ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A potential Minnesota government shutdown took an ominous step forward Friday, with layoff notices going out to thousands of state employees and an immediate hiring freeze.

Ahmad Lewis, a 28-year-old tax specialist for the state, was among those calculating how long he could survive when his paycheck stops coming. The discouraging answer: Little more than a month before he starts worrying.

“I’ve got bills to pay, man,” said Lewis, of Roseville. “There’s never much left in any paycheck after I take care of expenses.”

The notices went out Friday to about 36,000 executive branch employees and another 6,000 workers at Minnesota State College and University campuses. While a court is likely to declare some essential to health and safety during a shutdown, most would stop working July 1 if a new two-year budget is not in place.

The layoff notice to executive branch employees, sent by the Minnesota Management and Budget office, says those workers would get their last paycheck on July 15. The workers are eligible to file for unemployment insurance.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislative leaders have made no progress in a dispute over taxes and spending, with Republicans demanding the state not spend above $34 billion in the next two-year budget while Dayton hopes to add another $1.8 billion mostly through a tax increase on the state’s highest earners.

In a statement Friday, Dayton called the layoff notices “a grim reminder of a deadline that is just 20 days away.” He said he was standing up for a budget “that protects students, protects seniors and prevents more than a billion dollars in property tax increases.” Those choices are too important not to take a stand.”

But state Republican Party chairman Tony Sutton placed responsibility for the layoff notices at the governor’s feet.

“Mark Dayton is obsessed with a tax increase, but his actions today demonstrate he has little regard for those most affected by a government shutdown,” Sutton said in his own statement.

Dayton’s budget commissioner and chief of staff met with his cabinet officers Friday afternoon to discuss budget negotiations and planning for the possibility of a shutdown. The administration is still preparing lists of employees it will ask a court to declare essential, but it appears likely that delivery of most state services — from licensing to road construction projects to state park operations — will be interrupted.

Dayton’s budget commissioner, Jim Schowalter, said it’s unfortunate that state workers are caught in the middle.

“The message is pretty simple,” Schowalter said. “We value their service, this is not about what they’re doing, this is about a constitutional issue. Without appropriations, we can’t spend.”

The layoff notices say some workers may still be entitled to receive an employer contribution towards their insurance coverage if there’s a shutdown. Those not eligible for the contribution would be able to continue insurance coverage at their own expense, or could choose to drop it.

Schowalter said it’s too early to say how much a shutdown might cost the state. Eliot Seide, director of the Minnesota chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees — which represents 18,000 state workers — said the union’s contract states that all laid-off workers are entitled to severance, accrued vacation and comp time.

“We assert that a shutdown will cost the state more than it saves,” Seide said.

Lewis, the tax specialist, said a big part of his own job is making sure the state collects all the taxes it’s due. “If we’re not working, the state’s not getting that money,” he said.

But Lewis is more worried about his own bottom line. He supports Dayton in the dispute with Republicans, saying he’d be much more affected by lack of a paycheck than would the wealthiest taxpayers by an income tax increase.

“If this goes on too long, I might have to make a sign and stand on the side of the road: `I’m a state employee, give me a dollar please,”‘ Lewis said. “I know I shouldn’t joke about it — I’m laughing so I don’t cry. This is not a joke by any means.”

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Comments (105)
  1. Joe Hanson says:

    Contact Governor Dayton and tell him to accept the Legislatures balanced budget.

    “Let’s keep Minnesota working.”

    1. GOP is a CULT says:

      The GOP has been pushing for a Gov. shut down since the session began. They never passed a balanced budget, by all estimates their budget is 1.2 billion short.. The only time their budget balances is when the GOP uses secret numbers from unnamed states and unnamed business. Even moderate Republicans have said their numbers are bogus and they have to use the Dept. of management and Budget numbers.

    2. jimmy says:

      I sure would like to know how many days Tony Sutton picked on the GOP state shut down betting pool. This would give use a good idea how long the GOP plans to shut down the state.

    3. th says:

      You must be a dumb republican. He is looking out for the poor. What is the matter with you people.

  2. scott says:

    I dought that he even read it. The words had more than four letters and not enough pictures.

    1. Really? says:

      Really? I bet he can spell “DOUBT” correctly.

      1. Typo says:

        I can read typo’s. Lighten up.

