ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — In an effort to break a budget impasse and avert a government shutdown July 1, Minnesota Republican leaders made a budget counteroffer to Gov. Mark Dayton Monday. Dayton characterized the meeting as constructive, but said the two sides remain far apart.

The Republican offer, which leaders characterized as more money for “kids, cops and courts,” would spend $110 million on programs in education, public safety and judiciary.

GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers called it “a significant, substantial compromise,” and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch said Republicans are meeting Dayton “more than halfway.”

As the two sides met inside the Capitol, frustrated state employees like Michael Lindholt fretted outside.

“Why do we work so hard, and take pride in our jobs, if they don’t care?” asked Linholt, who is a MNDOT snowplow driver and road maintenance worker.

“Bridges won’t be inspected, roads won’t be maintained”, said Lindholt, who was laid off during the 2005 government shutdown.

With a government shutdown a real possibility, state officials set up a website helping workers prepare for the worst. It’s the same website that’s normally used for natural disasters like floods and tornadoes.

At the Capitol, the conservative tax watchdog group, The Taxpayer’s League of Minnesota, unveiled a television advertisement reiterating a central Republican talking point: Republicans passed a balanced budget with cuts that Dayton won’t sign.

“Governor Dayton doesn’t want to compromise,” said a character in the ad. “He wants higher taxes and billions more in state spending.”

The Republican budget offer to Dayton comes after two weeks of hot rhetoric and cool relations between the two sides.

However, for state employees like Lindholdt, the bosses aren’t working hard enough.

“We love our jobs,” said Lindholdt. “We’re here to work, and we come to work every day. Now they tell us that we’re gonna shut you down because we’re gonna play this political game and point fingers? You feel unappreciated.”

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  1. Joe Hanson says:

    Won’t the “Alliance for a Better Minnesota” be in the meeting so they can be sure Governor Dayton does what they tell him to do?

    Governor Dayton and the “Alliance for a Better Minnesota” deciding that you, a State employee, is nonessential and will be terminated.

    1. GOP is a CULT says:

      Will the CEO’s of Target, TCF, and Best Buy be in the meeting, to make sure the Republicans do what they were paid to do.

      1. Joe Hanson says:

        The Republicans already did what they were paid to do – deliver a balanced budget to the Governor for his signature.

        I’m sure the CEO’s won’t be attending because they are busy running their corporations..

        1. Citizen says:

          @Joe. And devising investments and tax dodges for themselves so they DON’T pay the same percentage of tax as 98% of the middle class American taxpayers. And also making sure all the politicians know who buys, ooops, I mean funds their campaign treasuries. The truly great thing about Governor Dayton is that he is independently wealthy–the same as John F. Kennedy.

          1. Joe Hanson says:

            I don’t begrudge Governor Dayton’s inherited wealth. Why do hate those that EARN it?

            1. GOP is a CULT says:

              I do not hate those that earn their money, I also do not suffer from wealth worship as conservatives do. I’m just tired of paying their share.

              1. Joe Hanson says:

                “GOP is a CULT” sure sounds hateful to me.

                1. GOP is a CULT says:

                  That’s because conservative always want to play the victim.

            2. Tom says:

              @ Joe Hanson

              Because without us the consumers they would not be rich! So either we are all in this together or we are not!

            3. leftisright says:

              It is impossible to “earn” the amount of money that Dayton wants to tax. You either had it given to you (inheritance, nepotism, cronyism, etc.) or you cheated and/or stole it.

          2. paulc says:

            If you are going to tell such lies, you should try to provide some numbers.

            Are you paid by the Governor’s office?

            1. Tom says:

              @ paulc

              Who are you accusing of telling lies? The economy is driven by supply and demand economics. Do you think that just because you give a rich person who runs a business a tax cut that suddenly they will hire 10 people regardless of if they need to or not? That is pure fantasy on your part. If you look at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. they are consumer driven.

              I am not paid by the Gov’s office that is LAUGHABLE!

              1. Claire says:

                So keep taxing the corporations at one of the highest State tax rates and watch them move to South Dakota. That is what Deomcrats dont get. They think MN is the only state for one to live and work.
                You will still have the consumers but no businesses to tax if you keep it up

                1. Tax and Tea says:

                  AMEN Claire! I am NOT a 6 figure income earner….but my basic understanding of business ensures Claire is correct!

                  That’s the problem with you left wingers… don’t think of govt as a business….you think of it as a welfare system, and that is why we have the problems we do.

                  I’ll say it again…

                  MN does NOT have a tax problem….
                  MN has a SPENDING problem!

                  When we are one of the highest taxed states in the US, tough to argue we don’t have enough to fix our budget issues…. and those who think that “once you figure in the tax breaks we get, we are average” NOT TRUE!

                2. leftisright says:

                  Biggest fallacy ever purported by right-wing idealogues. If this was even remotely close to being realistic it would really be hard to explain away the prosperity and public investment this state made during the 60’s-70s-80s while the tax rates were much higher than now. Back when greed did not rule over public policy decision making.

          3. Richard says:

            INDEPENDANTLY WEALTHY?!?! HA! He got a horseshoe up his rear end when he fell into an inheritance. Nothing Independant about that

          4. Stop entitlements says:

            57% of the people in Minnesota didn’t even pay taxes in 2010 sp don’t tell me that CEO’s are trying to not pay what 98% of people pay. Those numbers just don’t add up. 1% of Americans pay over 99% of the taxes in this country and the democrats just want them to pay more.

            1. leftisright says:

              zero facts by stop entitlements guy

        2. GOP is a CULT says:

          Seein as how the CEO’s of Target, TCF, and Best Buy used corporate funds to pay the GOP, they probably believe it’s corporate business. Besides what more important to these guys than there continued hoarding of wealth.

          1. Sick of liberal talking points says:

            @GOP is a cult
            What is more important to you. Having these corporations here to hire people to have jobs, or to leave our State because they are taxed out of it. Uhmmm sounds like a no brainer to me.

            1. steve says:

              @ Sick of Corporate taxes would not be raised. So it sounds like you are a no brainer

              1. Sick of liberal talking points says:

                @ Steve
                Read your reply. It makes no sense. Who is the no brainer???

