ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A government shutdown could disrupt the July Fourth holiday for those planning to use Minnesota’s 66 state parks and six recreation areas.

More than 3,000 campsites have been reserved in state parks for the holiday weekend. And, if a state budget agreement is not reached before then, Minnesota parks will close at 4 p.m. next Thursday. The Department of Natural Resources says campers disrupted by a government shutdown will get refunds.

The DNR expects to lose about $1 million in revenue each week during a potential shutdown. That includes revenue from camping fees, vehicle permits and sales of firewood and merchandise.

Jessica Letcher of Le Sueur tells Minnesota Public Radio News ( ) she and her husband planned to visit Minnesota’s North Shore this summer, but will head to North Dakota’s badlands instead because of the uncertainty in Minnesota.

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Comments (63)
  1. R says:

    You hear that Dayton? Now the campers are going to fall victim to your unwillingness to compromise.

    1. Huxley says:

      Stop spreading lies, wingnut. It has been written and reported heavily by multiple news outlets that Dayton is willing to meet halfway. Its the repubs that decided to take the hardline. Do you lie frequently or is this a new approach for you? A simple google search would have prevented you from exposing yourself as a liar. Unless you aren’t interested in the truth.

      1. Joe Hanson says:

        Huxley, what specific programs and services does Governor Dayton need a $1.8 billion revenue increase for?

        I’ve googled all over, but can’t find the details.

        1. Rico Suave says:

          Joe, don’t bother looking for the Huxter’s facts. They don’t exist. You can Goolge till the cows come home and not find a legitimate reason why MN couldn’t cut billions without a problem. MN is morbidly obese, and some would rather die than go on a diet.

          1. Bubba says:

            The two of you must not be very internet savvy

            1. Joe Hanson says:

              Bubba – A website with many links. Could you narrow it down to one?


              1. Bubba says:

                Are you too ignorant to be able to read budget proposal?

                1. Joe Hanson says:

                  Bubba, if I knew which link to select I wouldn’t have asked.

              2. Bubba says:

                While you are at it, explain how in 8 years of being the administrator of the programs Pawlenty couldn’t figure out any more efficient way to administer the programs?

                1. Joe Hanson says:

                  Bubba, I didn’t know that the programs were administered inefficiently. What’s your source?

        2. True American says:

          Just a question Joe. If the repugs get their way and refuse health care to the poor, refuse care for the poor in the nursing homes, are the repugs going to bury these people when they die in the street. Nothing fancy you understand as Hitlerist as the Republicans are I’m sure they can come up with some sort of mass grave. Maybe after they harvest the organs.

          1. Joe Hanson says:

            True American – sounds like a horror movie. Is it out on DVD yet?

          2. Joe Hanson says:

            True American, a serious question.

            If the poor are being cared for during the current biennium and the budget for the next biennium increases spending on healthcare, won’t the poor still be cared for?

            1. Brad says:

              And off that, shouldn’t the poor who have been cared for now not be poor anymore? At what point should they get back on their own two feet?

            2. True American. says:

              The budget does not increase spending on health care read the greedy GOP bill.

          3. Rico Suave says:

            You can borrow my Bobcat. I’ll start digging the hole now. I’m still waiting for someone to make the case that it’s government’s job to pay for anything or take care of anyone’s needs, legitimate or not. Period. Just because something is a need, does not mean it’s a right. Aside from building roads, staffing an army and the local cops, and a few other things, we the people are owed nothing. Where do you draw the line? People need transportation, healthcare, houses, electricity, water, food, clothes, school, etc. These are all legitimate needs that a hundred years ago no one expected their government to provide them with. Now if you dare even suggest that the government does not owe you everything you need, they call you Hitler.

            1. True American says:

              @Rico Suave
              Well I can tell by your post you are not a Libertarian just another one of those greedy GOPers. Here’s why, a libertarian would want roads to be privately owned and you would pay for there use. Same with cops same with the military.
              You on the other hand want the government to pay for all programs that benefit you while you murder anyone who wants a benefit you don’t need.
              So at least you are willing to PLOW under those that you murder. Hey is your real name Kurt Zellers

              1. Rico Suave says:

                Hyperbolize much? Dead people in the streets because of republicans? Mass graves, Hitler. This is why people don’t take you seriously. Between global warming scare tactics, and budget cuts causing people to die in the streets, you make yourself look silly. You terrify people with your dire predictions. I’m just not buying it. I’m not even slightly worried about any of your doomsday scenarios. The government has shut down several times over the years and no one ever dies. I guess that’s the only way anyone will go along with liberal ideas. They get scared into them. People are waking up to your tactics though. 2012 is coming.

