By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV 

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As the clean-up continues, we’re learning more about Sunday’s tornado that tore through North Minneapolis, resulting in two deaths.

The National Weather Service said Tuesday the tornado was either a strong EF-1. That means winds were in excess of 100 miles an hour.

A map of the twister’s path shows it started at Interstate 394 and Highway 100 in St. Louis Park. From there, it crossed over the freeway and toward Theodore Wirth Park, and after that it hit north Minneapolis.

It hit Lowry and Logan Avenues, then moved on to 42nd and Lyndale Avenues. But the tornado wasn’t finished as it headed north, jumping across the Mississippi River and into Anoka County.

Residents of north Minneapolis have seen the bent signs, the downed trees and power lines. But for the first time since Sunday’s tornad, some north siders got their first look at the damage left behind on Tuesday.

“I feel like I am in a movie you know and I just happen to be in it,” said resident Kris McCarthy.

For many who ventured back into their neighborhoods for the first time since Sunday’s tornado, the reality of what happened is starting to soak in.

John and Kris McCarthy just moved their last load from Crystal into their dream home in north Minneapolis. Just in time for a tornado to rip the roof right off of it. They watched as city employees walked door to door, evaluating each home to see if they are structurally sound.

If it’s deemed unfit to live in, an orange sticker is placed on the house. That sticker now sits on their dream home..but they said it’s too special for them to let it go.

“You should see the inside of the house, it’s beautiful. They’re not making vintage homes anymore,” John McCarthy said.

The refinshed wood floors and fancy chandelier remain. The windows are gone, and shards of glass now cover the walls.

The downstairs of the house didn’t suffer too much damage. But upstairs, there’s a ceiling but no roof, nothing but sky up above. The McCarthy’s said they are fortunate.

“We got a place until Friday and then we are working on something for beyond that,” John McCarthy said.

The couple said they plan to regroup and then get back to work at restoring their dream home.

City officials said if an orange sticker is on your house, don’t go in because it’s too dangerous. No one in this area has lights, gas, or water, and they are not alone. There is an entirely different section of north Minneapolis where people have not been allowed back into their homes yet.

The city said it hopes to get streets cleared there to allow them a look at what’s left on Wednesday.

Comments (10)
  1. jeff says:

    A dream home in North Minneapolis.

    Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    1. ThinksJeff Don't know whathe is talking about says:

      Jeff, have you ever been to North ? Or are you just one of those people that talk about things of which they know NOTHING.

      There may be crime over North but there are plenty of nice houses even after the tornado. Maybe you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and only a house on Lake Minnetonka would be suitable for such a WELL OFF person like yourself.

    2. P.Hall says:

      That house was worked on for over a year to get it just perfect that is my house. When you say things like that I know that you think you are talking about trash. But that house was beautiful and so are many houses in North Minneapolis.

  2. N. Mpls resident says:

    Jeff — YOU are a moron! this is a lovely area to call home. You are grossly misinformed!

    1. Near N. Mpls Resident says:

      36th penn beautiful,or how about 28th logan. Whats with all the plywood over all the windows , must be energy efficient. Maybe they knew a tornado was on its way in a few years. Reality, try it sometime.

  3. Bobby reddog says:

    Did anybody see how the blue collar neighborhoods of fridley were working together ? Immm just saying ….

  4. Hope says:

    So you think that you know everything about the northside? Well my friend you are either in for a treat or shock… most of the northside residents in minneapolis have lives other then crime… we work, we celebrate our communities, we help each other like everybody else.. the difference between you and us is we can see and smell the bs that is constantly spread over neighbors as a whole… i supposse that only isolated incidents happen elsewhere? What a joke!!! Do us all a favor and stay whereever you are because you are so small minded that you may get lost in the shuffle of people with things to do besides watch tv and draw unsupported and uneducated conclusions…

  5. NorthLove says:

    Thanks Hope, for stating the obvious for people who live on the North side. We have lived there for 2 years in a fantastically beautiful 100 year old house. Everyone on our block works to keep our houses beautiful, and of course we work together to make our neighborhood better. People like the above morons just like to generalize because its easier to do than to face reality- that life isn’t perfect and just because not everyone lives the same doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t happy. I don’t need to pretend that I feel better about my life because I’m surrounded by people like me. I love the fact that my neighbors are completely different than I am- it’s a breath of fresh air and a breath of REALITY! I’d rather live in a world where people are different and appreciate it than live in a world where everyone is the same and judges people for it.

  6. Marnee says:

    I moved into North (four blocks from the edge of the tornado) 5 years ago. I love the neighborhood and the people. So much better than Roseville (which we call Whiteville) where I grew up, where my son was bullied to the point we pulled him out of school and then payed (highly) for an online school. When a friend got stuck in our alley late on a night when it was below zero, I had two neighbors out helping push him out in less than a minute. North Minneapolis has a higher crime rate, but MOST people are NOT criminals. I feel terrible for my neighbors and this neighborhood. Unfortunately, I’m out of state right now, but will be volunteering as soon as I get back. FYI, so many homes are boarded up due to home owners being the victims of two really high profile mortgage scams (investigated and being prosecuted by the federal government). Home owners lost their homes, the homes were boarded up, and in many cases, the renters were thrown out on their keesters with NO NOTICE.

  7. Heart of North Minneapolis Resident says:

    Why is that just minutes after the tornado almost all of our neighbors were out trying to help each other out? Or that when we needed help to clean up that the neighborhood relied on each other. North Minneapolis may not be perfect but bad things happen everywhere, there are just bad people sometimes. But overall the community sticks together and helps each other out.

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