                1. steve says:

                  You are. There has been no talk of raising corporate taxes. What is here is here. Is a skilled workforce going to want to move to Fargo or Aberdeen?. There is more in corporate decision making than taxes.

          2. Claire says:

            But if they donated to the DFL you would be OK with that?

          3. steave says:

            MN Is Know for being a welfare State all of the poor people and forners come here so they can get our hard earned money! For Free! Stop giving money away! Make every one work hard for it! Ship all the forners Back!

            1. Fred says:

              Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services sponsored the, conservative organizations. The Native Americans wish you would go back, too

    2. Realist says:

      I may be wrong, but I I believe a judge makes the final decision of who is essential and who is laid off (not terminated).

  2. Carl says:

    The House and Senate leadership are too busy carrying water for religious conservatives and Minnesota’s wealthiest 2%. They are afraid to compromise any further or risk losing their base of fundamentalists and moguls. Screw the middle class and working families.

  3. We Are Willing To Spend No More. says:

    “Dayton said Friday he wants GOP leaders to say how much more they’re willing to spend “

  4. Captain America says:

    Gov. Dayton no more spending 34B is enough rev. and we are already in the top tier for taxes in the country, Use your power to help decide what the cuts will be to protect your important programs.

    Cut the MN corp. tax rate to spur more hiring which will bring in more Rev.

    1. GOP is a CULT says:

      34 billion minus the Pawlenty debt of 5 billion equals a 15% cut in the budget. Now we’ve seen what happens when budgets are cut indiscriminately birdges fall down, sexual preditors are released, roads go unplowed. All so the private jet club hoard more wealth.

      1. Citizen says:

        @GOP is a CULT. Don’t forget the Donald Trumps of this world need an extra fur coat for the 5th wife, and another Ferrari. Sure don’t want to cramp the style of the wealthy, do we. But, we’re glad to defund head start, health care for seniors and the poor, and throw public employees out of jobs. Geesh!

      2. And God is my leader says:

        @ GOP
        I’m ok with that…..with the money I saved on taxes I
        #1 bought a truck that can drive over water
        #2- a gun to shoot the sexual predators
        #3- A snow plow to put on my truck

        See? That’s the PROBLEM with you people….you RELY on the govt for too much! FOR ONCE…TRY to be a “self-made man” and MAYBE you will change your mind about this!

        1. IWonderIF says:

          This is so funny
          And god is my leader yet #2 states “A gun to shoot the sexual predators”
          Sounds like another awesome Christian to me!!!!

          1. satire maybe says:

            How many wars were faught in the name of God……This is my war….

            Yup…got my bible on the arm rest of my truck that can drive over water….

            Sometimes….it’s not the actual words….it’s the meaning they get across…..

    2. Tom says:

      @ Captain America

      You can cut the tax rate to zero and they won’t accomplish nothing if DEMAND for their product or service is there. Why would they hire lets say a bunch of people if they can barely keep the people they have no busy. The economy is based on supply and demand economics.

      And conservatives like you lost the revenue argument with T-Paws last budget when they had too call US Bank and have put aside about $500 Billion just in case the state couldn’t pay its bills.

      And by the way what if something MAJOR happens and we have to come up with a lot of money would you rather have the money on hand? Or would you want too put it on the card?

      1. smart like tractor says:

        @Tom…what country are you from? Because the comment you wrote above isn’t English that’s for sure….

    3. dmedic69 says:

      They have come up with many ways to create revenue but the do gooders of this state won’t allow it, like a state owned and operated casino because the Natives refuse to give the state any money yet have their hands out, video slots in the bars, 7 day liquor sales those are just to name a few that keep getting shot down when in a tourist state they would genrate millions yearly. and you won’t have to take away from my kids education

      1. Alan says:

        It is a bipartisan effort not to expand gambling. It was dimwits with foresight that did not put and end date in the compact.

    4. Realist says:

      “Cut the MN corp. tax rate to spur more hiring which will bring in more Rev.”

      Wait, what? You actually believe this garbage?

      1. Tea Isle 3 says:

        So….Realist….do you go to Target to get an item on sale because it’s cheaper? Or do you go to the store that has the item for $1 more becase you have no concern about saving money….

        Think of it that way……

        Don’t get me wrong…..I LOVE Lund’s and would shop there every day if I could! BUT reality causes me to shop at Target (who I love as well!!! A REAL MN company) because they are CHEAPER for the SAME items!

        So YES! MN is becoming the “Lund’s” (Or “Daytons”) of the tax world! Pretty soon the companies will leave to shop at Target….and we will be stuck with high taxes and no way to pay them…..WAIT…isn’t that happening now?

        1. M B says:

          You’re not getting the point that Realist is making.

          Cutting corporate tax does NOT increase hiring. It just allows the Executives and Stockholders to have bigger bonuses. They won’t hire more if they can whip and flog who they have to work harder. After all, where else are they going to go? They’re already pretty much at the bottom of the employment ladder… Most people cant afford college anymore (did you happen to notice that the U of M is 20,000 a year now?? 80,000+ just for a 4 year degree???) so they can’t even get ahead that way.
          That’s why corporations LOVE bad economies. They can whine about needing free tax breaks all the while whipping and flogging (figuratively of course) employees they have into working harder. With few other jobs available, where are they going to go? They come out with a tax break (more $$$ in their pockets since they don’t hire more) and employees that are more productive slaves (more $$$ in their pockets). How could an exec NOT love that?

          1. bitter tea says:

            I do 100% understand (and agree to a point) with what you say…..

            The problem is….in reality it just doesn’t happen this way. In reality….they will just move to SD. Unless the whole US were on the same page…..we have this issue….but we are not on the same level playing field..So state competition takes place for the ability to have these corp’s work out of their state.

            So what do you do…just throw your arms and give up? Or figure out a way to be competitive!

            I was a small business owner…I know all about competition….and having to change your “market outlook” in order to keep your head above water.

            I just feel that’s the problem here in MN…..the people in charge don’t see it as a “business”, they see it as “we are in charge and what we say goes”….making us more reliant on the govt and that in turn makes them think they can charge us more in taxes…

            I guess…..I can leave at any time…no one is holding a gun to my head to keep me here…..When my company moves its operations to Rapid City SD, I’ll just need to find a home there, and one more tax paying citizen will be leaving….