  3. pat says:

    Joe and Scott I have news for you. The legislature did not give the Governor a balanced budget that Minnesotans can live with. They gave the Governor their wish list with cuts in education, aid to cities and town, colleges, state work force and on and on. They need to get serious and allow the wealthy of this state to pay their share for the next biennium. Dayton is doing the right thing; the legislative leadership is wrong. If they were on the right side of this they wouldn’t be spending all of their time in the press room. Their only statements are posturing against the administration, and producing sound bites. They’d be behind closed doors working with the administration if they had anything meaningful to say. They know their arguments are wrong and weak. Help keep Minnesota frm becoming Minnebama! Support Dayton!

    1. scott says:

      OK. Wow, you got me. Would you feel better that I had stated that the GOP submitted the budget written in crayon? The only side that I am on is my own. Since none of my bosses (state reps./Gov.) can get their act together, I will be receiving a pink slip today with many other fellow employees. So you can save the LONG useless lecture for another day and for someone else. A special thanks to my union for airing a political commercial that will do nothing but tick off the GOP. I’m sure that GOP are now more than ever wanting to help prevent a layoff.

      1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        @Scott. I am sorry you are facing a layoff. But, I do not think that the GOP is all that concerned about the commercials. The line is being drawn in the sand politically, and Minnesota is the state getting to test the resolve of the Democratic party to hold firm against the GOP Wrecking Crew. The nation is watching this just as it watched the Gov. Walker’s debacle in Wisconsin. There is a lot at stake here.

      2. pat says:

        Sorry to hear you are one of the guys getting a pink slip, BUT folding up, rolling into a ball, and screaming , “I give!” is what the democrats in this state and country have been doing for years. It is time we had a showdown with theses Republican bozos who think the “free market economy” is god like in its ability to save Minnesota. It is not! Taxes are a necessary mechanism in a democracy. We need good government and strong government funding or we will end up like Alabama or Texas in the near future.

    2. Mark Too says:

      Really, I’m a Minnesotan, and I could have lived with the balanced budget they gave the Governor. I guess Pat doesn’t speak for all of us Minnesotans. (Just to be clear, I also know my views are not shared by all Minnesotans as well.)

      1. Fred says:

        You could live with it, the elderly and the disabled could not

        1. Barney says:

          @Fred……well they COULD have if the Govt didn’t ROB Social Security!!!! Again…..Why? Because they have no clue how to “balance” a budget!

          The main point is….it’s time to face the music and balance the budget…NOT raise taxes ot rob from the elderly to pay the welfare bill!

          1. Derrick says:

            You really think you can pay for home care services on a social security check? The GOP did nothing to reduce the freeloaders budget. The GOP are depending on a waiver from the feds to allow a health care program. LMAO if that happens. eally the people posting saying that the GOP passed a balanced budget did not look at the ifs in it.

  4. Jean says:

    Why would Govt workers be upset about being laid off for awhile? Especially during the summer. Last time there was a Govt shutdown they got unemployment and then when they went back to work they got back pay. It was in their Union contract. So basically a Govt shutdown for Govt employees is getting a bonus in money and having a free vacation.

    1. scott says:

      we were not out long enough to collect unemployment and FYI to enjoy summer it helps to have a pay check
      @ Citizen of Minnesota so this is rested on the back of employees that want to work? And that’s OK?

      1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

        Of course, it’s not okay. It is what it is….bigger forces at play than just Minnesota.

      2. James says:

        Sounds to me Scott that you need to do what the rest of us do, savings and a 401K. Oh wait, you will get retro-active pay and still have your pension. Oops, sorry, I forgot how difficult is is. When I get laid off in the private sector, my job won’t be waiting. And there will be no pension either. I guess you do have it harder.

        1. old nurse says:

          Sorry for your negativity. Employers contribute to a pension rather than pay a higher wage. I am sorry you are bitter to those who receive pensions. Scott made a choice and worked in a field where such benefits were available. You should not be bitter towards him for your choices that did not have those options.

    2. pat says:

      Gosh, Jean, you must have a really huge excess of cash laying around to think that a government worker could use this as a vacation. All of the government workers I know live check to check and this shut down is going to hurt them a great deal. Ask Scott (above) how he feels about it.

      1. spend spend spend says:

        so it’s our fault govt wokers don’t know how to budget their money?

        Living “check to check” is a SPENDING problem…not an income problem….

        hmmmm…sounds just like the problem the state budget has…..

