MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Minneapolis man was sentenced in Hennepin County District Court on Thursday for a murder that happened Feb. 27, 2010.

Alonzo Demitrius McCoy will spend four years in prison in connection with the shooting death of 17-year-old Alisha Neeley.

On the night of Feb. 27, 2010, Minneapolis Police were called to a report of a shooting near the intersection of 35th Avenue North and Humboldt Avenue. When officers arrived, they found a female, Neeley, with a gunshot wound to her neck.

She was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center, where she later died.

McCoy was charged in the shooting death on Sept. 30, 2010, and pleaded guilty to possessing a weapon for a crime of violence on June 30. In exchange, all of his other charges were dropped.

Comments (23)
  1. Unbelievable says:

    That’s it?!?!?!

    1. kathy says:

      I agree that all for killing someone what a joke. He should get life or 20years or more.

      1. kim says:

        I hope this is a typo cuz only 4 years he will end up more likely doing it again

      2. Unbelievable says:

        Agreed kathy, I think the man should at least get 20 years. 4 years is nothing. This 17 year old girl was a child, someone daughter, granddaughter and a human being. She was a child and the courts just discounted her life as nothing as if she had no value. Drug dealers and burglars get more time than this murderer.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Yeah, that’s messed up. He didn’t even get tried for murder; only for possession w/ the intent to use. Justice was NOT served in this case and this man will most likely commit another violent crime once he is released.

  3. Disturbed by Society says:

    John Bogema is facing 40 years for murdering his wife by cutting her throat. Guess your sentencing all depends on the weapon you use and the county you kill in.

  4. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    I can’t believe this! I realize he was just tried on the gun charge, but he still murdered a girl. And she was just a girl. She’s dead and he killed her. Murdered her. This is completely messed up.

    And when he gets out he’ll get in trouble again and kill someone, go to prison, get out. Repeat. Repeat. And repeat again until he dies in prison or someone will put him away with no parole. Crazy.

  5. Cache says:

    4 years???? 4 YEARS???!?!?! for murdering this young lady…What kind of twisted justice is this…Did he get a reduction because he is Black and they need parity in the prisons where 90% are black??? The judge on this case should serve the other 35 years! Minnesota law says minimum of 5 years for using a gun in a crime…SStupid liberal idiots!

  6. This sentence is wrong! says:

    Insanity. That is what this is. If I were this girls family I would be suing him in civil court after he was released after 2 years due to prison overcrowding. I’d sue him for loss of companionship, wrongful death, and huge list of other reasons to make him pay financially for her death.

  7. Angus says:

    Normal rant from the right. This story is weak and incomplete. Did he do the actual shooting? What charges were dropped and why? Was evidence so weak that this was the best the prosecuter could do? Did he turn state’s evidence? Many details are missing but not, I notice, the comments referring to racial prejudice and rants against liberals.
    Don’t jump to conclusions until CCO gives us a better story with all the details.

  8. Matt says:

    He will be out in 6 months for time already served and good behavior so only a year total Im sure. How sick is that? What about all the drunks getting 2 years for vehicular homicide? Jesus it’s unreal!

  9. hate the system says:

    The system sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Drug offenders get more than 4 years sometimes!?!?!?! And there’s not even a victim there, no one forces someone to use drugs….

    And this he gets 4??? I’m outraged.

    1. hate the system says:

      It’s probably like the movie Law Abiding Citizen, if anyone has seen it. Hopefully the prosecutor gets what’s coming 😉

  10. Kevin says:

    Aint diversity grand?

  11. Hugh Jorgan says:

    Christ! And they couldn’t find/plant any child porn on his computer?!?! Christ All Mighty…

  12. Jackie Du Charme says:

    He is a gang member and the gal that died was working on getting away from the gang.
    It was not his gun that shot her. Read more on the internet by typing in his full name.
    He is not an innocent bystander by all means but this time it was not him that killed her.

    1. Misleading article? says:

      Then this article is incrediably misleading.

  13. DanL says:

    I wish this article named the prosecutor and judge that allowed this to happen. They should no longer be in the position to make these decisions. They should be ashamed of themselves. This is pathetic.

  14. Dave Seavy says:

    They’ll lock up an 18 year-old man for having consentual sex with his 17 – year old girlfriend for up to 30 years. I am no defending sex offenders, but just trying to point out how out of wack our laws really are. Since I don’t know all the details of the crime (who was the gunman, etc?) I can’t make a determination if his sentence should have been life in prison, but if he was involved, he’s just as guilty as the shooter in my book. Insanity prevails in our justice system.

  15. just sayin says:

    Yeah no doubt he’ll do it again, they all do.

    If it was a white man, he’d get 40 years.. but they are so hard on blacks they need to do less time and give them a second chance and correcting themselves… this guy deserves to be hung.

  16. fred says:

    wow…4 years…….didn`t somebody just get 17 years for locking his girlfriend in a dog kennel?

  17. Leah says:

    I knew the victim and I am sickened by this outcome. I don’t remember one word about this in the media. When I went to check today and make sure he was still sitting in jail, he was out. It took a fairly deep search to find this. Nice cover up job. Pathetic.

  18. Joanna Bostwick Backman says:

    Four years for this beautiful girl’s death? i remember when this happened, a horrible thing. Her whole life ahead of her, school and children and I”m sure many who loved her. All gone, and this man gets four years? Four years and he’s able to continue his life. Four years is just a drop in a lifetime. One day, he will have to answer to a judge who will ask harder questions. As will we all.

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