CHISAGO COUNTY (WCCO) — A pedestrian was struck and killed by a semi on Interstate 35 in Chisago County early Monday evening, according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

The accident, reported shortly before 7 p.m., involved a semi that was driven by a 53-year-old Canadian man.

The pedestrian’s identification is expected to be released on Tuesday at noon.

Check back for more information.

Comments (11)
  1. KESHA says:


    1. Melanie Sundeen says:

      The victim in this headline is the poor truck driver that was driving along minding his own business. The sad and pathetic part of it is dragging some stranger into her suicide.

      1. Julia Renay says:

        you dont even know what YOUR talking about, that pedestrian was my friend and your playing it off like shes the bad guy. mind your own buisness and keep your senseless comments to yourself. im not asking you, im telling you, goodbye,

        1. Zac says:

          yeah you tell her Julia. and yeah that girl was our friend, i went to school with her. you dont know what she was going through. so keep your comments to yourself if your going to be Rude about it.

      2. tammy says:

        I agree Melanie. I feel for both parties involved, however this driver is going to have visions of this the rest of his life. Sad in both respects.

  2. Melanie Sundeen says:

    My mother listened to the whole thing on the scanner. The “pedestrian” ran out in front of the semi rom the rest area noth of Harris. Several people called 911 to report what she had done. Doesn’t surprise me that wcco would report it like the poor woman was walking along interstate 35 and was mowed down by a terrible truck. She commited suicide and drug a poor truck driver into it. Sick of you folks spinning what happens.

  3. Greg says:

    I was driving north on 35 moments after the accident. The truck driver was blameless. The pedestrian was in hiding, waiting for a big truck to come by and dashed out into traffic when the opportunity arose. She moved so quickly, she ran out of one of her shoes, it was found where she was hiding. It was a sad and gruesome situation. I feel for the young lady but especially for the truck driver, things will never be the same for him.

  4. amanda turunen says:

    It may have been a suicide but It’s still sad for both parties. That woman has a family. Imagine if this was YOUR daughter. Have a little sympathy. I hope the driver finds peace as well. So sad for all involved!

  5. CodiLynn says:

    Julia…I too know the driver and believe me…he’s totally distraught over the situation. So rather than us choosing sides, I believe its just sad all the way around!

  6. Steve Hindi says:

    I saw this happen. The semi driver has got a horrible thing to live with because she did this ti him. Her life may have been in disarray, but she didn’t have to drag other people down with her… And yes she did ambush him one flip flop was near the ditch the other along with her cell phone ( blackberry type) was at the point of impact. I feel bad for the driver…

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