    3. Barb says:

      Jean – you are mistaken. The last gov’t shutdown in 2005 wasn’t a layoff, therefore they weren’t entitled to unemployment. And no one got back pay. People who had planned to work were offered a chance to use vacation time towards those 8 or 9 days. Later the Legistlature, (nothing to do with union contract) agreed to reinstate half those vacation days back (if you took 8, you got 4 back on the books). People who had previously asked to take that time off, got nothing reinstated.

      There will be no “free vacation”. If I get laid off, unemployment will barely cover the Health Insurance premiums I will have to pay. And I’ll owe taxes on the unemployment at the end of the year. This will be very painful for mine and many other families. And I live frugally to begin with.

      1. enenjoyment says:

        I think Barb’s right……Why would we pay them Unemployment and not just pay them their wages and continue to work…

        businesses are charged “unemployment tax”… a tax by any other name is still a tax…so what’s the diff?

        Oh…that’s right…they are Govt workers….they get a “better deal” that the rest of us! They feel they “deserve that”!

        Hmmm…when I was on unemployment…..I was STILL taxed to keep govt workers in a JOB!

        Sorry to say guys….a LOT of us had to deal with the wages of unemployment…’s about time YOU did too!

    4. dave m says:

      that is not true ! find your facts before you open your mouth

    5. Kate says:

      Unfortunately, the summer is the busiest season for colleges and universities. We are working to process financial aid for the next school year, new student orientations, and IT computer upgrades. This shutdown will cause more problems than people even realize. It is now a vacation or a “bonus in money.” An unpaid layoff is not a bonus.

      1. Kate says:

        I meant “not a vacation”

  5. Ugh says:

    A free vacation? Really? they have already said we won’t get back pay. Unemployment is only a portion of your regular wage. Seriously. No one seems to care about their fellow man, they see State Workere/Government Worker and think pile of lazay over paid trash. I am paid less than MOST jobs int eh private sector, but still had to go to college, I work with the public all day in a thankless job that I do enjoy because I think I am making a difference, and yet when so many of us face such a drastic change, such a profound effect on our lives and our families all people can do is say good riddance? WHen was the last time the private sector in Minnesota lost 36,000 jobs in one month? It’s unheard of and irresponsible.

    1. Shut it down! says:

      If your job is so “thankless” then leave and let the door hit you on the way out!

      Deal with it

      1. Pablo says:

        You’re an ass “Shut it down!”. Some of them actually believe in what they do and feel working for the government is a form of public service that the people benefit from.

      2. Glen says:

        @shut it down.. Too bad you cannot read very well. She enjoys the job. The thankless part comes from people like you.

  6. Andy says:

    Good, Goverment workers are way overpaid and there is far to many of them anyway. Lay the troopers off they are waste of time as it is. Why is everyone in an uproar when state workers who half are waste of time anyway. Get a real job!! I suppose when your bloated pensions get overdrawn we the public are supposed to take care of that to because you are “state worker

    1. GOPSUX says:

      Holy F are you stupid.

      1. Suxgop says:

        Really GOP? He’s “stupid” when your “far left ideas” are as bad as his “far right” stance?

        Bottom line..I don’t agree with Andy…..but to call him “stupid” is only making yourself look “stupider”

      2. Sam I Am says:

        Holy F no he is not. I agree with him for the most part aside from the government workers being way overpaid part but if you get rid of some there is room left to give the one’s still at work fair wages (that is if they don’t make fair wages already). Don’t get me wrong I am not against having police officers, fire fighters, and educators but when you’re in debt you have to make sacrifices. If I’m flat broke then I have to cut down on some of the things I need, cheaper food, no eating out, tap water as opossed to bottled, one ply toilet paper etc. and it is no different for the state of MN

    2. Libby says:

      If you lay the troopers off then all that money we spent on their cute little hats will be for nothing

  7. jimmy says:

    Ever notice that it’s the GOP/tea baggers shouting to shut the state down. Calling all state workers lazy and over paid. The GOP/teabaggers have wanted , demanded this shutdown .
    I hope people remember this in 2012

    1. Joe Hanson says:

      Yet it’s Governor Mark Dayton, by vetoing a balanced budget that includes a $ 3 billion increase for the next biennium, who is leading Minnesota to a Government shutdown.

      1. GOP is a CULT says:

        Joe why do you lie you know the Republican budget didn’t balance.

  8. jimmy says:

    Vote Repiblican!

