DEXTER, Minn. (AP) — The Dexter parents who pleaded guilty to chaining one of their sons to his bed have been denied visitation rights.

Thirty-three-year-old Brian Dale Miller and 26-year-old Charity Lynn Miller requested visitation with the younger of their two sons Friday.

They both pleaded guilty earlier this month to gross misdemeanor false imprisonment. They were accused of chaining their 5-year-old son to his crib and withholding food and access to the bathroom from him and his 8-year-old brother.

A court-appointed legal guardian says the older boy doesn’t want contact with his parents, and contact with the younger son should only be allowed in a “therapeutic setting.”

An Austin Daily Herald report says the judge ruled in favor of both recommendations.

The boys have been in a foster home since their parents’ arrest.

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Comments (36)
  1. Shirley says:

    these parents should have NO contact with their children. They both should be
    treated the same way. They need to be adopted by someone who will love and
    care for them.

    1. Adopt them outside the family system says:

      Shirley, I agree with you 100%. These two so called parents should no longer be given the right to parent these children. Furthermore, these boys should be adopted OUTSIDE the family system. There are so many couples who would love these two young kids and bring them up in a loving home. There is no excuse for handcuffing your kids to their beds EVEN IF DO LOVE JESUS. i think these parents forgot to ask themselves “what would Jesus do?” Certainly not what t they just did.

      1. Sue says:

        The grandmother is trying to get them …but she doesn’t deserve them either..she is worse than the mother…

  2. Herman says:

    OBAMACARE will take care of them RUSH has stated!!!

    1. St Paul says:

      Oh please Herman. What kind of comment is that? These are two young boys who parents have done severe damage to them. Keep your silly comments to yourself please.

  3. Victim Du Jour says:

    Saturday Night Live Mike Myers used to play a hypo-kid chained up to a jungle Jim, he wore a helmet and dragged the jungle Jim down the street behind him with chocolate on his face.

    I think CBS and Oprah Winfrey are the corporate face for the Department of Health and Human Services.

    And Journalists have a financial and political incentives to write stories to give Union Workers Job Security.

    1. Adopt them outside the family system says:

      Victim Du Jour,
      Get off your political high horse. These are two young boys that need to be removed permanently by being allowed to be adopted outside the family system where they will have no contact with the biological family UNTIL they are much older and can handle such contact. Now is the time to heal.

      1. victim du idiot!!! says:

        Victim Du Jour i It is because of people like you who think it was ok then and should be ok now that we have this kind of child abuse, child sexual abuse, murder and other unspeakable crimes against child still going on. If you really think you are “perfectly fine” you are sicker than I thought, I have read your stupid remarks and really think your are one crazy stupid person, far from perfectly fine…….with any luck someone will chain you to a bed with out food or the use of a bathroom and when it comes time for your abuser to be judges we will remind You no one was physical beaten.

        1. anita says:

          victim du jour,
          keep your mouth shut you have no idead what you are talking about you have a sick mind

          1. Victim Du Jour says:

            Government Union Thugs and goons don’t belong in peoples homes. Sorry if you don’t like free speech.

        2. Victim Du Jour says:

          This story is not about sex abuse, murder or physical violence at all. What are you smoking?

      2. Nutdujour says:

        Union Neo-bible bangers? Apparently things didn’t turn out as well for you as some of those kids you grew up with in Northern Minnesota. Your world view has been severely distorted to the degree that now only you agree with yourself.

        1. Stephanie Levasseur-Duszynski says:

          Actually, psychology is a SCIENCE, proven by empirical research data. Of course I wouldn’t expect someone like yourself to understand that.

          1. Victim Du Jour says:

            Psychology is “liberal arts”, it has nothing to do with Science at all. Psychology theories and concepts are based on opinion and personal experiences and do not hold up to any form of scientific testing.

            A Scientist can prove and explain difinitivly down to a single molucule why a hot air balloon floats. A Psychologist can only offer a sales pitch.

            1. jeff says:

              is that what they told you in the psych ward? i suppose there isn’t a person in this world that can explain, reproduce or rationalize your unstable mind but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true for the rest of us.

              i realize that your pea brain can’t wrap itself around the idea that love and hate (and all emotions) aren’t tangible such as molecules. but peoples actions and behaviors have real world consequences for all of us. the fact that you’re racist tells me that you agree. the most well adjusted parents generally do not produce murderers and rapists and thieves. their children are usually a little more reasonable mentally. chaining your child to a bed and starving them and letting them lie in their excrement is not something a well adjusted parent does. it is not behavior that would lead to well adjusted children. therefor it is in ALL of our best intrests to see that these children are removed from the home and given a reasonable life where they will have the chance to succeed. as a likely product of abuse yourself however, i wouldn’t expect that you’d understand.

