By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Disaster Recovery Center set up at Farview Park served 2,500 people in first two days that it was open on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Friday, five days after the tornado hit, Tanjae Montgomery decided it was time to get help.

“I hesitated coming here. Then I thought I needed the help — why not?” she said.

Montgomery is pregnant and has three children ages 18 months, 7 years and 11 years. She was struggling before the tornado. She doesn’t have a job, and now doesn’t have a home either.

“It’s been the worst. It’s been tough for the kids — no clothing, no nothing,” she said.

For now, Montgomery’s family has been staying with friends and relatives.

Volunteers at the recovery center helped her and her boyfriend with vouchers for clothing and with finding a place to stay.

She says her main focus right now is staying strong for her kids.

“I’ll get through it. We’ll get through it. The whole north side will get through it,” she said.

The center has plans to stay open until next Tuesday, including every day over the over holiday weekend. Click here for the full schedule and information.

Comments (42)
  1. Jim says:

    Jeff, you’re full of hate. I feel sorry for you, it must be tough. Are you working hard for your “tax dollars” right now by surfing the internet? It’s 1:30 in the afternoon on a work day.

    1. Paulie says:


  2. Jeff says:

    @Jim: No, I work full time and took the day off for the holiday weekend.

    1. Jesse says:

      Jeff you are not an intelligent person cant wait for the tornando to destroy your house then you can eat humble pie. Jesse

    2. Jim says:

      And you spend your holiday posting hate on the internet against people you’ve never met? What a constructive use of your time.

      Maybe you can explain how these details, from the story, effect your tax situation: For now, Montgomery’s family has been staying with friends and relatives.

      Volunteers at the recovery center helped her and her boyfriend with vouchers for clothing and with finding a place to stay.

      1. Realist says:

        @Jim… who the eff are you to tell someone how to spend their time off? I agree that Jeff’s comment was ignorant, but you shouldn’t be telling anyone how to spend their earned time off.

        1. Jim says:

          I’m not telling him how to spend his time, I’m expressing my opinion of how he spends his time. Just like you expressed your opinion about my post. See how that works?

  3. Jeff says:

    I earn $65k a year working as a tradesman. My dream car is a 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo. But I cannot afford a 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo, so therefore I don’t have one.

    Tanjae earns $0 a year. But Tanjae wants to have more babies. Tanjae cannot afford to have more babies. But Tanjae continues to have more babies anyway.

    1. Jim says:

      You have no idea how much a person you’ve never met makes. The story says she doesn’t have a job right now, not that she’s never had one.

      Do you really not see the difference between a 2011 Lamborghini and food and shelter? Are you really that blinded by your greed that you can’t see the difference between a foreign sports car and the basic necessities of life?

        1. Jim says:

          Fascinating, Paulie. Fascinating. Thanks for your valuable contribution to the discussion.

  4. Jeff says:

    And YOU have to pay for them.

  5. Jeff says:

    So, with that line of thinking, I am going to order a brand new 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo, and I will send you the bill, Jim.

    Oh, and thanks in advance for making my dream come true

    1. Jim says:

      See my post above. A well-paid tradesman such as yourself surely can see the difference between an overpriced and impractical foreign car and the food and shelter that all humans need to live. Or do you just not care?

  6. Tucker says:

    I totally agree with Jeff. I work in the inner city and see it everyday

    1. Jim says:

      I used to live in the country and although they were more spread out, there are just as many lowlife, no-good types there. What’s your point?

  7. Jeff says:

    No, Jim, believe it or not, I do care. No one should have to go without food or shelter. But while an overpriced foreign car is indeed impractical, so is continuing to have children that you can’t possibly afford take care of.

    1. Jim says:

      It seems to me that she was taking care of her children before a tornado came along and destroyed her home.

      It ticks me off that every story about a person in need turns into an open forum where Republicans spout off about welfare cheats and people having too many babies. This woman, like millions of Americans right now, doesn’t have a job and her home was destroyed in a tornado. But instead of offering any kind words or just ignoring the story altogether, you choose to tear her down some more and rip on her situation even though you couldn’t possibly know the first thing about her. I think it’s despicable.

      1. be afraid says:

        She was taking care of her children before the tornado came? She is unemployed, im gonna go out on a limb and say she was on public assistance, pregnant for the 4th time at least, and no mention of a man at all, this is another example of these people acting like stray cats and dogs, getting pregnant, do you know how easy it is to not get pregnant it takes 2 completly irresponsible people to accidently have children

        1. c. says:

          1. You compare “these people” to “stray cats and dogs.” Just…wow.
          2. The article explicitly mentions her boyfriend. Sometimes you just have to read the entire article.

          Kudos to Jim for injecting some common sense into this thread. Apparently the worst crime you can commit in America is to be born black and poor and live in the path of a devastating tornado.

          1. Guy says:

            Worse than stray cats & dogs – for THOSE we at least have a dogcatcher & the pound to control the problem…

      2. be afraid says:

        Oh my bad there is mention of a boyfriend, i guess he doesn’t work either, thk god these people live 15miles from me but it feels like they live 100’s miles away, i know no people like this

  8. Mike Hawk says:

    Hey Jeff you hit the nail on the head. I’d hang with you any time.

    1. Jim says:

      Oh, that’s sweet. You two can get together and complain about poor people and pat each other on the back for not helping people in need. Brings a tear to my eye…

  9. Volunteer says:

    I’ve been working at Farview the last few days, and all I have to say is some people showing up for assistance have some pretty swank clothes, and some well maintained hair. Especially for people who need government assistance.

