MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Police arrested a Burnsville man after he allegedly beat his stepdaughter and her boyfriend with a metal fireplace poker when he happened upon them in bed together last month.

Police arrested 42-year-old Cornelius Shaw on May 27, and he has been charged with one count of malicious punishment of a child.

A criminal complaint shows that police first heard of the incident on May 26 from Shaw’s stepdaughter’s boyfriend, who was at a hospital being treated for wounds he received from being punched and hit with a fireplace poker.

The boyfriend told police that he snuck into his girlfriend’s room, an action he told police he had done before, to spend the night with his girlfriend. The next morning, he woke to the sound of Shaw coming into the room to wake his stepdaughter for school.

Upset by the boyfriend’s presence in the room, Shaw hit the boyfriend as he tried to put on his clothes and leave the house. As the boyfriend was leaving the room, he told police he heard his girlfriend say, “You can’t hit me like that.”

After listening to the boyfriend’s story, police tried to find his girlfriend and check on her condition. Police did not find her at school. When they arrived at Shaw’s residence, police found Shaw and asked to see his stepdaughter. Shaw said that nothing had happened, but when police related the boyfriend’s story, Shaw became agitated and uncooperative. After police insisted, Shaw called down to his stepdaughter, who then said she was fine.

The next day, on May 27, social service workers at the stepdaughter’s school reported that she had sustained injuries from a fireplace poker. Police went to the school and found that the stepdaughter had long, swollen bruises on her left wrist and left knee.

She told police that Shaw hit her with the poker after her boyfriend had left. She also told police that although Shaw was her stepfather, he had been in her life since she was young.

Police then went to Shaw’s residence with a search warrant, but they didn’t find the fireplace poker. Shaw was not home when police began the search, but when he arrived at his home, he found police inside. Shaw was then arrested.

At the police department, Shaw told police, in a statement, a story similar to the ones told by his stepdaughter and her boyfriend. However, Shaw said that the boyfriend had pushed him over and hurt his back. Police said that Shaw admitted to hitting his stepdaughter with a poker. Shaw said that he shouldn’t have done it, but if he found the two in bed together, he said he would probably beat his stepdaughter again.

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  1. HUH!?! says:

    wow great placement of the comment box… lol
    Anyway im not even sure what to say about this story, Almost at a loss for words.

  2. Jason Holt says:

    Apparently Kevin is ignorant as well – Try you’re, not your. Stupid comment and can’t spell…

  3. Doofus Alert says:

    Spell check isn’t vary good at catching all the airs is it? Tried to put on his close? Higher sum one who has sum brains!!

  4. Jake says:

    10 to 1 this guy has a lengthy prison record. DEATH PENALTY ANYONE??

    1. done my research says:

      According to the MN Court Record web site, he has one DWI (if the info is for the correct Cornelius Shaw, age 42.) I wouldn’t exactly say it’s a “lengthy prison record.”

  5. Way to go Kevin says:

    blah blah blah…another racist individual with no friends or education posting on here…blah blah

    1. me too says:

      Where is there anything with racist comments? I am so sick of stupid libs.

      1. Kevin says:

        LIbs do not understand the truth! They are full of hate and only attack! As soon as I state the White Community, of which I am a part of, I am a racist. Yet the media constantly state the Hmong community, the Black community, the Somali community, the Mexicn community. Me….I am a part of the white community. I am not a racist I am sttating a fact. I am alos asking the black community to step up and to stop killing each other. Have you not follwed the news the past couple weeks? But by ginving words of encouragement, I am attacked…..Liberals are silly little glitter throwers…..

      2. Really, that dumb huh? says:

        me too
        If you cannot tell by all the other posts on here, WCCO took the comment down because it was racist and obscene. I am so sick of stupid people not using common sense.

    2. K. says:

      So, you are “collage” educated? As far as I know, it’s spelled “college”. I guess you’ve answered my question as to what college (or “collage”) you went to……it was “What’s a matter U”.

    3. Les Johnson says:

      “Now 150 years later the US is about to collapse and 50 years from now this country will be no more.”


      Educated from a collage, eh? Sounds about right, from what you wrote.

      1. get a grip says:

        I love how people have to point out peoples spelling errors. It’s a fking keyboard for God sakes…

        I can agree that this Country will still stand, but I cannot argue the possibilities that the human race will destroy itself.

        If the empire falls, there will be a lot of chaos.

