ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican lawmakers insisted Wednesday they don’t want the state government to shut down in eight days because of a stalemate over a new budget, but neither side appeared willing to meet the other’s demands to prevent it.

Dayton said in a morning news conference that Republicans must drop their insistence that the state not spend more than $34 billion in its upcoming two-year budget. He wants another $1.8 billion in new revenue he said should be spent on protecting about 140,000 people from losing state health care, avoiding cuts to services he said are relied upon by middle- and working-class people, and relieving pressure on local property taxpayers.

“The lives, the quality of life, and the well-being of Minnesotans are fundamentally at stake in this difference,” Dayton said.

Republicans said they’ve tried to meet Dayton’s requests in major budget areas including K-12 education, courts and public safety. But they said again Wednesday they wouldn’t agree to a budget that lifts spending above the $34 billion the state is projected to collect in the next two years.

House Speaker Kurt Zellers and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, the two top Republicans in the Legislature, emerged from an hour-long meeting with Dayton Wednesday afternoon in which Zellers said all three agreed to lock themselves in an office Friday and Saturday and negotiate nonstop.

“We won’t leave until we have some at least consensus or a framework that we can then take back to our members, the governor can be comfortable with,” Zellers said. He and Koch suggested they could try to agree on some portions of the budget, but that clashed with Dayton’s repeated insistence that he won’t call a special legislative session until he and Republicans have agreed on the entire budget.

Deepening the impasse, both Dayton and GOP leaders insisted that they — and not the other side — have already compromised more.

“I remain willing to compromise and mystified why the Republicans will not do the same,” Dayton said.

Republican leaders insisted likewise, saying they’ve shown flexibility under their $34 billion cap in shifting money toward specific priorities of Dayton.

“It cannot be said enough that the compromise is coming from Republicans,” Koch said.

Koch’s deputy majority leader, Sen. Geoff Michel, R-Edina, acknowledged that the two sides seemed to be talking past each other.

“It sounds like people are talking two different languages,” he said.

On Thursday, lawyers for the Dayton administration and others will appear before a Ramsey County judge to make arguments about which state services are critical to life and safety and must continue past the July 1 shutdown.

Other groups have been filing legal briefs in anticipation of Thursday’s hearing, making arguments that their specific funding streams from the state should be preserved even in the event of a shutdown. Groups representing interests ranging from local governments to battered women to nursing homes have filed briefs with the Ramsey County court.

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Comments (125)
  1. StraycatStrut says:

    Get’r done and signed so everyone can be relivered we have a State Government in action. Only in Minnesota do we get “confusion”. Not surprised. Step it up and qute playing politices with peoples lives.

  2. Josh says:

    Gov. Dayton needs to get off his high horse, and agree that 34 million…the highest budget in state history…is big enough. Quit acting like the spoiled child who isn’t getting his way.

    1. Dave Campbell says:

      The legislature needs to get off their high horses and forget about that juvenile pledge they made about not raising taxes. They are acting like a bunch 5 year olds who have made a pact to protect the bully next door at any cost! We have a legislature that is working for 2% of the population and ignoring the other 98%. In what world is this right?

      1. Taxed enough says:

        You want to pay more taxes go ahead no one is stopping you.You think it is only the rich that will be paying more in taxes you are kidding yourself because there is always a trickle down effect that will get us all in the long run. I for one am taxed enough. It is time we start living within our means.

        1. WakeUp says:

          You are paying more taxes if you live in MN in the form of PROPERTY TAX INCREASES FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS!! All the tax breaks they threw at Ford couldn’t keep them here!! And Ford’s actually hiring American’s since they got bailed out. Grow up before you get voted out Legislature and meet Gov Dayton in the middle. I’m sick of getting taxed more so some rich guy can get get a tax break based on factless job creation BS..

          1. IWonderIF says:

            Well said!

          2. Captain America says:

            My property taxes are lower than they were 8 years ago, as are the property values.

            1. What??? says:

              Captain America
              You would be the only person in this state that I have heard of paying less now than what property taxes were 8 years ago. Either you have the 1 house in MN that has had this happen or you are making things up to try and prove your point. Is anyone else in the state paying less in property taxes right now? The house that I have lived in for the last 29 years went down in value but in the last 8 years my property taxes went up about 11% and that is not as bad as some have it.

              1. pat says:

                My property taxes have doubled whereas the value of the house is now the same as it was eight years ago. Also, a piece of lake property I have has increased its property tax fourfold i n the past eight years. Pawlenty “balanced” the state budget on middle class and lower class backs with property taxes. He balanced it on the working people. If the current legislative budget is passed we will have more of the same, or our schools and services will slip even more than they have. Dayton has it right!.

                1. Captain America says:

                  My wife and I also own 5 homes for rental and the property tax on them has also declined.

                2. Robb says:

                  @ Captain America. You must be a mini slumlord.

            2. What??? says:

              Now I and everyone else that reads these posts know you are making things up. You have 6 properties and taxes did not increase on any of them? BS!!!! You just shot all credibility that you may have had out the window and even the people that are on your side cannot come to your rescue as that is a bold faced lie. You would be the only person in the state that would make a false claim like that and think that people would believe it. What a joke you are.

        2. Think about it says:

          Just curious as to how much is too much to live in a free country.

          No more taxes is good rhetoric, but horrible policy.

      2. TL says:

        which 2% are they working for?

