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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Many in the Twin Cities enjoyed the warm, dry conditions over the weekend, but some may wonder if Monday is bringing too much of a good thing.

The warm temperatures are expected to rise into the realm of dangerously hot. Both Hennepin and Ramsey Counties have issued heat advisories for Monday afternoon, indicating conditions may reach excessively hot levels.

WCCO meteorologist Mike Augustyniak said high temperatures should reach the mid 90s later this afternoon, but with the humidity, it could feel closer to 100 degrees.

The potential exists for the Twin Cities to break current day records for high temperatures. The current record is 95 degrees in 1987.

The National Weather Service said that during heat advisories, it’s important to drink plenty of water, stay in air-conditioned spaces if possible and stay out of the sun. Avoid strenuous outdoor activity, as well.

WCCO-TV’s Holly Wagner Reports

Comments (28)
  1. momof5 says:

    Really stay inside just because it is hot outside? Isn’t that what beaches and pools are for. I know for a fact that my children and I will be visiting our local beach and spending a lot of time in the water and playing in the sand. This is what summer is all about, and since school is out summer has started for us.
    I think this is the best weather in the world, much better than 50 degrees and rainy, I will be going out for a run sometime today and my daughter will be playing her softball game this evening, warm weather should not make you a hermit and keep you indoors if you have no health condition.

    1. Jeff Prager says:

      Another dumb editorial by the Lamestream media. What did you expect? A caution that eating bacon, sausage and processed meats 5 or 6 times a week increases pancreatic cancer by 62%.

    2. Tim says:

      Maybe you should try face book. Do we really care your going for a run later today, etc.. I’m surprised you didn’t tell us your %$@! smells good. Bless your husband, if you have one.

      1. mom says:

        thank you I have 5 kids and a husband and my point was that people should still be active and should not stay inside because it is warm outside. if you don’t like my comment maybe you shouldn’t read it. My husband is very blessed because he is married to me by the way! (that is a joke in case you don’t understand that either)

        1. mnmom says:

          You are right on…mostly.. it is very dangerous for people who have to actually work in this heat, not just play. Remember to drink WATER people. Sugar pop and coffee will not cut it in this heat. We all would Love to be playing at the beach, but some of us do work and need to take heed. I work in a green house and today it is about 120 in there. Thus I am inside right now on the computer, cooling off…

        2. @mom of litter says:

          Well mom of 5, maybe if i didnt work all day doing labor outside then i wouldnt be so eager to chill in my a/c at home. Wow you don’t work we’re all so impressed, you got worked over and had 5 kids what a challenge to lay on your back, the article is simply saying be carful and consider staying indoors very few days are this hot and humid.

          1. momof5 says:

            @momoflitter I do work it is called being a teacher and a mother. you have no idea what my life is like so you have no right to judge me. I work very hard with 5 very well behaved, special children that I adore. My children and husband are my life and I did not get “worked” over having 5 children my husband welcomed each and everyone of our children with open arms and consider them a blessing from God. I am sorry you are so bitter about having to work outdoors, I was just saying that my family enjoys this kind of weather and we enjoy the heat and humidity much more than 50 below and 10 feet of snow and we would be spending time outside, which we did and we all are still alive

    3. pants says:

      amen momof5! I feel the same way soon as i am out of work its beach time, id rather be out there enjoying it. and wasnt it like a few weeks ago people were complaining cuz its cold and too much rain??? Well, its summer enjoy it since we only get 3 months of it!

    4. Les Johnson says:

      I’ll take 50 degrees and rainy every day of the week and twice on Tuesdays rather than have 98 degrees with a 70 degree dewpoint.

      Not everybody thinks sitting at a beach is a great way to spend time. I, personally, find it to be the biggest waste of time and effort of all. I want to be fishing or hunting, or spending time doing outdoors stuff like hiking, not sweating my butt off.

      Also, going running when it’s over 95 degrees is not a safe way to get your exercise, but that’s up to you.

