid.

      2. JamieinMN says:

        Sorry :-/ I didn’t read that as a sarcastic comment. Jim is right, sometimes it’s hard to tell.

      3. JamieinMN says:

        That looks much better 😀

  4. idiots says:

    i wouldn’t say the great state of mn…we have a bunch of guys in office that would rather stay up all night worrying about the “gays” of mn (who pay taxes mind you) then worrying about the real problem they refuse to tackle. what a joke our “representatives” are.

    1. King says:

      The republicans don,t know how to run a government, they are just serving them selfs !

      1. Tyler says:

        It’s traditionalists whom favor traditional anti gay ideals.
        Let’s not blame it on republicans after all I’m a gay republican.

        1. Aaron Firkus says:

          Jesus Christ a gay republican, let’s not forget the republicans are the ones who are trying to ban equality. Though they will never make it happen. How can you be part of a group that hates who you are? I don’t get it.

          1. Eddie says:

            Well, I’m also a gay republican and honestly I’d have to agree with Tyler; Its traditionalists and generally uneducated individuals within the party that discriminate against us. And quite frankly as a gay kid in a small town in KY I can tell you that a good 90% of my schools population is “Democratic” and I they say terrible, terrible things. Its uneducated individuals that cause the viewpoints that the party commonly tends to share. The viewpoint is further fueled by society in general… Everyone hates gays basically, and although I seriosly have no idea why,,, what i can tell u is that its not just republicans, yeesh

  5. yep says:

    Can’t this be charged worse as a hate crime?

    1. Louis Freehdomfries says:

      No, but your vocabulary do.

    2. Henry Juhala says:

      Of course the can, and based on what evidence is indicated, should be charged as a hate crime.

    3. Joe says:

      In MN, violence motivated by sexual orientation is considered a hate crime.

    4. Johan David Baumeister says:

      Being as charges haven’t yet been filed, my guess is we’ll find out tomorrow for sure whether or not they intend to pursue a hate crime charge.

  6. MN Woman says:

    To the state senators and representatives who voted on last week’s bill— your actions at the Capitol may not have caused these three young men to commit this terrible crime, but you sure as hell aren’t helping.

    1. Henry Juhala says:

      I disagree. I firmly believe that the kind of animus and words that come out of the Capitol and out of the pulpits aimed specifically at bullying gays into submission to laws that deny gays their basic constitutional rights and dignity help breed the very kinds of attitudes that allow and encourage this kind of violence to take place. Those standing up and using a microphone to espouse animus against gays are no less immune to the responsibility for these kinds of actions than the 3 guys who were following what they were taught in the public forum of politics and religion.

  7. Trev says:

    Amanda, don’t blame the GOP for this deployable behavior. These 3 guys likely don’t even follow the GOP or the DFL. Back when the beating of Mattew Sheppard occurred, the DFL was NOT on board with gay rights. So, don’t be making this political. It’s inaccurate and an insult to gay republicans…

    1. Trev says:

      deplorable, even.

      1. William KKK says:

        punks – they been around since day 1. Punks
        They hide under momma’s skirt until they egt 2 together. Then they talk tough – but don’t act.\
        Get the #3 and then they grow junk and think they bad. 3 on 1 – tough dudes huh. lol

    2. Dale Gribble says:

      That’s right! Larry Craig is outraged by claims of that sort!

    3. Jeff says:

      gay republicans are an insult to gays. Stop hating yourself so much. How can you be a member of a political party that hates you? I feel bad for you Trev, I really do.

    4. stace34 says:

      They surely learned from the GOP that gays are nto real people who deserve the same rights and respect as others.

    5. Jenny says:

      No, gay Republicans are an insult to common sense and self-respect as the MN Republicans near universal vote to attack gays shows.

      Being a gay Republican is akin to being Jewish or black member of the KKK.

