FERGUS FALLS, Minn. (AP) — Fergus Falls police have been fielding calls about a live Canadian goose that has a blow dart in its head.

A KBRF-AM report says there have been futile attempts to catch the goose and pull the dart out but no one can get close to it.

Troy Richards is a conservation officer with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. He says as of right now the plan is to leave the goose alone. He says it appears healthy and is able to move around and feed.

Because the goose is mobile, authorities say it’s not clear whether it was shot in Fergus Falls or elsewhere.

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Comments (18)
  1. J says:

    FYI, it’s not a “Canadian” goose, the proper term is a “canada” goose. Geese do not hold residency in an particular nation. I suppose if you found one with a current passport from Canada, it could then be concidered Canadian. 😉

    1. Brandon says:

      FYI…..its Considered. Not Concidered. LOL

    2. Jim says:

      “canada” “an particular nation” “concidered”

      LOL. Thanks for the lesson, Grammar Police.

      1. J says:

        The lesson was in the terminology, not the spelling.
        Now wair di d I poot that spell chekerr?

    3. ChuckyKnows says:

      That was 20 years ago. Canadian goose is acceptable today

  2. Save us from the "canadians" says:

    We need to patrol our northern border better. Here’s another canadian in our country illegally causing trouble.

  3. anna says:

    people are sick and twisted. this person is scary

  4. I'm just a wild and crazy goose says:

    Maybe the dart is not real, the goose might be wearing one of those fake-arrow-through-the-head hats. Steve Martin made those famous.

  5. derp says:

    1 moron = multiple stupid posts/day

  6. unmounted says:

    got a dart in your eh?

  7. Andrea says:

    Leave the goose alone . It could be a new fashion staement for geese every where.

  8. Easy Soultion says:

    Didnt good Question just say that there are 25,000 geese or more in the twin cities alone?

    just shoot the stupid thing and put it out of its missery. i dont think one will make a differencec

  9. yep says:

    Just wait until it is stupid enough to meander across a road like it owns the place and a big 4×4 truck will take care of it.

  10. Wow says:

    That’s one heck of a shot with a blow dart gun.

  11. Indeed says:

    No doubt a kid that is learning to kill at a young age. Life sentence in the future.

  12. Elmer Fudd says:

    Sounds like a Wild Goose Chase to me. Certainly one shotgun shell would be cheaper than than following that goose all over the countryside.

  13. Barneyboo says:

    It is bad enough that an animal is maimed for no good reason. It is even worse that most of the posts on this sight are so sick. Disgusting, to say the least.