DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Likely presidential candidate Mitt Romney is hedging on his support for a House Republican budget outline that seeks to reduce spending by cutting federal programs such as Medicare.

Romney was asked during a Friday stop in Iowa whether he would sign the Republican plan if he were president. But the former Massachusetts governor declined to answer, saying “That’s the kind of speculation that is getting the cart ahead of the horse.”

Romney emphasized he supports the goals of the House plan but will offer his own plan for reducing spending and cutting the federal deficit.

Romney sought the Republican nomination in 2008 and is expected to announce his 2012 candidacy next week. He’s in Iowa for the first time this year attending several events.

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  1. SO SAD says:

    If you cut Medicare, does this mean we don’t have to have it taken out of our paychecks any longer? Doubt it! Another new tax they are going to sock to us.

    1. Mike says:

      So Sad

      I pay for my neighbors children to attend public schools too.
      Socialism is a good thing………..
      Thank you for paying into Medicare, (older than 55).

  2. me says:

    Translation – II don’t want to commit myself to it and then have to flip-flop my decision later. That’s so annoying on the campaign trail, to try and remember what they think at each stop…for it or against it?

    1. dan says:

      oh you mean like Obama…….GITMO, Bush tax cuts, the surge & Patriot Act. These were all so bad for the Country and he was going to make a Change! What happened is that he found out he was way in over his head and quickly figured out he didnt have any of the answers.

  3. Pavel says:

    Romney will dance around this hot potato for the duration of the 2012 campaign.

    I would think all of these people would have learned that individual accounts are a serious risk for any who look to a retirement program based on that plan. Take a look at all who lost nearly all their individual retirement accounts in the most recent financial debacle.

    These new “plans” are just another attempt to destroy Social Security. These hardliners are a new generation of those Republicans who fought FDR on the establishment of Social Security. In truth they believe retirement savings should be an individual’s responsibility and not the government’s business.

    This is just another attack of the rich on a provision for the elderly and families who loose a bread earner. It is a relatively inexpensive form of insurance administered by the federal government, rather than insurance companies or investment companies, who would like to “skim the top off the funds” to contribute more wealth to those who already have it.

    1. dan says:

      These are not individual “accounts” they are vouchers to buy insurance in the private market. The premise is insurance will be more efficient in a private market than the government buracreacy of Medicare, which is undoubtedly true. Medicare has no competition, people would be buying health are from insurance companies that compete with others, so the less efficient ones would fail. Either reform it, or let the government go bankrupt, people that want it both ways are extremely naive and not grounded in reality.

      1. WHAT????? says:

        With the idea that you have provided here what happens the next time a “hot shot” that works at the private company wants to gamble with the money instead of playing it safe like what happened with wall street? So we should feel safe if this money is put into a private company because of recent transactions that have been made? Do you think that this is going to make government smaller? If they would put this in a private company there would still need to be a “watch dog” from the government to make sure that they are not going to gamble with this so you are closing 1 office just to open another. On paper your idea looks good, but then again on paper communism does not look too bad either. I am not saying that I do not somewhat agree with you, but I definitely do not want my money in the hands of some of the same people that almost bankrupt this country a few years ago.

        1. Sue says:


          I don’t think Dan is running for pres he was trying to help you understand what the thought process is with the GOP and meicare going public. Why don’t you goggle it and find out yourself instead of expecting other people to educate you.

        2. The other dan says:

          The coffee is brewing but you cant smell it. You talk about what happened on Wall Street. What happened? The market bounced back like it always does. I am seeing a nice 10-15% gain in most of my mutual funds. I made up for any loss within 2 years of the initial correction. Lets go back and see how Social Security return has compared to any stock market averages. If you think SS is a good investment, its becasue you were too lazy to save any money on your own and cant afford not to have SS. SS will end some day, this is not a forever program no matter how much you want it to be.

          1. WHAT????? says:

            Sue, did I say anything about him running for Pres? I also do not read anywhere in my post where I was asking for education on this issue. I was stating that I do not want SSN in a private company as no matter how you dice it private companies tend to take bigger chances and this may cost a lot more than just a few people to lose all they have paid in their entire lives. I do have a question for you though, are you dan? Then why would you be answering a question that I posed to him, especially as if you know exactly what he means and with all the hatred? Did I wrong you in a previous life, I got it I slapped your kid right? Then having a question may not be a bad thing huh?
            The other dan, I am glad to hear that you have made all your loses back. Good for you, I cannot say the same yet and yes, it does hurt the bottom line. I also want to know that SSN will be there when I need it as I am not at the age to touch it yet. I never said I expected it to be there for eternity did I? Then again I ask, why the hate over something that you obviously put in my mouth as I never said those words. I am glad to see you are worried about my financial welfare but again you did not even touch a point I had.
            Both of you may need to figure out some day that this is how a conversation goes. An idea comes out and a question is asked. The question is answered and then you keep going until everything is understood. So again I pose to both of you. Why would this be any different? I get it, because I gave a different idea than what you have. Funny how you can both get mad at that. Maybe you should both find each other, might calm you down some.

    2. Claire says:

      “Relatively inexpensive form of insurance” There is nothing that govt runs that is relatively inexpensive!
      Social security is the worst investment ever created by mankind!

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