DEER RIVER, Minn. (WCCO) – A 29-year-old Waseca man is accused of raping a juvenile female at knifepoint after failing to appear in court, failing to previously register as a sex offender and removing a home monitoring device, according to charges filed in Itasca County Court on Wednesday.

Leonard James Fisherman Jr. was charged with three felony counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, failing to appear in court and failing to register as a predatory offender.

According to a criminal complaint, Fisherman Jr. was convicted on May 4, 2009, on a felony charge of soliciting a child to engage in sexual conduct. After being fitted for an electronic home monitoring device, Fisherman was due to appear in court June 21. He did not appear and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

At about 2:20 a.m. on June 22, the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a sexual assault. An investigator learned that a juvenile female had been sexually assaulted in the Willow Beach area of Itasca County by a man identified as Fisherman, according to the complaint.

The victim told the investigator that Fisherman was flirting with her earlier that night and that the flirting was sick because they knew each other. The two were passengers in a vehicle and were dropped off at Willow Beach because a family member was going to pick them up there.

After the vehicle left, Fisherman said “Why did you disrespect me!” to the victim and punched her in the face. The victim tried to run away, and Fisherman grabbed her and forced her next to a building, according to the complaint.

The victim kicked and pushed Fisherman, and he reacted by punching her in the face multiple times. The victim told police that Fisherman had a pocket knife and told her to take off her clothes or he would cut her throat. Fisherman then raped her and forced her to perform oral sex, according to the complaint.

A doctor told the victim she also had a broken tailbone as a result of the sexual assault.

If convicted on all charges, Fisherman is facing more than 100 years in prison and up to $180,000 in fines. He has a court appearance set for July 5.

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