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  1. Jim says:

    Right after every Democratic Senator and Representative!

    1. Albatross says:

      I agree: every Democrat who voted FOR the anti-gay-marriage amendment, the voter ID act, and against a woman’s right to choose ought to be voted out of office. Looking at you, Dittrich and Koenen.

      1. deb says:

        Wow – who made you GOD

  2. Jsmp pease says:

    The lockstep republicans do not vote their mind for fear of retribution. They won,t
    negotiate it,s always “my way or the highway”

    1. Albatross says:

      The courageous Republicans who voted against the gay marriage amendment, Kelly, Kriesel, Murry and Smith, need to be recognized and supported even by Democrats.

      1. Human Rights are America says:

        Second this!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Recovering Democrat says:

    Look at the facts: GOP added $3 billion more to the budget from last year (while cutting waste and duplication from current government spending). Dayton had their budget, commissioners and he didn’t participate in negotiations. Neither Dayton nor DFL leg. offered a complete balanced budget to counter. Blame the Governor!

    1. Accurate One says:

      This posting is uninformed and based on invented facts.

    2. Fed Up! says:

      He couldn’t do his job in Washington – he doesn’t know how to do it in St. Paul either!
      It doesn’t matter whether it’s Republican or Democratic budget – it is Dayton’s job to be a leader and get a compromise done – he is the ONLY one who can call a special session and get discussion and resolve. He refuses to do so until he gets his way. Totally irresponsible- he would rather throw thousands out of work and lose Millions of state revenue- shut down the state until he gets his way. He is showing TOTAL disregard for the citizens of MN. He refuses to even do a “lights on bill”!!!!
      He has a balanced budget and just wants to spend more! Who is going to pay for it? His bright idea- easy just tax the rich. We already have some of the highest taxes in the country– so now he wants to drive the rich to South Dakota, Florida and other states that have little or now taxes. (P.S. they have really good tax advisors and will just move all their assets,companies and residencies to lower tax states-duh!) Then who is Dayton going to tax? Born with a silver spoon, he lives in theory – not the real world!

  4. Linda says:

    I am so disgusted with state and federal politics. Unless the Democrats and Republicans start to work together to come to a solution that will actually help the common ordinary American citizen nothing good is going to happen. They just keep voting what the Party wants and screw everyone else.
    What should happen in a special session, is every day it goes , the representatives should have to pay a penalty for not getting the job done. Like when roads projects don’t finish on time.. They should be paying the state back, not getting paid extra money.

  5. Richard Prince says:

    “Budget! Budget! Do the right thing and serve the citizens of Minnesota!” You can say it but then the Republicans turn to the scare and fear issues – the emotional fear issues: gay marriage, arming citizens and making them into a paranoid militia, immigration, voter ID and use all their demagoguery and hyperbolic language to divert attention away from their sworn duties in office. Fear is no way to live life and it certainly is a horrible way to govern.

  6. shar says:

    GOP I was elected to balance the budget and reign in spending . We do not want to increase Minnesota taxes. it is necessary to stop fraud and porkbelly spending.

    1. Birdie says:

      The way to do that is have CLEAN bills. ONE ISSUE only, so PORK CAN NOT BE ADDED!

  7. Linda says:

    I am so sick and tired of State and Federal politics. Why is there no one fighting for the ordinary American citizen? Unless the Democrats and Republicans start working together for the people and not the policies of each individual pary platform, nothing is going to get done. Also, when the special session starts, the legislators should not be paid for not getting there job done in time. They should be accessed a penalty for each and every day that a special session goes. They should not be rewarded for not getting there job done in time.

  8. Disgusted Moderate says:

    Republicans are more interested in proving their ideology to the Republican right leadership than in serving the people of Minnesota. They don’t seem to know how to negotiate and would prefer to offer Minnesotans “red herrings” like gay marriage, voter ids (in spite of the extremely low incidence of voter fraud) and armed home owners. Unfortunately, the scare tactics seems to work for them at election time and now look what we’ve got.

  9. Charlie says:

    We expect compromise when you are dealing with 2 parties. Republicans are way off base. I am sure they will get an earfull when they make their little trip around the state. I for one will do what I can to make sure my Senator and Representative do not get elected again.

  10. Krusty says:

    Boo-hoo! Who cares if the richest 2% get a small tax increase? Do you think those 2% give a rats-butt about the other 98%. No way!

