ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton said Saturday he won’t take his salary if he and lawmakers can’t come to a budget agreement by the end of the month to avoid a potential government shutdown.

Dayton released a statement Saturday, which read “In the event of a state government shutdown, which I remain committed to doing everything possible to avoid, I think it would be terribly wrong for those of us responsible for it, the Republican legislators and myself, to receive our salaries while thousands of dedicated state employees have lost theirs.”

Dayton and lawmakers have to agree on a budget by June 30 to solve the state’s $5 billion deficit, and if they can’t, the state’s government will shut down and many services and offices will close until an agreement can be reached.

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  1. Joe Hanson says:

    He’s not even worth it at that salary.

    1. Mike says:

      How many Republican legislatures will turn down their salary? Zero! They would rather whine and cry, it’s what they do best…………..

      1. Joe Hanson says:

        Probably the same number as Democratic legislators.

        Unlike Governor Mark Dayton, they’re negotiating, not going to court asking for a mediator to do their job.

        1. Joseph Rodela says:

          Demanding cooperation and “negotiating” are separate activities. Holding Minnesotan’s well-being hostage while they stand tall on their corporate lobbyists soapbox is the furthest thing from “negotiating”. At least he can understand that if you don’t perform the job at hand, you shouldn’t be paid. Watching a Republican legislator not accepting a tax-paid paycheck is as likely as Satan coming to earth to open a Lemonade stand.

          1. Joe Hanson says:

            “Satan coming to earth to open a Lemonade stand”

            Sounds like an episode of South Park.

        2. oh boy says:

          He wouldn’t have to ask for a mediator if republicans could listen every now and than!!1

      2. Governor is a PIG says:

        he should move out of the mansion, it’s a government building. Your tax dollar is still paying for that is it really necessary he has two places to live (former CEO) PIG!!!

        1. Don Johnson says:

          he is arrogant as well

      3. linda says:

        He’s worth over 900 million dollars. He does’nt NEED the money.

  2. Victim Du Jour says:

    Isn’t this like Dayton saying “I have a trust fund!”

    The GOP passed a budget by the way. Dayton should be telling us all the reasons for not signing it in great detail.

    The News Media and Dayton are BSing us by making the false impression about not raising taxes on rich people.

    1. Cousin says:

      Why will the GOP raise taxes on rich Professional football players to build a stadium, but throw grandma out of the nursing home rather than raise taxes on the rest of the rich.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        The GOP passed a bill for nursing homes, you are just hiding overweight lazy potheads who buy $260 in Frozen Pizza, Eggos and Corn bi-products with EBT cards behind old ladies in wheelchairs.

        Nice try old skool!

    2. JMR says:

      Why don’t you read Governor Dayton’s veto letters? They spell out in detail WHY he vetoed the Republican’s proposed budget. Unfortunately, the deficit we face is too big to balance on cuts alone. Especially when those cuts affect every single middle class and low income citizen in the state. Sorry, but I’m not independently wealthy, and am proud that we have a Governor to stand up for my rights.

      1. Darren says:

        When is the last time a low or medium income person hired your for a job? When’s the last time a poor person and some not so poor person took money out of your paycheck in the form of taxes to live free in Minnesota?

        Quit taxing the rich, the middle class and the poor.

        1. Man in the middle says:

          That is exactly what they want you to believe. You have latched onto the fear. They want you to be afraid for your job and family, and squable over the scraps. The rich are out for themselves. I don’t get why people defend uber-rich inheritors, and their spoiled self indulgent children. America is not about aristocracy, it’s about freedom the last I heard.

  3. William Clinton says:

    When you have a trust providing you an income for doing nothing, not taking his salary as Gov. is merely a publicity stunt. Medicated Mark will be the first person to rate an “F” as Senator and an “F” as Governor.

    1. Fish says:

      I have already given Medicated Mark an “F” as governor! What’s next????

      1. StrycatStrut says:


  4. Cache says:

    If the government shuts down this POTUS needs to resign as Mr. ‘F’ will prove he is Nonessential…period!

  5. Kendra says:

    I agree this is a publicity stunt. Why would it be the Republicans fault if there is a shutdown when they have repeatedly delivered a budget to the governor and he is the one turning it down. Dayton will be responsible for this shutdown and I believe he wants a shutdown.

    1. Mike says:

      Democrats have offered a budget too Kendra, but the Republicans do not want to raise taxes on 2% of the states population. Why don’t you pull your head out your derriere every once and read a newspaper?

    2. Fish says:

      Kendra. I agree with you!

    3. Mark Too says:

      Kendra – I agree, nothing but a publicity stunt

  6. maryanne in moorhead says:

    He was a horrible senator and now a horrible governor.