            Soon SD will have the population MN had….and MN will be full of tax paying Dem’s growing corn on a plot where my house once stood….

  5. GOP is a CULT says:

    Stick to your guns Governor Dayton. The top 2% cannot continue to cut wages on the working class while paying the Republicans to shift the cost of government on to the people can least afford it. The extreme greed at the top of the economic ladder of people who get multi million dollars bonuses while pointing their chubby little fingers at state workers claiming their the problem.

    1. Joe Hanson says:

      The “Alliance for a Better Minnesota” will make sure that Governor Dayton sticks to his guns. They got him elected and will expect him to do what they tell him.

      If that means Governor Dayton shuts down the State Government resulting is mass layoffs of State employees, he will do it.

      1. Realist says:

        Name a politician, from either side of the aisle, that isn’t bought and paid for by a special interest group? I dare you to name just one! Hint: You can’t.

  6. kevin says:

    GOP IS ACULT, 15% budget cut . Now were talking some good cuts. Start figuring where you will spend your welfare check. On food and housing for your kids or a new stash of drugs.

  7. sw says:

    Stick to your guns, GOP. 34 Billion Budget is way too high.

    1. Citizen says:

      @sw. Yep, I guess all the complainers about the quality of Minnesota highways don’t realize that a state budget greatly depends on the price of gasoline just like workers’ budgets. If the price of gasoline is up, so is the price of asphalt and other paving materials. The fact that Minnesota is holding the line as well as it is speaks volumes to how well this state is doing without passing off a 30% increase in gas prices to taxpayers. Bridges need repair, too, or would you rather have another collapsed one like 35W. Better yet, all you people who want to starve the state and federal governments, start THINKING about what that really means to your quality of life and security. State revenues spent on private jobs (contractors, engineers, architects, to name a few), provide jobs. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. Redistribution of tax money does provide jobs. Some of you just don’t get it.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Mark. The bridge was not “flawed.” It was underbuilt for the traffic that was forced onto it. A sure recipe for failure of infrastructure is to build less than you need and then overwork it. Add in a lack of maintenance and harsh Minnesota winters and you have a disaster waiting to happen. Sounds like a result of budget cuts and the lowest bidder, to me! The only person lying here is you.

        1. Mark says:

          You better read the final report before you speak like an expert.

          1. Citizen says:

            @Mark. And you are an expert? Please give us your credentials, cite your source, and back up your name calling.

            1. Mark says:

              nobody is name calling, the final report (on line) says absolutely nothing about lack of funds caused the collapse but thats exactly what you said caused it. To cite this as a result of budget cuts is total fabrication. Try and make your point with facts not fiction

              1. Citizen says:

                Obviously, Mark, you don’t understand the process of the lowest responsible bidder or bridge construction. The bridge was built as inexpensively as possible and was designed for the traffic flow of that decade. I’m sure tax revenue was a consideration. Do we design the Lamborghini of bridges or the Yugo? What can we afford from tax revenue? So the bridge was built to the standards of that day and to the traffic patterns of that time. Then the traffic flow GREATLY increased. Plus, at the time of the collapse, heavy equipment was sitting statically on the bridge. Bridges are designed for traffic flow not static weight. It was a perfect storm of problems. But it was basically cheaply built and inadequate for the heavy traffic flow that eventually happened, and then not maintained as well as it should be. You see, when taxpayers yell and scream about tax increases–something has to go–something has to be cut. A lot of times it’s construction. I’m sorry if I can’t write well enough to get across this point to you.

                1. Tammy says:

                  You makie no sense at all. Sometimes that happens when you try to make a point when one doesn’t exist,.

                2. Claire says:

                  Tammy, here are some simpler terms for you. Its a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Was that plain enough for you to understand?

                3. New Closing says:

                  I’ll say it again…

                  MN does NOT have a tax problem….
                  MN has a SPENDING problem!

                  EVERY post we place on this WDFL ste should end with that!

                  I’ll say it again…

                  MN does NOT have a tax problem….
                  MN has a SPENDING problem!

                4. okay says:

                  Uhg. I am tired of reading this same post by this person. Nobody has the right to say anything else apparently. So stop it and listen to this parrot.

                5. okay says:

                  That was in response to New Closing.

                6. Polly want's reform says:

                  I’ll say it again…

                  MN does NOT have a tax problem….
                  MN has a SPENDING problem!

                  Polly want a tax break
                  Polly sick of other people eating my crackers

                7. Loop de loop says:

                  His comments that say the same thing alll the time is in a way to tell everyibody they have no right to participate in this forum if they do not line up to his way in thinking. It is hard to carry on any meaningful conversation with a loop.

                8. Tammy says:

                  The post was not meant for you, this blog just throws post whereever. Sorry, I agree with you acually.

                9. Here...grasp at these straws... says:

                  So your stating it was t-paws fault the bridge was built wrong decades ago?

                  Hmmmmm, if that was t-paw’s fault… are really reaching…

                  Next thing your tell me is your writing this on a space ship as they probe parts of you we shouldn’t talk about….

              2. Dale says:

                I am sure Citizen will blame this on pawlenty as well. There is no way this is a Democrats fault, even though they have run this state into the ground over the past 40 years. i do belive they have had majority rule for many decades.

            2. Citizen of what? says:

              Wow Citizen….You have NO problem thowing t-paw under the bus on some issue you can not back..then someone with the SAME “credentials” as you calls you on your comment and YOU get upset?
              You were the one who cast the 1st stone with the comment……so PLEASE back THAT up prior to coming back wth ANY remark….
              And if you think Mark calling you an “expert” is name calling….no wonder you lefty’s are crying all the time! You make the Rockies out of a pile of dog doodoo….

      2. GOP is a Cult says:

        Pawlenty was told that Bridge had problems. Instead of fixing it he took the cheap way out and tried to kick it down the road. People died.

        1. Claire says:

          I guess the Democrat Budget presented to Pawlenty was too full of Welfare projects to have any room for 35W brindge improvements

          1. Grover says:

            I guess Pawlenty did not take responsibility for what he signed. The buck stops with him, not the legislature. Try remembering your civics class. Except for amendments it is not a law unless the governor signs, or there is an over ride.