              1. Victim Du Jour says:

                Nothing in the Story says the kids suffered from starvation or laying in a bed with excrement.

                So you Neo-bible bangers think you have a blank check to intrude on private property if the media spins the story in favor of government intusion.

                70% of murderers and rapists have been raised by single moms, so you are barking up the wrong tree.

      3. Sue says:

        some of the family members will take good care of the boys without letting the parents see them…

  4. Marrrrr says:

    You two should have NO CONTACT with those children,give them up for adoption because they will never forget how badly you treated them and God knows they deserve so much better than what you have handed them so far in their lives.My “birth canal” person did the same thing to myself and my siblings when we were little,guess what,she has had no contact with us since we were teenagers, as we became adults we never forgot,,,this “birth canal” person has never known her grandchildren or great grandchildren.You lousy people who think its ok to abuse your children,take the time to really think about what your doing, as your kids grow up they realize they dont have to accept what you have done,they dont have to love you or even care about you,why should they when all they seen from you was abuse and neglect.How do you justify doing this to children? These kids didnt have a choice in being handed abusive parents when they were born.

  5. LefitesMakeMeLaugh says:

    “Bryson” you are funny…only a Leftist could make such an off-topic comment and turn a horrific child abuse story l into a “bash Christians” issue. Thanks for confirming my belief that Lefties never miss an opportunity to smear their political opponents, even if those opponents may be NO WHERE IN A NEWS ARTICLE ! ! !

  6. Adopt them outside the family system says:

    We need to change the rules for children. Children are no property rights belonging to the biological parents or the biological family. They cannot be used as pawns in the court system. Children do have a say of where they should be and we need to seriously listen to them. When biological sperm and egg donors prove to be destructive to the child they should permanently lose the right to parent that child. The courts need to act swiftly to protect the welfare of that child rather than have that child bounce from foster home to foster home because either of the sperm or egg donors refuse to give up their rights. Children are not toys, but they are human beings from which we must protect from monsters such as these two sperm and egg donors.

  7. Pate says:

    These two should have their plumbing fixed.

  8. Victim Du Jour says:

    I repeat! There is absolutely no scientific evidence the Public, Government and Mental Health People know how to raise Children.

    1. Nutdujour says:

      And there’s still absolutely no evidence that your parents know how to raise a child either.

  9. Child abuse is not acceptable says:

    Sorry, when is it acceptable to chain a kid to his bed and starve him and let him soil himself? Some kids may turn out “just fine” being treated this way, but all too often, these kids grow up to be tortured souls, who end up addicted to drugs or alcohol. Children who are never shown empathy can grow up to have no empathy themselves, and end up being a menace to society. If these kids were left with those 2 morons, they’d probably have ended up dead.

  10. Iconoclast says:

    This is my impression of that dude shaving: “Ok…..ziiiiiip…..and the other side…..ziiiiiip….done”

  11. Bb says:

    I think these parents need to be stripped of their parental rights and the boys found a caring and loving home together, keep them together. Let these parents go to prison and no more contact with these two boys.

  12. Victim Du Jour says:

    This is just the Union and the media pretending the constitution does not guarantee citizens the right to be secure from judicial activism.

  13. rex mckee says:

    “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” Gospel of Matthew

    Focus on the Family be Damned!

  14. Mark from says:

    Who is the victim here? These so called parents should be locked up, but I am sure the ACLU will jump on this one.

  15. jeff says:

    @scrotum du jour, your mind is a very scary place indeed. i think that your idea of what you’d like to call a utopia would end up being a dystopia for the rest of us…….1984 anyone? i truly hope that you don’t have the ability to reproduce. anyone that would be ok with the way these children were treated is nothing but a testement to their depravity. go with god you pri*k!

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Union Thugs and Goons don’t belong in peoples homes at all. Sorry if you think what I am saying is Socialist Blasphomy.

  16. Stephanie says:

    The story should be more about these two little boys, instead of these two. (did they really call them; parents?)

    I actually am glad that the one little boy didn’t want to see them. Often children desperately want the approval of a parent, the parent’s love……no matter what the parent has done to them.

    I agree adoption outside of the family. Where was the extended family in all of this?

  17. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    I am wondering why they are being charged with Gross Misdemeanors? Chaining your child to a bed, withholding food and toilet priviledges are only Gross Misdemeanors?!?!

    I live in the same county as these people and want them to be charged with felonies. I want to know why it’s only Gross Misdemeanors and not something more serious?

  18. I hate parents like this says:

    I have no doubt the courts in this state will eventually reunite them with their children. Family courts are so hellbent on getting their fairy tale/happy ending that they lose sight of the actual children that are being abused and mistreated.

  19. mps sux says:

    OH my what a LOVELY looking couple. Dirty disgusting losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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