NEW YORK (AP) — Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace says he “messed up” by asking Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann whether she’s a flake.

The talk show host posted the video apology after his “Fox News Sunday” interview with the Minnesota congresswoman, who formally announced her presidential bid Monday in Iowa.

Wallace said on the Fox show that Bachmann had a reputation in Washington for making questionable statements, noting she had called fellow members of Congress anti-American. He paused and asked her: “Are you a flake?”

Bachmann answered that she was a “serious person” and found insinuations that she was a flake to be “insulting.”

She offered some career highlights and Wallace asked whether she recognized that as a presidential candidate she had to be careful and not say “what some regard as flaky things.” She answered that of course a person had to be careful with things that they say. The exchange came at the end of her Sunday show appearance.

Wallace said later that since “it’s really all about the answers and not the questions, I messed up. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

He said he had simply wanted to address issue with her directly because some people do dismiss her as a flake.

“She seemed to be a little perturbed about that and I think gave a very strong answer,” he said. “In any case, a lot of you were more than perturbed. You were upset and felt that I had been rude to her.”

The “Fox News Sunday” Facebook page had several angry comments from viewers, including some who suggested Wallace’s question was sexist.

Wallace attracted attention earlier this month for an occasionally contentious “Fox News Sunday” interview with Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart.

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Comments (81)
  1. Sam I am says:

    What an a $ $. I bet if it was a man he wouldn’t be asking the same question. Her raitings are right up there with Mitt Romney.

    Shame on Chris Wallace.

    1. Robert Radke says:

      Wallace one..Bachman of the ninth..

      1. TEA for you says:

        Actually Bachman scored on that one. You should read more bobby

        1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

          Maybe Wallace meant to call her a Fake, because she definitely is one of those…

      2. Charlie says:

        Say what?! Gie us a break…

        1. Charlie says:

          Just to clarify… My last comment was directed at Bobby too..

          Because I am with “TEA for you” and Bachmann can defend herself just fine.

  2. Kyle says:

    When someone acts like a flake, it is fair to ask them about it so they can refudiate the perception. Then he apologizes to save viewer face on FNC. It was clearly a setup question. Wallace is a Tea Party supporter. He would not attempt to surprise her with that.

  3. John says:

    Swims like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck.
    But in this case, the following is also true…
    Acts like a flake, sounds like a flake, Yup…

    1. Slim says:

      @ John…

      Cute, but still too lame…

      Grow up and show a little respect already!

      1. jim says:

        respect for what? bachmann has continuously lied through her teeth. and when she wasn’t flat out lying, she was so close to lying it hardly mattered.

        1. Chuck says:

          Well it appears that you do not understand respect, humility, or reason…

          And to think you are a voter too!

  4. Bryson Powers says:

    It shouldn’t have been a question. It should have been stated as a fact:”You are a flake, Shelly Bachmann.”

    1. David J. Conklin says:

      Right on!

      1. TEA for all says:

        She is very accomplished. Give us a bit of your resume’s

        1. Charlie says:

          Yes, the name callers here have probably never made it off the couch!

          It is easier to criticize than to actually do something other than hide on these chats…

          1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

            So you’ve met her? You live or lived in Stillwater? You’ve spoken to her?

          2. Frank says:

            I notice you didn’t post the same kind of comment on Chuck’s post below disrespecting the president.

    2. Chris says:

      @ Bryson,

      Please save it, because it makes you appear even worse.

    3. FreddieBaby says:


  5. really says:

    She better grow a thicker skin than that if she’s going to run for office in this political environment. Also I would like to see her birth certificate, and how much she spends on her wardrobe for campaigning. If that’s the toughest question she’s going to get as she sets out on her campaign, let her run in “the powder puff” league!

    1. David J. Conklin says:

      And her green card.

  6. David J. Conklin says:

    You mean like abortion? You want the right to sell eggs with salmonella in them?

    1. DannyG says:

      David, quit being silly….. Abortion is a polarizing topic, 50/50 scenario, move on… Are you insinuating that conservatives deregulate to the point that they are ok with salmonella?? Again, silly banter on your part….. I’m only responding on here David due to your silliness..

    2. Chris says:

      Dream on!

      Where do you come up with this BS???

  7. Karen says:

    Michelle Bachmann is the flakest of flakes and I am being nice!!!

    1. Chuck says:

      No, you are not being nice… it is rude no matter who you are saying it about!

      She has accomplished 1000X more than you ever will and you take cheap shots?

      Why don’t you do something big in your life and save the adolescent behavior…

      She is a US Rep and at lease deserves the respect of her position, whether you agree or not!

      I am not saying that she should be President, but be brave and respectful.

      1. Jimmy Norton says:

        Just like she respected the office of the President by questioning whether he’s “pro America or anti-America”? She speaks before thinking and brainwashed Americans fall for it. She makes me sick! I am embarassed she is from my state!