            1. Claire says:

              I think he gave the Democrats what they wated as they ruled by majority. Simply not signing and bringing the govt to a stall doesnt make much sense. Oh wait a minute, thats where we are at with Dayton right now.

          2. Claire for gov! says:


        2. facts says:

          Replying to:

          I am sure Citizen will blame this on pawlenty as well. There is no way this is a Democrats fault, even though they have run this state into the ground over the past 40 years. i do belive they have had majority rule for many decades.

          June 6, 2011 at 9:21 am

          Just as they have ran California into a hole, and Chicago, and New York, Michigan…

          Does anyone see a pattern?


          1. Jerome says:

            @ Fact Fact has a lack of knowledge. Thanks to initiative and referendum California voters can pass spending. It is mandated spending. California voters also voted to cap taxes. See a problem there? It is not a Democrat or a Republican thing, it is the voters own fault. But why let a fact get in the way

            1. Claire says:

              So when the taxes were capped, did they reduce spending? Just asking? Seems like a logical process but obviously the open checkbook created the problem not the voters.

          2. WWJD? says:

            Pawlenty had a line item veto with which he could kill Democratic initiatives. So did Jesse, so did Arnie.

            So, facts, it appears that you don’t have any facts to back you – just Jason Lewis talking points.

            1. Arnie's Army says:

              And we didn’t have the budget issues back then we have now……So how is this point a good one for ol’ Gov Deer in the Headlights Dayton?

              I was kind of hoping Arine would reconsider coming back!

  8. Citizen says:

    kevin, why don’t you try to keep a conversation going without references to drugs or welfare checks. If you don’t have any FACTS to contribute to a discussion, please leave. You just don’t want to pay taxes to be a Minnesota or American citizen, so try a country where you won’t pay those taxes and there are no welfare checks. Good luck with that!

    1. Joe Hanson says:

      Aren’t the people who don’t want to pay taxes those that complain about State budget cuts driving up their property taxes and fees?

      They’d rather everyone else in the State pay for their local services.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Joe. I’m sorry I don’t quit get the analogy of your first paragraph. From what I see on these posts, people don’t want state OR LOCAL taxes going up. Local property taxes can (and probably will) be increased with state cuts to LGA. State cuts to LGA make it easier for the state to balance the budget. Local property tax increases DON’T NEED TO BE VOTED ON BY TAXPAYERS. Your local county board just looks at what it needs to balance its budget and increases property taxes accordingly. Then you as a taxpayer get to fight your local board of equalization to try to get your taxes lowered. Good luck with that! Property taxes are truly taxation without representation and are the most regressive tax around. They are levied with no thought as to a homeowner’s ability to pay. And the county wins if you are forced to sell your house because then it has an accurate price on which to tax the next homeowner.

      2. Mark Too says:

        Well said Joe Hanson . . . I’ve said it before in many postings. If you want something, you should pay for it. Do not depend on others to support you. That’s why I have no problem with fees. If you use the service, you pay the fee. If the fee is too much, do you really need the service? Or, look into other options that may serve you better. The wonderful thing about living in the USA, there are ALWAYS options.

        1. old nurse says:

          Ok, please explain what we should do with the patients being paid for by the states in nursing homes. They have no money, While we are looking at health care, could you tell me which is cheaper in the long run. Should there be insurance like Mn care for the working poor or should the wait until they get real sick and have to be hospitalized with charity care that eventually gets covered by those with insurance paying for the hospitals operating costs.

          1. old nurse says:

            Did not think anybody could answer.

            1. Mark Too says:

              We always have options. One of which is to save for the future and save just incase an emergency arises. (Yes, everyone can save a little. I did, even when I was unemployed.) I don’t see it as the governments responsibility to support those who chose not to plan a head.

  9. Citizen says:

    @StraycatStrut. Why don’t you quit with the namecalling. It gets really old.

    1. Mark Too says:

      @StraycatStrut – The wonderful thing about living in the USA, is that you are welcome to your opinion. I have mine, and Citizen’s opinion typically is at the other end of the spectrum . . . Until now. Now I’m 100% behind Citizen, a civil debate has no place for name-calling or personal attacks, no matter what side of the isle you support.

    2. StraycatStrut says:

      Would “Governor” be the name you are referring to?

  10. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    I have to love the “middle class” commercial Dayton has out talking about slashing budgets for schools, healthcare ect. Only the DFL can take an increase and call it a cut. Just like little Johnny asks for a 10.00 a week increase in his allowance..and you tell him becuase it has been a tough year he only is getting 7.50….then he yells and screams that you slashed his allowance. That is DFL logic!

  11. Citizen says:

    @BeenThereDoneThat. Have your personal expenses gone up? The 30% increase in gas prices affect you? The state’s expenses have gone up too. See my above post about the cost of maintaining roads and bridges. Governor Dayton is not only trying to hold the line on spending but fix PAWLENTY’S 5 billion deficit with which he left the state. It actually works out to a decrease if you take away PAWLENTY’S strategy of don’t fix anything and let the next governor get stuck with all the problems and the budget mess.

    1. Lance says:

      Yeah he is really trying to hold the line by building a stadium for the Saints. Get real, this idea of making work by taxing people to pay other people to build something that cost more money is insane.

    2. Dale says:


      Pawlenty had a strategy of “dont fix anything….”? I guess all the dollars we spent at MNDOT and all the raod construction during Pawlenty’s term was spent on what? Union dues?

      1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

        So go drive around more than just the gated communities and tell me that TPaw spent a lot of money on roads in this state. Around where I live we had a new bridge put in 7 years ago and the on ramp to it is in horrible condition. Instead of fixing it they just put some cones around it and now everyone drives on the shoulder around the “bad spot” as the rest of it is coming up as well. There is no money in the budget to fix this and will probably stay the same for some time to come. Before you even get to the on ramp the 2 lane road has been shut to a 1 lane road because of the condition of the right side lane. Instead of fixing this they decided to just paint over it and now it is being used as the shoulder. So again I ask you, where is all the money that you are saying TPaw dumped into the roads? The roads in MN are probably as bad as when there was no pavement and we had dirt roads. I would love to continue telling you about all the roads in the state but you should be able to get the point by just driving to and from work (assuming you have a job in this economy) or by talking to anyone else in the state that has to drive anywhere. It is going to be fun when the state lays off the people that do fix this stuff and then we will not even have that filler stuff that comes up 3 days after they put it down. Must have been a fortune that was spent on roads I tell you.