      3. Bruce Burk says:

        Dave, you think not raising taxes on the richest 2% is ignoring the other 98%? I’m not sure what kind of horse you are riding. Don’t be ridiculous.The legislature’s budget is great plenty for everything needed (I didn’t say wanted)

      4. Josh says:

        Dayton has lived with an entitlement lifestyle his entire life, and is now finally realizing how life works…and that he can’t always have things his way. Welcome to the real world.

    2. K says:

      We are coming off a Gov. that refused to raise taxes–remember him—Mr. Plenty of nothin’. He passed a couple of “fees,” as I recall. WE NEED TO RAISE TAXES SOONER OR LATER. Prices have changed. Health care is not the problem. Those costs have been cut so many times that those guys are due for a little more!! Jese people—Let’s not forget that we are Minneostan. Interest rates are low, money is cheap. Let’s not start thinking that we should kill everything for the sake of a few rediculous campaign promises. WE are MINNESOTAN!

    3. Astonished_by_your_beliefs says:

      That whole GOP talking point of $34 billion is enough is irrelevant. It is the services that the state provides that is important. Based on the budget prepared by the Pawlenty administration, to provide the same services as the last biennium would cost about $39 billion – which accounts for the projected $5 billion deficit. And both the Dayton and GOP budget calls for cuts. However, Dayton says to entirely cut the $5 billion to state services is too extreme.

      Dayton acting like a spoiled child??? The GOP has been unwilling to compromise. The voters voted in a Democratic governor and GOP legislators – so compromise is the only way. If the GOP thinks MN citizens want it their way, they have every right to bring this to the voters and have them elect the GOP governor with the GOP legislators. Until then, they need to work out this compromise with the governor. They seem to be ignorant about the process. The DFL has had to work for the past 20 years with governors from the opposite party and did not get their way like “Spoiled Children”. For the GOP to announce that the governor call a special session without an agreement just shows their ignorance. No governor has done this in the past. And there is no reason to do this and waste time. As Dayton pointed out, he worked out the Agriculture bill with the GOP during the regular session because it was nearly the same – out of good faith. But the GOP added language to other bills that impacted the Ag bill so he knows that he needs to work out all bills and not this piecemeal approach. So the GOP are the ones who made this impossible.

      1. What cuts? says:

        Please explain what you think is being cut. Have you looked at the budget? suggest you go to the Minnesota Management & Budget web site and take a look. The $39B budget is a 18% increase. Please explain why keeping state services at the current level justifies such a large increase. I know that it doesn’t go to state employees whose salary hasn’t increase much in 10 years (also true in the private sector).

        The Governor can sign the budget anytime. And he is the one refusing to sign the parts where there is agreement. Seems like he’s the one making the problem worse.

        1. Vern says:

          That is Dayton’s proposal, not the GOP passed garbage. I call it garbage as they did nothing to cut the freeloaders who could work and had revenue projections so high that it would make T Paw’s 5%growth look realistic.

    4. Pawlentty says:

      The GOP is much to greedy setting themselves up to care about Minnesota.

  3. wowreally says:

    all partiies need to compromise…. but our governor has the majority vote of the constituents so it is mostly his call.acting on behalf of Minnesotans. If a shutdown happens then shut it down completely. All state workers are essential and this is going to hurt the economy of our state. Not good!!

  4. Bruce says:

    The layoffs of thousands of government workers may threaten the already slow-motion economic recovery in many U.S. metropolitan areas, according to a report released on Wednesday by the Brookings Institution.

    1. Paulie says:

      Finally someone said it. You are right on the money here. There was never a time in history when the government balanced a budget by laying off people. It will have such a negative trickle down effect. Sure glad I don’t own a small business. They are really going to hurt.

  5. KEVIN says:


    1. CAPS LOCK IS BROKEN!!!!! says:


      1. Village Idiot says:


    2. CHESTER says:

      better yet Kevin you move your sorry arse to California !

  6. Shut it down! says:

    Just a little over 8 days and 14 hours left until its time to hit the lights – all sides hold firm!!!!

    Lets find out just how “essential” these state union workers are – or will anyone notice?

    1. Shut your trap! says:

      Hope the stoplight goes out at an intersection near you.

      1. Shut it down! says:

        Me too, there are 2 of those things in town and they do about as much good as a government worker

    2. CHESTER says:

      shut id down maybe you should go with Kevin ! there will be MANY people who will notice the shutdown and then your sorry arse rebublicans will find out at the next election HOLD FIRM GOV. MARK DAYTON!!!

  7. Karl says:

    Even Obama and his narrow minded economic team finally understand you don’t raise taxes in a recession. Crazy Eyes could learn something.

  8. Shut it says:

    Shut it all down. Time for the 98%ers to feel a little bit too.

  9. Eric Larson says:

    The worst is you have a minnesota company offering 200 million per year , Canterbury park! These crooks are so paid of by the tribes they wont accept it! But they want to raise taxes! Are you kidding me! Wake up tax payers they are all crooks. Republicans dems. All of them are crooked! Shut the goverment down. Vote everyone out next election.

  10. ekl says:

    GOP – Don’t back down. Don’t spend another dime on the budget. The budget is big enough.

  11. Sue says:

    Dayton – Don’t back down, don’t give an inch to the GOP, if the govt. shuts down it will be their fault and they know it and besides you have the majority of the people on your side, you are doing a GREAT job!!!

