By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Mark Dusbabek has lived an interesting life.

The Faribault, Minn. native now calls Los Angeles home, but his home is really all over the country. The former Gopher and Viking linebacker has found his niche in a sport much different from football.

Duskabek now works in golf.

He has tours with players like Tiger Woods and the sport has become his passion. Spend a moment with him and you can tell that he loves the life he lives.

“I love being out there,” he said. “The sun is rising, I have a nice cup of coffee in my hand, and it’s a beautiful day on a golf course.”

Dusbabek is constantly traveling and he acknowledges that life on the road can be tough. He said that relationships are difficult and that even keeping friends is hard at times.

On other hand, he also said he likes being in different states and experiencing the shift in people, foods and cultures.

Dusbabek enjoys the differences between golf and football, too.

“There’s a whole different mentality about dealing with pain and injury,” he said.

Dusbabek at one time played an entire football season with a broken rib. Now he listens to golfers complain about playing nine holes with a bruised side. This, sometimes, gives him reason to laugh.

Mike Max