        1. just another one says:

          And why couldn’t the road be fixed? The budget didn;t allow it because the State workers received a raise…..we extended wefare…..we had unreal health care costs…….and all T-Paw could do is HOPE the Dem controlled house could see his side of things…..


          As usual…..the budget was passed with little give and take……It was ALL take!

          NOW the tables are turned…’s OUR fault?

          1. Rich are getting Richer! says:

            Sorry-The state workers have been the workers to have their wages frozen whenever the state is in a crisis. I have been with the state for 20 plus years and my average wage is .50 CENTS a year! Since that time our insurance rates have increased, the insuance deductibles have increase, our medication co-pay has increased, our property taxes have increased, food, gas and everything else goes up–Our increase in wages is not keeping up with any cost of living! With so my people getting laid of by “RICH” corporations they need some state support. I have seen people working at companies over 20 plus years making $12-$13.00 an hour with benefits-these people are now going back to the same employer through a temp agency at $8.00 an hour with no benefits–so the rich get richer and the middle class need to support those who have been laid of by the RICH!

            1. Tea-deaus work says:

              I thought the reason I was getting richer was due to HARD WORK and INVESTMENTS I made in my home and the stock market! NOT because the dem’s want to tax the top 2%!

          2. Orville says:

            Gas tax fixes road not pay for welfare. But do not let facts sway your opinion.

            1. not totally the case says:

              Well..a large portion comes out of gas tax…not all of DOT’s budget is gas tax based…..

    3. BeenThereDoneThat says:

      Yes expenses did go I think was the case for most people, but my income did I adjusted my spending. In case you thnk I am oneo of those weathy repubs (I may be just above the poverty line and disabledand I am a Reagan Democrat…that saw the light.

  12. Citizen says:

    @Lance. I’m not very keen on the stadium, either. But, if it creates decent-paying construction jobs, that would be a great boon–just so they are MINNESOTA construction jobs and companies.

  13. Regressives suck says:

    Amazing how people continue to defend the top 2% – the very people who have benefited by the Bush federal tax cuts and Pawlenty tax protections.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us suck on it.

    1. Mark Too says:

      I defend the top 2% not because I’m one of them. But because they employ me. I’d much rather be employed and have discretionary spending cut than be laid off because the cost of doing business in Minnesota just went up.

      1. Regressives suck says:

        I don’t wear knee pads for nobody. Apparently you do.

        1. Mark Too says:

          If insulting me makes you feel better, knock yourself out. But the fact is, because the top 2% employ me, I earn a fair living, and life is good for me! I’d like to keep it that way.

          1. Regressives suck says:

            Nobody in the top 2% pays anyone out of their personal income. Employees are paid through a company. Your bosses take home has been disproportionally taxed in his/her favor and at your expense for the last 10 years, at least.

            Glen Taylor doesn’t pay Kevin Love out of his own pocket.

            Jim Pohlad doesn’t pay Joe Mauer out of his own pocket.

            And your boss doesn’t pay Mark To out of his own pocket unless he is a very, very small businessman.

            1. Mark Too says:

              Nothing in your last post challenges my previous post. It matters not whether my compensation comes from their personal income or the source of their personal income. They (or their company) DO employ me. Because of that, I EARN a good/fair living working for them. And I thank them for the opportunity they give me.

              1. Realist says:

                I don’t think you understand what he was trying to explain to you. Either that, or you choose not to listen. How does an increase on the PERSONAL income tax of your boss affect you directly? Explain to me how you feel that if your boss was paying more PERSONAL income taxes, that your job is somehow magically in jeopardy. Are you really that ignorant? I’m sorry, but I cannot understand how you think that by raising a personal income tax on the wealthiest 2% will affect your “good/fair living”.

                1. You have NO clue says:

                  Hmmmm…..Realist…do you know how large corp’s work? I assume you are a Govt worker…because in the REAL world….the company usually moves to the areas where the top executives live!

                  And how many SMALL business owners are in the “top 2%”……I have a feeling enough to the point if they were to move…..we WOULD be affected!

                  Two words….

                  FLAT TAX

                  Tell me this….

                  If I make 50k a year….and I pay oh say “25%” of my income in taxes….that’s what ….$12,500…..
                  And the top 2% make what…..$300,000? 25% of that is $75,000!!!!

                  So do the people who pay $75,000 a year get to drive on BETTER roads? Do they have a better Governor that I do? Do they pay LESS in tax at the store? What do the rich get for paying MORE money into the economy?


                  As a matter of fact..The way MN works…the ones PAYING NOTHING get the MOST!

                  Welfare recipients…..unemployment cheats……

                  Bottom line…I am NOT a “2%’er” but the theory makes NO sense to me!

                  If you can tell my WHY they should pay more….PLEASE TELL ME!!!

                2. Mark Too says:

                  If insulting my makes you feel better, knock yourself out . . . I can take it.

                  Now to answer your question: As we call them, “the big dogs” are going to get their personal income one way or another. So if their personal income is taxed more, they have the option to take more from their source of income to make up the difference. Leaving less in the kitty to employ me. You may not like that nor think it is fair. But I think we can all agree this is a very real possibility. Whether we like it or not the big dog’s income will not be affected by a tax raise if they can help it. More than likely, it will affect me more then them.

                  If we are going talk about raising income taxes, please see the post by “What the Heck..” below. He makes a strong point about who really isn’t paying their fair share of income taxes. (There are also many other post below that echo “What the Heck..” Therefore I’m not going to spend the time stating what they already said so well.)

      2. Citizen says:

        @Mark too. So if discretionary spending is cut, how does that affect your employment? Do you work for a contractor who in turn receives state monies to build things? Just wondering how state spending cuts will affect your job….