    1. Jimmy says:

      Vote Republicans out!
      there I fixed it

  9. sporty007 says:

    So the answer to all our problems is just to tax the rich, is that what I’m hearing. Well what are yah gonna do when they can’t or won’t get spending under control – the next time around it will be even tougher. We the taxpayers have had to tighten our belts – I suggest the government does the same. As far as paying there fair share – I have no problem with that except who decides whats fair.

    1. JMJ says:

      Sporty007 – you seem to be the only one on here with some common sense. Everyone else is throwing tantrums and name calling.

    2. No_more_taxes says:

      Sporty, I have to agree with you. Taxing the rich might be a one time partial fix, but what do they do the next time the budget shortfall comes around and those rich have either left or found new loopholes.

  10. Tax and Tea says:

    I still don’t understand why the “wealthy” are the ones that need to pay for this! I am NOT the top 2%…but WHY are they the ones getting this placed on their shoulders!

    I ask as I may not be the top 2%…but I’m told I am in the top 20%…..and it’s ONLY a matter of time before the “top 20%” are asked to “pay their share” as well! This is a JOKE!!!!

    PLEASE someone answer me this…..

    If a person who makes $250K a year is taxes the SAME % as I am (and they are NOT taxes at the same %…it’s HIGHER already!!! I’m just doing this to keep things simple..) Let’s look at this…

    Income: $250k taxed at 25% = $62,500 in taxes…
    Income: $87K taxed at 25% = $21,750 in taxes….

    So the person who pays MORE in taxes gets WHAT? Better roads? A “magic carpet” to float them to work every day? A Governor who does NOT look like he’s a deer caught in the head lights? NOPE!!! He gets the SAME things I do…

    BUT….let’s look at what the person who makes $25,000 gets….

    About 15% tax rate….THEN they get
    A property tax refund (if they have a home)
    A Child Tax credit because they have 3 kids
    Food Stamps
    Free Education
    Free Medical Insurance
    PLUS the same plows clearing snow
    The same police
    The same fire dept….

    So….do I feel bad about this? NO!
    Time to blame ol’ Deer in the Headlights Dayton!!!

    1. The Cat in the Hat says:

      Well put, bravo. No need to penalize somebody for being successful just becasue the economy is unsuccessful.

      1. 98% of all of us? says:

        My FAVORITE part….and NO ONE has seemed to mention this…..

        Where is the MONEY coming from to play these unnecessary commercials on TV!!! Maybe of the Dem’s spent this money on the workers they are going to lay off…..we may not have this issue!!!

        This ALONE proves how the left has NO CLUE how to BUDGET!

        All they do is SPEND and expect others to PAY for it!

        1. Derrick says:

          You forgot the GOP ads. Same argument.

          1. Goop Point Derrick..but says:

            My piont…..the GOP sent a balanced budget to Dayton and it was vetoed! Why…they stated they needed more $$$……
            So then what……

    2. HolyCow says:

      Well put!!! I don’t think the rich should carry everyone else’s burden. It’s a free country, they’ve worked hard, saved, worked on an education, made good sound decisions. Why should the pay for those who chose a lesser life style???

  11. Mr. Mustache says:

    Hopefully Governor Goofie will send himself a pink slip. We don’t need him either.

  12. CeeCee says:

    We are hard working people with families to take care of just like any other Minnesota citizen!! Don’t blame state worker’s for all of this!! You people that continue to blame us state workers for just thinking of “ourselves” need to stop thinking that way!! We need our jobs just like any other human being! It is not our fault that people have been unemployed.. You have every opportunity to find employment like the rest of us. Just because we work for the “state” doesn’t give you the right to label us the way you do!! If it is going to make you feel better that over 36,000 people are now going to be without a job to provide for their families, shut it down, shut it all down! Maybe it is time for a reality check for the citizen’s of Minnesota that think so poorly of us “state employee’s” for everything we do to provide service’s that some take for granted….

    1. Joe Hanson says:

      CeeCee – I don’t think poorly of any State employee. Never had a bad experience with one.

      I do wonder how many of them would support Governor Dayton’s decision to shutdown the State just to hold out for a tax on the “wealthy”?

    2. The Cat in the Hat says:

      I blame the deficit on too much spending not state workers. The state workers are paid by the people doing too much spending and now the people doing too much spending are in debt so they have to downsize. If the company I work for had to downsize and I got laid off that’s life, the same applies to you CeeCee.

    3. Ted says:

      Settle down, nobody is blaming the state workers for anything. Its governor dayton’s that gets the blame for everything falling apart.