    4. Really, that dumb huh? says:

      Paul Revere
      that are bankrupting are state
      DO you mean that are bankrupting our state?
      BTW say a bumper sticker that showed
      No idea what you mean.
      alot of the Americas to
      Do you mean a lot of the Americas too?
      Collage Educated
      Not going to touch that one as it is too easy.
      Your words do not have much weight when mixed with so much stupidity.

      1. Paul Revere says:

        Well I am proud graduate of the Osseo Minnesota School District education and have gone on to North Hennipen Community College. Its great for all you spell check folks can catch every error why don’t you get a job for Wcco since they can not spell either. Well for old Les please remind me in 50 years how this country is doing. All great countries have collapse so will this one. Hmm seems like greed and extreme liberal policy will be the down fall. Let keep giving money out to everyone, let every immigrant in this country here. Spend money we do not have. In alot of ways I hope the Chinese decided to cash in there bonds and we dont honor them so they can demand a State or Territory.

        1. Rick says:

          Awesome education. No wonder you are conservative.

  6. Mama J says:

    Out of this story and everything you people have read all you care about is spelling? can you say, HEARTLESS. This girl should be removed from the home and the “stepfather” should go to jail for a while and get beat just as he did to the 2 kids. Yea, The boy should not have been in her room . but it does not make it ok for the 2 kids to get beat like that. Have a heart people and chill with the whole spell check. If your going to comment on a stories page, at least make it about the story!!!! I ope the 2 kids are going to be okay.

    1. MZKEKE says:

      You have to be kidding me..this is the reason why these young kids are wild theses days because the system ALWAYS intervene and take over parenting. No wonder the teen pregnancy rate is so high in this country, she as well as him needs their little a$$ whipped/beaten considering she had been doing it for some time, now if she comes up pregnant he will be no where to be found (yep all of the late night creepin will end then!) and what do ya know mom and step dad has to take care of the kid..so if being physical will lead to her/him not going down that road well then so be it!

      sometime you have to go a little further than having a heart to heart with this kids nowadays. She didnt give a darn about disrepecting her parents and their house so please tell me why she deserves any respect?

      1. Les Johnson says:

        Sorry, but if you beat your kids, you’re going to jail.

        Beating your kids does not teach them respect or discipline. Most people with an IQ over 75 know that.

        So now I see the problem here…

        1. HHH says:

          Obviously, using a fire place poker was over doing it. However, the facts do not coincide with your argument that physical punishment does not work. The fact is that corporal punishment has been on a steady decline for the last thirty or more years while at the same time adolescent discipline problems have been on a steady rise. Thanks to the likes of so called experts like Dr. Spock, things are getting worse everyday. Sadly, Dr. Spock couldn’t even control his own children and his son committed suicide. The Bible was right, “spare the rod and spoil the child.” Unfortunately, we live in a society that rejects God, and we are soon to reap the consequences of our actions. The truth is obvious to those who can see. And by the way, my IQ is over 150.

    2. Really, that dumb huh? says:

      Mama J
      I believe the stupidity of the comment far outweighs the story as this is just racist rambling. The story is not that bad as there were no serious injuries and no deaths. Not saying I would condone this but it sounds a lot more dramatic the way that they report this. Sadly this happens 1000 times every day in the USA and is not breaking news. Paul’s comments on the other hand are just sick and pathetic, and if he does not know by now then someone should tell him. Hence why I and others did.

      1. Yes you are that Dumb says:

        Wow not really a big deal because no1 died or was mamed. The boyfriend went to the hospital, and a girl not even his real duaghter was beat, You’re probably the same kind of guy that does stuff like this, I only wish i could say this to your face chump

  7. James2 says:

    We could amend the constitution to ensure this won’t happen again. Sad.

  8. Auntie Venom says:

    How old are the kids in question? I can’t condemn this guy for not wanting a phuck house. I’d probably not have beat the daughter, just the low down cheap little punk that broke into my home. That’s justifiable, especially if the daughter was underage and the ‘boyfriend’ older.

  9. Kevin says:

    Why are you picking on me? I am not a racist! I am just asking the Black communitgy to take a break! There have been a dozen shootings and stabbings the past couple weeks. all involving the black community. I am just asking the black community to chill. Why is it when someone states the facts liberals attack them. I only hope the best for the black community. I am just givcing them words of encouragement……Go black community go! I know you can do it !