  14. kevin says:

    Citizen, here’s a fact. The 35W bridge was under a massive repair. The contractors had 100’s of tons of material and equipment on it at the time of callapse. Another fact, sometime ago you said to look up the definition of a populist. I did. As a noun, any person, esp. a political leader, who claims to reprent the interests, views, or tastes of the commonpeople, particularly as distinct from those of the rich or powerfull: often applied to someone with demagogic tendencies. I looked up for the definition of demagogic. The definition is, a person who tries to stir up the people by appeals to emotion, prejuidice,etc in order to win them over quickly and so to gain power. Short definition of a demagoge would be ( A GAS BAG)

    1. Citizen says:

      @kevin. Once again you resort to name calling. So what if I try to win people over with my rhetoric? Isn’t that what the conservatives (like you) are trying to do here? Pots calling the kettle black. This is a discussion: I am free to try to make my points and so are you. JUST WITHOUT THE NAME CALLING! Show the governor some respect. After all A LOT OF PEOPLE voted for him and he is in the office. And you are not….

    2. Carl says:

      Great point Kevin! 35W was the perfect storm for a disaster. The least of those factors was maintence. Wake up Citizen

      1. Citizen says:

        @Carl. I believe “perfect storm” was my phrase. And I NEVER said that maintenance was the biggest factor–that is your inference. I can always tell when I am getting under the conservatives’ very thin skin, because the name calling starts and then the comments of “wake up.” Just for your information, I am awake, and up earlier than most of the posters on this page. I’ve already done a day’s work in addition to irritating all you conservatives. My work here is done! LMAO

        1. Carl says:

          You said in your above spewing that “Bridges need repair….or do you want another collapse like 35W” If that doesnt sound like you are blaming it on maintenance, I not sure what you are talking about.
          In regards to a perfect storm, I apologize, I didnt know you had a patent on the saying. Or maybe I didnt read all your rants this morning??

    3. Clark says:

      Dont give Citizen any facts as he chooses to make up his own statements. First 35W was due to lack of maintenace then he says it was underbuilt. He just types to prove his insignificance. Run to the mailbox for your next pension check, citizen

  15. What the heck.. says:

    I am so in disbelief that so many people look at those who have busted their butts to really make something of themselves, build a business, hire people, and make this country work…as a bunch of rich people not paying their share!!!
    I have friends who are in that category, and believe me..they pay and pay and pay! Every tax time, I see the lower income folks managing to get thousands back on their tax refunds. The real imbalance in our tax system is that about 50% of the people do not pay any taxes at all. Do they not use the roads, and bridges, and everything else the rest of us taxpayers use?? We need to start to realize half of us are taking care of it all. That is the injustice, not the “top 2%” that already are paying plenty. And no, I am not in the top 2%. I am a middle income guy and always have been….just would like to see all of us pay our way.

    1. No clue says:

      Wow, you hit it on the head. Somehow the convoluted logic that everyone needs to pay the same percent has taken over. I pay more per year than most will pay in a lifetime and that makes no sense. I earned over $250,000 in 2010 but started off literally homeless in my car at 18. Only hard work and good decisions got me to here. No hand outs or hand ups. Guess what after paying federal, state, property taxes and the rest I bleed down to an average income but live very conservatively. More conservative than most much lower income folks do. I don’t think the average tax payer has any clue the amount of money some of us fork over for services we will never use.

    2. Frank says:

      @ what the heck. You get a tax refund because the irs sets up the withholding to take more in than necessary. It is so they don’t have to charge you interest and penalties to collect money that you would have otherwise spent because you are the working poor.

      1. Well said Amigo says:

        @Frank…..Hmmm… about property tax refunds? It’s 100% INCOME based? So…..if I make MORE money…I DON’T get a property tax refund…..

        And why do the higher income earners have a higher % taken out already?

        It’s not like it was an equal playing field and they want to change it now….it’s ALWAYS been tax the rich..feed the poor with the rich’s tax money…..the problem….more people WANT to be poor and have the Govt support them because it’s easier than them actually trying, and fighting!

        The Govt is supporting a bunch of quitters, while I bust my butt to do the best I can….

        Bottom line..What the heck is SPOT ON!

        1. Frank says:

          Average property tax refund was 125. Still does not change my point about why people get an income tax refund. I have never qualified for renter’s credit or property tax refund as I have always lived inexpensively. Food stamp program is Federal. If you believe the statistics of total taxes paid as percentage of income, it is the middle class getting taxed to death

          1. Tax the tea says:

            OK..let’s look at income tax…..did you know that 2 people making the SAME amount of money may have a diffrent amount taken out of their checks? Or maybe one person gets a “child tax credit” (What a joke that is!!!!) The bottom line is what we are charged as a BASE tax….And this is 100% income based…so let’s not look at “tax returns”……let’s look at the base tax someone is charge based on income alone….

  16. kevin says:

    What the Heck, I agree with you. How is it that low income people end up paying no taxes and then get a check on top of no tax liability.

  17. Kevin says:

    WCCO…..please post better pictures of the Gov. The ones you post always make the Gov look like he is deficating or on acid…….

    1. What the heck.. says:


    2. Trib says:

      he probably is.

  18. kevin says:

    citizen, I am as middle class as you can get.My problem is I watched and learned from my parents that you work for what you get, take care of your family and don’t look for a hand at every turn in the road. Also they made sure all the children stay in school 12 OF US and earn our way. I am tired o people quiting school at 16 years old with no good direction for a future.Why this country allows children to qiut at 16 and hope they become productive in this day and age is beyond me. The gov and parents should be guilty of child abuse for allowing them to quit school at 16 years old. That would be a good starting point the get this country going in the right direction.

    1. Carl says:

      I wonder what percentage of 16 year old drop outs come from Welfare families?

    2. What the heck.. says:

      Well said kevin….Another reason we have the lower class growing and paying no taxes….letting the rest of us take care of THEM.

      1. I pay taxes says:

        At 49,000 a year we pay taxes. We have no choice. It is taken out of our checks. I read here often how some claim middle class, lower middle class and the poor don’t pay taxes. It is the biggest lie I see on these post and it bothers me that some actually believe it.

        1. Realist says:

          It’s called claiming “exempt” on your W2. Your employer then doesn’t take out state or federal income tax.

