MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A $50,000 settlement has been reached in a case stemming from the police raid of a St. Paul home two days before the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Sarah Coffey, Erin Stalnaker and Kris Hermes announced Thursday they settled their case with the city of St. Paul and the federal government.

Under terms of the settlement, individual officers and agents are dismissed. Defense attorney Jason Hiveley says insurance companies for the city and federal government will cover the payment.

The agencies are admitting no wrongdoing. Hiveley says the case was settled for economic reasons.

The three activists sued after the raid at Iglehart Avenue, in which several people were detained for roughly one-and-a-half hours. They alleged police violated their rights.

A handful of other lawsuits related to the convention are pending.

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Comments (10)
  1. dan says:

    So they were detained for 90 minutes and they are sueing? Wow, get a life!

    1. TheBunnyMan says:

      They were detained for expressing their political beliefs, something every citizen of a supposedly free country should be mortified would ever be allowed to happen. $50,000 is barely a drop in the bucket compared to the blood that has been spilled to win these freedoms for us in the first place and I can’t imagine how anyone – right or left – would think that detaining people on the basis of their political views with the clear intention of intimidating them to keep those views silent could be considered acceptable by local, state or federal employees whose job it is to protect us not issolate us from the political elites.

  2. lumberjack says:

    Well said^ Also Dan, did you forget who these people work for? US! Thats right me and you. Not political puppets on a mission but for all the citizens of this country. That includes the puppets when they are not corrupt. I wish this story would get more air time that some basketball player giving his hoe a ring. But when the government gives our money to wcco to only air certain topics we are left with the short end of the stick. Time for change america!

  3. hookah says:

    @ TheBunnyMan – You are nuts!!!! Wish you knew the real whole story. Dumb People…. so many of them.

    1. TheBunnyMan says:

      You mean how their house was surrounded by armed police with guns drawn as the police attempted to enforce a warrantless search of their property before eventually crawling into the house through the neighbors attic before handcuffing the victims for an hour and a half as they searched but failed to find any evidence of wrongdoing? Please, explain the whole story as I am painfully unaware of what might have justified the police action.

  4. John st.paul says:

    this is why are taxes are so High, thanks you just sued me and everyone else that works their butt off. Get a job and a life!

    1. TheBunnyMan says:

      Actually the city, planning in advance of the convention to violate people’s civil liberties, took out a $10 million insurance policy to indemnify the city and the police forces against lawsuits stemming from the draconian measures they knew would be needed to keep people from expressing their political views. So yes, you paid for the insurance needed to ensure that the government could stifle the voice of the people.

  5. lumberjack says:

    lol again, well said. good to see there are others out there in the know! keep it up! One day we will have many more just like us.

  6. dave says:

    It’s too bad it’s just a payout from the insurance company, and the cops aren’t even held accountable for what they did. Bleh

  7. dutch says:

    Well for one thing, law enforcement will never admit to anything whenever they are in the wrong. Just remember, cops will put indeed put up any legal resistance to prevent themselves from seeing their images being demoralized by anyone who brings a civil or criminal suit against them. So we all can define that motto they call the “Code of Silence” they breed among themselves behind their badges. So if these civilian’s rights were to anymeans violated, don’t expect the officers to admit to it in a court of law. And you all can lay much of the fault on ex-sheriff Bob Fletcher for really running a bogus lamb that caused much of this turmoil that lead to these suits in the first place. You all really thought he gave a damn about whether your rights were violated during the RNC event, ha think again!

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