      The taxpayers are spent dry and its time to “trim some fat”. The private sector employees have been dealing with layoffs and unemployment for a few years, now its time for you government workers take a little medicine

    4. Then fight says:

      Cee Cee……
      I am sorry you are being affected……this is NO WAY is a “personal” attack on any one person.
      But when my company closed to move its headquarters to another State with a lower corp tax rate, what did I do! I could have moved…but I chose to stay here, do my best and find a different job. BUT…this WILL happen again if Gov Dayton has his way and keeps raising taxes on people!

      I think it’s time for people like you (state workers) to put pressure on Gov Dayton to figure it out OTHER than raising taxes!

      The public sector has done their part…..

    5. Sam I Am says:

      CeeCee do me a favor. Grab a wooden stick and tape a piece of construction paper to it, write something clever on the paper and make it look nice and visible, take it to the capital and wave it around, yell and scream, throw some trash around while you’re at it and tell Gov Dayton to figure it out.

      1. Sam I am CORRECT! says:


        See my post below….State payroll is a small piece of the pie compared to other things….

        It’s about time the State workers ask their BOSS why HE can’t figure it out!!!

        Don’t complane to us! The public…..we pay your wages but don’t manager your payroll!!!!

  13. Tony says:

    State Employees not State workers… They don’t produce anything and due to bloated salaries and job security they are turning out less and less here. The major issue is 40% of the budget is going to education and nobody will touch that even though the average school gets a little over $1000 a month for every kid they have in their school, more in the urban areas. Dem’s claim that teachers are underpaid. A class of 30 kids makes $30,000 for the school a month (when it’s in session), where is the rest of this money going?

    1. Time for State wrokers to ask Dayton says:

      Tony… all honesty…yes…they do produce something…..I understand your anger and I am on your side….but state they don’t produce anything is uncalled for….

      The bottom line is we need to look at this realistically! It’s time the Govt of MN looked at the state as a BUSINESS (with a “profit” and “loss” point of view) they might see the issue!

      You know…can anyone point out a web site that has a NICE CLEAR way of showing WHERE our tax money goes?

      Like this:

      Total tax revenue (PLUS $XXXXX)
      $ spent on Education (Neg $$$$$)
      $ spent on road work (Neg $$$$)
      $ Spent on welfare (Neg $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

      so we can SEE where our tax money is going?

      In all seriousness…I bet the state workers are a SMALL % of this number!

      The larger #’s……I bet are welfare……Education……what else…

      SO…State workers….maybe YOU should be asking this question!!!!

      Why isn’t the largest piece of the pie being cut…..why is a smaller piece being cut…

      TIME to have State workers ask for transparency!!!!

      1. Tony says:


        Real Numbers Put a www for the ***

        1. Thanks Tony... says:

          Thanks Tony…

          WOW!!!! I think people need to view this file!!!!!

          It really backs my point….

          ALL STATE WORKERS…VIEW this file! You may be surprized!

        2. Sam I Am says:

          I’ll be checking that out. Thanks Tony.

    2. Shove it says:

      At least you produce Slurpees at the local 7-11. You have to be proud of that.

  14. CeeCee says:

    Wow,,,last time I checked we are all state taxpayers!!! Private or state big flipping deal! Quit labeling us!! We are humans just like you!! You want us to taste our own medicine because others have been unemployed and we need to feel their pain… Like we don’t care or understand anything outside of our little bubble. Wow,, I am just speechless,,You want my job, fine, take it!!! I agree the Gov. & the Leg. Need to get it together for all of Minnesota!!

    1. Tony says:

      State workers are lazy and I am resentful they won’t hire me. In 2010-2011 Education cost 14,879,139,000 and Health and Human services cost 10,171,672,000 out of a total of 32,443,008,000. That shoots 77% of the budget. But both of those areas need increases? And the rich should pay for them?

    2. Sam I Am says:

      CeeCee nobody is labeling you or treating you like an animal and nobody said anything about you not being a state tax payer chill out. What we would like to know is that If 40% of tax payers dollars goes towards funding education yet teachers are underpaid (according to most liberals and I’m not disagreeing) then where is all of that money going and who’s responsible for allocating those funds? I have respect for people who teach and protect for a living where are you getting the idea that people are “labeling you and not treating you like a human being”? I don’t want your job I have one and I help pay your salary so be greatful for that.

