CARLTON, Minn. (AP) — A Superior, Wis., police officer accused of punching his girlfriend in Minnesota has reached a plea agreement.

Forty-four-year-old Sgt. Daniel Hawkin II pleaded guilty Monday in Carlton County to a new misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. In exchange, the judge dismissed the original misdemeanor charge of domestic assault against Hawkin.

The judge sentenced Hawkin to 90 days in jail, but stayed the sentence for one year provided Hawkin completes chemical and anger management assessments. Hawkin must also pay $385 in fines and fees.

The Superior Police Department says Hawkin remains on paid administrative leave while the department determines his status.

Hawkin was charged after he allegedly punched his girlfriend after an argument that started at Black Bear Casino last January. His attorney declined to comment to the Duluth News Tribune.

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  1. HAHA says:

    This is just stupid!!! Why is it that police seem to get off with a slap on the wrist when they do something wrong? They should be dealt with in a harsher manor than the rest of society as they are the people that should know all the laws and are there to enforce them (I guess the judgment is more of a do as I say and not as I do message when cops break the law). Anyone who wonders why there is hatred for police might want to look at stories like this. No excuse for this and no excuse why the tax payers should have to pay for a dead beat like this to stay at home while this is being played out. They want to take bargaining rights away from others in WI, well I say that the police should be no exception, if they are not working they should not get paid PERIOD!!! Takes a big man to punch a woman in the face. I say he should be fired, have to pay all the $ he was paid on leave back, and then go to jail and not have his little anger management party that will not do anything for him as this never seems to work for people that have a problem like this. Just another way that they can get money out of people just like MADD impact panels, if you want to hit someone no 1 hour a week class is going to stop you just like a MADD impact panel does not stop people from drunk driving, just sucks another $50 out of you.

    1. Jamie says:

      First of all, it never said where he punched her (though that doesn’t really matter). Second of all, you should really do your research. I work in the Hennepin County court system and cases like this are pled down ALL THE TIME. This officer received no special treatment, believe me. He wasn’t treated any differently than any other clown who likes to smack his girlfriend around. The problem here is the media. They report on this and everyone thinks the officer gets special treatment. If the media reported on every similar crime comitted by civilians, it would probably make you sick how many of them get pled down to lesser offenses.

      1. emily0886 says:

        Yes, you are right!! 80% of cases never actually have a trial, they plea bargain them out to avoid court costs….although I believe many more cases should actually be heard so that people are getting harsher sentences it would also cost milliions more…then you wouild have people complaining about the costs….it’s a no win situation.

  2. MNfather says:

    Pretty common occurance for this type of a situation. Cop or not.

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