MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 30-year-old mixed martial arts fighter faces several charges after police say he violently attacked his wife Wednesday.

Brett Charles Rogers, of Apple Valley, has been charged with third-degree assault, domestic assault by strangulation, stalking and endangerment of a child.

Police were dispatched to a residence in Apple Valley after receiving reports of yelling, a woman screaming and glass being broken. Upon arrival, they located Rogers, who said he was arguing with his wife and that when she hit him during the argument, he hit her back.

Police say Rogers didn’t have any visible injuries on his body, his speech was slurred and he smelled of alcohol.

Rogers allegedly told police he had been drinking that evening.

Rogers’ 9-year-old daughter told police she heard her parents yelling, went to the kitchen and saw her father pushing her mother. Rogers’ 10-year-old girl also reported to police that she heard the shouting and has seen her father hit her mother in the past.

The woman was located walking by a nearby school and was transported to the hospital. She told police she and her husband were arguing, he became angry and began choking her. She said she was able to get away and went into the backyard, but he followed her and began hitting her in the head and face causing her to “black out.”

She said she did not want to press charges because she didn’t want to get him into trouble with his job. After being released from the hospital, the woman refused to meet with officers and told them that the assault was her fault.

Rogers made his first court appearance on Thursday. Bail was set in the amount of $100,000 with conditions. His next court appearance is July 1.

Comments (50)
  1. eddie murphy says:

    I pity da fool

  2. Robin Matthews says:

    really? why must you be so damn ignorant

  3. Ronald Raygun says:

    He looks like a hard working republican.

    1. Paul Welstonian says:

      Nope I know him Wefare collecting Democrat.

  4. JustSayin says:

    Haha. You funny gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrl.

  5. CommonSense says:

    She had it coming? Are you f’n serious? I dont care if she was on the Vikings Party boat in 2005, she doesnt deserve getting pummeled by that big ol dude. Thats pretty cowardly to say that, and I wouldnt expect anything less from a “Temequa”…..

  6. Disgusted says:

    Does it matter what she did to provoke him. As far as I can tell from the article they are both human beings, and there is NO excuse for repeatedly punching, strangling, and choking your girlfriend, wife, daughter, anyone for that matter.

    1. SHAME ON YOU says:

      I’ve been this wife before and there isn’t anything a person can do to please someone like this. It doesn’t matter if dinner was hot, cold, catered or non-existent. You cannot reason with a rabid dog.

      1. Lovin Me some Les says:

        I agree.

        But my dad (who you are right, was a d-bag from day one) but still never hit my mom until after 15 years of marriage…..just a quick anecdote.

      2. Shame on you says:

        Wrong again, Les. Why don’t you speak on things you have knowledge of rather conjecture of others’ lives? I knew him for four years before we got married. One month after being married, he threw me across the room.

        1. Les Johnson says:

          “Why don’t you speak on things you have knowledge of rather conjecture of others’ lives?”

          I know exactly what I’m talking about. I was in an abusive relationship with an abusive female. The temptation to strike back was so great I could taste it, but I’m just not that person, so I walked away. But I did know she was a psycho loon prior to the abuse. It was my own fault for staying as many months as I did. Fortunately, I learned from the experience, and now almost 20 years later it’s nothing more than a bad memory.

      3. Debbie says:

        it took my x husband 12 years before he starting drinking and gaining a temper so yes they can just get this way out of no where.

        1. Les Johnson says:

          “out of nowhere” means you didn’t know why, not that it happened for no reason.

          1. debbie says:

            There was no good reason nor is there ever a good reason to attack anyone. See it’s men like you that make other men think it’s okay . you are saying things that make it sound like sometimes it okay!!!!

    2. Les Johnson says:

      Oh come on. Awaiting moderation? For what? Unrecognized sarcasm?? Come on, people…

    3. Debbie says:

      isn’t it outrageous that someone would even ask what she did????? As a victim of domestic assault myself i become more and more aware of these stories now and am just disgusted when men do this to women. Yes i know there is some women who are crazy too but the bigger man will just walk away. All that happens to these guys is an order for protection until they go to court 6 months later. my x husband had one too and he called all the time and stopped by whenever he felt like it. the ofp’s don’t help at all.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        OFPs do work and they do help. Anybody violating an OFP will go to jail immediately. All you need to do is call the police. This is how that works.

        1. debbie says:

          Les , they didn’t help the many women and few men who were murdered last year . why don’t you take a look at the femicide reports on mn coalition for battered women website. Not all men are terrible but there is a LOT who think that abuse is okay and some who don’t even know they are doing it. And yes there is some women who are verbally abusive and think thats okay. No matter who it is, it is wrong.

  7. Jeff "Gangsta" J says:

    “Oh look, Y’all!!! My baby be in da News!!!”

    1. @wannabe Jeff "Gangsta" J says:

      Her baby may be in the news there Jeff but he’s also yer son so cut the chit huh. LMAO

      1. Jeff "Gangsta" J says:

        Hell no!!

        I aint his “baby daddy”

  8. Dudetou says:

    He is a “manly man” He says… Get me a beer.
    She says>>> I ain’t your slave get it your self.
    He says…. I will show you to talk back to me. Lets see if you can eat corn on the cob with no teeth.