    1. Deb says:

      Well said Sue. Under the last 8 years our Great State is quickly becoming more like Miss. 8 years is enough!! They’ve had enough time to created jobs with the temporary 10% tax break given to them when we had a surplus. Don’t give another inch Dayton, stay strong. To get MN back to the great state we had that actually attracted big business Dayton’s is the only winning approach.

      1. Taxed enough says:

        The biggest budget offer in the history of Minnesota and it still is not enough for you democrats. It’s always more, more, more and it is never enough. I wish I would get a raise like that every year. Live within your means Minnesota.
        Stick to your guns GOP. You got voted in by a very large margin for a reason.

        1. CHESTER says:

          to ALL of the gop lovers out there please explain were we are going to come up with the 35 billion if we don’t raise some taxes,fees, to bring in revenue WAKE THE F UP YOU MORONS !

      2. How much imoney do you need?? says:

        Sue and Deb,
        How much more money do they need? The republicans are offering the largest budget in state history and ol crazy eyes wont even think about it. He is hell bent on shutting this thing down. Think about it, you have former Gov Pawlenty running for pres and they want to show how terribly he left the state he governed. This whole thing is a dog and pony show. Spend less and create a surplus so we can become an economic powerhouse. Look at states with low taxes, Texas for example. They are booming. Do you really think these large companies. Target, best Buy and others will stick around with record spending and record taxes by their home state. Kiss them goodbye if they dont figure it out.

        1. Sue says:

          Check the stats, companies do not leave states because of taxes, and it’s the top 2% that Dayton is asking to raise taxes on not businesses, individuals, you rebubs would rather have your property taxes double, more people on unemployment and living on the streets because of the drastic cuts the GOP wants rather then taxing a few people who can afford it and right now are not paying their fair share. If you look at these states that have low taxes they have the highest unemployment rate and housing foreclosures like Florida, Nevada, Michigan, New Orleans, Tennessee and it goes on and on, Pawlenty is the one who left us like this and he will never be president because of this.

          1. Taxed enough says:

            Who do you think the top wage earners are? Lets see, I think it would be business owners and maybe a few individuals who were business owners at one time and probably got out of it because of all the taxes and loop holes that this state imposes on them. Wake up you dunderheads and once again I will say it again. When Pawlenty was in office the democrats controlled the house and senate. He vetoed dems took care to override his votes. I am all for fair share taxes but you dems would find something wrong with that also.

            1. Sue says:

              Taxed enough,
              I will say it again he is NOT taxing the rich businesses, he is taxing their personal wealth when they file taxes not the business taxes. Target or Best Buy will not be taxed more but the CEO of those business probably will so it doesn’t affect the business only their personal wealth you dumberheads.

              1. Wrong Sue says:

                There are several different ways to structure a business. A C corporation like Target or Best Buy won’t pay more taxes. However, owners of an S corporation will pay more taxes because the company profit is treated as income to the individual. But the individual doesn’t necessary get the money.

                Remember it’s not wealth being taxed either, it’s income. So the 2% tax won’t affect Governor Dayton. Seems rather hypocritical to me.

          2. How much imoney do you need?? says:

            So as long as your taxes dont go up your pleased. How selfish of you!! The tax code is already progressive, so that higher earners already pay more. I dont know where you LIBS get it through your pea brains that the wealthier people dont “pay their fair share”. I hear that line a thousand times a day. the rates are progressive, IE they go up the more money you make. How is that a fair system, they already pay MORE than their “fair” share. Also, our taxes in MN are alreay in the top 5 states in the country, how much further do you want them to go?? Maybe you should come up with a fresh answer rather than this 2% talking point. Why not the top 50%, maybe that would include you than and we would see how much you like that idea. The as long as its not me by the majority is sickening and wrong. Stop demonizing people for success, its truely sad!!

            1. Sue says:

              Dear How much money do you need,
              Before you start mouthing off you had better back them up with facts, our taxes are NOT progressive they are regressive as stated below from an article I found on the internet from the state of MN.
              The highest-income Minnesotans contribute a smaller share of their incomes in total state and local taxes than other Minnesotans. In other words, Minnesota’s tax system is slightly regressive.
              Minnesota’s state and local tax system is slightly regressive. Although Minnesota’s tax system is sometimes described as proportional, meaning all Minnesotans pay about the same percentage of their incomes in total taxes, that label no longer fits Minnesota’s tax system as well as it once did.
              At least I can back up my claim that the richest 2% pays less tax then I do and need to start paying their fair share.

              What’s the matter, cat got your tongue!!

    2. Jeb says:

      Ha Ha, good one sue.

      1. Sue says:

        Are we off our meds Jeb? Ha Ha

    3. Cindy says:

      Yes dayton, don’t back down. Without raising taxes on that top 2% you will forever ruin your reputation for being successful in all your endeavors.

      Like your accomplishments as Senator – oh wait even you graded your time there as an “F” and will forever be remembered as the little boy that hid under his desk.

      Like your successful businesses that made you wealthy – oh wait, your family did that and you just live off a trust fund that they don’t even allow you to have a part in managing.

      Like your successful marriages – oh wait, that won’t work either.

      One can understand dayton sticking to his guns here – there won’t be many more chances for him to fail since he’s pretty much failed at everything. Who voted for this guy again?

