MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Lines for licenses are growing and waits are getting longer at Hennepin County Government centers as residents prepare for a state government shutdown.

People are rushing to get license plate, tabs and vehicles registered before a shutdown. Jamie Olson is rushing to get something else done too: Her name changed.

“I think everybody’s excited about getting married,” she said Tuesday while waiting with her mom at the Hennepin County Service Center in Brooklyn Center. “Changing my I.D. to my new last name.”

They looked at pictures of Olson’s honeymoon while they passed the time.  They waited two hours to get the name change done.

But there wasn’t much hundreds of other people could do while they waited to get new plates and register cars.  A manager said the lines were longer than usual.

“I would assume people are trying to get things done before the government shuts down,” said Olson.

In fact, all seven county service centers will close with a state shutdown if state computers get turned off. There will be no way for county workers to access the state’s computer system to process applications.

State Motor Vehicle offices will also close when the state government closes for business.

If your license or tabs expire, you won’t be able to renew at a state office.

Some people are showing up before the doors even open, and some of those lines have actually been out the door.

Amber Kucera isn’t waiting until the last minute to get new tabs.  She got them Tuesday.

“Little more relieved,” she said.  “I got them. Putting them on. I’m good to go.”

When state and county offices close, you might want to try your local city hall. For instance, the City Manager in Robbinsdale still expects to be able to process license plates and tabs.

Hennepin county administrators urge residents to get their business done soon, like how Kucera did things. She paid about $140 for her tabs.

“It’s a lot of money, yep,” she said.

Olson paid in time to change her name, which makes her wish she was back at the beach, far from the rush of a pending government shutdown.

Comments (6)
  1. U Betcha says:

    I am sorry that some people are affected by this but it has no effect on me, am I all alone here?

    1. Phil Mcrackin says:

      No you are not alone. The governor wants to prove to some they can’t live without the government in their lives.I like you am also fine.

      1. Tiredof Selfishness says:

        Governor, Phil? How about the republicans?! It seems they’re more interested in closing down the vast majority of the state to prevent 2% of the population from having to pay a more equal proportion in taxes. TWO PERCENT. And, since when are we a people of “it doesn’t impact me, so I don’t care”? Selfish and apathetic! Don’t forget, WE are the government. When we work together, we are a great people. Sadly, the biggest issue in this nation isn’t overspending or big government; it’s greed and selfishness.

        1. Phil Mcrackin says:

          I earn a mid range income and am far from the top 2% I will not hurt if they up my state taxes in fact if it helps the state to get out of debt I will not complain if my taxes rise and I do believe that the top 2% should pay more, I am not uncaring.We all need to share the tax burden.

          1. U Betcha says:

            Phil maybe you should have said that in the first place.
            I agree with your last statement. I will not hurt either and nobody wants to pay more taxes but to get things done we need to just pay up. I still will be fine. I would love this mess to go away and stop the bickering. Some people think they will die if their taxes go up even .05% and that’s just silly. There needs to be common sense on spending but common sense is not very common.

    2. Ya Sure says:

      You’re blissfully ignorant if you think a government shutdown will have zero effect on you.

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