  10. a kid with a clue! says:

    You know what he could very well have a job and be supporting his family but a natural disastor came and devastated there lives having a job doesn’t mean that when a act of god destroys your home that your going to be able to immediately bounce back! And who’s to say she didn’t leave her job temporarily to have her 4th child? And there are ppl who abuse public assistance and let me tell u they come in all colors and shades! U dumb jerk offs your supposed to help the less fortunate not put them down more I pray when karma comes to teach u this lesson and UR hand is out because u need help I hope there not as harsh. And you know what UR just as guilty of the most dangerous crime IGNORANCE just like the rainbow of ppl who r ignorant with there family planning! A**whole u make me sick!

    1. ahwelfare says:

      If they took the time to mention she was unemployed, not on leave to have a baby, that should answer 1 question of yours, and they didn’t take the time to mention the boyfriend was employed, so do the math, I cannot imagine any scenario in my life the government would need to help me out, I’ve built my life so that if i lost my job i could take a lesser job for 40% less money and still live a normal life. Its called making solid decisions your whole life, I expect every1 to care for themselves, you don’t thats fine but you’ll get no sympathy here kiddo

      1. Jim says:

        They didn’t mention that the boyfriend was employed so he must be unemployed? That is some messed up logic right there.

        A woman with three kids has her house blown down by a tornado and the Republican response is “I expect every1 to care for themselves, you don’t thats fine but you’ll get no sympathy here kiddo.” How caring. This must be that compassionate conservatism I heard so much about when Bush was president.

        1. @jim says:

          I hold no political ties, this has nothing to do with politics for me, it has to do with making intelligent decisions, Ok you explain the article 4 days ago about the guy who got his 11 kids ranging from 1 to 21 to safety, You don’t see an issue with a low income family having 11 children? That is the behavior of stray animals, but im sure you have a reasonable explanation for me, like who says he isnt a doctor and supporting all them.

          1. Jim says:

            I’m not familiar with that story and I have no explanation for you. Let’s try to stay on topic. This story is about a woman with 3 kids whose house was blown down by a tornado, and many of the comments here seem to begrudge the fact that she needs help.

            Let’s agree that this woman has made poor decisions in the past. She has no job and three kids. Her house gets blown down, her kids are hungry. What should society do? Should we say, well you made bad decisions, so we’re not going to help you and you can sleep in a ditch with your kids and eat garbage? I get that you are upset that a percentage of your taxes goes to help those who weren’t as smart as you in the past. But what’s your solution then? Let them starve? Let others help them? Shame them publicly so they will be smarter in the future? What?

            1. @jim says:

              I am helping them already, as you stated taxes go to public assistance i will do no more

  11. a kid with a clue! says:

    Oh and jeff when i finish college in the fall ill be making 100k a year starting but when my fiancee n i get married n decide to have children oh my gosh ill be making $0 just like her bt ill be able to afford my child because even tho im not working and popping out babies i have full able bodied husband who will be! U won’t know her whole story it was a glimpse into her life there werent giving you all the facts!

    1. @a kid w no clue says:

      You’re in for a rude awakening, college grads arn’t guaranteed anything anymore these days, of the 16 that i work with in labor 7 have 4 year degrees. So you build a big family on the thought you’ll be making 100k, good luck with that, please don’t type fake success its annoying, re-read your paragraph are you the guy, the girl, are you pregnant already? Wow your sentence makes no sense professor. Do you know how few jobs start at 100k? Earth to you when you started your 4 year degree 4 years ago the economc times were much better.

      1. Jim says:

        You have no idea what this person’s major is or what his or her job prospects are. Why would you post such nonsense? You know some people who have 4 year degrees and they don’t make 100k/year. Oh, wow, well I guess that’s proof that this internet poster, who you’ve never met and don’t know anything about, won’t make that much either.

        Is this Republican logic? Stereotyping, assuming, and blaming? The future of your party is dim.

        1. @jim says:

          Jim your only thought on every topic is republican bashing as i stated i have no affiliation, politics and religion are both no part of my life, it doesnt matter what your political stand is the platform that they campaign on will change when they take office, so you keep wasting your time thinking your 1 worthless vote counts.

          1. Jim says:

            “so you keep wasting your time thinking your 1 worthless vote counts.”

            If you don’t vote you can’t complain. You seem to be ignoring that wisdom.

            I apologize for falsely labeling you a Republican. I know I would consider that the deepest of insults.

  12. Jim says:

    Is that legal? I didn’t know you could just run a credit check on anyone….

    And I’m sure you have a point here, I’m just straining to locate it.

  13. c. says:

    What’s your point? Also, does your employer not have an ethics policy?

  14. Jeff says:

    I think the part about having a mailing address in one state and holding a drivers licence in another is referring to a type of welfare fraud that is happening now where people try to collect welfare in 2 states at the same time. I’m not insinuating that the woman in this story is doing that, but I think that’s what the poster was referring to.

  15. a kid with a clue! says:

    1st im the woman and no im not pregnant and i live in north dakota and the economy up here is doing great actually so yeah when i started school it was a little bit better but not much different and it goes to what ur buddy jeff said I made the right solid decisions and UR right very few do but when you go that extra mile and sacrifice yes right out of college I’m looking that salary and no its not fake success I worked damned hard! Thank you very much! And when did I say it was only 4 years??? I just don’t let the fact that I’ve been blessed with opportunities others haven’t give me the unearned right to judge or look down on someone else’s misfortune u Ass..

    1. Blahblah says:

      Yes I know N dakota is drilling oil, but for how long is the question that will loom. the roads are being ruined and alot of business is being built on the premise that the oil will never stop flowing, you thought you had ghost towns b4 just wait, i wasn’t blessed with opportunities i created mine, your not going to make 100k get over yourself its foolish, i know your going to be a ceo right out of school

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