      1. CHESTER says:

        and your perfect arn’t you cindy ? I DON’T THINK SO YOU HYPOCRITE !!!!!!!!!!! YOU have probably FAILED more than most of us !

    4. Diane says:

      ekl and sue, this is exactly the problem. The “don’t back down” chant is heard from both sides. It is sounding like the beginnings of a civil war. I’m not in the top 2% but I think my company that I work for might be, if their taxes go up who is to say my job isn’t the one cut to cover their added expenses? It will trickle down, there isn’t anyway it won’t. Prices might go up to cover costs, services that a company offers might be cut. Companies aren’t required by law to offer 401 k’s and such. That hurts me. So I have less money, and spend less. I see a trickle here.
      There has to be a system in place to ensure that those who actually need services get them, not just “want” them as someone stated above. There are many out there under that “want” catagory. I would hate to shut down the government as we have reservations at a State Park at the end of July, but I will have to back the Republicans on this one.

      1. Look at all the stupidity! says:

        I will try this 1 more time and I will put it in the simplest way possible.

        Dayton’s tax increase
        Personal income tax = slight increase
        Business taxes = no increase

        The company WILL NOT be taxed more. The highest paid people in the company will be taxed more on their income (this is a personal tax, only on the person making the money, not the company/business) tax. How hard is this for you idiots to understand? It is spelled out for you many times here and you still look past it because it does not support your ironically insane claims. People read (and I say read very loosely) and then do not comprehend but still cry their heads off like they taught it to everyone in the first place. I said it before and I will say it again, this is the reason we need to dump money into public schools. Then maybe people would be able to read and might actually retain some info.

        1. How much do you need?? says:

          Stupidity? Are you talking about yourself??
          Learn some simple economics and tax law!!! A lot of these “individuals” you are talking about run S corporation type small busniess’s. These are your mid range small business’s with around 50-250 employess, the driver of economies. These people’s personal income is wrapped up directly to the amount of profit that their business’s create. If their business makes profit it goes directly onto their personal statements. This is the way about 90% of all small business’s are established. So in fact SUE you sre taxing individuals and I am sure several of these people are in that top 2%. Try running a small busniess such as myslef and see how you like all of these taxes!! So go ahead and sit back and collect your mopney from either the state or some “evil” business owner, because I guaruntee you do not create your own wealth. Oh and dump MORE money into schools????? Thats it you are a teacher, id bet money on it. The state has more than doubled the amount of money they fund public schools with over the last 12 years and performance hasn’t increased a single percentage point. How do you excpect even MORE money to fix this??? Time for private school vouchers!!

          1. Sue says:

            How much money do you need,
            Well if you really think this way then I would suggest that maybe you should pack up your business and move somewhere with cheaper taxes and see how that is I’m sure you will like it a whole lot better, NOT.
            We don’t need or want people like you here so quit your bit**ing and move.
            Oh, and before you leave you might want to get some MEDs for that anger problem.

            1. How much do you need?? says:

              HAHA Sue. You need people like me though, like I said small business’s drive economies. That is exactly what is going to happen, people will start to leave. Go look at Flint Michigan as an example. Unions got way to powerful and taxes went to high, business packed up, a once beautiful town is now a slum. I think your the one with the anger problem, did I hit the teacher label right on the head? Me thinks I did. Its simpletons such as yoursellf that get flustered and than say just leave. Thats much the same as your beloved governor is doing, he has no plan, that is why he hires private think tanks to do his job, he has never earned a paycheck in his life, much the same as you.
              Oh and I read your articla you posted, its the same argument I have heard time and time again. If you look closer at the graphs in the supposed “regressive” tax argument. You will notice the bar is much higher for actual state taxes paid. Than you look at the discretionary spendings or local taxes. This is sales tax and property tax. I think I can dumb this down even for someone like yourself. If you make $40K a year and spend 10K on sales taxable items, 25%, than a wealthier person makes $500K and spends 50K on sales taxable items, 10%. Obviously he or she will not be taxed as much on tax based on percent, however overall they are contrbuting more. Same can be said about a house. Say the same $40 K earner buys a $160K house, than the $500K earner buys a $500K house. The 40K has a home worth 4x his income where as the 500 is 1x. Property tax is based on value of tha asset, not income. You cannot force this person to but a home that is more in line with his or her percentage of income as the 40K person. Same with the sales tax, you cannot force that person to spend at the same percentage levels as anyone else. Its called personal choice and thats what makes this country what it is. Where’s that cat now????

              1. How much of someone else's money do you deserve?? says:

                Earth to Sue?? No rebutal?? Kitty, kitty, kitty. Must be doing some more “research” on 7 year old articles.

                1. IwonderIf says:

                  For some one who is running a business you seem to lack very simple mathematical principals. A % is a %. The argument isnt how much or what is the final sum of taxes that are being paid, its the percent. Example – 10% of a $100 is $10.. ok 10% of $1000 is $100.. is $100 > $10 – Why yes it is but the percentage is the same. Thats the argument. It’s not the amount but the percentage. If every one paid their share, percentage wise, then we would be ok.

              2. Vern says:

                You still have not refuted the argument that taxes as a whole state and local should be spread equally. A tax is a tax. Property, sales or income, all are taxes. The local taxes can be included in the argument. Commercial property taxes flow to the state. 75 million from Minneapolis alone ( The only real reason to have a sales tax is to capture revenue from people wandering in from out of state to get more money out of them. When you look at the system as a whole Sue is correct. The upper income people pay less as a percentage as a whole.