    Republicans would eat their own children if it meant an additional .05% in their savings account.

  11. Trudy says:

    Governor Dayton is a buffoon. Impeach him already!!!

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      Yeah, Trudy, let’s defeat him because consider him a buffoon. Geez, it’s saddens me that you actually have a right to vote.

  12. bgens says:

    It is not necessary to have a pot of gold to accomplish a goal.

  13. gophermom says:

    No New Taxes is a sham. Cuts to local governments will require huge increases in property taxes to pay for federally mandated education programs (special ed, and NCLB to name 2). How is this considered to be “No New Taxes”??

  14. HJ says:

    Would like an option to vote for Republican freshmen rather than the leadership.

    1. Bernadine Rotramel says:

      I agree, they have blinders on with one issue in mind and don’t want to work together. It is THEIR WAY or the SHUTDOWN HIGHWAY!!!!

  15. Frank Rose says:

    If the republicans claim a mandate to cut spending, how do they explain the election of Govenor Daton when he campaigned on increasing taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans????

  16. Leo Bulger says:

    98% of Minnesotans will not be taxed under Gov. Dayton’s plan. This tells us that the Republicans are keeping their promise of no new taxes to 2% of Minnesotans, the wealthiest in our state. Are we surprised that the Republicans are not willing to budge? We should get smart and realize the hoax they are playing on us.

  17. Nancy says:

    Mandate Schmandate. I get so tired of the GOP thinking they have a mandate every time they win leadership. Dubya felt the same way after his second “election.” Let’s hear it for compromise. That’s what we want. C-o-m-p-r-o-m-i-s-e!

  18. Paul Nevin says:

    Ok…I’m normally a conservative but why do so many people think that a tax increase that will only affect the top 2% and not the 98% rest of us…means all of our taxes are going up. Even if a small business doesn’t file as a corporation, this only affects actual PROFITS over $250,000…..sort of seems like the gun control debate over Uzi’s

  19. Walt says:

    I have voted Republican many times. The people of the State of Mn voted for Dayton and his plans. Let’s let Dayton’s plan perform and see what happens. I have been in business for over 30 years and I feel his plan has some merit. If people do not like his plans we can vote the next govenor in as a Republican. The current Republican leadership is acting like a spoiled child who hasn’t gotten his own way.

  20. Bernadine Rotramel says:

    I Blame Tim Pawlenty and the Reupblicans for shifting funds around and putting an additional 3 billion debt onto our state. Now Pawlenty thinks he can do the job of president. HECK NO!!!!!!! The problem will not be fixed unless revenues are increased as well as spending cuts. WAKE up and get the job done. FOR EVERY DAY the state DOES NOT HAVE A BUDGET, $$$$$$$ should be taken away from our representatives in both the house and the senate. Stop putting HOT BUTTON issues into bills. MAKE ALL BILLS CLEAN BILLS with only ONE ISSUE. VOTE yes or no and move on.

  21. Albatross says:

    What did the anti-gay-marriage amendment and the Voter ID bills do to advance budget negotiations? Nothing, they wasted taxpayer-funded time. What did those bills do to create jobs for Minnesotans? Again nothing. Who sponsored those amendments? Ah, yes, Republicans. I think we have the answer here.

    1. Birdie says:

      Correct!!! Isn’t it funny the very party that wants government out of regulating is the very party that wants to get involved with personal issues. As a moderate I am fed up with their smoke screens that take the focus away from the real issues. Lets take away our elected officials health care, perdiems, and benefits and PINK SLIP them, deregulate their jobs just to name a few CUTS FOR THEM..

  22. LuAnn Vogt says:

    Repubicans need to get off thier high horses and get to shoveling thhe manure out of the barn, clean up their act. They have been to busy avoiding the budget with other issues. Gov. Dayton inherited the budget, as Pawlenty left us in dire straights! Pawlenty never balanced the budget while in office, and now people want to blame someone for the inheritance of his and the Ruplicans continued failure at budgeting. I sure hope the Republicans don’t have the same issues in their own lives, no balanced budget.

  23. Marc Hugunin says:

    Minnesota has a lot of problems. Taxes are too high! Sure they are. But why should we solve just that one problem (benefiting whom?) if it means ignoring every other problem (which it does). Who are they to elevate that one problem above all others. It’s not right.

  24. Psul Raleigh says:

    Every menber of the legrslatore should resine. We need people who can wrok
    toghter and fix the problemes.

