By Bill Hudson

SHAKOPEE, Minn. (WCCO) — When they heard Monday’s weather report called for oppressive heat and humidity, runners Catherine Jacobs and Jill Boyfen got their workout in early.

“We’ll take water breaks and I try to drink water beforehand, lots of water. And I’ll just notice when I’m about to pass out,” said Boyfen.

She’s kidding, of course. The two are soon to be doctors. The point is that physical exertion in these extreme conditions is a serious business.

Just ask 96-year-old Bill Remmer. He’s still got the energy and stamina to push a lawnmower despite the heat. His secret is starting early and drinking lots of water.

“No, I don’t get overheated, the heat don’t bother me too much. If I need a break, I stop and take a breather,” said Remmer.

At any age, what’s important in this heat is hydration. Construction workers installing underground utilities say they’ll each drink up to two gallons of water a day.

According to Bernie Molitor, “lots of water during the day, yup, that’s it!”

If it’s water you seek to stay cool, Valleyfair has plenty of it — for floating in a tube or riding a wave.

“Oh yes, 92 degrees is the high and our water is nice and cold. It’s a good day to do it,” said water park manager, Kevin Ruedebusch.


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