By Jason DeRusha

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

I’m an animal lover, but I hate geese. When I ride my bike in Maple Grove, I sometimes feel like they’re going to attack me. I dodge the goose poop in all of our parks. They are everywhere. Even worse: they’re Canadian.

It’s enough to make me support putting up a wall at the border. A really tall wall that the geese can’t fly over.

Why are there so many geese in Minnesota? How did it get this way? And is there any way to keep their numbers under control? That’s the Good Question we’ll look at for the news tonight.

I’ve been told that it’s an interesting story — and has nothing to do with the great social service benefits we provide in Minnesota.

But I need your help. Tell me your best goose story. Email me your pictures of geese, or send me a video of you ranting about them. (Or upload the video to YouTube or Facebook and email me a link.)

We’ll use your stuff in our story tonight at 10. We hope you’ll tune in!

Jason DeRusha

Comments (3)
  1. Bill Ellingson says:

    I fully realize you’re taking a light-hearted look at this issue, but perhaps if the human race wasn’t quite so selfish, feeling they are entitled to inhabit EVERY SQUARE INCH of this planet, then maybe all species could co-exist without having to step on each others toes.

  2. Jenny Engman says:

    I actualley like geese and does not bother me at all. I live in Oakdale and there all over the place by fleet farm. I like to get as close as I can so they hiss at me. I also like to chase them. I love birds thankyou come again! I think people need to relax and enjoy life with the geese. I also been to Hudson and seen Canidian White geese with orange beaks. There just fun animals.