    1. Auntie Venom says:

      I can’t think of this as a ‘black’ issue so much as a parenting issue. I’d probably do the same thing (or worse) if I found a punk in my home.

    2. Get Real says:

      At least this guy tried to disapline his daughter and maybe prevent another unwed single-black mother scenario for happening.

      Was it the proudest moment of this guys life? I doubt it….but was it THAT bad!?! NO….so he whooped them alittle. They deserved it.

      Those kids INTENTIONALLY took a risk by sneaking around, doing that activitiy….and they got caught…and damn it, this father made them suffer the consequences.

      That in and of itself is a valuable lesson for all kids….personal responsibilty and consequences for actions.

      If you asked those kids before they got caught doing it….what would happen if they ever got caught by her dad….i bet she knew already that her dad would whoop her. I’m sure this isnt the first time he “sprung” into physical action against his kids.

      So the kids knew the consequences…took a chance and got caught. The dad then whooped the kids. Sound fair…and its a good lesson on personal accountablity of the kids.

      1. Auntie Venom says:

        ding, ding, ding! For The Win!

      2. Les Johnson says:

        So you don’t think the fireplace poker is taking it a bit too far, eh?

        At some point (if you have kids) and you think this was a great idea, yours will be taken away, and you’ll be the subject of a story similar to this one.

        1. Get Real says:

          Thanks for the UNSOLICITED parenting “advice” Les.

          If i need the opinion of an over-weight, over -protective, lonely housewife….i’ll ask my neighbor.

          1. Les Johnson says:

            Your wife is lonely, overweight and overprotective? Sorry to hear that.

            You hit your kid with a fireplace poker (or anything else) and you’re going to jail, buddy.

            Have a nice vacation.

            1. Get Real says:

              Oh boy Les…..you get -3 points for creativity.

              The old, “i know you are but what am i” approach died around the same time as pee-wee herman.

              Get a brain and some creativity maddam….i swear…if you werent a lady i’d……..

              1. Les Johnson says:

                So let’s review. You used a lame and overused 100s of years old insult on me, and I respond with the exact same thing and you accuse ME of not being creative enough for you.

                How funny is that? You didn’t even realize you did that, did you? HILARIOUS!

              2. @ get real says:

                Get Real we get it your a part of 1 of the worthless groups, us working contributing whites complain about, Its 1 thing for me to support the black comm. financialy that is frustrating enough, I just wish they knew better than to try and rob and kill my kind, we support them, it would be like me killing my employer. An employer is someone that you work for and they pay you a wage, and then you pay your own bills with, i know your kind arn’t aware what the word employer means so there you go your welcome

  10. Kevin says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen…….you now have a racist………..

    1. White Guilt Kevin says:

      Kevin the Whte Guilt Libby > Face Reality,you may learn something!

      1. Kevin says:

        White guilt lb? You kidding me? I am the opposite. I march for the rights of the White Community. I am sick of immigration! I am sick ot illegals! I am sick of diversity! I am sick of the crime that blacks, mexicans, hmong and others commit. I am sickend by two St Paul cops being shot and killed by blacks the past two years. I am sicl of the Somalis and their self rightous bs and law suits! I am sick of clowns like Al Frankin slipping into liberal land and running this state into the ground! I am sick and tired of watching gangs flock to the Maplewood Mall. I am sick of Unions! I am sick of government worker unions and their entitlements! I am sick of the morons in this state that force diversity down our throats! I am sick of being called a racist becuase of my feelings! I am sick and tired of the “gay” community! They can take their rainbow flags and marck their way back to California! I am sick of Obami , he is the biggest political figurehead in history! I am sick of people who dont speak english! I am sick of the open border! I am sick of MN transplants telling me how to feel! I am sick of the Karma Night Club sucking up my tax dollars…….I am sick of having to double dose my prozac to ensure the safety of non english speaking trash…….

        1. Real Talk Kevin says:

          Dude….just embrace what you are….a frustrated white-boy racist.

          If i hear you correctly….you are basically just sick of not having things the exact way you like it?

          You are a grown baby who whines about minorities, gay, unions, liberals…..but what do any of them actually have to do with your life? Nothing.

          You can blame everyone and every thing for your problems….but that doesnt make your assertions correct….i hope you are smart enought to at least realize that…it just makes it your opinion.