                1. jim says:

                  You may be right on some aspects but they are not talking about restructering the taxs, just simply raising them blindly. Go ahead and restructure. Do you have any issues with a flat tax??

                2. Vern says:

                  @ Jim. Flat tax is a pipe dream of those who think the lawyers in this country would do something that would hurt their business. Any idea how many tax attorneys, cpas etc there are out there plus all the tax prep people.

              3. Zak says:

                @ how much money do you need
                Sue is right so just shut up republicans need to learn to compromise and if they can’t do that than politics are going to go downhill. Ps . Don’t forget to pick up your anger meds.

          2. Look at all the stupidity! says:

            My comment about dumping money into the schools was a joke at your expense. I was using that as a reference point to how dumb your ideas are. I am not a teacher, I own my own business’s. I also help my brother with the business he owns. I have a tax service as well as a drywall company and my brother does flooring. I know about the taxes that small business gets and if this is the way that you are filing your taxes I cannot believe that you have not been audited. How is it that you are putting the money that the business gets into your personal income. The 2 are completely different and filed as such. Here is an idea, ask someone who does taxes. The company you own should have its own taxes and you should have your own. If your company is making you enough money to be in the top 2% you should stop crying as you are doing very well. If you have no idea what you are talking about then you may not want to post here. Do you do your own taxes? If so might want to go to a pro as the way you talk about it you may be filing wrong and this can get very costly. If not, maybe you should be giving your opinion as you do not know the specifics and are just spewing stupidity to try and prove a point as stated earlier.

  12. Budget says:

    Besides that 34 billion is the projected budget that the state is suppose to take in the next 2 years, what if we don’t make that then again we will have a big deficit and if we keep giving tax breaks to the rich there is no way we will get 34 billion it is all speculation by the GOP so taking in another 1.8 billion by raising taxes on the 2% top earners is the best solution.

    1. Real Budget says:

      What happens? If Dayton gets his way and we take in less than projected, then we are ANOTHER 1.8 BILLION IN THE RED!

      Please don’t vote!

  13. norby says:

    Commenters: Of course it is the largest budget in history – it is called inflation, and it is the largest budget ever every year regardless of who is in charge or whether there are tax increases or cuts. You keep yelling this as if no one hears you, but you don’t understand that we all know that the problem is not spending alone, but spending and revenue.

    The fact is that the GOP has not given one inch on raising more revenue, while Dayton has given much in the way of additional cuts. The GOP would be much better off if it realized the reality of what most of the public already believes, that more revenue is necessary.

  14. Those who ay we do not need state services are idiots says:

    The richest citizens of this state are the bullies and the replublcans have fallen for their foolish tricks by signing a no tax increase pledge. Every one who sides with these buffoons are idiots like them. We need State services to protect the prisoners, arrest the drug and drinking offenders, help the disabled become independent and paying taxes.. Lets get a bill approved so the state can get working. We gave state subsidies to NW airlines and look where that got us- a permanent relocation to Atlanta.

  15. Joe Minnesotan says:

    Sue and Deb are my new heroes

      1. Joe Minnesotan says:

        The few on this thread who use common sense rather than soundbite provided by the myopic.

    1. How much of someone else's money do you deserve?? says:


  16. nightshiftworker says:

    Dayton wants 2% personal income tax increased not 2% on companys.

    1. Jim says:

      Stick to the night shift, you have no clue what you are talking about.

  17. Morgs says:

    Dayton’s plan is to shut it down. Guess who is coming up for re-election in a year? Not Dayton, he has 4 years to ride this thing out. With all of us stewing about the shutdown and going to the voting boxes we are going to take out our aggressions out on the first person we can. Say good-bye Republicans. Hate to see you go but two parties being so stubborn gets us no where. Maybe we will see some progress with one party ruling. Wong party but with both teams willing to go into a statemate you are only f’king your constituants over. Time to get rid of two parties. Let the people vote. We have the technology. We don’t need people to speak for us any longer.

  18. kevin says:

    Norby, if we have had such high inflation why is it that seniors on social security have not received a cola in the last two years? The only inflation is the budget that Dayton wants at 15%.

    1. Village Idiot says:

      There is inflation in what the state spends money on. Things like health care and fuel.

      1. IwonderIf says:

        Inflation and getting out of a recession

  19. nightshiftworker says:

    Major cuts are in the states health care. Health care costs went up way more then the rate of inflation. So we kick 140,000 people off the states health care so they can go to the emergency room cost far more to us all.

    1. No cuts says:

      Ummm, I don’t see any cuts in health care. The Human Services budget is being increased 43% from $8B to $12B.

  20. enough of this says:

    I’m just so sick of these people who want to take, take, take. Only because you know you will never, ever get to the top 2%. It is simply otherworldly that those are the ethics by which so many live. That mentality is the lowest of the low. I’d rather have a murderer live in my neighborhood than someone with those ethics. What the heck is wrong with you all? Mob rules are amazing. It is like admitting you are a loser and loving it and reveling in it is the norm now. Just an amazing paradigm shift to see it come to this.

