MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — New farmers from across the country will be in Washington this week to lobby for more investments to foster the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

The Minnesota-based Land Stewardship Project is one of several groups sending members to Washington to meet with policymakers Tuesday through Thursday. Participants in the fly-in include Nolan Lenzen, a beginning grass-based organic dairy farmer from the central Minnesota community of Eagle Bend. He’ll be joined by a dozen beginning farmers from coast to coast.

They’re urging Congress to expand programs that help beginning farmers and ranchers as it prepares to draft the 2012 Farm Bill.

The groups say beginning farmer programs can be job creators that bring economic development to rural communities while producing food and fiber for new markets.

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  1. GN says:

    Elimination of the farm welfare programs will do more to stimulate opportunities for younger farmers. Reduce the cost of food. Reduce the tax burden that these programs create. Eliminate all the government employees that administer these money funneling programs and see some deficit reduction. Treat farming as any other business. It is time the 4x4s get a taste of what folks have to put up with to survive. Definition 4×4: A name given to farmers by rural folks. 4 weeks in the spring, 4 weeks in the fall, 44 weeks off at taxpayer expense.

  2. Citizen says:

    @GN. Farming IS BEING TREATED like any other business. Between tax breaks (writeoffs, deductions, stimulus funds) GE, among many corporations, paid no taxes. WalMart jobs and the attendant low wages are directly subsidized by the taxpayers. And then there is the oil depletion allowance for the likes of Exxon. The problem with the elimination of government support and tax breaks is that a free market economy is a myth: you will mostly like see food prices rise because ag subsidies keep them artificially low right now. So, I guess we as taxpayers get the choice between high food prices or high taxes–we really can’t win. The system is rigged against us.

    1. blp says:

      You both have no clue what you are talking about…my husband and I farm…if you want to see our income tax report…and the money that we have to pay in every year,,,be my guest. You can judge all you want. You shouldn’t be saying stuff you know nothing about. ( 4 by 4 ???) I hope you did not type this stuff while you were eating…

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