kenkrueger 01 Julys Veteran Of The Month: Ken Krueger

Ken Krueger enlisted in the US Army in 1942, to serve and protect his family and country after Pearl Harbor.   After induction into the U.S. Army at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis, then basic training in Missouri, Louisiana and Texas, Ken was assigned to the 92nd Signal Battalion to become a motor messenger.

After an arduous voyage across the Atlantic infested with Nazi subs, Ken reveled in the lush beauty of Ireland, Scotland and England. All too soon, however, he came face-to-face with the hideous horrors of war as he stepped across the sand of “Bloody Omaha” beach in the Normandy region of France and began his job delivering secret messages for General Patton’s Headquarters.

Ken fell in love with a beautiful woman in Germany, named Margurite.  He promised they would marry, but Ken was not able to fulfill that promise after her returned to the United States.

Sixty-seven years later, Ken returned to Germany.  Margie had died, but he was able to meet her family and connect with all of the memories he had during that pivotal part of his life.

kenkrueger 031 Julys Veteran Of The Month: Ken Krueger

You can read Ken’s book, “Fighting for Delphine” to learn more about Ken Krueger’s story. Go to to attain a copy of the book, and read blogs of their trip back to Germany this past June, 2010

  1. F Sarguis says:

    The name is Marguerite, and she was in France, not Germany! Poor fact-checking!

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