        1. Chuck says:

          If what you are referring to is Nobama’s socialist movement, he deserves to be declared anti-American. Capitalism is what this country was founded, no doubt about it! In the name of healthcare reform, he made grave mistakes. He did not reform anything, only brought the insurance companies into the mix and jacked up everyone’s ratees! The true cost controls that he campaigned on never materialized! That is because the other attorneys and drug companies got his ear and stopped any progress there… This guy is a fraud… and Bachmann is not a flake!

          1. jim says:

            what socialist movement are you talking about? there has been no socialist movement. even admitted socialists agree … obama is NOT a socialist. i suggest you come up with facts for a change. and stop with the name calling. it just makes you look stupid.

            1. Chris says:

              You must be one of the leeches sucking off the system…

              To deny socialist similarities is totally absurd!

              His healthcare fiasco, his gov buy of GM, his protection of the unions, etc…

              All of these in just the first year = amazingl… and hopefully doomed!

          2. Jimmy Norton says:

            Someone drank the kool-aid! Chuck, you can’t be serious. Had Obama not stepped in, we would have had another great depression. Back then the Government failed to step in and the market crashed. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Obama learned. You didn’t. And let’s keep in mind this conversation started when you said she deserves the respect of her position yet YOU refer to the PRESIDENT as NObama… Hypocrite

            1. Charlie says:

              Wake up Jimmy…. he is not our savior and did not do much for the economy…

              Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid… supporting the unions and wallstreet bankers is all this cat is about!

              Too big to fail… what a joke… we have laws on the books from the early 1900’s to prevent that!

              1. Citizen of Minnesota says:

                Bush repealed one of those very important laws that was enacted after the Great Depression which allowed this financial melt-down by the big banks to happen. The repeal of that law enabled derivatives–just another form of gambling.

          3. FreddieBaby says:

            Obviously, you have no idea what Socialism is. And how can you stand up for Capitalism when it has produced this mess our country is in? We are no longer, nor have we been for a while, a Capitalist system. We are a Corporatocracy, or if you will, a Corporate Oligarchy. Corporate special interests have been given carte blanche to do what they wish with our country and its resources by the privileged few in the ruling class at the expense of the masses and their surrounding environment. Socialism? Hah! Maybe Socialism for billionaires. Now that I would buy.

          4. llp says:

            Sorry the bought and paid for party (THE GREEDY OLD PARTY) is beholding to the insurance companies. And save American from the racist TEA BAGGERS

        2. Tom says:

          @ Jim Norton

          Very true on all counts! You missed one though she didn’t accept the challenge of that 16 year old high school student! But that girl did verbally attacked and threatened by Bachmanns followers!

          1. Slim says:

            Another Urban Legend gone viral…

            Keep repeating it and it may become truth, right?

            Good luck you cry babies!

      2. FreddieBaby says:

        A Michele Bachmann backer asking someone to give her respect of her position? She can’t even give our president respect. Why should anyone respect her?

      3. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

        She’s accomplished squat.

        She’s a horrible person.

        She’s completely disingenous, and anybody who fell for her 2008 pleading commercial where she defended herself saying “I’m for YOU… And your CHILDREN!” is a moron and should have their voter registration card shredded and burned.

        “She is a US Rep and at lease deserves the respect of her position”
        I will never ever give her respect. I know better.

        1. Jimmy Norton says:

          Ogie, love the comment. LOVE the name. That’s Old Time Hockey!

        2. Chuck says:

          @ Ogie ….

          You must be a horrible person that has accomplished diddly…

          And this is the platform for you to get even by venting like that toward her?

          Give us all a break as we are better than that and will not tolerate this trash!!

          1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

            I have nothing to get even for, Chuck.

            I’ve accomplished far more than Michele Bachmann ever will, and I continue to outpace her as we speak.

            I don’t care if you tolerate it or not. I’m going to keep repeating the truth about this woman. I’ve met her. I’ve lived in her district. I’ve spoken to her. She’s lying through her teeth.

            I’m not asking you, Chuck. I’m telling you.

    2. Tom says:

      @ Karen

      Yes you are being way to nice! How about Looney, Wacko, Delusional, Nutty, Insane!

      1. Slim says:

        @ Tom… pretty lame and is that the best that you can do?! Ha…

        1. Tom says:

          @ Slim

          Well I could have been but then WCCO would have deleted it! I was keeping it clean!

          Your true test will be when she has to leave the social conservative bubble and has to try and convince the REAL people that she is smart. Good luck with that.

  8. See BS says:

    During the last Republican Primary, the media rounded up Mormons in Texas, Stripping children away from their parents over a bogus sex abuse story. All while Mitt Romney was neck and neck with John McCain.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s Fox News, CBS or MSNBC, we have these Fascist media corporations manipulating our political process.

    1. Sandy says:

      Those were not Mormons and it was not a bogus sex abuse story…. That was real and the leader did time in prison for what he did.

      1. See BS says:

        The Hyped up story was about a Mormon community in Texas, and it turned out to be two minors who had sex and no one got arrested.