    3. Sam I Am says:

      If you are “just speechless” then I suggest you remain that way if you’re just going to speak out of anger because you don’t want to lose your job.

  15. CeeCee says:

    Wow,Really ,,last time I checked we are all state taxpayers!!! Private or state big flipping deal! Quit labeling us!! We are humans just like you!! You want us to taste our own medicine because others have been unemployed and we need to feel their pain… Like we don’t care or understand anything outside of our little bubble. Wow,, I am just speechless,,You want my job, fine, take it!!! I agree the Gov. & the Leg. Need to get it together for all of Minnesota!!

  16. Hilda says:

    By the way….. are some of you STATE WORKERS using MN STATE EQUIPMENT & MN STATE TAXPAYER MONEY to moan and groan right now?

    Interesting…..must be nice to browse-the-web when you should be on-th-job performing your duties.

    1. CeeCee says:

      Sorry, to disappoint you I am a state employee who is on a day off. Thank you for allowing me to have a day offf master! Or maybe I should be at work because you’re paying my salary..
      We are hard working employee’s who are also a citizen of this state. I really can’t believe how rude people are… Oh wait,, yes I can,,

      1. hilda says:

        If you can read correctly……I alluded to “SOME” …..State Workers, little missy.

      2. Sam I Am says:

        Do you have anything to contribute aside from your overly exaggerated outbursts? If having a Governor with a backbone made out of rubber is putting your job in jeopardy then you probably shouldn’t have voted for him.

      3. MN TaxPayer says:


        How often do you HAVE to work on Saturdays?

        Enough Said…

        1. Better than being Jewish says:

          True MNTP…

          I do have to agree…..MN State workers have a GREAT schedule! NO ONE brings this up!

          Weekends (for MOST)..Holidays…..State Hoidays……Better than being jewish! (I’m kidding)

          But come on…..they make “less money than the rest of us”……minus their life long pention….discounted insurance…..and the Chrismas party we never hear about in Cancun!


        2. CeeCee says:

          Apparently whatever I say or how I say it really doesn’t matter to any of you. .
          And” MN Tax Payer”, if you think we just work Monday-Friday 9-5 you’re so wrong. ..
          I shouldn’t have even jumped into this shark tank..

          I have always been a hard working & dedicated employee throughout all my years working for the state.

          1. Sorry CeeCee says:

            Then PLEASE do something about this…..

            I am sure you do a good job! (and I’m NOT kidding!!)

            I have tried to defend you (state workers in general) and I think others have as well! (look at my post on what the actual payroll is for State Workrs is below!)

            The bottom line is CeeCee…..YOUR BOSS (Dayton) has MADE us feel this way by rejecting a balanced budget put forth by the GOP and forcing YOU to lose your job….

            Time to let Dayton know what you think!!!

    2. Come on....don't be 7 says:

      Tough to post this Hilda when I think MOST of us are posting from work…..

  17. Joe Hanson says:

    “Ahmad Lewis is a tax specialist at the Department of Revenue in St. Paul, auditing individual income taxes to make sure they comply with federal law.”

    Why does the STATE need an employee to audit tax returns to ensure that they comply with FEDERAL law?

    1. Accountant says:

      You can’t be that stupid, Joe. Really – think about it.

  18. Minnesota Department of Revenue says:

    I’m hoping Dayton raises everyone’s taxes, and lets get this budget passed!! Cough it up everyone!!


    1. MN Concerned Citizen says:

      Dayton’s definition of “Rich” = “You”

      The definition of wealthy will be broanding to middle class, good luck thinking the 2% of MN is able to take care of the deficit!

      1. Dave Thomas says:

        It’s interesting….

        For the folks working in the private sector, the fear or risk of being let go, is a every day occurance.

        For the folks working for STATE GOVERNMENT, it’s only once a year!

        No one forced you to become a state employee, you did…

      2. Pay attention says:

        You are nuts.

        Republicans have passed revenue responsibilities on to municipalities, which means Grandma will soon be living in your basement.

    2. truth of fiction says:

      I’m SO happy the “Minnesota Department of Revenue” placed this post….

      Not far from the truth…….

  19. Your 3rd grade teacher says:

    Why is that the people posting against state workers have a lot more spelling errors than those who support them?

    1. tuna-free dolphin says:

      Because they all went to public skools.

      1. Titanic Survivor says:

        “Lookout! Iceberg ahead!”