    1. K says:

      I think you’re reading some of us wrong. I want to give give give. Because I see what’s around me. I see that our way of living must, at the very least, be sustained. I would rather we be more consistent on looking for fraud and waste rather than treating grandma like she’s a fraud and a waste.

      1. enough of this says:

        @K, go ahead and give, give, give. Nobody is stopping you. Government is not supposed to be a charity intermediary as they have become. I do not need to be told that I have to give or where to give nor do I want to. Please feel free to send your paycheck directly to the grandmas of Minnesota. You see you want to give, give, give other peoples money which is simply wrong because, among other reasons, you are well aware that you will not be the one paying. Your ethics are worse than someone who admits to wanting to treat grandma like she is fraud and waste. Plus also the rules state you must refer to the children as well as the elderly. With all of your give, give, giving, you must be reading this at a library because you certainly couldn’t have a computer, internet access or a cell phone.

        1. K says:

          Jese, you’re one angry, mean, miserable, thing! I recant my statement…I want to give to anyone but you. Ugly American! Ouch to your neighbors and your mother.

      2. Jim says:

        HAHA K, you want to give give give anybody else money but your own. Sad as usual.

    2. Morgs says:

      Ok, lets go to a flat tax. I will pay my 35% if the top 2% does as well.

      1. enough of this says:

        Sold, flat tax every single day of the week. Of course when the people who pay no taxes but get refunds actually contribute, a flat tax will need to be nowhere near 35%. That’s actually a silly thing to type …35% flat tax. As well you kow that 35% of your $26,000 income and 35% of my $367,427 income when you utilize all of the services that offend any producer doesn’t seem fair but of course there are children old people and pick your downtrodden victim to be cared for. The more a person thinks about it the more I realize what happened to all those who sat in the back of the class and made nothing of themselves.They all moved to MN for free stuff.

        1. K says:

          Until you and your $367,427 runs for a seat in the house/senate to GRANDSTAND your ETHICS— sit down, shut up, and let the majority (yes, I have my computer, internet connection, $280,000/yr, cell, and morality)…express in peace. I realize it’s a big deal and people can get over- heated but there is a chance–you may need a service provided someday. Like, if your significant other is murdered,,,you need a court. Your house burns down, you need a temporary shelter or just a sandwich. If your healthcare gets denied cuz you’re considered high risk or have a pre-existing condition. If you want to be an island and live with that mentality…I suggest you go find an island. Then the have-nots (cuz the house burned down), the losers (oops, the employer went under) , the pee-ons (kids, grandmas, disabled), the slime of the earth (people needing courts to convict that murderer)…the unfortunate (whatever else you hate about humans can be inserted here) won’t have to be looked down upon by the great supremacy of you—oh, wonderful, ethical, perfect, you.

          1. enough of this says:

            K, that is all well and good. You can pull out specific situations all day long. Actually, I will go ahead and answer each. Yes agree on the courts and a good choice of an example. If my house burns, I would look to my insurance, my friends, my family and lastly a church while gov wouldn’t make the list. You have the mentality based on your arguments of someone who should have been a community organizer or someone who didn’t have to work too hard to get to your salary. I know many of those as well. Your entire argument simply shows how you just don’t get it.

            1. K says:

              Jese I’m glad I don’t have to know you. Community organizer? Really? By the way, before you need your insurance, family…you need a fire department. Huh, what’s that? And me…well I went to college, full-time, for 7 long years on my own dime working a FT and a PT job–yep, all that at the same time. I’m a stoney republican that’s never owed a cent to anyone and certainly never borrowed one (okay, I have a mortgage but it’s not underwater cuz I put down over 20%–and even paid for my BMW in cash). All that and I still understand that there are some people that need assistance in some form or the other-temporary/long term. Freeloaders aren’t even included in my definition of “need”. That’s simple fraud category stuff. Oh, and before you get nuts on why it took me 7 years to get through college–Nope, I’m not an idiot. i have 4 degrees. So, squash that insult waiting to happen. Oh, and before you attack me personally (your MO), nope, I’m not ugly either. Regards.

        2. SnowFire says:

          @enough of this, you as a wealthy individual must realize the catch 22 you are in. You need the middle class so you can make wealth from them but if they are overly successful you don’t want them as they become competition and if they are not successful enough you will have to pay more taxes. On the other hand you have the GOP/religious pro-life catch 22, bring them as many lives into this world but if they don’t reach middle class and make you wealthy then they should just fade away? Maybe your religion should pay some taxes that go directly to the needy, thus saving you money which is your real god!

          1. enough of this says:

            @SnowFire, that is actually a good point. I suppose I wonder why everybody didn’t simply work their way up from an impoverished, below middle class upbriniging as I did. It’s simple, just work hard, work smart, don’t make stupid choices, and the money follows. Oh and when you whine that the world owes you something, realize that isn’t going to bring you success either. Using your line of thinking I should be glad that so many for some reason haven’t been able to solve what really is a pretty simple formula. I can’t comment on the religious pro-life comment because I simply don’t care about many of the social issues at this point other than to say stop paying to have babies and let’s see what happens. There’s obviously a lot to discuss there but won’t. By the way the dirty little secret is I pay over 50% of my income in taxes and after a responsibly funding for retirement, kids colleges, house payment and the basics, I live on very little money that is actually spendable. You’d be shocked and stupified if you realized how little I actually get to keep. I was poor for many years and almost 400k seemed like lottery until you live it and realize how much or how little you actually keep. It is expensive to live responsibly.

