VIRGINIA, Minn. (AP) — A civil trial for Virginia Police Chief Dana Waldron has been postponed.

The Police Civil Service Commission trial was set to begin Monday for Waldron, who is accused of inefficiency and misconduct.

The police chief was put on paid leave Jan. 25 following a closed session of the city council. Detective Dennis Benz was named acting police chief.

City officials haven’t commented on the investigation.

Waldron has told the Mesabi Daily News that he doesn’t know what he could have done wrong to be put on immediate suspension. He called the investigation a “witch hunt.”

Mayor Steve Peterson has said he believes the investigation will prove to be justified.

The trial was announced recently after a four-month investigation, but the two sides have been in negotiations for a settlement.

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Comments (5)
  1. GOPSUX says:

    Inefficiency and misconduct. Must be a republican.

  2. GOPSUX says:

    Sorry about that comment, I am just such a goofy worthless person that I can not think for my self and can only name call and do stupid things. I never really talk to any one and I never have talked to real girls. I only post on the internet.

  3. GOPSUX says:

    Will the real GOPSUX please sign in.

  4. Mark from MNTAXWASTE.COM says:

    On paid leave from this Jan? Well spent tax dollars! That Tea Party is looking better and better

  5. Ignorance must be bliss says:

    What would the Tea Party do any different about this? Mark is back and still has no idea what he is talking about with random posts that have nothing to do with the story. Nothing to see here, you can all go home now.

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