    6. Darren from Minneapolis says:

      Actually, the DFL has been supportive of Gay Rights since the late 70’s, and equality for the LGBT community became an official political position for them in 1991. Matthew Shepard was killed in 1998. That same year, several DFL House members introduced a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota (HF3773). It didn’t go anywhere because there was a legal question about the MN Supreme Court and the Baker v. Nelson decision in 1971. But I will say this – Democrats weren’t protesting outside of Matthew Shepard’s funeral. Democrats haven’t been comparing same-sex relationships with Pedophilia, Bestiality, and Necrophilia. We have hate crimes legislation and employment non-discrimination laws in this state and in this country because of Democrats. Republicans oppose them, and the US House of Representatives right now has legislation pending to repeal the sexual orientation and gender identity parts of the Employee Non-Discrimination Act. There is a continuing pattern of hate for LGBT people by the Republican Party, and it hasn’t gotten much better with time. So, yes, I feel there is some justification to blame the GOP for at least some of this negativity towards gay people.

      1. Joseph Totten says:


    7. Disgusted American says:

      Gay republicans ARE an insult to ALL LGBT people. …they are TRAITORS……..hey if they wanna be republicans ,fine…..but not with this BRAND of GOP……the Barry Goldwater type, sure…….this GOP today is Nothing but a RIGHT WING HAte Machine.

  8. MN nice says:

    “Me thinks he protests a bit to much”.One way to say “I’m Gay” is to beat up other gays … I love real gay people and hate these latent gays that just are not sure what to do with their tiny little units. Women don’t wanted I doubt gay people do either..throw them in jail. I’m sure there are some great love buddies in there!!

    1. AJ1 says:

      They must have felt that their masculinity was in danger somehow.

      1. Bill Jones says:

        There exists nothing weaker or more effeminate than the heterosexual male’s ego.

  9. Todd says:

    Don’t give them ideas, they will make beating gay people legal.

  10. The Grynch says:

    I’m sure their punishment will be more severe because it’s considered a “hate crime” but what happens if three gay dudes beat up a straight dude?

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      Yes, afterall, gay on straight crime is through the roof and we should consider THAT now…

      Oh wait. No it isn’t…

      1. The Grynch says:

        Yea well plane highjacking and genocide isn’t through the roof either so we should stop considering that right? I’m talking about the principal of the crime not wether or not the crime is becoming a huge problem.

        1. Good Ol Boy says:

          I think you mean the “principle” and I believe your intentions were to distract from the actual problem with a non-issue.

          1. wtdbuck says:

            typical repug comment there grynch. why to call it out good ol boy.

        2. Aussie Observor says:

          Name one incidence of three gay guys beating up a straight guy. Go on, name one. No seriously now, NAME ONE. God I hate idiots like yourself who just avoid the issue and try and make up ‘what if’ stories.

          You have the same education as everyone else I assume, why don’t you use it in a constructive manner rather than trolling on trivial points.

      2. bryce says:

        You are better than I and deserve more protection from the law simply cause your gay? I beat up a Packers fan every football season and should I get a harsher sentence for a Hate Crime? I simply beat him cuz he was a Packer fan.

        Assault laws are already in the books and we dont need extra punishment for hate crimes…..non-logical.

    2. Jim says:

      If the “gay dudes” are yelling slurs about how they’re beating up the “straight dude” because he’s straight, then that should be a hate crime as well. Obviously.

      1. The Grynch says:

        So yelling slurs while comitting an act of violence is what constitutes it as a hate crime? If I cheated on my wife and she hit me and called me a cheater at the same time should she be charged with a hate crime? or is that just domestic violence?

        1. Jim says:

          Yes, yelling slurs is evidence. If you beat someone up because of their race or sexual orientation, it’s considered a hate crime. The judge/jury has to decide what your intention was when you committed the crime, and if you’re yelling idiotic, hateful things about sexual orientation, that’s evidence of your motive.

          Would your wife be charged with a hate crime in your scenario? I assume you already know the answer, but I’ll play along. No, cheaters are not a group that needs or deserves society’s protection from hateful bigots, so your wife would not be charged with a hate crime in this case. She would, however, be guilty of marrying a moron who beats her up.

          1. The Grynch says:

            So because of my views on hate crimes you assume that I beat my wife???? You are trying to bring my personal life into the matter don’t you think that’s a little extreme Jim. Sorry if I pushed your buttons.
            I suppose you think all republicans hate gay people too. I suppose you also assume that I myself am a republican.
            I’m pretty sure everybody should be protected from violent hateful people, not just gay people.

