COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson is backing former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty for the Republican presidential nomination.

Pawlenty’s campaign said Thursday that Wilson will serve as co-chair of his campaign in South Carolina.

The Lexington Republican says Pawlenty is the best man to get the nation back on track.

Pawlenty says Wilson has been a strong conservative voice in South Carolina for the past decade.

Wilson attracted a lot of attention after yelling out “You lie” during a Congressional speech by President Obama in 2009.

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  1. Murph says:

    Joe Wilson must be mentally incompetent at best.Raving maniac whose nightly wet dream is to be tied up and tortured and starved by Timmy!.Elect him president and that is the fate all the elderly and disabled will have.He tried it once before and only a district judge stopped him on 12/30/2009!

  2. Southern MN Mom says:


    I have been putting up with your incoherent Socialist rants on this site for sometime now, but I avoided commenting because of some advice from my loving Mother. She was fond of saying, “Never get in a peeing contests with a skunk.”

    Today I cannot keep silent any longer. In all the blog reading I have done on this site, I have never seen anyone mention “Wet Dream” in a rant. I think this phrase says all we need to know about you and your own issues.



    1. Tom says:

      @ Southern MN Mom

      Murph just happens to be right. This Joe Wilson is a total nut job. He is the one who said out loud to Obama in the Chamber “you lie”. Now if they had been a Dem doing that to Bush they would have been all over them. It’s just one MAJOR NUT endorsing our former MAJOR NUT of a Gov.

      And by the way we are all “Sociialist”

      So maybe you should go to your room in that little bubble you live in until you are ready to join the rest of us in the “real world”

      1. Southern MN Mom says:

        You may be socialist Tom, but I was raised as a capitalist and was taught to take care of myself and my family. Go back to your Liberal/Marxist/Socialist/Utopian dreams son. The “real world” you are missing out on is full of good people who work hard everyday and do not look to or expect the government to take care of them.


        1. Another MN Mom says:

          @Southern MN Mom. As defined by Webster’s: A capitalist is a wealthy person who uses money to invest in trade and industry for profit in accordance with the principles of capitalism. Is that you? capitalist is NOT a hard-working person in that case. You are a “worker bee!”

          1. Southern Mn Mom says:

            Dear MN Mom-

            Thanks for calling me a “Worker Bee!” That is also the term I would use for most other successful capitalists I know. These “Worker Bees” invested their personal capital in themselves or their own business, were very disciplined and worked extremely hard. Capitalism is the American economic system, right?


            1. Tom says:

              @ Soutern MN Mom

              Do you know how much it costs to start up a business? How many people do you know of have that kind of money? And how many go the bank for a business loan? But starting up your own business is risky venture. You either hit a home run or you strike out.

        2. Reasonable says:

          Why don’t people understand that this country was influenced by a certain degree of socialism ever since its founding? You know where 100% unadulterated capitalism will get you? Absolutely nowhere. Do you know where 75% capitalism and 25% socialism will get you? A national highway system, the ability to cross state lines without a passport, a social contract that states fair pay for honest work, police and fire services (remember when you had to buy a fire protection medal/plaque for your home?), etc…

          Chances are you’re a religious person as well. Just remember, your Jesus said alms for the poor and didn’t call them free loaders. He was also fond of healing the sick, not asking them if they have the correct coverage or the ability to pay for the care they would receive. Jesus was actually a communist, but you apparently don’t understand the difference between the two so I’ll wait to you have some fun over at Wiki…

        3. Tom says:

          @Southern MN Mom

          So i take it then by your comments that when it comes time for you to start collecting SS, Medicare, etc , that you will turn them down? If you say that you don’t plan on turning down any of that then you are a Socialst because even though you paid into the system they are run by the gov’t and you just blew your argument!

          1. Southern Mn Mom says:

            Dear Tom-

            All you have done in your posts today is whine that you cannot start a business, rip into successful men whom you disagree with and talk about government benefits. Do you work? I have BOTH a career and started my own business 10 years ago. Life is good!

            Tom, If you are going to be advocate Minnesota and America drop capitalism in favor of total socialism, you might want and learn to spell it, because you have not, TWICE!

            Got a go now. I am headed on vacation for two weeks with my three grown, tax paying children. Why? Because we made good decisions, were disciplined and worked hard and EARNED the money to take this trip.


            1. Tom says:

              @ Southern MN Mom

              Where in my posts have I said that I have tried to start up my own business? If you had read my post the “correct way” I asked the question how many do you know have that kinda of money to start up their own business? And how many people go to a bank to get a loan to start up a busniess? If you were able too start up your own business with your own money then that is great. And if your business has been successful that is great also. And if you would have read where I said that you either hit a home run with a new busniess or you strike out. And if you won’t need SS or Medicare when you retire then good for you. And by the way their are Conservatives who are Socialist also. And excuse my spelling if it does not meet YOUR standards! I was to busy getting “woody’s” looking at my female teachers instead of paying attn in class lol.

    2. Norm says:

      Your mother was right. Arguing with you is pointless.

  3. Another MN Mom says:

    Joe Wilson is a national disgrace. More sayings from my grandmother: birds of a feather, block together.

  4. Another MN Mom says:

    Oops, should have been “flock,” but that may just be a Freudian typo!

    1. Pepe Le Pew says:

      No, in today’s GOP world, it’s an apt description.

  5. Common Man says:

    Joe Wilson was correct in calling Obama a lier.

  6. Another MN Mom says:

    @Common Man. You just don’t get it, do you. Joe Wilson is a rude disgrace. He is entitled to hate Obama, just as you are. However, Baraak Obama is the President of the United States and the leader of the free world. The Office of the U.S. President deserves respect. In private, Joe Wilson and you, do not have to respect Obama. But, in public you respect the President of the United States. Frankly, I think the Secret Service should have thrown Joe Wilson in jail.

    1. Common Man says:

      @Another MN Mom, Difference of opinion makes america great and many Americans do believe Obama has misled the American people.

      As much as Joe was correct, I do agree with you that his response was not the correct forum for action. He was rude but it was his right to free speech gaurenteed in the constitution.

      Have a great day,

      1. Tom says:

        @ Common Man

        And Bush never misled us into anything? Like Iraq for example!

  7. Tobe says:

    One nut job working for another. rotflmao What a pair.

  8. Joe Wisson says:

    You Lie!

  9. Mike D says:

    I think it is great that Carl Pavano has 100 wins over 12 seasons. Those are hall of fame numbers.

  10. Murph says:

    I just think it is somewhat amazing that Pawlenty is allowed to even run for POTUS.On 12/30/2009 he was convicted in district court for violating the Minnesota Constitution in order to take doctor ordered food supplements from the most frail,sick and disabled citizens who qualify for it.Judge Gearin was obviosly as sick to her stomach as I get whenever I even see Pawlenty’s turkey face or hear his lying tongue! If Mom wants to worship a physcopath politician maybe she has gone a bit senile! Pawlenty’s appeal was denied!

    1. Reasonable says:

      Of course mainstream media will no longer ask real questions, but I’d love to her “Honest Tim” answer this question:
      Given your profession previous to the Gevernorship of the state, that of a lawyer of course, did you know that your unallotment procedures were illegal? If so, why did you proceed with them? If not, why are you so willing to move forward with a controversial process without first checking for precedent?

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