    1. mike says:

      Too bad for you maryanne, he was elected Governor by a majority. Why don’t you move to Wisconsin? Their are plenty of morons like you to hang out with………..

      1. Guy says:

        Before you start calling names; Dayton DID NOT win by a MAJORITY. He won with a PLURALITY. A MAJORITY requires greater than 50 percent. A PLURALITY does not – just the highest value in a multi-way race. MORON.

        1. Tom says:

          @ Guy

          The key thing though is that he WON! And if you think that everybody in MN wanted to do things your way by cut cut cut then Emmers should have won the last election by a land slide. But he didn’t.

          1. Guy says:

            Thats because we had TWO guys who would have done things “my way” – and Emmer lost by less than ONE-HALF of one percent. This means that the MAJORITY of the state does NOT support Dayton. (See I use the term MAJORITY CORRECTLY).

            1. Tom says:

              @ Guy

              But again who is the Gov?

              1. tom says:

                a f—cking lush that is looking for his bottle he hid in the capitol when he was a worthless senator

          2. Mark Too says:

            True Dayton won the Gov. Also true, many GOP legislators won their respective races by promising cuts. Obviously many MN wanted these GOP legislators writing a balanced budget based on cuts.

        2. Mike says:


          Your wrong moron. Definition of a majority; The amount by which the greater number of votes cast, as in an election, exceeds the total number of remaining votes.

  7. sour apples says:

    He’s not “doing everything to avoid” at all. He is a mentally ill alcoholic. Why did anyone vote for this man?

    1. mike says:

      A majority of the populous voted for him. If you don’t like it, move!

      1. Bad Tea says:

        MIKE!!! 44% voted for him….Please define that as “Majority”

        1. Mike says:

          Bad Tea

          Definition of majority; The amount by which the greater number of votes cast, as in an election, exceeds the total number of remaining votes.

      2. Mike is intolerant says:

        Mike, I see you like to respond to everyone. You really are very intolerant of others.

        1. Mike says:

          Mike is intolerant because he responds on a forum that is open to comment?
          Calling the kettle black isn’t winning for you……………

  8. Share and share alike says:

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the Republican’s are going to want their money. But then again, they are rich enough that not getting a check won’t affect them either, but it won’t stop them from whining and wanting what is theirs. Isn’t that their mantra? It’s mine and I’m not sharing with the poor folk?
    Rep’s got us in this mess as it is. Pawlenty and his dreams of being the POTUS. God help us if he or they get voted in.
    Thank you Governor Dayton for setting an example.

    1. tom says:

      if he was setting an example he would agree with the budget the Republicans have laid out and get on with life and not try to spend money we do not have and not tax the people that are providing jobs in this state becasue they will surely leave and this whole state will be a “detroit”

  9. With You all the way says:

    He is a great governor no one should be getting a salary during a shut down.
    This is not a ploy of any kind and elected official should not be getting salary during a shut down and they should not get retroactive pay after it is over either.
    Thank you Mr Governor. The Senate is causing this shutdown not Mr Dayton.

    1. Interesting theory... says:

      The Senate has sent several budgets to him and DAYTON is the one rejecting them. It’s his fault. He’s throwing a proverbial fit and holding this state hostage.

      1. Mike says:

        The Republican legislature is holding this up over raising taxes on 2% of the population. He is holding fast and should when all they offered was nothing.

        1. Joe Hanson says:

          Greedy Governor Dayton wants $1.8 billion tax increase to spend on what he’s unwilling or unable to specify…

          1. Tom says:

            @ Joe Hanson

            Well as yourself something if something bad happens like if another bridge falls how would you pay for it? Would you say put it on the card and pay for it later? Or iwould rather some extra money set aside just in case. If you remember what happened when the 35 W bridge fell where did T-Paw get the money for that? Well he took money that he promised for the “devils trianlge” on in BP. BP was all set to get stated on that, then T-Paw tells them sorry we are taking the money I promised you becaise now I need that money for the 35W bridge. No do call that good gov’t?

          2. tom says:

            he is just like obamy, will drive this state into the ground like obamy has done to this country.

            1. Mike says:


              President Obama was delivered a door stoop full of garbage, but don’t let that fact get in your way. Bush left a $10.6 trillion dollar deceit and people were losing their jobs at a rate of 700K a month. Bush started two illegal wars and dropped taxes at a time when the country needed them most. You can also blame the financial crisis at the feet of Republicans who allowed the banksters to gamble our economy through derivatives. The depression were in was the same as the first two, Republican sponsored.

              1. Darren says:

                That was over 2 years ago Mike, why are you still blaming Bush? This is now Obama and he has brought us into another war and is spending like crazy, much more then Bush. Bush was bad enough, now we have Obama. The government doesn’t get it because its not their money.