            1. Citizen says:

              @enough of this. It won’t be politically correct to state the obvious about why so many people can’t work as hard as you and pull themselves up from an impoverished, below middle class upbringing. For the most part, the average IQ in America is around 90. That’s not going to get you into the $400K range of income. That will get you WalMart, the local stop & go station, McDonald’s, Arby’s, etc. If you manage the training, you might get fork-lift certified. The success of this class of people is limited. As long as we allow corporations like WalMart to pay substandard wages that need to be supplemented by the government (subsidized housing, food stamps, Medicaid, etc.), we will need to pay taxes to support both these underemployed and underpaid people and WalMart. (There used to be good-paying factory jobs for the lower class–but they went to China). So, your SIMPLE FORMULA is only simple if you are endowed with intelligence, natural talent, and, yes, even physical attractiveness. We all have to play the cards we’re dealt. The dirty little secret of success is also who you know. Your kind aren’t usually offering a hand up to the lower classes, or even a job. Have you hired a someone lately who just got out of jail and given him/her a chance to be truly rehabilitated into society? I thought not. Better retire to a gate community, enough, so you never have to mingle with us “commoners” again. We will be the winners on that one!

              1. enough of this says:

                @Citizen I don’t buy that the average IQ is 90 where 85 might be considered borderline intellectual function. The argument becomes that most people are very close to mentally impaired and are thus not capable to me is just a cop out. You’ve got a lot going on in your paragraph that I don’t have the time to discuss. I wouldn’t hire someone who just got out of jail because there are so many others to choose from. The fact to me stands that I know many well to do folks that were most certainly not well to do but through hard work did they succeed. In fact most folks I know are in that situation. The lazy and entitled factors are just huge here too. At the end of the day, I learned a long time ago not to waste money and make wise, purposeful, decisions no matter how simple a decision it seemed. I see the opposite happening in society and fundamentality I have a problem with that.

                1. Citizen says:

                  I don’t care if you “buy” the average IQ is 90 or not. That is what psychologists said almost 15-20 years ago. But, I never met a GOP person who believed scientists, and you’re no exception. You really sound like someone I hope I never meet. You have a nice life.

  21. StraycatStrut says:

    In Daytons own words…… he’s “mystified”……… gotta love him as a clown, hate him as a leader.

  22. Will we notice says:

    Seriously, I really am curious. If the government shuts down, will I notice? Either I’m willing to pay more taxes, or I’m willing to shut down the government. It’s sad that I actually have to tell some people which one I choose. Shut it Down until you can spend within your means. You can never raise enough money (revenue) for a cronic spender.

    1. nightshiftworker says:

      OK cool. Lets shut it down. School will not open, prisons will open the doors, Kick the people out of the nursing homes, roads will become impassable, no one can get married, get a drivers license, license tabs,business license not renewed or not new ones issued . Oh I can hardly wait for the next time some product is messed up, and should have been ordered recalled, wonder how many it will kill.

      1. Pete says:

        doom and gloom from the nightshiftworker. schools out for summer, guards would not be affected, nursing homes would be fine. product recalls are done by the company by order of the feds not state. so stay single, get a bike and be happy you saved money on the new tabs.

      2. Guy says:

        How about we get goverment OUT of our lives. Get RID of the “buisness license” completely. Problem solved. Why should I need a “license” from the state to get married? Etc. Etc. Simple – AND CHEAPER.

      3. wow nightshiftworker says:

        Based on nightshiftworker’s comments, I think I’m getting a glimpse why he is a night shift worker. His comments are really pretty amazing and I bet he doesn’t see it.

    2. Bill says:

      Yes you will notice a government shutdown.

      There will be much less traffic during rush hour. But only people who work will notice it.

  23. Thrifty says:

    6% increase over the last budget and Dayton wants more. Don’t give in republicans. It is why you were elected.

  24. peed off says:

    I admit that the issue of a balanced budget would be to tough for me to tackel alone as I see benifits in doing things better and cheaper yet realize where thier is need we should also help – tough call. What is clear to me is both partys elected have shown they cannot work on something towards a solution that no one has won but everyone can live with. If the state shuts down, the challenger on the next ballot has already earned my vote no matter what party they are representing. These jackels now have done a great disservice to MN and from the comments here MN nice has melted.

    1. Heidi says:

      spelling is tough for you to tackel.

      1. abe says:

        looks like Heidi in her grandios opinion of herself missed the point from peed off.

  25. sw says:

    Everyone wants the services, but we all want someone else to pay for them. Look at Bobby Jindahl. Thought the federal gov’t was too big until BP oil spill hit his shores, then he’s crying on TV asking, “Where’s the federal government?” Republicans say they want small government, then want the state to dictate to local school districts how to pay their teachers. They say they want a small government, then want to dictate who can marry whom. So tired of their hypocrisy. Stand strong Dayton. Their approach is unrealistic and offers no compromise whatsoever. There were more strings tied to their proposal than a tennis racket. Ridiculous.

    1. Citizen says:

      @sw. Right on! And well said.

    2. Vincent says:

      Only the dems want the handouts the rest of us want government off our backs and as for Jindahl, Obama virtually shut down the oil industry in his state leaving thousands out of work. Obama’s energy program is a total failure and cost thousands of jobs, gas prices through the roof and wasted and fraud in his clean energy bs.

