MENDOTA HEIGHTS (WCCO) — A standoff is still going on Wednesday night after part of a Mendota Heights neighborhood was evacuated earlier in the day due to a domestic situation, authorities said.

Police responded to a call from a woman about a physical domestic assault situation on the 2400 block of Lexington Avenue South. The woman told authorities that “he” was going to get a gun.

At that time, the woman and a child fled the home, leaving only one male occupant.

The man barricaded himself in the home. So far, he has not responded to contact from police. The victim confirmed to police that there is nobody else inside the residence and that there are guns inside the residence.

Police said there is no threat to the public. All neighbors were evacuated from the area, and the American Red Cross has been contacted in case the standoff does not end in a timely manner.

Authorities said there there have been other 911 calls to the residence in the past, including medical assistance, a domestic disturbance and a crisis call.

Comments (6)
  1. T bag says:

    More guns are needed.

    1. JB says:

      Being a conceal and carry permit holder I can not agree more. Until the laws we have are enforced and police response time is down to subsecond (as fast as it takes for a private citizen to draw a weapon and take care of a crimnial), well then we have to be able to protect ourselves.Current police response time in Minneapolis is 23 minutes. Time to draw a weapon and defend yourself and loverd ones from being robbed, mugged, raped, stabbed, or killed something under three seconds.

  2. Bob says:

    I would opt for more brains T bugger

  3. Mr. Mustache says:

    Re: T bag

    Funny you have a name like that. Did someone lay something on you???

  4. C says:

    I lost my family to this I love u Uncle

  5. Jesus=carma says:

    What does the american red C**** have to do with this story? Can you guys see they make alot of money from disaster… And all you broke ass American still donate to the rich… Look it up! They use people and the system…. This system dates back further than you know your ancestors? Don’t thank me…

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