                1. Grover says:

                  Because the taxes are still the same as under Bush and the wars have no easy way out

      2. Irv says:

        If you consider a budget a continuation of what has gotten us into this 5billion dollar deficit in the first place a real budget. Dayton is asking for something new and the Republicans are unwilling to give anything. Negotiate means give and take. Dayton has given but now is looking for some give in return. This is on both parties, but the Republicans must give a little. Too bad for all of us that they are too bull headed to realize it.

  10. Trudy says:

    I give governor Dayton a F.

    1. he he says:

      I give the republicans and R really bad work

  11. People still support him? LOL says:

    I can’t believe people still support this guy. However, I realize these are the same people that would support anyone because they have (D) after their name.

    1. Mike says:

      Get over it! He was elected by a majority of Minnesotans. If you don’t like it here, move to were ‘your’ kind is………..

      1. Guy says:

        “Our kind” are happy here. WE will be happy AFTER all your government leeches die of starvation. And you STILL keep repeating that “majority” LIE.

        1. Mike says:


          Look up the definition of majority and come back so I can wipe the egg from your face.

    2. Patrick PatPat Lilja says:

      Yeah, like a lot of GOP voters won’t just blindly vote and support anything with an “R” after their name.

  12. Evict Dayton says:

    I support Gov. Dayton yet to be fair here: If he will not accept pay then I think he should be evicted from his state run home. And …if he really wants to know what it is like when your source of income is cut off, he needs to sift through his things thrown on the lawn, take only what he can carry, and sleep outside Dorthy Day center with all our politicians who cannot find a working solution to this problem. At Dorthy Day they can slug it out!

    1. Mike says:

      I support we have you arrested for stupidity!

      1. tom says:

        you should be, the majority says so

        1. Mike says:


          Nice quip for a dullard.

  13. Eioljg says:

    Regardless of whether he is “rich” or not, not taking a salary if there is a government shutdown is the right thing to do. Ditto for the legislators. They shouldn’t get any more than the people who will be laid off for no fault of their own. The legislators and governor are BOTH responsible for this impasse, so they all should have a consequence. Too bad we paid Pawlenty when he was running around the country telling how he balanced the budget, but really only delayed the day of reckoning.

    1. Darren says:

      They are obviously not “essential” jobs.

  14. Indigo says:

    You lefties voted this guy in, now you are going to reap the consequences of this incompetant.

    1. Mike says:

      Incompetant Indigo or incompetent as in your spelling?

    2. Irv says:

      You elected the incompetant and bull headed republicans who care about who? Not me, I don’t make enough or own any businesses. My golf course of choice is a public one and my kids go don’t go to private school. So yes, you are just as responsible with all of your republican clowns.
      Do they care about you Indi? Is your family going to pay because of their selfishness?

      1. tom says:

        hey, at least you have enough money for green fees, life must not be that bad for you

    3. Tom says:

      @ Indigo

      So you think T-Paw was competant?

  15. PJO says:

    None of them should even get paid for the regular session.None of them did the job they were elected to do.How many of us would still get paid for doing absolutely nothing. They are all acting like spoiled children, they should all grow up and get their jobs done. As of now I’m not impressed with any of them. It doesn’t matter what party they represent, dems, reps or inds.

  16. Nikki Faulkner says:

    Ahahahahahahahahaha………I believe this like I believe all 3 of my kids were emaculate conception….who is he tryin to fool??????? ( And yes I know I spelled emaculate wrong….I am sure I will have someone act like spell checker and correct me….)

    1. Teacher says:

      Nikki Faulkner

      Spelling if good, punctuation not so much.

  17. john says:

    so wisc. pass a 66 billion budget….dayton wants a 38 billion dollar budget that still half of what wisc. passed, 38 billion would include jobs,a stadium that will prove jobs threw out the future, save all layoff’s of state people….. the rep. party has not come half way dayton did but not them….they rather throw grandma and the disable under the bus,we need to think about creating jobs here… people don’t spend there money in business unless they can make a profit in that business…..if your going to talk about goverment get it right please…u need to think future too not just cut’s to the poor and disabled,i know i won’t vote for the rep. i vote for in my county again if he doesn’t get it…and yes he’s republican….this guy’s are going to suffer in the next election ….republican party thinks cuts will solve problems as long as it is not on there pay…..they been talking this for 40 years and never cut anything of course til now….they best start think outside the box both federal and state

  18. Nancy says:


    I would like to know WHY the Republcans are protecting the ‘Richest Minnesotans?
    As the programs are being cut for the most needy and the most essential services,
    it’s sad that the most Rich are caring for only themselves.
    I am a Independent Voter……and I am watching this very carefully, because it will
    affect my next vote.