  9. Doug Anderson says:

    When ever a Fox On-Air Personality (you can’t call them news people) makes an honest statement, he/she is forced to back step the next day and apologize. I guess there is no room at Fox for honest reporting/. I live in Minnesota and I can tell you for a fact, She IS a flake! Wallace have had a tough couple of weeks,: first Jon Stewart, then Michele Bachman.

    1. See BS says:

      Nothing flakey about a politician who cites the constitution.

      The “Flakey” New York media establishment has issues with the Tea Party that’s all.

      1. Charlie says:

        That is right… they like to refer to anyone from MN or IA in this way…

        Just not one of the “big market” players like they say in sports…

        But, that is OK and I will tke Joe Mauer any day over the judgemental types!

  10. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

    “like Obamma and all the “I want the government to control my life” followers.”

    You mean like Michele Bachmann wanting to outlaw being gay, and to investigate Americans to find out if they’re anti-American?

    Who really wants to control whose life here?

  11. Ashley says:

    And Obama isn’t???? Michele Bachmann is a million times better and more classy than he is.

    1. FreddieBaby says:

      Really? That is an easy statement to make without illustrating your point. How is Michele Bachmann “a million times better and more classy” than our current president?

      1. Chuck says:

        He is a total fraud and it has been proven many times! Period.

        1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

          Oh well then, case closed. Chuck the Internet Policital Officianado said so, and as such he is beyond reproach.

        2. FreddieBaby says:

          Give me one example where President Obama has been proven to be a fraud. And don’t trot out the Teabagger birther argument, because that has been disproved many times over.

  12. Shirl Mann says:

    if she’s running for president and this is the worse question she asked,,, maybe she should back off before it gets really tough out there. Did she mean she’s serious about being a flake or she takes her self seriously even though she is flakey?

  13. FreddieBaby says:

    She is a flake. Why sugar coat it?

    1. Me says:

      Because then it’s a frosted flake!

    2. Slim says:

      Really, smart guy… what is the definition?

  14. larry says:

    When is she going to provide her birth certificate and prove she was not born in Canada? why is she refusing to comply?

  15. Sue says:

    I don’t know why he is apologizing he has nothing to apology for, he speaks the truth and Bachmann knows it that is why she didn’t answer.

  16. Carl says:

    She believes the world was created 6,000 years ago, and that the Noah’s Ark story and the Jonah and the whale fable should be taught in school as fact.

    She isn’t a flake she’s religious extremist.

    Praise Jebus, God hates education, Amen.

  17. Me says:

    Oh, please! You pour milk on her and she gets soggy. You wash your hair with Head and Shoulders and she disappears.

    1. Charlie says:

      Please translate for us… we do not understand your “code”….

      1. Nellie Bly says:

        Charlie – flake, corn flake, dandruff flake.

        1. Chris says:

          OOOOOHHHH… I get it now… NOT! Keep trying…

  18. kman says:

    Only Fox would apologizes for what getting to the Truth.this is a Person that wanted to waste American Tax Dollars to Find out who in Congress was American and who’s Not.a Flake she’s not Insane is more Like it

  19. KC says:

    Liberals are FLAKES one and all. Who would vote for Mark Dayton for governor? Flakes, who woulf vote for Al (failed comediene) Franken? FLAKES

    1. kman says:

      anyone with Half a Brain seems the Last Republican that Ran the State won’t take Ownership for it can’t Blame him because what he left is not good

  20. Yup says:

    The answer is “YES”!

  21. Rep. Michelle Bachmann says:

    Bachmann is more than flake, she down right STUPID. Show me more than 5 bills that she has brought up since she has been in congress? Otherwise she is what she is a natural born FLAKE.

  22. balance says:

    Bachmann is more than flake, she down right STUPID. Show me more than 5 bills that she has brought up since she has been in congress? Otherwise she is what she is a natural born FLAKE.

    1. Slim says:

      Now you have gone too far!

      She would smoke you in any challenge, so stay hding behind your computer…

      You could never stand up to a real challenge!

      1. Ogie Oglethorpe says:

        She couldn’t smoke a Misty 100 cigarette in a challenge, let alone sound intelligent. Haven’t you been listening??

  23. See BS says:

    Fox News wants Mitt Romney that’s all.

  24. George says:

    If a reporter asked Obama if he was a flake, there would be a demand that the reporter be fired.

    Chris Wallace has lost ALL credibility as an unbiased reporter.

  25. Craig says:

    Flake? How about Bimbo!
    You can write a book with just the stupid and lame thoughts that have came out of that mouth!
    What has happened to a once great Republican party?
    It has taken 53 years but I think it’s time to change. Bachmann, Palin, Paul and the Bush family, what clown is next in line?
    No state puts out more Goofs than Minnesota, Wellstone, Jesse The body, Mondale, Al Franken, Dayton and now Bachmann

  26. Hugh Jorgan says:

    What a spineless biotch. Vote for her, and our @$$es are grass and Iran (among others) will be a lawnmower.

    Give it up Bachmann, you’re just throwing away lots of money used for your campaign, ’cause you ain’t gettin’ nowhere close to the Presidency…

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