            1. Jim says:

              Grynch, my only real opinion of you is that your reading comprehension is terrible. YOU brought up wife beating. LOL. I think that all Republicans support anti-gay policies, yes. If people don’t want to support anti-gay policies, don’t vote for Republicans. I don’t think you’re a Republican. I have absolutely no idea what you are, nor do I care. I also think all people should be protected from hateful, violent people.

              1. The Grynch says:

                “She would, however, be guilty of marrying a moron who beats her up”. Pretty sure that was you that said that. When did I bring up wife beating????

                1. Jim says:

                  The Grynch, 3:51 pm: “When did I bring up wife beating????”

                  The Grynch, 2:32 pm: “If I cheated on my wife and she hit me and called me a cheater at the same time should she be charged with a hate crime?”

                  I get that you don’t have good reading comprehension, but how do you not comprehend what YOU WROTE?

              2. The Grynch says:

                I’m pretty sure my wife hitting me would be husband beating not wife beating. Check your own reading comprehensions skills before you bash on mine.

                1. Jim says:

                  Ah, we’re parsing syntax now. Good point. LOL. Let’s just call it domestic violence and agree that beating up people is wrong and leave it at that.

          2. trueenough says:

            I wish these comments had a “Like” button!

        2. oops! says:

          she should be given a medal since your sorry ass got caught.

      2. Good Ol Boy says:

        Why even bring that up if it isn’t happening, Jim?

        1. Jim says:

          Good Ol Boy: “Why even bring that up if it isn’t happening, Jim?”

          The Grynch, 30 minutes earlier: “If I cheated on my wife and she hit me and called me a cheater at the same time should she be charged with a hate crime? or is that just domestic violence?”

          1. Good Ol Boy says:

            Comment was posted out-of-order. Sorry for the confusion. I was responding to something else.

            1. v says:

              Why don’t you guys just pick up your phones and talk to each other instead of comment/post chatting? Unbelievable.

    3. James says:

      Well, Grynch, most of us would rather leave straight dudes alone, but if this were the same, and roles were reversed, it would be a hate crime too. Not very likely to happen but sexual orientation applies equally to everyone.

      1. Henry Juhala says:

        It might be a hate crime in the way it was carried out. But, it would not meet the classification of a hate crime as stipulated in the hate crimes laws because being straight and in the majority are not a protected classification of people when it comes to hate crimes. The funds and resources are set aside specifically to be used in investigating crimes where they are often otherwise purposely overlooked and neglected because they were perpetrated because of animus that is aimed at a minority class of people.

        Crimes against gays were typically given the lowest priority in law enforcement because of specific animus against gays in society and in those departments. Including them in hate crimes legisllation was specficially designed to help counteract the lack of follow-through and lack of resources that were typically not allocated adequately in the investigation of crimes against gays and the lack or penalties that adequately matched the nature of the crimes. Because of this it was very typical for crimes against gays to not even get investigated when the same crime against straights would have top priority in investigation and follow-through.

        Hate crimes laws by their nature are meant to bring back an appropriate balance of treating crimes against gays and other minorities to that of being fair and just. They were desiged to help bring the investigation process and the penalty process back up to par with the same crimes that were committed against the majority class of people.

        Since straights as a class of people have little history to show that they are targeted for violence by gays, there is no reason to include singular crimes against them in the same category of hate crimes. As a class of people straights are not typically targeted for crimes by gay people because of animus that gays have against straights. There just is not sufficient evidence that crimes against straights perpetrated by gays because of animus is a major problem in society today.

        But, there is plenty of evidence there is a rising degree of crimes against gays targeted specifically because of animus that straights have against them. The whole purpose of hate crimes is to help stem the time of those crimes. When and if crimes by gays against striaghts becomes a major problem you are welcome to petition your legilstors to get straights included in the hate crimes bill. But at the moment it is not a problem.

    4. Joe says:

      If a crime is motivated by sexual orientation, it is considered a hate crime regardless of which sexual orientation it is. Mind you, purely having a one beat up the other who is of a difference orientation is not in of itself a hate crime. (A gay guy and a straight guy fighting isn’t necessarily by itself a hate crime, for instance, if it’s a brawl based on something else.) But if there is evidence that it was motivated because it (searching out gay bars or neighborhoods or calling similar epithets), especially if they otherwise do not know each other, that would definitely be indication of a hate crime based on sexual orientation. And it definitely sounds like that is the case here.

