ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota is cracking down on drunken boating.

Conservation officers from the state Department of Natural Resources and county sheriff’s deputies are taking part in Operation Dry Water this Friday through Sunday.

The crackdown is part of a national effort to reduce the number of alcohol- and drug-related accidents and fatalities on the water.

Boater education is part of the enforcement push as well as increased patrols looking for boat operators with blood-alcohol concentrations exceeding the 0.08 percent limit.

Besides impairing a boater’s judgment, vision and reaction time, alcohol also can increase fatigue and susceptibility to the effects of being immersed in cold water.

The DNR says 30 percent of Minnesota boating fatalities in 2010 involved alcohol.

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Comments (27)
  1. Mn Boater says:

    Hmm. I’ll try a third time at this- The DNR says 30 percent of boating fatalities involved alcohol in 2010. There were 12 total boating deaths. So between 3-4 deaths in 2010 due to BWI. And for this we need a statewide crackdown? I think we are doing pretty well on our own without the added DNR enforcement. This appears to be a revenue producer, not the government looking out for your safety. By a show of hands, who needs the government to help them determine right or wrong? I’d be embarrased to be a part of this statewide crackdown. Just more harassment from the government without cause or necessity.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Do you drink then drive your car? Then why do it on the waterways and lakes of Minnesota? When or if a drunk boater crashes into your aquatic conveyance and kills/maims someone aboard, are you going to call law enforcement harassers then?

      Most of the boating public and users of such don’t even know basic rules of the roads or safety issues relating to boating. So don’t start preaching law enforcement interference with your aquatic pursuits when your apparent aquatic/boating safety ignorances are showing!

      The lives you save [on the water] may be yours or mine too. I intend to live a joyful ‘safe’ existence on the waters of this state and will promote said endeavors with others. However, wanton drinking is not part of my plans!

    2. Thumper says:

      Let’s talk injuries and damage to others and rescues and the like and then poo poo the facts. just sayin’ ==== and if the facts then don’t bother ya, well, you are either drunk or friggen stupid

  2. keel says:

    Baloney! You can’t fish without beer…and lots of it!

    1. Geezer says:

      I’ll drink 2 that .but I’ll pretty much drink to anything!!!

    2. Swamp Rat says:

      Phooey to you! Stay ashore then!

  3. Mississippi boater says:

    You obviously do not want to be stopped probably due to drinking. I have witness way too many near accidents due to excessive drinking and boating. The boaters I know have very, very expensive boats and think that they would never be pulled over for drinking. Yet they are as guilty as anyone. It is usually the small boater that is pulled over and I think that is wrong. If they are going to crackdown then check them all!

    1. Huxley says:

      Do you have any statistics to prove this? Or you an angry guy with a small.. boat? 10,000 lakes, 12 fatalities, 3.something may have involved alcohol. The logic behind your post is questionable at best. IF you’re out on the lake and get harassed by these guys, be sure and tell them what you think of them. Give them heII.

      1. Charlie ChanMan says:

        Huxley – personally been hit once in a channel on ‘tonka by a drunk running a 31′ bananna boat but I won with a 28′ Ray being wider. lol
        Another time on Kabetogoma in ’01 I watched a large boat loaded with drunks leave Kettle Falls about 9:00pm. By the time we got to our camp site around 10:00 they had a chopper evacuating the survivors who made it when he hit a reef at 40mph they said.
        My experience says when I am running my Ray or with others I have never been checked in 30 plus years on the waters in a large boat. If I am running my 18’ Tyee I am frequently stopped and checked. I have no issue with it as I do not drink at all so have no fears. But the Mississippi boater above have a point IMO based on my 50 plus years all told on the waterways. If he didn’t have a point one would really believe I would have at least had 1 check in 30 plus running the Rays. Zero vs I bet 100-120 checks when on the smaller crafts gives me a reason to make this statement.
        No place on the water-roads -air for anyone who is under the influence ___ period. If you want to kill yourself use a gun and spare the rest of us please

        1. Huxley says:

          Huh? Running your banana ray 18 tyee?? English next time please. Like I said earlier- 12 boating deaths for 2010, 30% involved alcohol. What the good journalists (snicker) at ‘CCO should do is ask who decided to implement this crackdown and what was the motivation. You’ll always find one idiot in the crowd that will say “if it saves just one life its worth it..” but most people have more sense than that. If we wrap everyone in bubble wrap and it saved just one life it would be worth it. NANNY state. Charlie, judging by your posts I think we need a crackdown on BWI/ Blogging while intoxicated. Or maybe its just your age. Maybe we need to limit the elderly on the water. We all see how well they do on the road.

