ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Pawlenty plans to weigh in on the turmoil in the Middle East during a foreign policy address next week in New York.

The former Minnesota governor’s campaign announced the speech to be given Tuesday at the Council on Foreign Relations as part of the group’s candidate series.

The Arab Spring uprisings have played out in bloody protests across northern Africa and Mideast nations such as Syria, Bahrain and Yemen. Pawlenty has been critical of Democratic President Barack Obama’s approach to the region’s instability.

It will be the second major policy address for Pawlenty. Earlier this month, he laid out his economic plan during a speech in Chicago.

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Comments (7)
  1. Really ?!? says:

    Yeah, he’s an expert. He made a couple of business trade trips to the region…. and his diplomacy skills were really evident in how he brought the Minnesota legislature together to solve the State’s issues….

  2. Brian says:

    It’s funny that Pawlenty’s ego lets him think like this. He thinks he can solve the problems in the middle east, huh? Just like he thought he could solve our economic problems here in MN, I suppose. How’d that work out? Oh yeah that’s right…he inherited a decent state economy and after eight years, left it in shambles. And now he’s got the answers to solve the violence in the middle east? Keep in mind this is a confict those people have been embroiled in for thousands of years. But T-Paw and other GOP leaders think they’ve got the answers. A-holes…

  3. Carl says:

    We don’t care what you think Pawlenty. Next time you leave the state don’t come back

    1. Tom says:

      I can feel the love lol ! But in all honesty nobody has been able to figure out the Middle East because it is a very complicated place. And people who think they have figured it out are only kidding themselves.

  4. Look to the Future or Blame the Past says:

    Wow, I’m impressed with people who blame Pawlenty when he had a democratic controlled legislature all 8 years….and now when we have a republican controlled legislature, the blame is all on the republicans again. Where’s your crisicism of Dayton and his all or nothing approach? Be sure to thank him for a total state government shutdown! I’ll put blame where the blame is due…I blame the democrats, the republicans, the governor, and all the voters who NEED to learn that we NEED to get along and WORK things out where NOBODY gets everthing they want because we ALL have different ideas. It’s pretty clear that voters don’t seem to want compromise, so why do you expect our elected leaders to?

  5. Murph says:

    Pawlenty could not tie his own shoes as a freshman in law school! As governor he could not figure out how to share power with the legislature or solve his messed up budget miracle plan.I think the arabs would get quite a chuckle for hearing Pawlentys big speech.If only they could stay awake for much of it!

  6. B paw says:

    Filthy repukelican swine.

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