    5. dysperdis says:

      Assuming it could be shown that the 3 gay guys attacked the straight guy because of his orientation? Then yeah, any hate crime statute regarding sexual orientation/identity would be applicable– which explains why the FBI’s record of hate crimes from 2009 includes 21 anti-straight incidents (compared to over 1000 anti-gay incidents in the same year).

  11. st paul says:

    Yeah I think that at least 1 of these guys must be gay himself.

    And AMANDA -I am a gay republican… so there ya go.

    1. Will Sawyer says:

      If I am honest without being offensive, I must say, I don’t understand gay GOP members. It seems questionable.

  12. st paul says:

    Yeah I bet at least 1 of these guys is gay himself… like the one on the far right.

    AMANDA – I am a gay republican so there ya go.

  13. Tom says:

    I say instead of a trial they drive them to the Gay 90’s escort them inside and let the gay men have their way these three men for about oooooooooo a few hours. That is just punishment! But yet on the other hand if their is prison time they well get a VERY WARM welcome from the inmates LOL

    1. Brian says:

      Tom, you assume any gay man would even want to touch these guys.

      Gay men don’t think every other man is attractive simply because they are men. We do have standards…

      1. James says:

        Thank you Brian. Well said.

        1. trueenough says:

          Plus, the ’90s is about the last place you’re going to find a gay guy in the Cities these days. Now, if you want these guys mauled by seven or eight bachelorette parties…

      2. Tom says:


        I apologize if I offended you! I was thinking of a just punishment for these 3.

        1. Will Sawyer says:

          I’ll bite Tom…….there could be room in my basement…

  14. Jim says:

    Pedophilia is a crime, being gay is not. Please tell me you’re not actually this clueless. You should join us here in the year 2011, it’s very nice.

  15. Nathan says:

    Stella, I hope to God none of your gay grandchildren come out to you. You don’t deserve their trust.

  16. The Trend says:

    We have the republican house speaker and his “reverend” Bradlee Dean (a closet case if ever there was one ala Haggard, and Rekers) to thank for this. Who will the GOP invite to pray next? Fred Phelps?

  17. Tom says:

    stay in the closet ? That’s not healthy!! Why would you say that?

    1. Kim says:

      Not that they should stay in the closet, just don’t let Stella know who they really are and that they are out of the closet. Cripes, I wouldn’t introduce my goldfish to someone like them. Of course, that would assume I actually spent time with a toxic relative.

  18. Bruce says:

    Hate is hate, no matter what party it’s coming from. Wheither it’s ultraconservative Republicans bringing in hate mongering preachers to pray on the Legislature, or flaming liberal Democrats who mock all who oppose their programs, it’s wrong. And if you want to go around beating up those who are different from you, eventually you will windup coming to blows witht he entire world.

  19. American Patriot says:

    The GOP plan is working. Their ignorant base is feeling empowered to act against those that they view as sinful and inmoral. Words have consequences

  20. Joseph says:

    Nathan and Tom, I reported Stella. Haha. Comments like hers have no place in a serious debate. It is pure hate, nothing else.

  21. Bobby says:

    Does anyone think these idiots are a part of the GOP? They don’t look all that political to me. Why is everyone making this into a political arguement. Some morons beat up a gay guy…they are just stupid hicks…not card carrying members of the GOP for cripes sakes.

    Throw these idiot in jail and lose the key.

    1. Mike says:


      Are you kidding? I work with a bunch of hicks they love their guns, God and detest minorities and gays. They all vote Republican.

    2. Will Sawyer says:

      As a gay man I see nothing wrong with a gay man hitting on a straight man. How are we supposed to know who is gay and who is straight. It is not like you can tell 100% of the time who is attracted to who, So if you get asked out by a guy and he flirts a little, who the hell cares. No one was hurt. If your not gay, you got a great story. As a dad to a straight kid. I can teach him not to hit girls and I can teach him not to hit people who are different, gay guys are different from straight in guys in only one way, plumbing preference. Nothing else. In fact one could say it takes more of a man to be gay than it does to be straight, Seriously think about, Gay guys are tough!

  22. Brian says:

    Stella, your comment appears to have been taken down (which is good).