    3. Citizen says:

      @kevin. Bully for you and your 12 siblings–cost a lot of taxpayer money to educate the lot of you to grade 12. As to kids quitting at 16–schools are not babysitters and kids who want to quit at 16 are usually MAJOR discipline problems for the school and have no interest in learning or being in school. I would think you would agree that keeping troublemakers in a classroom full of kids (such as you 12) who want to be there an learn is not such a noble goal.

  19. kevin says:

    Citizen, Here’s another factoid about my family and the burden we have put on society.My oldest brother served in WWII, THE NEXT THREE BROTHERS IN KOREA and one for 23 years starting with the vetnam conflict. Two were school teachers and I was 4f due to a phyical ailment. I have however have worked and paid taxes for 44 years so far.I have on sister that is a nun in her 70’s still helping the elderlt. My other sisters like me have worked and paid taxes, two till the day they died. Now try to tell me how much of a burden my family has been on society.

    1. jane says:

      Sounds like a great family Kevin. Unlike the wefare family in Mpls. looking for a 7 bedroom home. Of course they were on Section 8.

  20. Citizen says:

    Oh, honestly, kevin. I never said you were a BURDEN. I said you 12 cost the taxpayers a lot of money to educate. And you did. Other peoples’ property taxes helped educate you 12–your parents’ property taxes alone did not do it. You sure are defensive, aren’t you. I’m grateful for your brothers’ service. Paying taxes for 44 years is your duty as an American citizen.

    1. clark says:

      How else can citizen retire in comfort? he needs the rest of us to support his overblown pension payments. Get off the public tit!

    2. kevin says:

      You’re a dirty commie. Get away from me.

  21. paulc says:

    Does the Governor intend to reveal how many jobs will be lost to Minnesota if his beloved tax increase goes into effect??

    1. Regressives suck says:

      Yeah, ‘cuz all the really rich people will flee to South Dakota………..

    2. Jobs says:

      Jobs that leave Minnesota often does not involve taxes at all. To say it does is hard to verify. The arguments against taxes seems to always match up with the current hot issues of the day. Yet today this over blown lie is hurting.

      1. Claire says:

        So what do you suppose made the Daytons move some of their Corprations to South Dakota? Do you think they are opening up so many new Stores they needed to move the business?

        1. The Banker says:

          Old Man Dayton opened a single trust in 1934. It was hardly a financial avalanche.

        2. Jobs says:

          Dayton Hudson Corporation now Daytons did many transitions before the turn of the century as well as many corporations did. Show me some fact that can verify that business leaves Minnesota because of taxes. And good luck on that.

          1. Claire says:


            Many companies have left MN: State Farm, HutchTech, divisions of both Schwans and Honeywell are just a few off the top of my head. We could argue Northwest/Delta as well

            1. Art says:

              @Claire Delta was based in Atlanta and bought Northwest,That could not be about taxes because the airlines are losing money
              Hutch Tech basically makes a product no longer used as much.
              State Farm consolidated offices and left saying taxes were not the issue.
              Schwans website still lists corporate headquarters here.
              What did Pawlenty do to get business here in 8 years as governor. There are all sorts of deals, TIF, et al that can be done

              1. WHY WE FAIL says:

                WOW! Are you that blind? There were losing money due to the tax rate here vs the other state! And why would State farm say “taxes were not an issue” when if they said “MN taxes SUCK” they would lose how many customers?

                This is why we FAIL!

                Start thinking of the Govt as a BUSINESS and things will come into focus!

                1. Art says:

                  Are you that lacking of the ability to look up information about State Farm. They are based in Illinois That was a regional office, not corporate headquarters. I imagine they have to pay some tax on the business they do within the state. Can you find me the quote where they said MN takes SUCK. Here is the quote from mpr
                  Before the company consolidated its operations in Lincoln, Nebraska, the company announced the two sites would combine, but at the time it didn’t say where. Area officials offered tax breaks to State Farm, but the company rejected negotiations, saying the decision wasn’t about taxes, it was about efficiency to save $26 million.

                  The theory that taxes prompted the move tends to ignore Nebraska’s business tax ranking at 33rd in the nation. That’s better than Minnesota’s, but not by a lot.

                  To prove MPR is not bs go here

                2. what was said says:

                  Are…you misread my comment…I said State Farm did NOT say “Taxes here in MN Suck”…..And they did this in a strategic move to not alienate MN customers.

                  And those of you who think State Farm was not based in MN….I think you’re wrong….If I’m not mistaken..they WERE based in MN until the mid 1990’s? BUT I am 100% honest when i say I don’t have the facts to back this….If someone can tell me otherwise..please do…

              2. Claire says:

                Hutch Tech basically makes a product no longert used much? That is the most ignorant statement I have heard today. Do you not realize that every computer has a drive system?

                1. GOP is a Cult says:

                  If you like Hutch so much you should put your money where your mouth is. It is trading at a 52 week low and I’m sure there are plenty of sellers.

                2. Cramer says:

                  GOP…..Tech in general is down! Look at Cisco! In this goofed up economy Stock price is NOT a dirrect relation to market usage….

  22. Sick of liberal talking points says:


    Mystic Lake is building a huge ampitheater so they won’t be losing money. Now it is time for the State to step up and get a piece of the pie like we should have had a long time ago

    End of discussion

    1. Wendall says:

      put that on the ballot and it would pass in a flash. we are the only ones not getting paid off by the tribes.

    2. Was his name-o says:


      You better be careful Sick…they will do a rain dance and ruin the beautiful weather we are having if we tax them!

  23. Caligula revisited says:

    Why not legalize crack and heroin and prostitution and kiddie porn and contract killing and tax the hell out each of them.

    Anything but asking citizens to do their part for the freedoms that they have.

    1. Jacob says:

      You libs keep using phases like ‘their part’ and ‘fair share”. What is this magical number and why does it keep going up each year. You keep spending others people money and you know that it will run out eventually. Socialism is great until those taxed run out of money.

      1. The Banker says:

        And you regressives like to protect the wealthy and oppress the poor. Your system is great until the revolution.

        1. Eddy says:

          Except our system has lasted in this country for 200 years, your socialism isn’t doing to well.