          I read an article the other day about how, blue collar whites are the most alienated group in America today….i get it….i get your frustration.

          But surely you are also smart enough to realize your bigotry, complaining and hatred has gotten you no where…..just more frustrated. Mainly because you obsess about stuff you have no control over….which is moronic.

          So instead of ragging on the whole world and playing the victim….how about you try to do something constructive and change something you actually have control over.

          You’d be amazed what a change in attitude and perspective can do for you….OR….just keep being a hateful, frustrated bigot. I personally do not care either way. Good luck

          1. Kevin says:

            Nah…I am not a frustrated bigot….I am a realist…….call it like I see it…..and I carry and conceal…..so I am doing something constructive…..Im waiting for another community to come after me……….of course that will be a federal hate crime…..

        2. jeff says:

          sounds to me like your brain is a very scary place to be. did you ever kill animals, wet the bed and start fires as a child? ??????? you freak! i hope you win the lottery and buy your own island so you can get the heck away from us! but it’s more likely that you will still wanna change the world. here is an idea…….why don’t you run for office and tell everyone this is your agenda?

          1. jeff says:

            this was to kevin btw….somehow it ended up here.

    2. Kevin The Wimp says:

      Kevin the Minority Sympathizer & Embracer > naive liberals like you are easy pickins for guys like me..You’re a Chump..Come over North & show your kove for us Brothas!

      1. Oh Ok says:

        “easy pickins for guys like me”…..so you are trolling for other men? Why else would you be pickin em up?

        And guys like you….internet tough guys….are the most pathetic sort of loser. Not only is no one taking you seriously…they are probably getting a good laugh out of you…cause you a JOKE.

        Hope another tornado “come over North” and says HI!!!!

        1. @Oh OK says:

          Yep trollin for guys like you..to victimize..Dunno about any Tornado near my home..It spared my block,but you’re welcome to come by for a beatdown..

  11. hdmc says:

    Id have beat the intruder, “i didnt know it was the boyfriend officer, i thought it was a naked serial-rapist when i shot at him!!”

    1. Rick says:

      Try Jesus dude.

  12. Chief Dolan says:

    He should have just stayed at Karma with all the other Crime Apes..Beat on those Chimps instead!

  13. fed up with child abuse says:

    read it again it says clothes maybe you read it too fast.. either way he needs to be beat ….i hope he finds a nice friend in jail to help him understand its not cool to beat your children or anyone for that matter

  14. Ruth Taylor says:

    Save me a nickel…………

  15. Deanna says:

    GET REAL & AUNTIE VENOM- I agree with you. Fireplace poker was probably the 1st thing he grabbed. As far as I’m concerned when he saw that guy in bed -1st of all he didn’t belong there- 2nd of all how’s he supposed to know this guy won’t try to hurt HIM. As far as the stepfather was concerned that guy is an intruder into his home. Too bad his stepdaughter is so disrespectful to let some guy sneak into her bedroom at night UNDER HER STEPFATHER’S ROOF.

  16. Deanna says:

    KEVIN- join Minnesota against Illegal Immigrants. I’m sick of paying $650 a month for health insurance because Somali’s & others get FREE health care. I can sure use some of that money to buy things for my own kids instead of paying for others too lazy to work & care for themselves.

    1. Kevin says:

      Done….thanks Deanna…..there is power in numbers….so why do the “few” rule the “most”?

  17. Michael Clark says:

    What a loser

  18. Gloria says:

    So what’s this about the police going to the home after speaking with the boyfriend and being satisfied with the step-father yelling down to the girl who then said she was alright. As long as they were there, why didn’t they (the police) investigate further? They would have found the injuries she sustained rather than having to be called by the school’s social workers concerning the girl and her condition following the beating. Who knows what may have happened during the ensuing time? Get the girl out of this home. She may not be totally innocent, but this is where the vicious cycle of abuse, neglect, etc. begins.

  19. Cornelius S. Shaw says:

    This “monster” everyone is talking about is my father. I’m not sure why it’s been such a big deal but apparently, people feel really strongly about it.

    What you all have to realize is that my father had no time to think about his actions. The media calls him a “stepfather” but he loves her as a paternally as well. What would YOU have done if you caught for 17 year old daughter in bed with some guy? They were NAKED. It’s a Crime of Passion if you ask me.

    Hit me up on my email Corneliusshaw@yahoo.com or facebook.com/Cornelius S. Shaw