    However, it continues to scare me that there are people who still hold your viewpoint. Statistics show that most adults who molest children identify as straight and are men in positions of power (fathers, care givers, clergy, etc.) who have easy and trusted access to children. In fact, many are married and take advantage of the fact that, by being straight and in a “traditional marriage,” they raise no red flags to those around them.

    I know it may be difficult to throw-out the outdated and blatantly wrong stereotypes of the past, but you really need to separate these two completely disparate groups from each other in your mind. They are not the same thing and thinking they are is giving you, perhaps, a false sense of security about one group and an unnecessary feeling of insecurity about another.

  23. Marco says:

    wow, apparently Chad Hands of Elk River posted on his facebook (public) on March 10th, that today I start a new chapter in his life. Two months later he stands accused of assaulting a gay man. I wonder if this was the new chapter in his life that he was speaking of????

  24. No Name says:

    Stella’s comments were definatelly hateful, her attitude is the reason people don’t come out of the closet. Good thing they were taken off.

  25. Jesse V says:

    Why do we need to change the MN Constitution for special interest groups. No matter who you are. Remember, our country’s civil rights are based on a act, not a constitutional ammendment. If the US is not willing to ammend the constitution over civil rights, why must the state for gay issues. You should know and understand your history Tea Baggers.

  26. Jesse V says:

    Why do we need to change the MN Constitution for special interest groups. No matter who you are. Remember, our country’s civil rights are based on a act, not a constitutional ammendment. If the US is not willing to ammend the constitution over civil rights, why must the state for gay issues. You should know and understand your history Tea Baggers.

    1. Joe says:

      The 14th amendment is the constitution. “No State shall… deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Equal protection is in the CONSTITUTION, not just a law.

  27. Joe says:

    When our government says it’s okay to treat people as less than equal, people will use that as license to treat them as less than human.

  28. godluvsall says:

    People who hate gays are likely closet gays themselves.

    1. God has rules says:


  29. Victim Du Jour says:

    At least the kid didn’t get beat up by people with brass knuckles.

    A St cloud University Student admitted to police she slashed her own face when someone turned in security footage of her putting up anti-gay posters in a laundry by the campus.

  30. Common Cents says:

    I hope the victim makes a full recovery.

  31. PJ says:

    These are classic pathetic bullies who beat on others as the only way to feel good about themselves. They are obviously cowards at heart and were probably abused themselves. Gays are a favorite target of such sickos. Unfortunately, the penalties here will not prevent them from going on to even worse things.

  32. blahblah says:

    Weird who would of thought this was a crime even, Thankfully for this guy they were white, brothers would beat or shot him 2 death.

  33. Brenda Bartyzal says:

    All I want to say is unbelievable!! I have raised my kids to treat others with respect and dignity — and in no way, shape or form will they degrade another person regardless of culture, color, religion, political beliefs, sexual gender preference or any other difference from them. It is not up to them to pass judgment on someone for being different from them and they will remember that there is nobody that is better than them and they are not better than anyone else. If it sounds conceited, take it how you wish. I don’t condone racism and I don’t condone the gay bashing I am not proud of the way our society responds to differences between cultures. When it comes to hate crimes I don’t care if you are pink, purple, green, brown, white, black, or polka dot — you commit them, you can pay the price for them. The state has sentencing guidelines when it comes to the War on Drugs — let’s go Minnesota, start cracking down on these hate crimes and get your mandatory sentencing in place. You failed with your War on Drugs policy as it only targeted one group of people, make amends for your errors and do something right for a change.

    1. @bren says:

      Glad to know a deadbeat father with 5 kids he doesnt support is an equal to your son. What a foolish comment not every1 is the same

  34. markH says:

    I wonder which church they attend?

  35. InnocentUntilProvenGuilty says:

    It’s very upsetting to see everyone already wishing these guys off to prison when you don’t know the whole story. How do you know that every one of these guys ever laid a hand on the victim? How do you know the victim didn’t start the fight? Do you know if the victim is even pressing charges?
    I completely agree with most of you that hate crimes are a terrible thing and that everyone should be treated equal regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation but please do not judge and convict until you know the facts.
    How many stories have you heard of innocent people being sent to prison and released years later after new evidence is found? You CANNOT be guilty until you are PROVEN guilty.

    1. Good Ol Boy says:

      You’re suggesting the victim started the fight with 3 guys but the 3 guys might not have ever touched him?