          1. old nurse says:

            Social security has been around about 80 years now. During the depression the was the WPA and the CCC . After the Civil War there was the reconstruction. People were given 160 acres in the west. Before that I am not sure how people claimed government land. (End of a rifle?) Point is for 200 years people have always gotten something out of the government. In an earlier time, like not much before the 1950’s health care was called good luck, and what we now call comfort care. Things that eased pain were the first medicines. Times change

        2. What bank? S&L says:

          DO you know who revolts work when the poor who have nothing revolt against the rich with weapons? It’s a slaughter!

          The poor are fat and lazy from the govt taking care of them. The RICH are lean and armed! We work out after or JOBS, we have money to buy weapons to defend our belongings we worked so hard to purchase!

          And at this point the hard working AMERICANS out number the lazy socialisits, so I have no fear!

      2. Ignorance must be bliss says:

        You people keep saying “libs” like you know who you are talking about. I am sick of the idiots thinking that everyone is a “lib” because they do not agree with the same idea you have. You (and all ilk like you) should be smart enough to understand there are more than 2 points of view. It is just amazing how “lib” is the only thing used to describe a non GOPer.

    2. Caligula had VD says:

      Yes…maybe we need to ask the citizens on welfare to do their part…..drug test them…place them on a time-line for benefits……quit giving the Indians tax breaks on their casinos, and being the WELFARE capitol of the WORLD!

      But know you it will be “the culture we would miss out on”…..yes where Somalia woman wear clothes that makes it difficult for them to SEE when they DRIVE causing crashes, or where we take in petty criminals that rob, steal, and kill other people.

      I am ALL for people of other countries to come to MN to make a better life…but NOT ON MY DIME!

      I’ll say it again…

      MN does NOT have a tax problem….
      MN has a SPENDING problem!

  24. Robert shumer says:

    Why no Racino? I will tell you why the tribes paid them off!

  25. Tea and spend says:

    I’ll say it again…

    MN does NOT have a tax problem….
    MN has a SPENDING problem!

    When we are one of the highest taxed states in the US, tough to argue we don’t have enough to fix our budget issues…. and those who think that “once you figure in the tax breaks we get, we are average” NOT TRUE

    I mentioned it above…..but SO MANY of you are dependent on the govt! I admit…I depend on them for a number of things….Police, Fire, Education, but how many of you depend on them for MORE!

    And here in lies the issues! The second you people who are dependent on the govt actually TRY to become somewhat SELF supportive, you will be like the rest of us and realize how much WASTE there is in the MN budget!

    1. yuk says:

      Seems like when the economy went under and revenue tot he state decreased some say that was caused by spending. Huh? Tea party folks have few lines to repeat over and over as if saying it over and over is going to make it true.

      1. yum! says:

        ‘Seems like when the economy went under and revenue tot he state decreased some say that was caused by spending.’


        I guess an argument would be a little more effective it were in English

        1. Yuk says:

          Okay: Seems like when the economy went under and revenue TO THE state (not tot he state) decreased, some say that was caused by spending.

          1. :-) says:

            Thanks….much better…..

  26. Carl says:

    So Dayton wants to have daily meetings until we fix the budget but he doesnt bother to show up today?? I guess when you are living off of daddys trush fund you dont have to show up for work everyday. I cant believe we voted this guy into office. Well after Ventura, anythings possible!

  27. Tea will post it twice says:

    Tell me this….

    If I make 50k a year….and I pay oh say “25%” of my income in taxes….that’s what ….$12,500…..
    And the top 2% make what…..$300,000? 25% of that is $75,000!!!!

    So do the people who pay $75,000 a year get to drive on BETTER roads? Do they have a better Governor than I do? Do they pay LESS in tax at the store? What do the rich get for paying MORE money into the economy?


    As a matter of fact..The way MN works…the ones PAYING NOTHING get the MOST!

    Welfare recipients…..unemployment cheats……

    Bottom line…I am NOT a “2%’er” but the theory makes NO sense to me!

    If you can tell my WHY they should pay more….PLEASE TELL ME!!!

  28. Alan says:

    @kevin It looks like the nuns did not wack you hard enough as you still name call.Perhaps the “burden to society your family will be yet to come as one never knows what prolonged illness your family may have. Although service to country is admirable, the VA system is expensive. Not saying receiving benefits is right or wrong, just expensive.Somebody is picking up the tab. With costs of medications and treatments somebody may collect a million for their service. When another relative get past the point of life savings, taxpayers pick up the tab for their health care. There is always the possibility. Despite what you may think, almost everybody contributes to society.

    1. KEVIN says:


  29. Enough says:

    It is simple! We need to stop making MN a welfare state! We need to turn off the water! See if you give it free….they will come….and come they have….from all over the world. Stop immigration…..stop illegal immigration…..and let real Minnesotians live their life!

    1. Choad says:

      The “real Minnesotians” are all dead. You miserable white immigrants killed them all and burned their villages so you could build golf courses and Super WalMarts.

      We should ship all you white people back to Europe where you belong.

      1. You are a Choad says:

        Then what would you Indians do? With no Casino money…you would just sit around and die…..then we could come back and claim the land a lot easier!

        Take your casino check away and see how you feel……

  30. Good Ol Boy says:

    And you fools still think “voting” works. You elected these fools, you live with the consequences. Quit whining – you made this happen.

  31. ewr says:

    Can’t anyone see the problem, Government is too big. It doesn’t matter what side you are on,they (government and government employees) are all corrupt and have there own agenda’s and ego’s. Government is not there to be in business, or to compete in business,government is to keep the playing field fair. Government overall is ineffective and inefficient, we do not get our money’s worth. Leave it to private business. And what about this welfare state? Can’t anybody see how many people get subsidies that have no reason for getting them. (corruption)

    All forms of the Government needs to be shut down !!!!!!!!!!

  32. Nigel says:

    I think the comments at the bottom must be in response to the rude people who got deleted.

  33. JB says:

    So much hate and vitriol in this thread. Can we all agree that the state is broke both financially and politically? Next, can we all agree on a zero increase for the government like the rest of us took for the past 8 years qhile government grew by 28%? Then, with that, lets all back out and let the politicians do what we pay them to do, find solutions for not spending any more money.

  34. GOP is a CULT says:

    Kevin so you want Dayton to negotiate your contract? I don’t think he’ll time to personally negotiate everyone’s contract. Sounds like you’ve done a terrible job on your own.

  35. kevin says:


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