        Better grab your life boats because the sharks are in the water

  20. tuna-free dolphin says:

    I want a shutdown just so people will finally see how many state jobs wouldn’t be missed if they were gone. 36,000 executive positions? Please. That in and of itself is immoral. Minnesota government is morbidly obese. Time to fix it.

  21. bonnie says:

    Why is the money being spent to layoff State Employees when it seems so simple. dont pay the legislatures till they come to an agreement.

  22. If it were that easy... says:

    Here is what I know to be truthful….

    Blaming isn’t going to get the legislature or the Governor anywhere.

    There is a great deal of rhetoric on the republican and democratic side of this issue. There are very few people out there who truly understand all of the details of the state budget and “if” there actually was a balanced budget was submitted by the republicans. Just because they said it was a balanced budget doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. And just because it was “balanced” doesn’t mean it was acceptable. Does anyone realize they cut the Human Rights department 65%?? How is this protecting our citizens??? I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I just think it’s important people realize the facts (not rhetoric) behind the information being shared through the media.

    Sometimes when there isn’t enough money in a household, spending must be cut. And then sometimes there just needs to be more money and someone may get a second part time job to bring in money. Balancing a state budget probabaly work the same way. Cut spending as much as possible but it may be necessary to bring in more revenue somehow too.

    I was sad today when I thought about so many people getting notified they might lose their jobs, regardless if they were state employees or not. Bottom line is they rely on their income to survive and support their family. I don’t think any state employee reading negative comments from the people who use their services are feeling very good about all these posts.

  23. pat says:

    What is wrong with paying higher taxes if it means a better Minesota?

  24. Student says:

    I just want to finish summer term at a MnSCU school. The budget standoff is what it is. I feel for the people that get layoff notices because they, like me, would rather be working. If MnSCU is forced to shut down, thousands of summer term students will be affected in a very negative way. My grants were from the State. So they would be paying for a class I never would have the opportunity to finish. Not to mention the financial aid situation. I trust the State will release the funds necessary to MnSCU to keep the colleges running. All students have the right to attend school and complete the classes that are already paid for, in full.

  25. Liz McLaughlin says:

    I am a state worker and I resent the people who deem us lazy and overpaid. Come do my job for a day! Get exposed to Hep C and a host of other diseases. Worry about being assualted or killed. The average pay for state workers is around 35K a year and the average pension is 1600.00 a month. I think the majority of the people who are down on state workers are just ignorant and would not have the skills to do some of the jobs….

  26. dave says:

    I feel Bonnie is correct. If you consider the amount of funds already spent on the notices (first class stamps) and the costs of filing/printing the layoff notices, the individuals we voted ~ gov and legs ~ to conduct our political business, have failed us. Regardless of being a public or private employee. My opinion? Rather than have the state shut down, affecting the entire arena of citizens, fire those voted and appointed for failing to complete their employment requirements. If you or I, public or private, fail in our duties, we are let go. Someone else more anxious for the job steps in and does what the employer (MN citizens) chose and are paying them to do. Why punish the state workers and the public? The gov and legs are making the decison and need to suffer the consequnce of failing the citizens. We’d all win. The obvious gov’t “fat” would be trimmed and the public and private employees have what we voted for. Extend the current budget temporarily until newly appointed legs and gov spin up a new level headed budget. The reason we chose these individuals in the first place ~ to handle our political issues without disrupting citizens. Problem solved.

  27. Titantic Survivor says:

    “Lookout!….iceberg ahead!” Better grab your life boats because the sharks are in the wat below.

  28. Dave Seavy says:

    Amazing. Just to notify employees that the government is broke and may shut down, resulting in layoffs, cost taxpayers nearly$20,000 in postage. It’s nice to see the government has began to watch every penny – (sarcasim) At this point I’d say shut ‘er down and start over. We need to fire those who’ve allowed this situation to get this far. They’ve had an entire session to get the budget worked out, yet they’re not even close. None of these clowns would last a minute in a public job, as they’d be fired for accomplishing absolutely nothing except worrying about a sports stadium.

  29. Dave Seavy says:

    Correction – I meant to say a private job.

  30. peed off says:

    As I read these comments I am sadden as I wonder where the statesmen and woman of the elected branches have gone. After one is elected now from a district it seems one can forget those from your district in other parties. I see thier actions not to represent all the people of the district for the betterment of the state. I see nothing but dog-like behavior chasing the rear of the party as if it was in heat. For me to see the state in this place this morning is enough to vote for all the challenger next election – no matter what party – they all have failed us.

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