MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minneapolis Police are warning motorists to slow down and be attentive after a bicyclist was struck and seriously injured on Monday.

The incident happened on East 28thStreet about two blocks east of Cedar Avenue as the bicyclist was in a crosswalk using the Midtown Greenway.

Police said the motorist failed to yield while the bicyclist was in the crosswalk, and several other vehicles managed to yield to the bicyclist.

East 28th Street, a one-way street leading to Hiawatha Avenue, is used by thousands of motorists each day as a commuter route, as is the Midtown Greenway.

Police urge motorists to take caution when driving in an area where bicyclists are present, and they are also warning bikers to make it clear where they are traveling and use crosswalk signals as if they are pedestrians.

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  1. biker says:

    Hang the motorist.

  2. markH says:

    Quite sad. While I agree that we should all be more vigilant of bicycles on roadways, the bicyclists themselves would do well to observe traffic rules and signals themselves. I can’t begin to count the number of bicyclists I see run stop signs, red lights, and use their maneuverability to weave between cars to gain an advantage. Oh, and don’t count on the bike helmet to save your bacon if you DO get hit my a car-in which event its primary function will be to keep your brains in one convenient place to facilitate clean up. Peace.

    1. Shad says:

      Some of you drivers are being a bit silly with your posts here. Last I checked, people in CROSSWALKS have the right away. You are ranting about other stuff not related to the fact the driver IGNORED the LAW and ran a cyclist down in a CROSSWALK.

      Drive with awareness of what is going on around you. Too many of you don’t! You think the roads were made just for cars yet you forget, the bicycle was invented before the automobile and has ALWAYS HAD THE LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE ROAD that they do today.

      SHARE THE ROAD with everyone! Pretty simple concept.

  3. Angus says:

    To The Motorist:

    I suspect you enjoy pulling wings off flys.

    1. Why says:

      Hey tuna free, I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee too. Also ride a bike a lot. I agree the physics is not in favor of the bicyclist. And they should not be fools, but don’t be one of those to make “quick work” out of someone. To me that says, bikers beware of my Jeep because I’m bigger. True as that may be. Bikers have the right of way!!!! By the way, you leather trimmed V8 would not stand a chance against mine.

      1. tuna-free dolphin says:

        Of course I wouldn’t hit a cyclist. Have you ever priced out a new bumper and grill? I like to cycle a bit as well. But that is beside the point. Anyone on a bike who entrusts their own safety to a driver in object 20 times their weight quite simply is at the head of the line for the Ultimate Darwin Award. And on their tombstone we should write “they weren’t paying attention”. I wasn’t even 5 years old when I learned from my parents to watch for cars. Yet every time someone on a bike gets killed they start warning motorists to watch for bikes. Instead of the warning that’s more likely to actually save lives: CYCLISTS, WATCH FOR CARS! It should be obvious. I don’t expect anyone to watch out for me. In fact I’ve had many motorcycles and I’ve learned to EXPECT people to not see me. Bumper stickers notwithstanding people simply don’t, can’t, won’t ever take the care I would take to keep me safe. Cyclists are the ones who can save lives.

        1. Why says:

          Still don’t care about the biker. Just the price of a grill? In as much as agree with a lot of your comments. I too drive a motorcycle. I also drive a heavy truck. 80000lbs worth at times. And ride a bike, drive a car. I’ll make sure not to damage my bumper on your Jeep when I’m in the truck.

          1. tuna-free dolphin says:


  4. paul says:

    I hope you report threatening emails to the police. It’s not funny to say, “run over the bicyclist”

    1. tuna-free dolphin says:

      No problem with the fool who said “hang the motorist”? Should we report them too?

  5. Ginger says:

    Although I wouldn’t go to the extreme of saying “run over the bicylist” I do have to agree that the bicylists are the one’s driving recklessly.

    On a DAILY basis I see bicylists run stop signs, stop lights, cut in front of cars, ride in between lanes of cars, go the wrong way down one way streets and perform many other unsafe actions.

    If bicylists want to “share the road” then they need to follow the rules of the road.

    1. yoda13 says:

      On a DAILY basis, I see DRIVERS run stop signs and lights, cut off other cars, speed, make illegal lane changes, and perform many other unsafe actions.

      If DRIVERS want to use the road, then they need to follow the rules of the road.

      Hey, your logic, it doesn’t work as by your logic, DRIVERS can’t use the road either. You don’t lump all drivers in the “bad drivers” category, don’t dump all cyclists in the “bad cyclists” category either.

    2. Mary says:

      Drivers seem not to regard speeding as a violation. Heck, if I’m driving and not speeding, and other drivers want to pass me, they even pull up tight behind me and honk! At least cyclists don’t try to kill you for OBEYING the law.

      More motorists roll through than stop at the 4-way stop on West 44th at Beard Ave S. Lots of them fail to stop even when there is cross traffic that has the right of way. When I’m biking through that intersection twice a day on my commute, I never go a month without having my clear right of way violated by a motorist at least once or twice.

  6. Leon says:

    I would just like to point out that the bicyclist was crossing 4 lanes of traffic, 3 of which had stopped, at a marked greenway crossing. They weren’t running a red, weaving through traffic, etc. Instead they were crossing where 3 lanes of motorists had stopped, and a single inattentive person caused serious injury.

