MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton said the meeting he had with Republican legislative leaders was constructive and “one of the best” they’ve had.

Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers presented Dayton Friday with a schedule to negotiate the budget. Then at the end of June a special session would take place.

“I thought his morning’s conversation was very productive,” Koch said. “We’ve got … a framework, a road map, a schedule of meetings and discussions. And we’ve had some agreements inside of what those meetings would consist of.”

The meetings are scheduled to start on June 6 and go each weekday until a special session is called on June 22.

“It allows time to negotiate and discuss,” Koch said. “And it will avoid any kind of government shutdown. Any time we’re talking about that and having an agreement on that, that’s a good thing.”

Dayton thinks the meetings are good, but he is asking Koch and Zellers to give him what they believe is their budget midpoint by Monday.

“What do they believe their midpoint is between their position and mine?” Dayton asked. “What are they willing to do on the revenue side to arrive at that midpoint?”
Legislative leaders described Friday’s meeting as “honest”. Thursday a meeting was scheduled with a Republican-led panel and Dayton’s budget and revenue commissioners. Dayton told his commissioners not to attend, because he never agreed to it.

“We have at least a good working relationship,” Koch said. “That doesn’t mean it gets a little bumpy.”

The one thing both sides agreed on is avoiding a government shutdown.

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  1. Sick of GOP says:


    I suggest you walk into the meeting, ask the Republicans to define “compromise” and if they can’t/don’t, turn on your heels and walk out.

    1. JB says:

      and with your attitude “Sick of GOP” we will never have a budget and will be living in somalia. The GOP started out asking for cuts and are now only asking the governor to hold the line on spending, he is still trying to increase the budget by 1.8 BILLION dollars. in a 34 billion dollar budget, that is a 9.5% increase. When was the lat time you received a 9.5% increase? I do not know about you, but with all the shifts in the last administration and the mess Marge left us, I can not afford to pay another 9.5% of my budget to anyone.

      1. Sick of GOP says:

        As examples, two of the cuts Dayton opposes are $47 million for veterans programs and $21 million for children’s mental health.

        The GOP preys upon those who are most needy and protects those who have the most. Now that’s courage…………………………………

        1. StraycatStrut says:


        2. Sick of liberal talikng points says:

          Another Liberal talking point. Show me where it was suggested that the veterans programs and children’s mental health programs are going to be cut. Give me a web site to go on to prove your point. Then I will believe you.

      2. GOP is a CULT says:


        That 34 billion dollars includes the 5 billion of debt that Pawlenty left the state with. That would make it a 15% decrease in real money. Daytons budget is the only real budget.

        1. JB says:

          GOP is a cult, your title is funny, because the Dem posters out here are rabbid. Please read the last legislative session under Marg and you will know who gave us this mess. Governor Pawlenty vetoed a budget that was raising taxes too much (in his mind) and then Marg and her merry band over rode his veto. This Mess is Squarely on the Democrats shoulders and there is no way you can deny that. Marg refused to negotiate with the governor and used her “bully pulpit” to cram this 5 billion dollar mess down all of our throats. Could have Pawlenty compromised? Absolutely, did he, no, but she did not give him the chance and tried to tell him to come to her office to negotiate and then crammed this down all of our throats. So, please read the wrap up of her and the democrats end of 34 years of ruling this state, the democrats own this 5 billion dollar mess, but not 100%, you can give Governor Pawlenty some credit for not figuring out how to work with Marg…..

          1. GOP is a CULT says:

            JB…..Wow talk about selective memory, the only one you’re fooling is yourself. Pawlenty demanded 2 bills, one for the budget and one for the revenue source. When these bills were passed and went to the governor Pawlenty signed the budget and vetoed the revenue source for the budget. Then as most normal Minnesotians remember Pawlenty unallocated programs in the budget bill an illegal and unconstitutional move. Which the conservative Supreme Court re-allotted the money. This 5 billion is a GOP cult problem that even the cult members want to rewite history.
            For most of cult leader Pawlenty’s reign of terror the House was controlled by the GOP cult . The adults took it over the house in 2007.

            1. JB says:

              Being apparently un-normal I recall that Dems agreed in the last session with the governors illegal move and agreed to them. So apparently it is just not the right or middle that is un-normal, but the entire Democratic leadership as well from when we had Governor Pawlenty. I did not recall two bills being demanded and only one being signed, so yes you are correct, my memory was selective. As for adults, that will always be a point of contention. I have never heard of a subordinate in rank only demanding a superior come to her office to negotiate a deal and then cramming 5 billion dollars in debt down the publics throat, until your adult by the name of Marg did it. I disagree a lot with the things tha tgovernor Pawlenty did, but I disagree more with things that MArg and her merry band did. a lot of the pain we now have is from former Governor Pawlenty, not denying that, but this debt is a factor of both Marg and Governor Pawlenty failing to play nice and Marg cramming down our pocket books her vision of debt and a burdened society.

