By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sunday marked the one-week anniversary of a horrific storm that destroyed part of north Minneapolis. More than 4,000 homes and businesses were damaged in the storm and two people died as a result.

A lot of that initial debris is picked up but much more work is needed. But as hundreds are without a home, they do have hope.

Many are turning to a higher power to get through the heartache and devastation.

“It looked like somebody dropped a bomb over here,” said tornado survivor Rosetta Sanders.

Sanders and Andrew Williams walked through what is left of their neighborhood.

“We’re going to make it as long as we keep faith,” said tornado survivor Williams.

It’s this faith that keeps most in the community going. They came together in song and in prayer, allowing their faith to sustain them through these tough times.

“So that means we are going to have to be in service-mode for quite some time,” said Rev. Jerry McAffe of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church.

The faith community has been providing comfort and assistance to those affected by the tornado since day one.

New Salem Missionary Baptist Church is just one of many churches dedicated to helping those in need. They provided most of the food, the cooks and the volunteers that served meals to many as they waited for help at Farview Park, all week long.

“We want to make sure that we are helping as much as we can,” McAffee said.

The view from the air shows just how much destruction was left behind and just how much clean up will be needed.

“I saw one act of faith after the other. God is on the ground in north Minneapolis,” said Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak.

Rybak thanked the church for its role in the recovery effort. He said their actions have helped those affected by the tornado know they do not walk alone.

“It ain’t promised, life ain’t promised. I’m just thankful for what we got right now after the tornado,” said Williams.

Next Saturday, June 4, is being called “North Side Volunteer Clean-Up Day” with 2,000 people needed to help remove debris from all over north Minneapolis. But you need to register to get involved. Call 311 in Minneapolis to get involved.

Reg Chapman

  1. Sean in south Minneapolis says:

    I’m very happy that this was not worse and I hope more than 2,000 show up on June,4th when the city of Minneapolis has more than 3 million people.

    Let’s not forget the people that need our help!!!

    Show them that we care and donate a littlle of your time because you never know you may be in the same situation some day.

    That is when you will be greatful you had help!!!

    No matter your race or religion lets show that WE CAN and WILL stand side by side and as human beings and help one another!!!

    My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in North Minneapolis.