MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Tuesday’s high of 103 degrees was intense. In fact, it was too much for some of our roads.

MnDOT crews were busy overnight trying to fix some of the roads that buckled with the heat.

They have been out all Wednesday morning, patching at least 30 spots in the metro roadways.

The damage caused some major traffic headaches during the rush hours the past two days.

Curt Turgeon, a state pavement engineer, said Minnesota has the worst weather when it comes to building stuff outside. Our cold winters and warm summers are such extreme temperature changes and that causes some big problems on the streets.

Turgeon said the heat causes the concrete to expand which creates all the problems

“You have all of these joints slamming together. And it takes one joint to be not quite as good as it once was, to not be able to take that pressure … and have the joint pop up,” he said. “It is a blowup.”

Turgeon said the bottom of hills tend to be the most troublesome spot.

MnDOT said it will take a couple of weeks before all the road damage is completely repaired.

Comments (11)
  1. Question says:

    What should people do who hit those pavement blow outs and caused damage to their cars….is their city or county funds to help with that repair?

    1. Grow up says:

      personal car repair needs are not your neighbor’s problem.

      1. Grow Up Sux says:

        Mmmm….did i say personal car repair? NO…are you a friggin MORON…yes!!!

        On a much smaller scale…it would be like someone on the 35W bridge when it collasped asking if the state/county/city is going pay for damage. …and then a jackarse like you saying to that person….pay for your own repair bills.

        Even if the answer is “no”…do you really need to be the worlds biggest prick about it. Swear to God, i would pay 1000 car repair bills for the chance to meet you in person.

        You are so dumb it is truly astounding. I pray to God you dont have the ability to reproduce…and if you have kids….may God spare them your idiocracy!!!

        1. Jack says:

          Ease up tiger. I think Grow Up just means that if you blow a tire on a pot hole the State or county maintains that road will not fix your flat.

  2. wowreally says:

    MnDOT won’t be there to fix the mess after July 1 if a shutdown happens. Better bring a shovel, wheelbarrow and strong back to work after that….All workers are essential to this state. If it gets shut down shut it ALL down and we’ll see the mayhem happen. Even a shutdown costs the state millions.

    1. sounds good says:

      lets do it

    2. Wow says:

      Bring on the mayhem. Scare tactics didnt work in the past and they certainly wont work now. How will it be when the state employees show up at the unemployment office when its closed as well.

    3. iamthemrs says:

      thanks for the comment supporting state workers….people want to put us down, but dont realize all the services we provide from educating the future to fixing pot holes!!

      1. Carl says:

        As much as you might think you will be missed, you wont be. Most people can get by just fine without your services for a couple months.

        1. iamthemrs says:

          thanks…hope you get laid off too this summer for a couple of months. we are hard working people with families and mortgages too.

  3. wHATEVER says:

    If they would buck up and build the roads thicker to begin with this probably wouldn’t happen and they wouldn’t have to resurface them as soon either.