  2. Dale Gribble says:

    Mostly its Obama’s fault, but Dayton shares the blame.

  3. Jack says:

    Staying inside is EXACTLY my plan. I hate summer. Yes, it’s nice to look at… through a window. It’s not just the humidity, it’s the heat, too! This weather makes me sluggish and exhausted.

    I’ll take winter over summer any day. Winter is just free air-conditioning! When you’re cold, you can put on more clothes or blankets to get warm. But, when you’re hot, you can only take off so much before you get arrested. And even then it doesn’t help!

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Oh me too. I hate winter as well, I would rather be freezing cold than uncomfortably hot. Winter and Summer are both nice to look at, but that’s about as close as I like to get.

    2. Jim says:

      Apparently you haven’t ever been to Arizona. They don’t have humidity there, the heat just bakes you into a wrinkled prune. Summer here is a breeze compared to there.

  4. Hank Hill says:

    The whole situation gives me gas, I tell you what.

  5. Doug T says:

    Minnesota has two seasons – Too hot and too cold.

    Cant wait to leave and return to a more civilized place. One that has a moderate climate and is less provincial (oh and a place that knows what real food tastes like – walleye, really???)

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Like really? What’s wrong with Walleye??!?!?!?

    2. Steve says:

      Non-Minnesotans living in Minnesota have two attitudes:

      1) Complainer
      2) High-horse rider

    3. Les Johnson says:

      If you don’t think walleye is real food or that it’s good, well I don’t think you’ve got a very well-developed pallette, but that’s up to you to decide. More for me!!

      I have to say, I’ve never heard of anybody thinking walleye is a 2nd class meal. Especially when it’s at the market for $23.99/lb.

  6. mom says:

    Wow Doug, why are you here? You really are missing out on a lot if you can’t find the beauty of Minnesota. The weather is great except winter, the lakes are beautiful and the people are pretty much nice. I live in a small community don’t have to worry about locking my door at night and live within walking distance of 4 different parks for my kids to play at. I love this state and sorry you aren’t having the same experiences.

  7. AR res says:

    Where are you going Doug?

    1. Doug T says:

      Back to the rock I crawled out from under.

      1. Brad says:

        So your going to Wisconsin. Nice. Not really that different from Minnesota though.

        1. Brad says:

          *you’re. Geez.

        2. Les Johnson says:

          Far better than MN, IMHO.

  8. Jim says:

    This isn’t hot. I moved here from Arizona where it gets to 122 and is consistently over 110 for 4 months. Sure it’s low humidity but hot is hot. Low humidity means it dries you out faster and you dehydrate. You can’t go outside even at night to enjoy sitting on the patio. You can’t touch your steering wheel, sit on your leather seats, walk on the sidewalk in bare feet, $300+ per month electrical bills. Of course you can save some of your money by cooking your breakfast egg on the sidewalk or hood of your car.

  9. Jim says:

    As a follow up to the Arizona comment, it’s great if your favorite color is brown, light brown, medium brown, the sky is brown, the dust storms are brown. And that’s year around, no change. People landscape their yards with rocks with a splash of grass. They build 7 foot high block walls around their houses that hold the intense body melting heat in the back yard. Even the pools meant to cool you off are filled with water that is in the 90s, sometimes upper 90s in the winter. Of course their argument is you can always drive 90 miles north and be in the cool pines………when it’s not on fire. Currently they have a 250,000 acre north country pine fire raging there and a slightly smaller one in another region. Believe me, enjoy your Minnesota summer weather. It can’t be beat.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      I agree with a lot you said, Jim.

      My mom and stepdad recently moved BACK from AZ after living near Phoenix for 7 years.

      My sister, who is a DR out there, still lives there with her husband. We visited last June, and it was 120 almost every day, until we travelled North to Flagstaff.

  10. Jim says:

    Error above. The pool tems aren’t 90s in the winter. An inadvertant typo. But the rest is true.

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