WATERLOO, Iowa (WCCO) — Rep. Michele Bachmann returned to her birthplace of Waterloo, Iowa, over the weekend in order to officially announce her run for the presidency Monday morning.

A crowd of 500 people turned out Sunday to welcome Bachmann and hear her speak at the Electric Park Ballroom, a venue where Buddy Holly and Ray Charles once performed.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Rick Langford, of Waterloo, was at the ballroom and he wanted to see Bachmann in person.

“I’ve seen her on the news,” he said. “I think she does a wonderful job.”

Many of those who went to see Bachmann were apart of the Tea Party, some were her old friends and neighbors, and others just wanted to see what the homegrown candidate had to say.

David Alderman, of Waterloo, came out to find a Republican candidate to root for.

“A lot of us here just want to find that candidate that we can get behind,” he said. “And there’s something about her. She’s got that it factor, the flair, the excitement.”

In her speech, Bachmann highlighted her Iowan roots and said that she wanted to bring her Midwestern values to the White House and the rest of the country.

“We need more closeness, more families, more love for each other,” Bachmann said in her speech.

Bachmann kept her speech vague in terms of policy, but she did say she would talk more specifics Monday, when she plans to officially announce her campaign.

Bachmann’s appearance in Iowa comes after a surge of interested in her campaign. A Des Moines Register poll conducted recently showed that Bachmann has the support of 22 percent of Iowa Republicans. She sits in second place on that poll, just behind former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who has the support of 23 percent of Iowa Republicans.

After Bachmann makes her official announcement, she will be off to campaign in the battleground states of New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Comments (23)
  1. littletingod says:

    You all know what IOWA stands for don’t you? Idiots Out Walking Around! Bachmann is the epitome of all idiots out walking around!

    1. Sarah says:

      What a good looking President she will make. Go Girl Go YES

      1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

        The article is about Michele Bachmann, not a good looking woman. Did you read the wrong article, Sarah?

  2. Mine Jons says:

    What an ignorant comment, “Dave”. Not relevant to the story, mean-spirited, and full of swear words. That’s what I’d expect from a Bachmann supporter.

  3. lefty says:

    PLEASE keep that moron there we do not want her back in Minnesota she is to nuts for us

    1. Todd says:

      Go to bed lefty Your ignorants is showing. And your check is in the mail rotflmao

      1. A Voter says:

        Close the boarder so that corn bread fool can’t come back to Minnesota.

  4. Robert says:

    Ms. Bachman why don’t you stay in Waterloo?

  5. betty says:

    Hundreds of people showed up? The number is 500, I wouldn’t say that really is a lot of people. I think the media is being soft on Bachmann. I bet she does’t last the primaries.

    1. littletingod says:

      Well, five hundred people is “hundreds” of people. But then we’re dealing with the “liberal” media you know.

  6. Steve says:

    Waterloo has a population of 68,000 as of 2010 census. Five hundred people showed up at her annoucement. I wouldn’t say that is a lot people out of pop. of 68,000. Maybe the people of waterloo know something we don’t but then Bachmann hasn’t called Waterloo her home in 40 years. Just another opportunist.

    1. Craig says:

      She is better than Pawlenty or anyone else running for office.. Your left wing nightmare lmao

      1. A Voter says:

        Michele who?

  7. tom says:

    This is how a straw poll works. This is why Bachmann will win.
    the Iowa Straw Poll is a GOP fundraiser. As such, a key aspect of it is the candidates buying tickets and getting supporters willing to attend using the tickets that the candidates bought. Because Iowa is a caucus state, there is some similarity between the ability to get supporters to attend the fundraiser and getting supporters to go out for a three hour meeting on a cold night in January. It is not so much who wins the straw poll (which is why some of the leading candidates are considering “skipping” it) as who makes little impact. For the candidates who are struggling in the polls, this event is a chance, perhaps the last chance, to show that they can be competitive in Iowa. Let’s see how Bachmann does in primary states.

  8. Teddywat says:

    I am a republican and think we can win this election but not with her. Damn it is scary how many of us are supporting this nut job. I’d rather have Obama than her.

  9. Get Real says:

    It’s so sad when I hear comments like: She is so beautiful, she will make a good looking president, I’ll vote for her because she’s good looking! That goes to show how many people pay absolutely no attention to the political issues or what the hell is going on in the world! Yes, she is a very attractive person, but that does not mean she is qualified to run our country! Even the smart Republicans follow she’s a radical nut job!

    1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

      What?? Very attractive?? Come on. I’d sooner watch Janet Reno showering than look at Michele Bachmann…

  10. kidding me people? says:

    ” I learned everything I know, and need to know, right here when I was growing up” MB

    Okay Michelle – since you left Iowa as a young and truly dumb yet teenager (as we all were at that age) you were honest here. You remain fairly ignorant on most matters, speak off the top JUST like a teenager yet today and have to back peddle all the time on comments, and honestly seem to be capabe of doing very little thinking on your own – as much as I hate to say this I am onboard with Mitt or a weak maybe Pawlenty.
    MB – you truly scare me. The thought of a unhinged person in the Big House may be the end of the USA. You are the Micheal Jackson of politics …. very very spooky

  11. dkauls says:

    As she told Face the Nation yesterday, she had a little talk with God and he gave her the go-ahead to run for president. I seem to remember George W. having a similar confab and getting God’s OK. Hate to say it, but I think God is screwin’ with us.

  12. Miles Hamlin says:

    There is a great new group on facebook “sodomites for michele bachmann” feel free to join and post all you want.

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