  36. Tim Martin says:

    For heaven’s sake, don’t drop them off at a gay bar, or porn shop, or “toy” store… they might have a good time, when what they deserve is some sort of punishment they’ll remember and maybe, if doubtfully, learn from.

  37. Typical Republican says:

    Who cares. Jesus says that being gay is a sin, so I would call these three gentlemen crusaders for Christ. Silly liberals….always trying to take away people’s freedom to beat up gay people.

    1. rapier_wit says:

      When did Jesus say that??? I thought it was god that said that, and who cares what god said… if god didn’t want people to be gay god wouldn’t have made them that way…

  38. Activist2u says:

    Ok several things have to b

  39. Victim Du Jour says:

    Why does this deserve more attention from the media than other cases of assault?

    Gays are not the only victims of violence From alcohol at bars and nightclubs.

  40. Timmy T says:

    Let some try to do that with me I would give them what for. my thoughts go out to the person that is HURT GAY POWER PEOPLE

  41. Jason in NYC says:

    Those of you who say that this is NOT a direct result of recent legislation are very mistaken. When you state or legislate on ANY level that someone is not equal, less than or morally deficient and you stand on a religious or social platform to do so then you DIRECTLY effect the mindset and therefor create an excuse for others to do the same. I am quite sure that these young men do not actively follow the political climate in MN and probably have never even voted in their life but the lowest common denominator in any community does hear such issues as they play out and it does effect their behavior and mindset. Trash is always looking for an excuse to base hate and perpetuate violence. Just add alcohol. Shame on these men AND on the state of MN. Get ready for many more of these stories to come out of MN folks. Tisk Tisk Tisk!

  42. Disgusted American says:

    This is ONLY the beginning MN…see what the GOP has Unleashed… they think its OPEN Season on LGBT people & thier families…and its still 16 months away from election……the GOP have unleashed Bile and Hatred.

  43. Big Mouth says:

    who wants a hummer?

  44. markH says:

    Which church do they attend?

  45. Bill Jones says:

    What a fine, fine example of that wonderful heterosexual morality so many of you have been clamoring for your gay children to follow.

    Morality indeed, folks.

    Morality. Indeed.

  46. Disgusted says:

    These monsters should absolutely be charged with hate crimes and rot in jail. What makes sickos like these want to hurt gay people?

    What’s disgusting is that three straight men can target and beat a gay man – and then claim that the gay man made sexual advances, which is supposed to justify their assault. So not only have they robbed the gay victim of his sense of security, and inflicted physical pain on him, but they have also called into question his integrity. This is full-stop disgusting and these creeps should go to jail.

  47. markH says:

    You gotta love those Ten Commandments-god had room for honoring one day a week to sing his praises, admonish people for coveting his neighbor’s property, and prohibit the manufacture of graven images-but he was conspicuously silent on beating fellow human beings for being themselves.

  48. UncJ says:

    Wow…. Talk about “hate”….. Whatever happened to the America that I’m so proud of, the one I went to war for and risked my life???? In that America we held people innocent until a court of law proved them guilty.

    Maybe we should see how the legal system works and we let some of the false stories settle down. In the mean time people, do something constructive for yourself, your family or volunteer for the less fortunate.

  49. jeff says:

    the only reason the repubes are pushing their social agenda is because that is the only thing they can get done. in the end when it is time for elections they can say, “we tried to keep rights away from the people you despise. we tried to make it so we can have an advantage in future elections. we passed legislation on abortion……my goodness….we were soo sooo busy working for you to make this state a christian utopia. please vote for us again!”…….then minnesotans will ask, “well what did you do about the defecit? and what did you do about taxes? what legislation did you pass to make us fiscally responsible? that’s when they chime in, “it’s all daytons fault”………..

  50. jeff says:

    yeah but in response to this article and hate crimes; is there a difference between a person that simply goes out and robs someone and beats the heck out of the guy just to get his wallet v.s. a guy that goes out specifically to find a gay guy, because he hates gays (for whatever reason) and beat the lheck out of him and as a secondary motive take his money? for me their is a big difference. the result is the same…..both people get robbed and beat but the motivation behind these acts are very different. that difference is what makes it a hate crime. motivations are everything in court. it can be the difference behind manslaughter and the death penalty. so don’t you dare sit their and say we are more protected as gay people.