              1. GOP is a CULT says:

                JB ………. You recall wrong the Dems never went along with Pawlenty when he unallocated the funds. The Dem’s passed 2 bills one budget Pawlenty signed and one revenue which Pawlenty vetoed.
                So lets see what you recalled so far.
                1 You recalled the Dem’s over riding the Governors veto on the budget. That never happened.
                2 you recall the Dem’s and Pawlenty skipping hand in hand to unallocated funds. That never happened.
                3 You recall the wimp Tim Pawlenty being ordered around by the speaker of the house. Do you know how stupid you have to be to believe that.

      3. Sue says:

        Dayton is asking for 1.8 billion in taxes for the rich but he also is asking for cuts which will balance it so it is not 34 billion with a 9.5% increase it will still stay at 34 billion.

    2. StraycatStrut says:

      We need a budget….. and I doubt the Governor is “Smarter than a 5th Grader” because raising taxes would be the logical 5th Grade answer. Anyone can come up with that answer to “try” to solve the problem. But MN voted this goof in office. Good Luck.

    3. Matt says:

      How could anyone be so short sited as to ask for a tax increase when the economy is on the brink of imploding again is beyond me. This was the foundation of his election campaign, CLASS WAREFARE attack the minority of people out there who do better than you because everything is their fault. He doesn’t even know where he wants the spend the revenue, just that he wants MORE.

      I hope the GOP stands firm and shuts down the government for as long as it takes, no new taxes on anyone, no new revenue. Simply ridiculous.

      1. pss says:

        So matt how do we pay for the programs that we have if we don;t have any new revenues …………………use the empty space between your ears and think about it we have to increase some revenues !

    4. Time to Shut It Down says:

      The government spends TOO MUCH.

      1. Bruce says:

        The anti-government folks probably never heard of the Great Depression and the New Deal. They are going to make a huge mistake that will go down in history as the “Raw Deal.” Talk about doing the wrong thing at the wrong time… they want to try an economic recovery with no roads, no buses, no safety net, no education, no health care, no retirement; That is the RAW DEAL.

  2. kevin says:

    Give Dayton his 1.8 billon in new taxes and reduce the budget to 32 billion. Perfect compromise

  3. Jerome says:

    The GOP still need to fix the flaws like depending on a federal waiver. The phasing out of LGA only to Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth is another example of the political nature of their budget.

    1. pss says:

      lets cut the LGA in Minnatonka and Edina

  4. dan says:

    How does raising taxes 1.8 Billion erase a 5 Billion dollar deficit? And this guy used to teach our kids!

    1. Citizen says:

      @dan. Let’s see, basic math. $5 billion minus $1.8 billion equals $3.2 billion, and that will be made up with cuts. Happy now?

    2. Sue says:

      Because Dan he proposes the rest in cuts beside the 1.8 billion in raising taxes.
      And now Dayton is suggesting a mediator and the GOP won’t even compromise on that, he said each side can pick a mediator, so I believe Dayton has compromise enough and now it’s time for the GOP to meet him half way.

      1. dan says:

        Sorry, but the Republicans do not need to compromise with the Govenor. They have proposed a balanced budget and Dayton can either pass it or veto it. Those are the only 2 options. Debate was already completed on the subject before reaching the govenors desk.
        How do you think we got stuck with the Health Care bill? Was there compromise with the minority party, nope!
        Move on people

        1. Citizen says:

          @dan. Move on yourself, dan. Some of us like our government services, like the parks being open to campers, roadside rests being open for travelers, contracts being let for road & bridge construction and repair, restocking fish in lakes, police and fire protection fully available, building permits, car and land title issuance, noxious weed containment, the list goes on and on. You will see what happens to a lot of private sector business and employees when the state goes on hiatus and only very basic safety services are provided. Try to buy a car and get a title. Try to find a construction job. You’ll be peeing along the side of the road going up north.

          1. dan says:

            Easy fix: Sign the budget bill!

            1. Zeke says:

              Do you even have a clue what the GOP plan on cutting, or don’t you care? Do you even know that the GOP budget in order to work depends on a federal waver that is not even close to a sure thing? Did you know that the cuts are placed more on Minneapolis and St Paul, ares that provide more funding to the state than what they receive back? Is you neck sore from bobbing it up and down whenever Tony Sutton speaks?