                1. old nurse says:

                  Read a little bit. The funding for the state care of the elderly is at a point that the for profit nursing homes can barely meet the guidelines for caring for these patients. That does not include any money to keep the place going. No profit is no business is no place to put the patient under a tree. Not hyperbole, but fact..

                2. Rico Suave says:

                  Hey nurse ratchet (see post below). It is 100% hyperbole. And I challenge you to get video of old folks being pushed into the street to die if there is a shutdown. Anyone with an IQ greater than, say, a head of Lettuce knows that no such thing will ever happen even if there is a shut down. It’s pure hyperbole designed to scare people into acquiescing to the state spendaholic’s demands. The only thing that is about to die is the state’s economy due to it’s morbidly obese govt. budget. All the local liberal rags have been running stories every day with another victim of the mean old GOP. The Stillwater bridge, babies ripped from their parent’s arms, campers turned away, welfare recipients without their food stamps, racino, old folks, sick people, and God knows what else. There has been a different victim each day paraded shamelessly in front of the taxpayers. Liberals use these people as human shields to hide behind and justify more and more wasteful spending and I’m not buying it. It’s as bad as the Y2K, ozone hole, acid rain and global warming scares. If we believd anything liberals claimed would surely kill us all, we’d all be gone a long time ago. So if it happens, just remember to shoot that video so we can all see the GOP carnage. There won’t be any, of course, because it’s just more typical liberal fear mongering. Yawn…..

                3. old nurse says:

                  @ totally clueless Rico. First of all, read a little better before you last you small little brain. I never said anything about the shutdown, you did. If a business does not break even it will eventually close down. What pray tell do you propose to do with the people in these nursing homes. You are the person who stated it is not government’s job to take care of people. “I’m still waiting for someone to make the case that it’s government’s job to pay for anything or take care of anyone’s needs” The medicaid people are on medicaid because they have no way to pay for their health care needs. The government would find someone else to pay for it if they could, but there is not. So what do you propose is the solution on than something magical happening? If you drive by Lexington and I94 you will notice a closed down nursing home. They will have to close doors when they don’t meet expense. Maybe not with a shutdown, but with the GOP budget, eventually a few more will close.

    2. DLW says:

      Here you go folks the R-W mantra “Shut it down” definitely smaller-no government!
      You R-Wing-nuts got to be peeing in your pants you are so excited
      No Parks
      No roads
      No police
      No courts
      No regulations
      No common sense
      No science
      Just like neanderthal times!
      You didn’t get it 10,000 years ago and you still don’t!

      1. Guy says:

        Oh gosh – howsowever did we EVER manage to survive as a species before there was mommy government to take care of us and wipe our noses (and but ts)? How did our ancestors ever manage to cross oceans and conquor this contenent without the government to lead the way??

        Oh – thats right – they had something called … SELF RELIANCE. They learned how to take care OF THEMSELVES.

        With this trend; really worry for future generations … at this rate our species will be EXTINCT in another couple hundred years (and deservedly so).

        1. Lorne says:

          @ Guy The Kings and Queens of Europe funded the expeditions that “discovered” and laid claim tho the various areas of the Americas. Remember Spain sent armies through Mexico long before England set sail. Self reliant. You probably are reliant on someone else for every aspect of your life. You might be just charming enough that the only reason you are alive is the structure of society. If you need help to figure it out just post, eventually I will check back for my laugh

          1. Citizen says:

            And the average life span during those times was only about 30–lots of human turnover. Self-reliance didn’t allow people to live very long.

        2. Alison says:


  2. John says:

    I hope the Republicans start to realize that the government services they bemoan bring in a good amount of revenue for the state.

    1. Brad says:

      Welfare does not bring in taxes. Wait, it actually might…if we gave some loser a check each month so they could “get by” he might buy a giant flat-screen, or a speedboat, or maybe a new car, or or or a brand new iPad. Because if they spent it on one of their 6 kids it probably wouldn’t bring in as much revenue.

      Increase welfare and watch tax revenue grow!

      1. Carlos says:

        Medical care is what costs the money out of the budget. United health care administers programs for example. The president of the company makes 100 million and hopefully he spends it here. Medical equipment and supplies cost money … From your comment I would have little evidence to lead me to believe that you think of government services are money to freeloaders who could work and not much else.

  3. jo jo says:

    ya, you republicans need to start doing something called compromise so state doesn’t lose that big chunk of money.

    1. Rico Suave says:

      Who keeps pulling this guy’s string?