  9. jan says:

    It takes a real man to walk away from an argument but any piece of garbage can beat up a woman. I’d love to see him in a real fight with a martial arts master and get the !@#$ beat out of him

    1. lets not get real here says:

      myself – rather see him looking down the barrel of my .45

    2. Ryan says:

      Not too hard to see that. He’s lost his last 3 out of his last 4 fights.

  10. Channel says:

    Just so everyone who doesn’t now MMA knows, he is a pro fighter. Fought for strike force, and he really isn’t all that good! I’ve seen home train, he’s really really not that good. His wife is really nice she doesnt deserve that, no one deserves that. Isn’t it sad whn fighters think they can hurt people just cause they can in the cage?

  11. junior fretting momma's woes says:

    well – she is 427# and white from the Pine Trailer Park so …. one never knows if she did – or she didn’t. 😉

  12. Calvin says:

    He recently lost his fight, convincingly, to Josh Barnett in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament. Certainly won’t improve his game unless he spends more time training on pads in the gym instead of on his wifes face. What a shame.

  13. jim says:

    the guy is nothing but a pice a Sh_T

  14. KKKKlackers says:

    You know something here ya’ll – he has a wife who likely did not deserve this but a helluva lot more importantly he has 2 kids who sure don’t need to see, read, nor hear of the total BS comments many of you find cute here. I suspect you would not enjoy mthe rest of us slamming your Mom or Dad now either – or would you? 😉

    1. Les Johnson says:

      How old are kids of a 30 year old? Old enough to be on the Internet reading news stories and commenting?

      I don’t think so, goober.

      1. KracktUp says:

        Les – the oldest is 10. I will wager that 95% of the kids of a similar age will read the news if it pertains to a family member.
        Now as to your goober comment it is apparent you are some puny male, likely white and maybe even my neighbor who’s got more skeltons in his closet than a cemetary.
        Personally I would love to meet you for a cup of coffee at any location you want. I like to watch slime slither away when it’s confronted face to face. You wanna play junior? lol

        1. Les Johnson says:

          Oh good grief, another internet tough guy.

          Nothing about what you assumed about me is true. No confrontation is required for you to slither away. It’s already happening.

  15. Carol says:

    She won’t press charges so she must enjoy it. Case closed.

    1. The Thing says:

      Are you naive? She’s scared of him. He probably also controls all the money in the household, too so she can’t just up and leave him. Shelters are a joke. Stay for five days and then you have to leave.

      1. Les Johnson says:

        Are you saying it’s better to stay there and be beaten repeatedly because she’s “scared” than just to leave?

        That is what causes these cycles of abuse.

        The only negative consequences come from NOT leaving.

    2. Lacking a brain some are says:

      Carol – you are a n ignorant joke.
      ’nuff said

  16. jim says:

    hopefully to county will press charges. we can’t let stuff like this go on in our community it set a very bad example for everyone hopefully the police dept can press charges then maybe he will get the help he needs to controle his temper

  17. Speaks English says:

    YOU need to learn to talk and spell. Oh, that’s right…gutter street talk!

  18. Calvin says:

    It wasn’t fixed and Brett was never champ. He was 10-0 when he fought Fedor. I agree that the ref stopped the fight prematurely, he definitely should’ve let Fedor finish him. He got ROCKED and has no ground game, the fight was basically over. Plus like I said above, he was DOMINATED by Barnett. End of story. It was a nice run.

  19. Will the Real Les Please Stand Up says:

    Is that really you Les? Did you really just let something that stupid escape your lips? Or were you being funny? Sometimes it is hard to tell via internet posting.

    1. Les Johnson says:

      It’s sarcasm. Not really humor in a funny way, but not serious either. In no way do I condone violence against a spouse.

  20. Get a real name says:

    PS…”Temequa” isnt even a legit name. It is some made-up nonsense sound that was your mother’s only original thought in her life time. Pathetic and sad you came from parents so unintelligent and uncreative.

    Quick question….as an employer, lets say you have two equally qualified canidates on paper…are you going to call in Temequa for a job interview or Sandy? Just sayin.

    Another quick question….is he your real brother or just a brotha? You one dumb bird sista.

    1. debra says:

      Lol, but you’re telling it like it is!1

    2. p says:

      This is some racist trash. And don’t pull the whole “I didn’t say anything about race!” card. You didn’t need to.

  21. Lolita Ade says:

    You all need to shut the fawk and don’t speak on what you don’t know and stop talking shyt about my friend and if she was on a boat party or whatever the heck you’ve read or heard about.

  22. Lolita Ade says:

    And Temequa, for you to post some shyt like this one here talking bout she had it coming shows what a useless POS you are… You’re hood trash and some dude is going to beat the living daylights out of you one of these days so we can all say “this dusty bald headed troll had it coming”… I eagerly await this day. Just cuz yo daddy beat your mama don’t mean it’s ok

  23. Your never to old to begin your Martial Arts Training, nevertheless you do need to remember at our age our bodies takes longer to recover.

  24. Steve says:


    amazing Blog, I love this information.

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