          2. Common Man says:

            Yes “…the list goes on and on…” THAT IS THE PROBLEM!
            The list will grow and grow until big daddy government has to do everything fro us… Time to cut the list down and cut down the list of public employees needed to support it!

            1. pss says:

              thats so inteligent common man NOT!!! which state employees would you layoff

  5. Joe says:

    Is it just me or do I hear the Benny Hill theme when the so-called Governor speaks. Lets bring in a mediator to do a job that Dayton can’t. There’s nothing wrong with our voting system in Minnesota, but he will create a panel to improve it. How bout he hires someone to fill in for him when the stress get’s to him. The state would be a lot better off with Governor Emmer.

    1. Sue says:

      You Joe are delusional saying we would be better off with Emmer, what a joke.

      1. Joe says:

        oh delusional and what a joke.Wow that’s intelligent response sue. But then again sounds like you voted for Dayton so Ill just consider the source of that comment and have myself good day and you do the same.

    2. Warren says:

      When the GOP won’t talk and you have tried to talk with, what are you going to do? Hope you discover what that is like with your domestic partner.

  6. Umpire says:

    It is important to understand that we are in a serious recession, the state has a 5 billion deficit and many of these GOP Legislators ran on pledges of reducing government and not raising taxes. They have said from the very beginning of this deficit problem they were not going to raise taxes. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO COMPROMISE ON THIS PLEDGE WITH MR. DAYTON.

    You can hate them and call them names, but these GOP legislators are very different. They have waited 38 years to control both houses of our state government. They are doing what they pledged to do and are not consumed about getting reelected like most other politicians.

    We can post and post, but none of what we say here is going to matter. We are like dogs chasing our tail, great fun and it does relieves stress, but it accomplishes very little.

    1. Claire says:

      If the GOP compromises on this I can already see the re-election ads for the DFL. “Read my Lips” will be in every ad about how the GOP lied and raised taxes when they campaigned to cut waste.
      Hold strong GOP

      1. Citizen says:

        Sorry, Claire. They already lied about creating jobs. And they WILL create new fees–I will bet you lunch on that! The GOP is the party of liars and social engineering. The party of NO.

        1. Claire says:

          If you are going to grade the GOP as an F in job creation over the past 6 months, then Obama would be considered expelled as he has had over 2 years and Trillions of dollars only to have the unemployment rate rise.
          I think most people are ok with fees. If I use a service I expect to pay a fee. If I choose not to use a service I avoid a fee. Seems like a fair plan.
          I think Dayton has become the voice of NO. Budget and G&F bill all in the past couple weeks. Thanks for supporting clean water and tourism in the state!

          1. Citizen says:

            No use arguing with you, Claire. You totally understand the tax structure and job creation and have a great knowledge of history. Obama is practically a shoo-in for 2012 which is why the GOP is running the clowns of the party. I can hear the circus music now. Meanwhile, the real candidates are being groomed for 2016. Hopefully, the Chinese will not have taken over the country and nationalized our industries in China by then seeing as how the likes of you want to starve government into nonexistence. I can’t give the GOP and F, I brand them traitors to the state and the U.S. with a large letter “B.” You understand that religious symbolism, don’t you?

            1. Claire says:

              Who do you think is financing all this debt? The Chinese already own us! I guess the word insolvent is not in the DFL dictionary. Lets just raise the debt ceiling and increase taxes to support our govt zest.

          2. Mark says:

            Claire, I agree with you a 100% when it comes to fees . . . If I use the service, I’ll pay for the fee. If the fee is too much, I’ll look into other options. If I don’t use the service, I don’t pay the fee. That sounds far to me.

          3. Vern says:

            @Claire. Obviously you don’t read the US Department of Labor statistics in terms of job growth and the unemployment rate was at 10.6 when he took office and is now at 8.7 for April 2011. Does the state GOP legislature have a plan?. It is evident that Pawlenty did not.

        2. Whitey Fjord says:

          I find it unconscionable for a Democrat to accuse a Republican of social engineering. That has to the most blatant example of hypocrisy ever.