          1. Charlie ChanMan says:

            I run a big Ray. The moron had a big banana boat. I wider..higher…he hits me hard and trashes his toy. Henn Cty Water patrol come and get him, boat gets lifted and hauled and all is good with him. Except he couldn’t stand up but that’s okay I guess….
            Guess Huxley maybe you need to suck down another tonic and maybe a line of coke too. 😉
            You sure as hell can’t read and decipher anything as it is so toss something stronger into your system eh.
            I think maybe your lease payment is over-due on the puddle hopper you play in – need a loan junior? LMFAO

  4. zee the reporter says:

    cops have nothing better to do but harass people! zee reports

  5. cindy says:

    Really only 3 or 4 people – thats amazing – I would have thought it was higher. Tells me the current officers are doing there jobs already and there really is no need to spend additional funds. What a waste of taxpayer money.

  6. security0207 says:

    Well I’m glad to see No one is taking drinking and Boating serious. Its people like you that ruin our lakes and make them dangerous for the rest of us that just want to have fun without alcohol. Well I hope if you’re drinking and boating I hope you get BUSTED lose your boat and go to jail its simple if you drink don’t drive

  7. alcohol kills reasoning says:

    Could it be that the surviving relatives to the three or four NEEDLESS deaths caused by alcohol are looking at it differently, than the obvious brain dead drinkers
    obnoxiously ranting here?

    1. Drunken Dissed Orderly says:

      Of course they are. They want the state to put millions of dollars into saving those 3 people next time. Only that wouldn’t be an example of a sound financial decision.
      It sounds like the braindead drinkers were the ones killed on Minnesota lakes last year while bombed out of their gourds.

      1. me says:

        That sounds like natural selection to me.

  8. Kally says:

    I saw the DNR once at a boat landing waiting until the guy was in his truck and after pulling his boat out. They gave him a BWI and a DWI. Very funny! Oh was he pissed… but very drunk too.
    Thank you DNR.

    1. zee the reporter says:

      O kally you are a kiss ass!

  9. Cindy says:

    Has anyone heard of the group RDAD, “Responsable Drinking And Driving” also know as “Our Dad”? They seem to be a counter group to MADD. They argue that some people have acceptable reaction time even when at the legal limit (faster then some older drivers) so everyone should be tested by reaction time and not a breath test. They say “Why should “R Dad” go to jail when they are OK to droive?”.

  10. Uhmm says:

    Isnt the DNR one of the bunches to be laid off if the shutdown occurs? If so, I guess this would be a good time to show off their “necessity” to the MN taxpayers.

    1. NRA Member who hates drunks on the water says:

      Yeah – and I can’t wait for the first punk DUI who gets close to me.
      pop goes his motor …….
      what? , who?, me?
      Naaaaaa – never. That flash you saw was just a reflection …..
      He can’t swim? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah shucks. The boats floating anyway – he’s good

      1. @nra member says:

        Try turning the gun on yourself, nra member no1 including your family or friends wants you alive..

  11. brian says:

    I wish we could get some nice weather. So, I can use my boat.

  12. Mark from Plymouth says:

    My nephew lost his left leg from the knee down when a drunk boater took him out with the prop in 2002 on Lake Waconia.
    You people think seriously that drunk boating is okay ?
    I wouldn’t wish what happened to him on anyone and that includes the stupid commenting posters here.
    Increase the few officers on the water by 100x in my opinion and fine the hell out someone running around drunk. That will cover the salaries, save lives and injuries and hopefully spare another family a lifetime of pain and suffering.
    If this doesn’t make sense to you I guess it needs to hit home for your brins to function, which is truly unfortunate.

    1. dah-der-dolt says:

      You do understand how few dnr officers there are correct? Most will be county officers, therefore the drunks will be driving cars with less attention instead so if you’d rather have that then nicely played..

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