      1. sw says:

        What does that have to do with everyone saying they want less government, until something horrendous happens, and then they are all asking what the government is going to do about it? I didn’t see Jindahl holding BP accountable and telling them to get in there and clean up their mess. And that’s the problem. Until we decide to start holding corporations responsible for the messes they make, or start demanding that corporations treat their employees better because they can afford to, we we will need government to provide checks and balances for their irresponsibility and unethical behavior. As for handouts, there are many republicans at the head of corporations receiving tons of money in corporate welfare; I don’t see them refusing their subsidies.

  26. Citizen says:

    Here’s a newsflash for you Rethuglican legislators. Having spent the day speaking with acquaintances, I can tell you that there are many, many people who in the past have voted Republican because they felt it was the party of financial responsibility. These same people are telling me they are going to never vote GOP again–never. They are saying that this behavior and the social engineering legislation that took up the entire time the legislature should have been working on the budget is not at all what they voted for or expected. Zellers, Koch, and company should be history. LMAO. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they do grind fine, GOP.

    1. Johnathon says:

      I doubt you know one republican. This has been a dem congress for forty years and as they are the ones that sppropriate money the people voted in the republicans. The dems have spent us into debt and it had to stop. They were voted in to balance the budget by cutting spending, not raising taxes. They are doing exactly what they should be doing and will be voted in again in 12. Keep dreaming though and maybe someday you will meet a republican in one of your fantasys.

      1. Citizen says:

        @Johnathon. I’m sure you don’t want to hear that Rethuglicans could possibly talk to the likes of me. But, most of my acquaintances are GOP, although, to their credit, they will vote the person before the party. You just don’t want to know the reality of what is being said. You are happier in your own little world. When the world gets too close or too real, it is better to DENY, isn’t it!

  27. Over Taxed says:

    Why does Dayton’s plan include increasing my taxes. Familes over $150k are rich??? I make a lot less than Dayton, Obama, Biden but my Fed and State tax rate is higher. So the plan is to tax me, thank god we have a republican house and senate to stop governor goofy #2 from driving everybody who works out of this state. Do the math, a 6% increase is not a cut.

  28. grandmaf says:

    If you can’t live on $34 billion then you have a problem. Everyone is so used to living beyond their means. If I don’t have it I DON”T spend it. Simple as that. Another thing-why does our governor have his investmernts in the Dakotas? Could it be to avoid paying taxes??????????

  29. Bill says:

    If the people Dayton wants to help are in such dire need, why is he trying to give hundreds of millions of dollars to Zygi WIlf instead of the needy?

    Dayton is a lying sack of effluence.

  30. Guy says:

    I say we have a 2BN tax increase on any money coming from OUT OF STATE trust funds. You want a tax increase Dayton? Put yourself in for a share.

  31. Pat says:

    I conclude that half of us want to promote shared sacrifice and half of us want to establish user fees for all.

    I tend to think that shared sacrifice is the answer since it will save lives and has the chance of bettering the lives of the disadvantaged. Government plays a positive role in peoples lives. I like police and fire fighters and road maintenance people out there working for all of us. I think that all old people deserve reasonable care in their dotage.

    I think that a wealthy country should be able to maintain a qualtiy healthcare system for all of its residents. I don’t mind paying my share of the bill.

    I actually believe that paying taxes to my governments is a privilege and not a burden, as many of the writers here seem to feel. I am happy that Imake enough money to do so. I want to live in a first rate state in a first rate nation. Taxes ensure that for me.

    Without them too many of my neighbors would live in abject poverty without health care or quality schools. If I wanted that I could move to Mexico or Vietnam, or some other second world nation and live like a KING! I do not! I am American. I support my governments proudly.

    1. Toni says:

      I admire your commitment to america, but I think you fail to see the point. We aren’t trying to leave the table after having a great meal at a restaurant. We just sitting down and think the Governor shouldn’t be ordering more than a 4% increase. Because the legislator won’t give him more than a 4% increase he won’t let anyone else order, yet insists he doesn’t want “the kids” to starve. They could literally pass everything BUT education and health and human services spending (they make up 80% of the budget). Instead, Dayton is trying to declare education and health services to mostly be essential. Therefore putting the clamps only on money making things and things that need to get done like state parks and road construction. Back at the restaurant, how do you compromise? Do you say getting a steak isn’t enough? And force someone else to pay for your prime rib? 4% increase is more than enough in this economy.

      1. Pat says:

        Oh I see the “point” of the Governor’s position quite well. If he allows the Republican leadership those pasrt of the state funding that they seem to agree on for the bi-ennium, then the rest of his budget priorities are in greater danger of underfunding. You tell me Toni, what happens to the healt h and social serives budget or the University system if the K-12 and transportation are fully funded? How do we operate the rest of the budget? A piecemeal approach to solving this budget will not work and Dayton is wise to step away from the table before the entre is served up to him.

    2. Funny Pat says:

      And the award goes to Pat!! Disadvantaged is one of the libs favorite words.

      1. Pat says:

        I’m no lib. I’m a socialist. A rising tide floats all boats!

        1. Funny Pat says:

          Wow. You are really out there. What does that mean?

  32. Tired of the GOP says:

    Hold the line Governor

  33. Zak says:

    @ tired of the GOP
    I agree with u.

  34. Citizen says:

    Hang in there, Governor. We support you.

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