  25. Jim says:

    As a Republican – I am really disgusted by what they did this session. How about letting the majority decide if they want to raise taxes on the wealthiest 2%. If it’s good for marriage – it outa be good for taxes.

  26. annette gagliardi says:

    I think that the legislators should be docked pay for each day they go over the deadline. After all they have failed to make adequate yearly progress. Let us put them on the AYP list, cut their funding and restructure the legislature.

  27. Walter says:

    Republicans and Democrats are both involved in the waste and fraud of government. The only difference is the Democrats want to get rid of the fraud and keep the waste. The Republicans want to get rid of the waste and keep the fraud. Neither giving a little money to a lot of people who don’t deserve it nor giving a lot of money to a few people who don’t need it is a good idea. We need to cut out both waste and fraud. But then who would ante up to pay the wealthy for the amount of TV time it takes to get elected? A democracy gets the kind of politicians and teen agers it deserves.

  28. Faithcatskinners says:

    I agree, there should have been an option for the freshman Repubs as being responsible. And this voter ID thing, what does photo ID prove? I lived in Canada for 20 years with a photo ID driver’s license and that didn’t make me a citizen and eligible to vote!

    Any small business owner that has over $250,000 in PROFITS should pay more taxes. If he doesn’t want to, he can always invest in equipment or hire someone and get his profits down under that magic number.

  29. John says:

    I can see why this poll has the results it does, a real objective bunch most of you are. I think I will stay with Fox where I can get a fair and ballanced point of view.

    1. Birdie says:

      Fox (FAIR AND BALANCED???) FOX is not news, it is OPINION!

  30. Dustie says:

    Tell me that this legislative session is a bad dream and I will wake up. If it wasn’t so very sad, I would say it is a joke. Minnesotans are better than this. Trying to legislate discrimination against gays and why do we need to spend money on Voter IDs (what voter fraud has there been?). Governor Dayton has been more than available to work on a compromise. Now the taxpayers need to pay for a Special legislative session and possible face a state government shutdown. Does Minnesota have a right to recalls like Wisconsin or do we have to suffer through more of this awful nonsense until next year?

    1. Birdie says:

      Not to mention that it will cost around 250 MILLION DOLLARS of tax payer money if Minnesota goes into a shutdown. WAKE UP GOP, Minnesota CAN’T balance our budget by deferring bills until the next election like Pawlenty did, or by just cutting spending, YOU HAVE TO ALSO HAVE AN INCREASE IN REVENUES. The middle and lower class have been squeezed, the is no more JUICE $$$$$$ to get from them. The TAX BREAKS GIVEN to the top 1percent DID NOT CREATE JOBS. Take your blinders off and see.

  31. Sazai says:

    We are in a fiscal mess left from (8) years of incompetancy. The Governor has met the legislature half way. It’s time for some compromise from the other side.

  32. Dave k says:

    It seems to me the legislature finished the budget on time for the governor to sign, HE made the choice to veto it……plain and simple Governor ‘buy my election’ Dayton has got to get a clue…..

    1. Dustie says:

      Thank you Governor Dayton for being a responsible ELECTED official. There are many of those around these days – responsible, that is. Keep up the good work and don’t let the name callers get you down – they are in the minority.

  33. Mark says:

    If you live in Minnesota and make $10,000 a year you pay 12% in Minnesota income tax. If you make over $500,000 per year you pay between 7 and 8% Minnesota income tax.
    When will Republicans figure out that cutting spending on services for the poor, shifting the tax burdon to local gevernments and slashing revenue by giving tax breaks to the rich won’t balance the budget? It hasn’t worked the last 3 years and it won’t work now. It should be obvious that you can’t increase income by reducing revenue.
    You can increase revenue by having those blessed with more pay taxes at a rate equal to the the tax rate of the working poor.

  34. Francis Panula says:

    The elections lately have been 50/50. The conservatives want to quit giving everybody a free ride just because they think they’re having a hard time.The liberals want to give everything to people who don’t do much to help themselves. Passing children in school that shouldn’t be passed, giving awards to everyone in a school program just so they feel good does not give anyone the inspiration to succeed! there needs to be a Third Party that does not play the politics! Make people responsible again. We always blame the politicians, but guess what?, we vote them in! Get involved.

  35. Dean says:

    I would like the survey more if it said, “Whom do you blame?”

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