DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A week after launching his Republican presidential campaign in Iowa, Tim Pawlenty will be back in the all-important state to campaign on Memorial Day.

The former Minnesota governor is due next Monday at a pancake breakfast, a midday meet-and-greet and an evening cookout. The respective events are in Waukee, Boone and Ft. Dodge.

Pawlenty spent this Monday in Des Moines, where he became an official candidate for the GOP nomination. Pawlenty has been in the state that holds the nominating contest’s first round more than a dozen times since first making presidential moves.

He’ll get a sign about whether it’s paying off in August when Iowa Republicans hold their closely watched straw poll in Ames.

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Comments (13)
  1. Sven and Ole says:


  2. lefty says:

    I said this about another article from the Startribune why do you waste space on the internet with stories about this loser. He is not going to get nominated by anyone not even Minnesota we were all overjoyed when he said he was leaving the only good thing he did for the state.

  3. James says:

    social constructiionist, boring, and I wish he’d just go away, quietly. I’ve had pawlenty enough already.

  4. Southern MN Mom says:


    Your name seems to say all we need to know about your political position. However I want you to put your obvious anger aside for a moment and think about two questions:

    If a man with little or no experience like Obama can come of of nowhere and get elected President, why not a gentle and well spoken conservative TWO TERM former Governor of an important midwestern state?

    With the Minnesota GOP winning both houses for the first time in 38 years in a traditionally DFL state, do you really think Tim Pawlenty would have had trouble getting reelected had he decided to run for a third term as our Governor?

    Try to do something about your anger. If you do not, it eventually destroys a persons ability to think logically.


    1. Chris says:

      Well said, mom!

      Your son must have taken a hit from some of T-Paw’s trimming…

      An entitlement user that has an axe to grind and has to make outlandish comments… regardless of the facts, truth, or what is right.

    2. MET says:

      Pawlenty’s second tem win was not by a landslide by any means.

      Traditionally a DFL state? Maybe in the presidental election, but when was the last time we had a Democratic governor?

      I don’t think Pawlenty will have the backing that President Obama has.

      Gentle? He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  5. Victim Du Jour says:

    Democrats spew hate and propaganda to take private property and money.

    Socialism does not work at all if people are secure with private property.

    1. Chuck says:

      Wow, that is pretty deep… and maybe a little stretch?

      1. James says:

        Republicans spew hate and propaganda to take privacy and money.

        Social Construction doesn’t work at all if people are secure with privacy, and self reliance.

        Ok, paraphrased, but Victim will not be voting on herself next year. Thank heavens for the 4 Repubs who understand what liberty is, or could be.

  6. yep says:

    As long as he stays out of Minnesota I don’t care.

  7. Pearl says:

    Iowa can have him. If he comes back here he will be laughed out of the state

  8. Murph says:

    Imagine how long it would take to get the country back in shape if Pawlenty was in charge for even a couple of months! Warn your friends and relatives in Iowa! Yep and all across the country.Those thigh high fascist boots do look real snappy on him tho don’t they! Newt looks like a pig in any attire.Sarah and Michele need more than clothes and counseling to be a factor.Looks like the Mitt get’s invited to the ball game instead of the cry baby unfearsome foursome!

    1. Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao says:

      “Marxist Murph!!!” Where have you been agitating, hanging out and or hiding? Comrade, the great proletariat has missed your incredibly intelligent writings.

      Welcome back!

      Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao

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