    2. Citizen says:

      @Umpire. The GOP pledge of no new taxes is simply spurious. They WILL raise fees. They also ran on a pledge of job creation–not so much done there, so I guess they are picking and choosing the pledges they want to honor. Basically, the GOP legislators pledged to the GOP party and Tony Sutton there would be no new taxes–just fees. So, in reality, isn’t the unelected, unaccountable-to-the-taxpayers Tony Sutton really running things? Did I miss Tony getting voted into office? Some members of the GOP realize that this stance and position they have taken is really unrealistic and untenable, but they don’t dare cross the GOP party who feeds them money. You and other conservatives need to be really careful about how small you want government starved to be–most third world countries have really small governments and plenty of anarchy, starvation, and violence. You are buying a simple mantra of lower taxes and smaller government which is pretty bogus. Read some progressive populist websites and get educated past the talk-radio pundits and their simple mantras for simple people and simple minds.

      1. Claire says:

        Sounds like a hipocritical view to me……………..
        Unelected, unaccountable people: How many of Obamas’ Czars were elected?
        Jobs: How many jobs has Obama created with the Trillions he spent to do just that?
        Small Government: The GOP is simply trying to stop the increases that the DFL is crying for. I dont think we are anywhere close to starvation. Now violence and anarchy will come some day as we have been more divided over the last 2 years than we have been in the last 80 years.
        Mantra: No different than the DFL preaching to the “lower and Middle class” yet receiving the more donations from Wall Street than the GOP.

        1. Citizen says:

          @Claire. DId you read ALL of my post? I said to read some progressive populist writings on the ‘net. Obama’s “Czars” were political appointees just as many people in leadership in Minnesota and D.C. are. They are accountable to Dayton and Obama and by that de facto to the taxpayers. Tony Sutton is appointed to no public position by no public figure. Unaccountable my design….

          1. Claire says:

            I guess the fact that the progressive populist were never taken seriously after 1900 says something about your views of the past. Govt run telecommunications and transportation. Wow, letsw get govt involved in a few more areas they can run into the ground and prove to be once again a worthless business owner!

        2. Sue says:

          Have you forgotten Claire that the deficit was already in the Trillions when Obama took over from Bush who ran it into the ground giving all his rich buddies tax breaks and Obama had to spend some to get the country balanced again otherwise it would have been much worse and he did not spend Trillions, and tell me how many jobs have the GOP created where Obama had a steady 12 months of job creation this last year until recently because of the GOP not deciding to raise the debt ceiling that is why it has gone down and the national unemployment has gone down.
          I would like to see your face when your property taxes double or triple because of the GOP budget and all the added fees they will create and you don’t think that having fees is not raising taxes then you girl are delusional because fees is just another nicer word for taxes.
          Hang tough Dayton, 53% of the people are behind you and the GOP have just paved the way for losing their jobs in the next election.

          1. Claire says:


            We are talking about the budget here not the deficit. Try to stay on task.
            You must be some kind of world class economists to know how many jobs were saved or created with the trillions spent. Govt creates govt jobs. period.
            Your scare tactics of double or triple property taxes are a bit far fetched.
            Using facts might help your argument.
            Daytons’ decision will decide if govt shuts down or not.

            1. Sue says:

              It sounds like you know it all so why are you not running for president? You were talking about a lot of garbage all over the place and half of what you say you can’t back up with statistics, so why don’t you just ride off into the sunset and live in your own delusional little world.

              1. Claire says:

                Great comeback. See my stats below, where are yours?

                Signed the girl from a little world

          2. Claire says:


            Here are a couple facts you may find useful in regards to the National Debt:

            Between 2000-2008 it was raised 4.5 Trillion. Average of 563 Billion/yr

            Between 2008-2010 it was raised 3.5 Trillion. Average of 1.75 Trillion/yr

            Guess which presidents were in office during those years?

      2. Umpire says:

        Dear Citizen-

        When I got up this morning I checked a blog from yesterday entitled:

        Legislative Budget Panel Meets As Impasse Drags

        There were 37 comments and 12 of them were yours!

        When I got to this subject 6 of the first 36 comments are yours. It seems to me you all over this website EVERY SINGLE DAY just writing away! Either you are not working and have a ton of time on your hands or you are a paid employee of the Minnesota Democratic Party. Either way this old man thinks you are letting the GOP and this impasse get into your head way too much.

        Trust me Citizen, Democrats and Republicans will be arguing long after you and I are gone. In fact one of the major reasons why America is great and will survive all of this is our great two party system. A two party system means there is usually going to be a loser and a winner. On this one Citizen, you are not on the side that is going to win.

        Have a great weekend Citizen and remember great hitters fail 7 of every 10 times they come to bat!


        1. Citizen says:

          Dearest Umpire. I’m retired. I can play on the Internet and bug you conservative reactionaries all I want. LMAO.