    1. Joe Hanson says:

      Check the archives, I think Pat Kessler did a report about that.

    2. Mark Too says:

      Growing up I was taught “Never bite the hand that feeds you.” As you say the “Richest Minnesotans” are the very people who employ me. And I thank them for giving be the opportunity to earn a fair living.

      Many people have posted and no one has disputed . . . approx 50% pay little to no taxes. The way I see it . . . fair is fair . . . if you use Government services . . . you should help pay for it. Seems like there are a lot of people who are using the government’s services, but are not paying for those services. Taking something and not paying for it is my definition of not fair.

  19. jan says:

    John, you are throwing apostrophes all over the place where they don’t belong as well as misspelling their and you’re. A person making $130,000 a year is comfortable but not really rich and that’s who Dayton proposes to sock it to. He’s using class warfare to promote his agenda and both parties need to use a little common sense and get things done instead of fight amongst themselves.

  20. anonymous says:

    Perhaps those who hold office should not get a salary or just a minimal one. Then we may get people who go into office because they actually care about the people and the ramifications of their decisions. It is not only the direct state employees that will feel the brunt of a shut down. Those people who truly need services provided by the government and those who provide the services will feel the impact. I hope Gov. Dayton understands those he has vowed to protect are those who will hurt the most from this cat and mouse game of politics.

  21. sat tea day says:

    I see most of the old group has already chimed in…..

    I’m sorry guys…I think this is a “respectful” thing to do on Dayton’s part…..but REALLY?

    Remember people….it was only to the point he became the Gov when he WANTED to be paid! He was NOT paid (by his choice…) in his prior roll…..

    I just think he is REALLY grasping at straws to make himself look good…

    This line FLOORS me:

    “I think it would be terribly wrong for those of us responsible for it, the Republican legislators and myself”

    Again..Kudos for naming himself…..but JUST the “Republican legislators” and himself are to blame? I think the whole govt body is to blame..with Dayton as the MAIN issue….

    We all know the GOP sent a revised budget and he still vetoed it…

    I am just sick of this…..I stand next to the GOP here. They have done what they can….

    1. Mike says:

      salt tea day

      The government is made up of people from our neighborhoods. We are all too blame for the problems, including you. I hope Gov. Dayton holds strong. Raising taxes on 2% of the population is not the end of the world for people who can afford it.

  22. fkafka says:

    That’s mighty noble of Gov. Dayton. I’d guess after writing millions in personal checks to defeat a perfectly good candidate from Duluth, that he’d be broke by now – Oh I forget – we’re the ones who are broke.

  23. Rico Suave says:

    Big deal. He should pay the bills of all the welfare cases he wants the rest of us to fund too. He’ll have to go to South Dakota to get the money though. I hear that’s where he hides it to avoid the high Minnesota taxes. Love the picture. Looks like he needs to pop a Zanex.

    1. tom says:

      no, looks like he is running around the capitol looking for the bottle that he his while he was a senator, stupid lush

  24. Give me a break. says:

    This isn’t news. Today, Amy Koch also said she will not take salary or per diem in a shutdown. Well, THEY CAN’T! If the government shuts down, neither the governor NOR the legislature will get paid because THERE WILL BE NO MONEY TO PAY THEM! How dumb do they think we are? Just get the job done already!

  25. John Paul says:

    This is so darn funning. Dems elect this boob and now he shuts the government down hurting the people that put him in office. I love it. Kara baby.

    1. Mike says:

      The Gov, is responsible for signing laws. The legislature is responsible for enacting them. The Republicans have offered no compromise and they are to blame for the shutdown.

      1. Mike flunked civics says:

        The governor signs and enacts (executes). The legislature, well, legislates. And you MIke, are an abusive and ignorant troll.

  26. Darren says:

    Why doesn’t he just do what Pawlenty does and line item veto the things he doesnt’ like, then he will have money for his projects that he wants to accomplish and taxes wouldn’t have to be raised.

    1. Sam says:

      That’s why we’re in the mess we’re in Darren. The money was SHIFTED around. It’s why most providers aren’t getting paid for services rendered until July and even then who knows if the state shuts down. This was how Pawlwnty balanced the budget. This is also what the Republicans are doing and why Dayton doesn’t sign their proposed budget.

  27. kevin says:

    Can someone explain to me why the state cannot live on a budget of 17 billion a yaer for two years. The township where I have property in prides itself with setting budgets within the means of it’s residents. The state takes pride in wastefull spending. when is the state going to question people and school districts if the spending public money in the most efficent manner.

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