      1. Citizen says:

        That would be you!

  4. jakej_mn says:

    So the state is broke with no budget – no one wants their taxes raised – AND YOU are worried about people not being able to camp. WE all need to worry about debt reduction and reducing the wastefull spending of our state government.

  5. Joe Hanson says:

    The Governor’s mansion will be open. They can camp out there…

    1. Rico Suave says:

      Good one. High five. We should camp on his lawn and not leave till he signs off on the budget cuts. Unlike the liberal protesters who tear up public property with their mobs, the place will look better after we leave than before. Everybody wins.

  6. small_farmer says:

    Taxing the “rich” in MN includes quite a few farmers and job creating small business owners earning $250k. Dayton, who’s never actually had to work a day in his life wants extra spending money for what? His opinions and goals have no basis in reality. WAKE UP MORON, YOU CAN’T TAX YOUR STATE OUT OF A RECESSION! What a dismal mistake electing him was for MN.

    1. Greg says:

      Plus, he only makes $120,000/yr himself. He is excluded from the taxes.

  7. Mr. Me says:

    Emmer, Emmer, Emmer, Emmer….oh what could’ve been???

    1. GOPSUX says:

      What could have been…a complete breakdown of democracy, and a switchover to autocracy. Look them big words up, my con servative idiot friends.

      1. Mr. Me says:

        I don’t have any friends that call me idiots, you are no friend of mine

        1. Village Idiot says:

          not to your face

      2. Jorge says:

        Explain how a candidate (Emmer) who is for a smaller government creates autocracy?

  8. Bill says:

    Dayton insists on a tax increase. That means the government will spend more money and get bigger. The problems will be bigger next year.

    You don’t give someone who’s maxed out their credit card more credit. It will only make things worse.

  9. Depressed… says:

    Wow… Ignorance abounds…. This state is what it is… a liberal state. Always wanting to help someone and expecting “others” to pay for it. I wish I could afford to move but I can’t so I’ll tough it out and will have to listen to folks complain. Emmer lost… this means “the people” of this state wanted a “liberal state”.

    1. Guy says:

      No – it means that they couldn’t agree on which flavor of CONSERVATIVE state they wanted & Dayton got in by an oops of less than 1/2 of one pervent of the vote.

    2. Guy says:

      No; it means that they couldn’t agree on which flavor of con servative that they wanted. Dayton got in by mistake – less than 1/2 of ONE PERCENT plurality.

  10. thetruth says:

    who cares Minnesota is just a haven for gays now. It is the number one gay city in the world now. How can someone even care about a state that is a abomination to GOD

    1. Straight Not Narrow says:

      This statement has NO bearing on the discussion at hand. Please don’t be a judgmental POS. If you hate our state so much, please LEAVE!

      1. Rico Suave says:

        Dear Narrow not Straight. I thought I heard some noise coming from the closet. Was that you?

    2. Dave says:

      Well, someone has the run the register at the Apple store

    3. SO SAD says:

      Yet, they ignore the passage of “taking care of the elderly and the orphans”.

  11. Bob J says:

    So with the budget being the problem why is the first thing cut in a government shutdown the departments that actually make money ?

    1. M. E.H. says:

      That is a very good question. I often wondered that myself. Could someone quit bickering long enough to answer this question?

  12. GOPSUX says:

    I want bigger government and taxes until the government owns everything. Then life will be fair. We have to make everything fair for everyone. With Dayton’s help we can all get this done….

    1. GOPSUX says:

      You know, after readng all of my previous comments, I finally agree that I am a D-Bag. Sorry Guys and Gals.

      1. Rico Suave says:

        That’s called an epiphany. It’s the first step to recovery. Now walk toward the light. We’ll catch you. However I suspect that you may not be the real SUX guy. Your grammar is too good.

  13. Dale Gribble says:

    The state shouldn’t operate campgrounds. This is a socialist boondoggle which prevents free enterprise. The same with “historical” sites, so-called “nature preserves” and other tax rip-offs.

    1. Nigel says:

      Rusty/ Mark with that kind of logic every road should be a toll road

  14. aj11917 says:

    The reason we need to increase the tax on the wealthy is that they are the only ones still working and making money. The rich have destroyed the middle class with low pay and benefits yet they get more money and bennies. Taxes can only come from people who are working. We need decent paying jobs and benefits for the middle class to bring about a tax decrease for the rich.

  15. Americus says:

    Sounds like they are trying to throw stadium cost in the taxpayers budget or is for thier big fat raise.I remember when the State of Minnesota was a noun not a verb.

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