          1. Umpire says:

            Dear Citizen-

            We have something in common as I am retired too! I did well in my first job, but I retired from it and started another business that is going well. Being a conservative, I just think everyone MUST work if they physically can, including me! Ever since I was a little boy growing up on a farm, work has always been a part of who I am.

            I really do get a kick out of liberals. For the most part liberals really do mean well, but a great many Americans today are just sick of too much government in their lives and wallets. After 40 years of creeping socialism, I think you would have to agree with me that the times are changing.

            Have a great weekend!


            1. Citizen says:

              Umpire–yes, I agree that everyone should work. However, with a couple of hundred applicants for every job and very few jobs being created, practically speaking, I think everyone working is wishful thinking. One conservative estimate I’ve read said that over 11 million jobs would need to be created just to fill the jobs already lost in this recession AND THAT IS PROVIDING NO NEW JOBS for additional high school and college graduates. My grandmother used to say you can wish in one hand and sh–t in the other and see which one fills up first. So, you can wish all you want for people to work BUT YOU NEED JOBS. Plus, a lot of today’s jobs require more than just basic skills–another one of your assumptions regarding full employment is that everyone is intellectually able to work and that is just not so. 40 years of creeping socialism does not bother me. What bothers me is taking away the safety net for people. Much of the cultural atmosphere of the U.S. reminds me of France before the revolution and storming of the Bastille. When people are hungry, homeless, jobless, and purposeless, they have NOTHING left to lose. And for your edification, I am not a liberal, I am a populist of the new breed. You can check out the Progressive Populist newsletter or the Hightower Lowdown online to get some idea of my political position, if you even care.

              1. Umpire says:

                Dear Citizen-

                First let me say, I do not support, nor do I think the Republican Party wants to take away the safety net from our society. There are always going to be people who will need permanent aid or help up to their feet. That said, this government safety net cannot support as many people as it currently supports or this net funded by capitalism and business, will collapse and become useless to everyone that needs this help.

                At your request I went to the Progressive Populist Newsletter. Your party does seems to have a noble, but rather utopian platform. My first thought were that these ideas and talking points were similar to what Karl Marx might have written had he been alive today.

                You claim to not be a liberal yourself, but your party claims loyalty only to Democrats and Independents that survive the scrutiny of the Populist Party and pretty much says it would NEVER support any Republican candidate. I am pasting a couple of sentences I found very interesting on your Progressive Parties newsletter website:

                “We fight efforts by the Republicans, with the complicity of conservative Democrats, to enact the Contract on America that would roll back nearly every progressive advance since the days of Teddy Roosevelt.”

                “The Progressive Populist is not a Democratic Party organ; we support progressive Democrats, progressive independent and third-party candidates who promote progressive democracy and, if any progressive Republicans show themselves, we will give them a hearing.”

                WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Does it mean you hate everything about the Republican Party including their support of capitalism? Does it mean you will only support the Democratic Party when they support Progressive Party ideals? Aren’t you worried about hurting Democratic candidates and actually HELPING REPUBLICAN candidates with you staunch positions?

                Another sentence from the newsletter you suggested I check out says:

                “With the selection of George W. Bush as president of the United States by judicial fiat of the Supreme Court, and his re-election engineered with the manipulation of public fear of terrorism, we think that populist voices are needed now more than ever.”

                According to your party does this mean:

                1.) Most Americans are really stupid?
                2.) George Bush was able to TWICE trick the American people into winning the oval office?
                3.) The Supreme Court is a bunch of crooks?

                This bothers me more than anything I saw on the Progressive Populist newsletter because it tells me your party seems to think it is intellectually superior to the American people.

                I am a simple country boy Citizen with simple ideas.

                1.) I believe America must ALWAYS spend big bucks on National Defense-ALWAYS.
                2.) I do not believe much in conspiracies. I have always thought Lee Harvey Oswald was a crazy guy who acted alone in killing JFK.
                3.) I believe the two party system is a MAJOR reason why our political system and nation has endured. I think most third party candidates have little or chance to be anything more than spoilers. Of course our beloved former Governor Ventura is an exception!
                4.) I believe people are basically good.
                5.) I think people who can, should work even if they feel it is below their abilities and government should try and stay out of the way.

                At the end of your last reply to me you said, “go online to get some idea of my political position, if you even care.” I CARE CITIZEN! That is why I checked out your Progressive Populist newsletter and wrote you back.