    I love that even when cyclists are attentive and “follow[ing] the rules of the road” they get hit and blamed.

  7. Why says:

    As a bicyclist and driver. Do a lot of both. It’s drivers with the mind set of “Ginger” that take it to the next level because they see something they don’t like. I have been forced off the road when on my bike by people in 3000lb vehicles. BIKERS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY, just like pedestrians. Get used to it. Their flesh is no match for your car. As a biker, I use street and stop signs as advisories, after all it’s my skin. As a motorist, I give them all the room I can. Watch people in front of me and behind me constantly crowding bikers when they don’t need to. People, give them room. Slow down if you have to. In conclusion, I would say motorist are much more the problem than bikers.

  8. BikersBeResponsible says:

    I don’t own a car and bike everywhere. Minneapolis is the most bike friendly city I have seen–even better than Portland where I just moved from. HOWEVER, Minneapolis is also home to the worst bikers. Police would be wise to begin issuing citations to bikers who run stop signs (particularly ones on the Greenway). Bikers here have no regard for the traffic laws that apply to them and often are as much to blame for minor accidents as are motorists. Signal, obey street signs, and don’t bike on the sidewalk Minneapolis. The bikers themselves prevent this place from being a haven for cyclists.

  9. Willow says:

    This is what happens with everyone rushing and tailgating the people who actually dare to follow the speed limit. Quit your speeding and pay attention to the rules and what’s around you.

  10. Willow says:

    Also I would like to add, we need more bike trails in general. Not that I haven’t seen bikers ignoring the bike trails and going on the city streets, but for crying out loud, there are a lot of places where there are zero bike trails. We could benefit a lot as a society in an era with high gas prices and rampant obesity with more trails.

    1. Tom says:

      Trails aren’t madatory, nor should they be.

  11. Greg says:

    I cycle and I drive. Something to consider is that when you see a poor cyclists, you think bad things about all cyclists. However, when you see a bad motorist, you think “that motorist sucks”…most motorists would not generalize to all motorists. Yet, they will with cyclists. Do cyclists frequently run stop signs. Yeah, they do. But drivers do just as much. The drivers’ rolling stop is often quicker and just as illegal as a cyclist running a stop sign. Factor in speeding – and the average driver spends much more time disobeying traffic laws on a typical trip than does the average cyclist. The real issue isn’t even cyclists vs drivers, it is bad vehicle operators (cyclists and drivers). There are also bad design elements of roadways that contribute to these issues. Seriously, for this accident, you have a bike Greenway passing through four lanes of traffic, with the bike path ambiguously marked for drivers, not much more helpful for cyclists, some drivers stopping, some not…what do you expect? There is a big design element to these sorts of accidents. Lastly, someone was seriously injured here. Some of these comments are just in poor taste. I wonder if many would consider them as appropriate if this was about a motorist struck by a train. Maybe we could then talk about how all motorists drive crazy around trains, or how drivers aren’t attentive enough, or I can brag about how I can smash cars with my train. Really?

  12. Ardith Mazel. says:

    Why so many comments about cyclists being at fault when the police clearly state that this was the fault of the motorist. I’m so sick of you people.

  13. Tawan Rivera says:

    Tuna-free dolphin’s name says it all. He/she is a lazy thoughtless self righteous piece of garbage.

    1. tuna-free dolphin says:

      So I guess this means we dig each other and I’ll be seeing you around the officer’s club…….

  14. Matt says:

    Why, when bicycle riders don’t pay a gas tax do they get access to the roads and even more stupidly priority over the cars that fund the roads.

    1. yoda13 says:

      First, are you also of the opinion that pedestrians shouldn’t be allowed to use roads either?

      Second, you are aware that in no state that I’m aware of is the entirety of the road budget paid for by gas alone.

      Third, a large portion of the gas tax is paid for by businesses, cyclist are customers of said businesses and thus contribute to the gas tax.

      And fourth and most importantly, the vast majority of cyclists own a car and thus are paying the very tax you say they don’t pay.

  15. Why says:

    This needs to be a collective agreement. Bikes and cars share the road!!!! Bikers need to save their own skin. Motorists, be aware, it’s flesh against steel!!!!!! Who needs to pay more attention? Obviously the biker. Who needs to be aware they may kill someone? I also used to drive a cement truck in the city. Almost ran over a child in an alley. Who’s fault would that be? I have crossed this intersection ‘the greenway” on my bike and in my car. Perhaps this is a “bad spot”. I would agree with that as well. People, pay attention!!!!!! Please!

  16. I ride says:

    Bikers pay plenty of taxes – most own cars and have jobs and pay income, property and sales taxes. Regardless, the law says they have a right to the road. The intersection in question is supposed to have painted “bump outs” where the traffic is supposed to merge to 1 lane each way. The city has had poor maintenance of painting and this guy paid a price for that. We need to stop starving government so we have city services that provide safety and efficiency for everyone.

  17. dasunt says:

    Wow, a lot of blame for cyclists in the comments. Very little blame for automobiles in the comments though.

    What happened again? Oh yes, a car was stopped at a crosswalk, and another car decided to illegally pass, striking an individual using the crosswalk.

    I guess for all the hate about cyclists breaking the laws, many drivers think they are above the same traffic laws.

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