                1. Citizen says:

                  @Umpire. Thank you for reiterating the Populist ideas. Saves me typing and saves a lot of others looking. Most Americans are not really stupid–they are very UNEDUCATED. To address some of your points: (the Supreme Court is the philosophical make up of its jurists–read history–and George Bush was appointed the first term–not elected).
                  1) 80% of high school graduates do not read books after high school. That limits knowledge a great deal and their education is not ongoing.
                  2) Conspiracies are everywhere–the Koch brothers and their ilk are presently engaging in a conspiracy of the wealthy against American workers and voters.
                  3) Our two party system of today is the fall out of many political parties over this country’s history–our two-party system has had many players that have changed greatly. This particular system will probably change again. Third parties often do rise up and take over one party. All a two-party system SHOULD do is enable a candidate to get more than 50% of the vote (a mandate), but that hasn’t happened in years.
                  4) I don’t know whether people are good or bad–I simply look at behavior.
                  5) I agree people should work, if they are able, but there needs to be JOBS FOR THIS TO HAPPEN. Sort of a bit of a sticky wicket, eh? No jobs, no work for people. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.
                  At the end of the day, history is giving us a lesson that jobs are going away, and that the challenge of this next century will be how to get income to people and provide a stable way of life so we don’t have violence in our streets like a lot of third-world countries with small, starved governments.
                  Next, you should read Jim Hightower’s newsletter online, the Hightower Lowdown. It will be even more enlightening and disquieting.

    3. Vern says:

      If you are so pro GOP explain how the Pawlenty Administration in 8 years could not find the means to streamline the administration of government. They were all his department heads. The GOP governor by shifting payments rather than working to solve the problem created the mess. Without that bill that came due we would not have this problem.

    4. pss says:

      they waited 38 years and it won’t last 4 years because the people will theow the BUM REBUBLICANS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Citizen says:

        @pss. Wisconsin has already started the process to throw the bums out with recall petitions. Love it!

  7. kevin says:

    I suggest the legislators and gov Dayton look and the last two months of spending by all the different agencies . Like all budgets if there is any money left near the end of the budget year the agencies spend the money like a bunch of drunkin sailors so as not to get less money during the next budget cycle. Figure out how much these people have wasted on useless purchases and remove that amount from there next allocation. And yes citizen it is my opinion and you are entitled to yours.

  8. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    The government can only create government jobs…but they can enable business to create jobs, by lifting some restrictions, lowering corporate tax rates ect…business’ take a risk when they invest …the state and federal governemnt should not be trying to make the risk even bigger. Let government improve the climate for job creation and there will be more jobs.

  9. Jenna Tailia says:

    Remember when Ronald Regan told George Bush to send arms to Iran? He only sent right arms and no pits. How about when Richard Nixon took pictures of the Washington Monument with his cell phone and sent that picture to Patricia.

  10. It is what it is says:

    Daton is an embarrassment to this state… People of MN should have learned after his failures as US Senator.

    His story is a perfect example of someone who was born into privilege and never had to work for anything in his life… this is clearly displayed in his work ethic, and everyday demeanor.

    I claim no political side, i just call them like i see them.

    1. Wow says:

      And that’s why he wants to raise taxes on you rich people?

    2. me says:

      Yup, another limousine liberal feeling guilty about the silver spoon in his mouth and now everyone who isn’t poor has to pay for that sin. Welcome to trickle up poverty.

  11. worryfree says:

    Dayton was elected with a pledge to raise taxes on the wealthiest
    Minnesoptans so should he have to back off his pledge while Repubs do not have to budge on theirs? Compromise means both sides move towards the other sides position. Dayton has cut his tax increase proposal by 50%. taht’s compromise. It isn’t class warfare when you ask that the wealthiest pay the same % tax rate as the middle class…

  12. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Dayton was elected because Tom Emmer had to contend with Dayton and a 3rd party candidate..if there were no 3rd party candidate there would be nop Governor Dayton. Perhaps Dayton should move his trust fund back to MN??

  13. justaxnspend says:

    Q?. How come the state of Nevada’s budget is
    half of Minnesota’s?

    1. dan says:

      Because Nevada is a Third World country. They have dirt roads, no wayside rest to take a leak and they have terrible violence, starvation and anarchy.

      1. Citizen says:

        Sounds like the Nevada I know. Home to brothels, gambling, people who throw garbage out car windows, and little trickles of water they like to call rivers. I doubt they would notice you peeing by the side of the road with your little friends…

  14. BB says:

    I say shut her down if the Republicans do not compromise on tax increase for the top 2 percent and give up the cuts on the most vulnerable. Maybe the Republicans and Democrats would be willing to give up their entitlements, share the pain folks. There is no reason why the poor,working class poor and the middle class should be absorbing the financial pain while the wealthiest in this state just slide by. Expect the pain to be shared across the spectrum.

    1. Basic Logic says:

      Touche’ BB. Well stated

  15. Wow says:

    $1.8 billion in taxes and $3.2 billion in cuts. Seems like what I would consider a compromise. Not sure what the big deal is.

  16. I hate political parties says:

    These were our two choices for governor of MN in 2010: A rich, well-known drunkard who was an admittedly bad senator. An rich, unknown drunkard with 2 DWI’s who no one had ever heard of. I was less than impressed with these choices.

    1. I hate political parties says:

      Oh I forgot to add that Dayton was drunk several times while on the floor of the US Senate.

      Again, I was very unimpressed with the two choices we were given for the Governors seat.

    2. Astonished_by_your_beliefs says:

      Sure attack Dayton personally. He has never denied problems like many people. The senate and the political games necessary to survive there weren’t for him.

      As Governor, he has been wonderful! You may not agree on his politics, but he has been clear on his intentions – not always making all DFL happy in his decisions (examples teacher licenses and new bridge over the St. Croix), and has gone out of the way to meet and work with the GOP.

      Consider Pawlenty. Eight years – claiming there was all this waste in government, no need for taxes, hired consultants to looks for this waste, but never proposed a budget to show where this “waste” was, used gimmicks and tricks and one-time money to solve the budget. This simply helped to create our current problem. Everyone keeps asking why can’t we simply just spend what we did last year. We can’t because there was stimulus money and all these tricks to settle last year’s budget. Dayton is proposing to deal with the problem directly with budget cuts and increased taxes.

  17. Sick of liberal talikng points says:

    Lets talk about jobs
    Oct- 2009 to Oct 2010 DFL Controlled 8.6, 7.4, 8.7 unemployment rate
    Jan-2011 & Apr-2011 GOP Controlled 7.3 & 6.6 unemployment rate.
    Looks like its dropping to me
    Who is creating the jobs here?????
    Amazing when you search the internet what you can find.

    1. Vern says:

      The same argument could be said that it was because we had a Democratic governor versus a Republican one. What meaningful legislation that was passed and signed occurred January through April ? Nothing. Amazing how you can extrapolate something out of nothing.Eight years of Pawlenty, what did he as leader create for jobs? Nothing major came in.The same is true of Cristie in New Jersey.

  18. Ronald says:

    I guess it all boils down to what kind of state/country you want to live in. Left leaning socialism with high taxes more entitlements or right leaning republic with less government more freedom and more personal responsibility . The polls will decide in 2012.

    1. Like says:

      Probably the best, most concise comment I’ve ever seen on one these “stories.”

  19. Carl says:

    Face it, the GOP has been subsumed by the American Taliban. They seek to dismantle the secular (that’s the U.S. and Minnesotan) government while imposing a literalist religious agenda. Theocracy gained even through elections is still Democracy lost. Hang in there Governor.

  20. Common Men says:

    Yes “…the list goes on and on…” THAT IS THE PROBLEM!
    The list will grow and grow until big daddy government has to do everything for us… Time to cut the list down and cut down the list of public employees needed to support it!

  21. Carl says:

    It’s also not surprising that public education and science research funding are threatened by people who believe the world was created 6,000 years ago. I suppose a well educated citizenry would represent a threat to those who have built their world view on mythology. Embarrassing.

    Praise Jebus, God hates reason, Amen.

  22. Pat says:

    With all due respect to House Speaker Zellers, his analogy of his son’s choice of toys to buy at Target to the priorities of the people of Minnesota really misses the mark. The needs of people with disabilities, the elderly, and some of our most vulnerable citizens (who under the majority’s plan would bear the greatest burden in terms of balancing the budget) are not “child’s play”. This is about real people, real lives.

    1. This statement doesn't work says:

      This is impossible because people on disability, social security, and other entitlement programs do not pay taxes; therefore they will not bear the greatest burden of balancing the budget. They will actually bear no burden. Pat, you will bear the burden along with everyone else who has a job.

      1. Sue says:

        They still have to count that as income on their taxes stupid, so yes if they have enough income to claim they do pay taxes. That isn’t free money.

        1. This statement doesn't work says:

          Sue, are we on the playground throwing dirt balls? I do not appreciate being called stupid, especially since it wasn’t a stupid comment. I know it’s hard remain civilized and control your temper when things don’t go our way, but sometimes we should take a step back and evaluate that we just might be the one that looks stupid simply by calling someone stupid.

          Now, back to the issue. They do not have to count this as income. I work with entitlements, I come across it every day.

          1. pss says:

            you are totally WRONG everyone pays some form of taxes and yes they have to file taxes My mother is disabled and a sr,citizen my sister does her taxes every year so if you look into a mirror and the dummy in the mirror looks back I would say Sue is CORRECT!!

        2. Bart says:

          Talk about an ignorant little priss. Wow! This is free monty as taxes are not collected on the above items. Educate yourself before spewing your garbage.

        3. dan says:

          Stupid?? Sue I think its time to take your medication you are starting to get all worked up. I think intelligent people should be able to have a conversation without some calling names. Name calling generally shows up when you have nothing else to say.

        4. Naana naana boo boo says:

          Playground behavior is right! Sue, when I was little if I called someone stupid just to be mean I got me a big ‘ol spanking! Gosh maybe I shouldn’t say that… some of these libs might go report my elderly parents for backdated child abuse!

  23. kevin says:

    Carl, you sound like you have been living on the set of Planet of the Apes. If you think that our economy will ever recover without a draw down in entitlment progarms you will find out how fast our state economy will calapse

    1. Carl says:

      Where did I mention entitlement programs kevin, unless you mean public education? In which case, the word is spelled “collapse”

      Praise Jebus, God hates irony, Amen.

  24. sporty007 says:

    Okay lets get real people – both parties lied to us – they always tell you exactly what you want to hear to get elected and alot of people are foolish enough to believe them. With that said – did anyone seriously think this fight wasn’t coming when you have Dayton running on the “Lets tax the rich” and the GOP running on the NO new taxes. I don’t agree with additional taxes right now, because the yahoo’s in government haven’t learned how to live within a budget period and adding more money won’t make them do that – it might balance it this time around, but the next time they’ll be looking for even more – we are already one of the highest taxed states in the country – what are they trying to shoot for #1 in taxes.

    1. @sporty says:

      They are not adding more money, that money is going to pay for the deficit.

      1. dan says:

        So the last 5 billion of the budget is going to pay for the deficit but the first 5 billion is going towards Welfare? Please explain………..

  25. Sick of liberal talking points says:


    1. Carl says:

      Actually it’s called the “prosperity gospel.” Michele Bachamnn, T-Paw and his wife are all proponents. In fact, it is the foundation of most religious conservative social and economic policy. This twisted version of Christianity was made famous by Oral Roberts and marketed heavily by the “Family” on C-Street. Strange? Yes but frighteningly real.

      1. Paul says:

        You got to stop dropping those greens with your prescription drugs. What the hell color is the sky in your world?

        1. Carl says:

          Unfortunately, religious extremists are well practiced at selling lies as facts but their denials don’t change the underlying threat. Theocracy gained through popular vote is still Democracy lost.

          Praise Jebus, God hates a well educated citizenry, Amen

  26. Kally says:

    Carl, that is some good stuff for a good conversation about.. well many things. Look at countries where there is no freedom to worship as you want. Their economies are always trashed. Also with those with state religion, actual laws based on religion, honor killing etc. Their economies are always in the trash too. Now about China..one child per family, say something anti-government and you get 10 years in a re-educatin center. I hate those extreams and rather like what we got going on here in the USA. thanks you God. Amen.

    1. Carl says:

      Yes, we need moderation but “what we got going on here” is a slow motion
      coup d’etat by the religious right.

      1. Citizen says:

        Actually, Carl, what we have going on in the U.S. is a corporatist state. We are not a democracy and no longer are a republic. Scary times. I agree wholeheartedly with your posts.

  27. Barack says:

    I think we should go back and balance the budget with pre-1967 guidlines

    1. Carl says:

      Can we also go back to the roughly 80% top marginal tax rate at that time? Or how about the 92% marginal rate from 1964? High marginal tax rates didn’t harm the GDP back in the good old days.

  28. Always in favor of less government says:

    Government shutdown doesn’t do much other than delay more government.

  29. Kendall says:

    Here is a solution to the problem: give the gov his requested tax hike with enough cuts to provide a surplus in coming years. Put a time limit on hike that would go away once surplus started. Give back the money to the people that paid the taxes when a surplus warrented. Every politician would have met their goals. Reagon did this in as California Governor and it worked.

  30. Carl says:

    So we should slash state law enforcement during the summer months to protect the wealthiest 2% from a marginal tax increase. Sounds like Jesus to me.

    Praise Jebus, God hates low traffic fatality rates, Amen

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